Art History Graduate Students usually graduate in 2 – 3 years. For guidance on the timely completion of the Art History MA degree, see for the Thesis Track and for the Thesis Exhibition Track.  

Please reference this page for the Graduate School’s graduate deadlines: 

Here are steps to follow during the semester you expect to graduate: 

  1. If you have met all academic and credit requirements, or if you have reached your thesis credit limit, you may enroll in course 888, “Candidate for Degree,” if your program offers it. This course does not add to your credit total, apply to your degree, or affect your GPA. You are assessed the equivalent of one credit in fees and receive a grade of S. 
  1. Apply for graduation by the posted deadline for the semester in which you intend to graduate. Complete the Master’s Graduation Application and submit it electronically. Applications do not carry forward; you must re-apply if you did not graduate in the semester you anticipated. 
  1. Pay the non-refundable $40 graduation fee, billed by the Bursar’s Office during the semester. 
  1. Follow the defense and thesis submission deadlines. Use the Thesis and Dissertation Formatting as a tool. Attend the Formatting Workshops (required) held each semester. Contact your Graduation Specialist for a format check of your thesis draft. For more information call 414-229-6569. 
  1. Submit your final thesis by the posted submission deadline. Submission to the Graduate School must include: 

An electronic submission of the thesis through ProQuest ETD Administrator. More information on the submission process found on the UWM ETD Web site. 

Thesis & Dissertation Approval and Publishing Options Form with an original signature from you and your major professor. 

  1. Obtain commencement information from the Secretary of the University (Web site,, 414-229-4163). Ceremonies are optional and are held in May and December; August graduates are invited to the December ceremony. You can order graduation regalia on the Web site as well. If you want your name to appear in the commencement bulletin, be sure that your directory information with the University is not restricted. If you restricted the release of your address, phone number, and other limited information, contact the Department of Enrollment Services Information Center, Mellencamp 274. This should be done by the second week of the semester in which you expect to graduate to ensure that your name will appear in the bulletin.Removal of the restriction will allow your directory information to be released for all publicity purposes, as well as the commencement booklet. 

Review and Approval 

The Graduate School reviews your record to ensure that you will have fulfilled degree requirements at the end of the current semester. Graduate School minimum graduation GPA requirement is a cumulative 3.0 (4.0 basis). 

Your graduation application is then forwarded to your graduate program unit for its recommendation and approval. When your graduate program unit has reviewed and approved your application, it is returned to the Graduate School. 

You cannot graduate with Incomplete, Not Reported, or Progress notations remaining on your record. Transcripts and diplomas cannot be released until Hold notations are cleared. The Graduate School has the final authorization to grant the degree. 

If you do not graduate when anticipated, you must re-apply to graduate in the next semester. But a second graduation fee is not required. 


Diplomas and a copy of an official transcript will be mailed to your address listed on PAWS approximately 8 to 10 weeks after the official degree conferral date. Your name on your diploma will be printed exactly as it exists on your university records. Changes to your name must be made in Mellencamp 274 at least one month before graduation; a fee will be assessed for name changes requested after diplomas have been ordered. 

If you have a hold on your record, you must clear it before these documents will be mailed.