Schools and Degree Programs

Conservation and Environmental Science

This interdisciplinary BA or BS degree option offers an emphasis in Land Resources, Water Resources, Environmental Analysis, or Biological Resources.

Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding

The MSP is a graduate program designed to prepare students for careers in sustainable peacebuilding. The MSP’s focus is on both the developing world and developed countries such as the United States – with the goal of preparing students with essential skills that are geographically and contextually transferable.

School of Freshwater Sciences

Freshwater is fundamental to the prosperity of our communities. Clean freshwater systems lead to a better environment, economy, and quality of life.  The UWM School of Freshwater Sciences (SFS) is the only graduate school in the nation dedicated solely to the study of freshwater. SFS offers graduate degrees as well as undergraduate research and learning opportunities in freshwater sciences.

School of Architecture and Urban Planning

With various coursework in green design and environmental policy, SARUP offers many opportunities to explore sustainable design and planning. The Institute for Ecological Design supports coursework and research in green building.

College of Engineering & Applied Science

CEAS is a leader in the regional growth of renewable energy, urban transportation, battery technology, and resource management. Wind energy, solar technology, and even micro-grid research are growing programs at UWM.  Also housed in CEAS is the Center for By-Product Utilization, dedicated to finding and improving beneficial uses for by-products and other unused/under-utilized resources.

School of Continuing Education

Through the School of Continuing Education, courses are offered in water technology and building a business case for going green.

Center for International Education- Global Studies, Sustainability track

The Global Sustainability track develops student expertise in the diverse concepts of global sustainability and their application to development fields.