Making the trip to campus has a significant impact on our environment.  In order for our transportation to be sustainable it must lessen this impact, while also remaining affordable and accessible.  While there are always strides to be taken to increase alternative transportation, UWM already offers an array of programs to assist students and staff alike.


As an urban campus, taking the bus is an easily accessible alternative transportation to get to UWM. Milwaukee County Transit System runs several routes to campus, including freeway fliers, along with the new Gold Line connecting to western Milwaukee County.

All students have access to an M-Card (formerly known as the UPASS) which is good for all MCTS free bus rides, no matter where you are in the region.  UWM faculty and staff can access a discounted rate through the Employee Commuter Value Pass.


Biking to campus offers great exercise, emission reductions, and personal gas savings.  In order to increase the number of students, faculty, and staff that ride their bike to campus, it is critical to assess the inhibitors and risks that one considers before filling the bike tires, strapping on a helmet, and making their way to UWM by bike. Bike security, a safe ride, and the ability to freshen up once here, are all such considerations.

Bublr is another way to bike to and around campus.  In 2015 Bublr Bike Share launched on the UWM campus.  Six stations serve UWM directly, while also connecting to the larger bike share network across the city.  UWM students are able to receive a special, very deeply discounted rate for a Bublr “fob” (pass) for all 60 minute (or less) rides.

Since 2012, through the efforts of UWM’s Bicycle Advisory Task Force and their Recommendations for a Bicycle Friendly Campus, many new efforts have been underway to encourage and support biking to campus.  For more details see, Bike UWM.


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