Major in Art History

As a student of art history at UWM, you will receive a strong foundation in all areas of the discipline to prepare you for a career or graduate school.

To earn the major, students take the required courses: ARTHIST 101 Ancient and Medieval Art and Architecture, ARTHIST 102 Renaissance to Modern Art and Architecture, and ARTHIST 501: Colloquium in Method and Theory.

After these core courses, students fill their schedule with upper-level electives such as:


  • Roman Art and Archaeology (ARTHIST 316)
  • French Gothic Art & Architecture (ARTHIST 426)
  • Seventeenth-Century Spanish Art (ARTHIST 445)
  • Dada and Surrealism (ARTHIST 465)
  • American Architecture (ARTHIST 459)
  • History and Theory of New Media Art (ARTHIST 472)
  • Film Styles (ARTHIST 308)

In order to graduate, majors must also complete the L&S Research Requirement during the junior or senior year.

Major worksheets are available for those wishing to keep track of their fulfillment progress.