Major Requirements

Art History Major Requirements

The major in art history consists of 30 credits in the department.

ARTHIST 101Ancient and Medieval Art and Architecture3
ARTHIST 102Renaissance to Modern Art and Architecture3
ARTHIST 104African, New World and Oceanic Art and Architecture3
or ARTHIST 105 Asian Art and Architecture
L&S research requirement
ARTHIST 501Colloquium in Method and Theory 13
3 credits in each of 5 of 6 Art Historical areas: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance/Baroque, Modern (19th/20th Century), Non-Western, Film. At least 12 of 15 credits must be at 300 level or above. 15
The Art and Architecture of the First Cities: A Global Perspective
Minoan and Mycenaean Art and Archaeology
Greek Art and Archaeology
Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
Roman Art and Archaeology
Cities and Sanctuaries of Ancient Greece
Greek Sculpture
Introduction to Medieval Art and Architecture
Early Christian and Byzantine Art and Architecture
Early Medieval Art in the West
Caliphs, Emirs, & Kings: Art & Architecture of Medieval Spain
Late Medieval Art and Architecture
The Age of Pilgrimage and Crusade: Romanesque Art and Architecture
The Age of the Great Cathedrals: Gothic Art and Architecture
Northern Renaissance Art
Introduction to Prints and Printmaking: History and Techniques
Introduction to Baroque Art
Survey of Italian Renaissance Painting and Sculpture
High Renaissance Art in Italy
Art and Society in Renaissance Florence
Art and Culture of Spain and Latin America, 1500-1750
Renaissance Architecture in Italy
Introduction to Prints and Printmaking: History and Techniques
Introduction to American Art
Modern Art
American Postmodernism 1960-2000
American Art: Colonial Period - 1870
American Art: 1870 - Present
American Folk Art
Rococo to Revolution: European Art, 1750-1850
Realism to Post-Impressionism: European Art, 1850-1900
Modernism and the Avant-Garde, 1900-1960
History of Photography
German Painting, 1800-1933
Latin American Modernisms
History of Modern Design
Introduction to Contemporary Art
Trends in Contemporary Architecture
Topics in Early Modern Art:
A Comparative History of Architecture and Urbanism:
Frank Lloyd Wright
Cubism and its Inheritance
Dada and Surrealist Art
American Artists Revealed:
Topics in American Art:
History and Theory of New Media Art
Asian Art and Architecture
Introduction to the Art and Architecture of Latin America
Pre-Columbian Art, Myth, and Legacy
Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art
Latin American Modernisms
African Art
Art of the Inca and their Ancestors
Art of Ancient Mexico and Central America
Art of the Aztec Empire
Chinese Art and Architecture
Japanese Art and Architecture
Art and Archaeology of the Chinese Bronze Age
Art, Ritual, and Ethnicity of China
Buddhist Art and Architecture
Maya Art
Chinese Painting
Topics in Chinese Art:
Topics in Non-Western Art:
Entertainment Arts: Film, Television, and the Internet
History of Film I: Development of an Art
History of Film II: Development of an Art
Film Directors:
Film Styles:
3 credits at any level3
Total Credits30

Taken during their junior or senior year with permission from the instructor.

The major is intended for students who are interested in obtaining a well-balanced approach to the study of art history. It provides an introduction to most major areas of inquiry in art history and to different scholarly approaches to study in this field. It is recommended especially for students who wish to continue into graduate studies in art history and to pursue careers in college teaching or museum or gallery work.

A minimum 2.0 GPA is required in all ARTHIST courses attempted at UWM. In addition, students must attain a 2.0 GPA on all major credits attempted, including any transfer work. Fifteen credits at the 300 level or above must be taken in residence at UWM.