Internships: ArtHist 691

Students pursuing the Major in Art History can gain an authentic, hands-on learning experience by taking ArtHist 691 Museum Internship. The internship program allows students to earn college credit by working behind the scenes in Milwaukee’s many museums, galleries, and cultural institutions.

We also have an internship at our Emile H. Mathis Gallery for Classics Majors to gain credit in Classics. If interested, please apply using the same process outlined below.


1. Please send an Internship Application sheet (below), cv/resume, and cover letter detailing your request to intern at a particular approved institution (see our website for list of approved sites) to the Internship Coordinator: Professor Pacifico (

2. Once we have approved your application, cover letter, and resume, the Internship Coordinator will contact you over email about the next steps involved in connecting with the appropriate individual who will oversee your internship at your chosen and approved museum or gallery (see link for Approved Internship Opportunities on our website).

3. If your initial application forms have been screened and approved by both the Internship Coordinator and the appropriate museum/gallery supervisor, you will be asked to do an interview with this supervisor.

Please note that internships are not guaranteed and are subject to the approval of the supervisor at your chosen museum/gallery following the interview process.

4. If your museum/gallery internship supervisor chooses you for the internship position, please have them email the Internship Coordinator confirming:
a. that the supervisor agrees to take you on as an intern
b. what your duties will entail at the institution
c. that the supervisor agrees to send a written assessment of your work to the Internship Coordinator by the last day of the semester

5. Once the Internship Coordinator receives your supervisor’s email you will be given permission to sign up for ARTHIST 691.


August 15 for Fall semester
January 15 for Spring semester

*Internships are not offered through the department over the summer*

Once you sign up for 691, you agree to fulfill the following requirements:

1. Your internship should occupy around 10 hours per week (for 3 credits).
-15 weeks x 10 hours per week = 150 hours per semester

2. Reflection Paper detailing your experience/activities at the institution (be specific, include relevant names and duties undertaken, and any publications or texts): 3-5 pages

Due: Last day of classes (submit via Canvas course under Assignments)

3. A formal evaluation of your performance (written to the Internship Coordinator) by your internship supervisor. Due: Last day of classes

Please tell your supervisor to email their evaluation to Professor Pacifico (

Internship Application

Approved Internships