MA/Certificate in Nonprofit Management

The Art History MA can be combined with the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management to prepare students for leadership and development roles in nonprofit arts organizations, including museums and galleries, performing and community arts centers, and arts service organizations and charities.

Certificate Requirements

Required Courses (12 credits):

  • Bus Mgmt 718 – Concepts and Practice of Nonprofit Management
  • Bus Mgmt 721 – Fundraising and Development for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Bus Mgmt 724 – Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations
  • NonProf 725 – Governance of Nonprofit Organizations

One of the following courses (3 credits):

  • ArtHist 703 – Introduction to Art Museum Studies I
  • ArtHist 704 – Introduction to Art Museum Studies II
  • Bus Adm 766 – Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
  • NonProf 705 – Professionals and Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations
  • NonProf 740 – Executive Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations
  • NonProf 795 – Introduction to Nonprofit Revenue Streams and Portfolios

Completion of the Certificate

Students wishing to pursue the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management must submit an application through the UWM Graduate School before completion of six credits in the certificate sequence. There is a time limit of three years from initial enrollment for completion of the certificate program. Students may apply 6 credits of their Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management as electives towards the completion of their Art History MA degree.

Please see the following Public & Nonprofit Administration page for more information.