Athienou Archaeological Project Turns 25

Professor Derek Counts is Associate Director of the Athienou Archaeological Project again this summer in Athienou, Cyprus.

ARTHIST 499 Visits the Milwaukee Public Museum

Associate Lecturer Jocelyn Boor’s ARTHIST 499: Ad Hoc: Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East course visited the the new exhibit,Crossroads of Civilization, at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Counts Co-organizes NEH-sponsored Workshop

Derek Counts (Professor of Classical Art and Archaeology in AH) is co-organizer of an NEH-sponsored workshop looking at mobile computing in archaeology, the emergence of born-digital data, and the future of ‘paperless’ field projects: Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future: The Potential of Digital Archaeology.

New Article by Professor Counts

Professor Derek Counts’ article “Myth into art: foreign impulses and local responses in archaic Cypriot sanctuaries” examines a series of sculptural representations of the triple-bodied monster “Geryon” (of Greek mythological fame) in Cypriot sanctuaries of the Archaic and Classical periods (ca. 750-325 BCE).

Paint Like an Egyptian 2014

Using ancient techniques as much as possible, students in Associate Lecturer Jocelyn Boor’s ARTHIST 315: Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt constructed paintbrushes, ground natural pigments, drew a square grid, and recreated ancient Egyptian tomb paintings on papyrus.

Art History Featured in L&S In-Focus

The Department of Art History was featured in the October 2014 edition of the College of Letters & Science In-Focus monthly newsletter.

Mummy Visits ARTHIST 315

On Tuesday, October 21, Richard Hedderman, an educator at the Milwaukee Public Museum, visited Jocelyn Boor’s ARTHIST 315: Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt with “Mummy Secrets Unwrapped.”