Internship: Arthist 891

The internship provides supervised practical experience in local art museums and galleries arranged on an individual basis. During this internship, the student is immersed in various aspects of museum work, including registration, curatorial research, and installation.

All MA students must take a minimum of three credits in ARTHIST 891. No more than three credits of ARTHIST 891 may be taken in a single semester.



1. Please send an Internship Application sheet, resume, and cover letter detailing your intent to intern (include a particular institution if you have one in mind) to the Internship Director (Professor Jennifer Johung: as well as the Academic Department Associate, Ina Kielley (

2. Once we have approved your application, cover letter, and resume, you can contact the appropriate individual who will oversee your internship at your chosen institution. The internship can be with an art museum, a library, a commercial art gallery, an exhibition society, an historical society, a municipal office involved with landmark designation, an auction house, or any other organization that deals with the visual arts.
The institution must be found on the list below or approved by the Internship Director.

3. Have your supervisor at the institution write or e- mail the Internship Director. The letter should state:
a. that the supervisor agrees to take you on as an intern
b. what your duties will entail at the institution
c. that the supervisor agrees to send a written assessment of your work to the Internship Committee by the last day of the semester

4. Once the Internship Director approves of your internship placement and receives your supervisor’s letter, you will be able to sign up for ARTHIST 891.


1. Your internship should occupy around 10 hours per week (for 3 credits).
15 weeks x 10 hours per week = 150 hours per semester (including summer)

2. Reflection Paper detailing your experience/activities at the institution (be specific, include relevant names and facts, include any publications or texts)
3-5 pages
Due: Last day of classes (submit via Canvas course under Assignments)

3. A formal evaluation of your performance by your internship supervisor.
Due: Last day of classes (tell your supervisor to email their evaluation to Professor Johung)

Application Deadlines:
August 15 for Fall semester
December 1 for Spring semester

Approved Internship Opportunities

If you would like to intern at a museum or gallery that does not appear on this list, the museum or gallery must be approved by the Internship Committee.

Internship Application