Student Organizations

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Conservation Club

The goal of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Conservation Club is to increase environmental literacy through the lens of conservation science within our campus. The education and volunteer opportunities present a benefit both to the environment and to the students.  Conservation Club strives to provide an enhanced awareness of issues within local and global ecosystems. The club is welcome to all who have a passion for biological preservation.

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Emerging Green Builders

Emerging Green Builders is a group of students who care deeply about the environment and want to help save it through green building practices. Their goal is to creat a network of emerging green building leaders, develop opportunities for involvement through the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), and to further generate momentum for the green building industry. Activities include tours of sustainable buildings/grounds, lectures from professionals and experts, events such as building competitions and energy fairs, and club meetings with games trivia, YouTube videos, friends, and snacks of course!

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Engineers Without Borders USA University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Chapter

The Engineers Without Borders USA University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Chapter is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in developing communities. Their work over the past decade at UWM has brought running water to rural villages in Guatemala, as well as access to rainwater catchment in community gardens across Milwaukee.

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Re-volv Solar Ambassadors at UWM

As UW-Milwaukee’s Solar Ambassador Team, the organization is an affiliate of RE-volv, a non-profit based out of San Francisco. The goal is to run a grassroots crowdfunding campaign to have solar systems installed on local non-profits and cooperatives. Projects include River Revitalization Foundation and Riverwest Co-Op, working to raise funds and supply community education and empowerment. The non-profits then pay back RE-volv monthly on their 20 year lease-to-own plan, while still saving money off of their typical electric bill. A percentage of those proceeds are transferred to the solar seed fund that funds future solar projects. Over time there will be no need for crowdfunding campaigns because the solar seed fund will be able to fully cover future projects creating a RE-volv(ing) fund.

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Food Recovery Network

Food Recovery Network at UWM recovers food from Sandburg Café and the Student Union Restaurants.  We are partnered with the non-profit organization Just One More Ministry that recovers food from UWM, various companies, and local citizens. The food is then redistributed to over 40 other organizations around the greater Milwaukee area, who give that food to people that are in need of food assistance.

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Fruity Nutty Club

The Fruity Nutty Club at UWM was formed 2017 with the goal to engage local community members of all ages and backgrounds in sustainable food production. Through establishing an on-campus fruit orchard, planted on Earth Day (April 22) of 2017, we will provide a beautiful space to reach out to the UWM community and get hands-on experience tending an orchard. Members take part in caring for the trees as well as hosting recreational and educational events. No experience is necessary. All who are interested are welcome to join.

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The Flood

The Flood focuses on environmental and social justice issues, especially those within the Milwaukee community. Examples include equitable access to green space, food insecurity on UWM’s campus, and waste management alternatives. The Flood emphasizes creating tangible change for the community it serves, no matter the size of the project. Through a combination of learning and action (river cleanups, garden volunteering, student-led discussions), The Flood is grounded in the “see something, do something” ideology. We’re enthusiastic, curious, and welcoming group of students always excited to meet new members- join us!

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