What is Art History?

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Art history is more than just an appreciation of beautiful artifacts. You’ll learn about the social and cultural context in which art was created, and you will study the political, economic, and religious climate which influenced art through different historical periods. Art History is an excellent choice of study at UWM that can greatly enrich the college experience and life after graduation. Mastering the discipline of Art History demands analytical, creative thinking and the development of a variety of communication and organizational skills, ideal preparation for a wide range of career options.

Art History at UWM

Your classes will challenge your assumptions and expose you to new concepts and theories. We think you will find your courses to be among the most enjoyable of your college career. The Department of Art History offers a welcome change of pace from most other courses.  Art History courses are conducted with a full range of visual aids: digital images, photos, objects from the UWM Art Collection, and films.

The Art History curriculum at UWM offers students a wide selection of courses in both the Western and Non-Western traditions. Many of these courses deal with the careers of famous artists as Michelangelo, Picasso, and Frank Lloyd Wright.  Others explore the art of long-vanished civilizations or examine current trends in art and cinema. Students thus have ample opportunity to pursue individual interests no matter what their previous background. For more information please visit Areas of Study.

UWM Undergraduate Academic Catalog
UWM Undergraduate Academic Catalog: Art History, BA
UWM Undergraduate Academic Catalog: Art History Minor

Career Opportunities

Art history majors follow a variety of career paths, and their skills are applicable to many types of jobs. Popular careers include teacher or professor, museum or gallery curator, art dealer, arts administrator, art appraiser, and historic preservation consultant. Some of these positions require education beyond a bachelor’s degree. Other students choose to branch out into related fields that require a broad knowledge of culture and communication methods such as journalism, law, marketing, interior design, photography, library science, and cultural/heritage studies.

Take or Visit a Class

The Art History faculty invites you to stop in if you think an Art History major is what you are looking for at UWM. A good first step would be to try taking some Art History courses and then see us about tailoring a program to suit your needs.

If you are an applicant or still considering whether to apply to UWM, we can also arrange for a class visit, or a consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Michael Aschenbrenner. Please contact Professor Aschenbrenner at aschenb3@uwm.edu, or call the main Art History Office at (414) 229-4330.