Green Cleaning


The three elements of sustainability, being ecologically sound, socially just, and economically viable, are easily applied when a green cleaning program is implemented. It is not just about simply switching out products but also about reviewing and changing processes.  Savings are garnered and the quality of work improves with new procedures.

Ecologically Sound

  • Installing low-maintenance flooring to reduce cleaning needs
  • Utilizing machines that require no chemical product at all, but rather ionize a water molecule to pick up dirt
  • Cleaning with biodegradable products, with little off gassing
  • Using equipment that uses less water, to do the same job, or better

Socially Just

  • Eliminating custodians’ exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Using less water or chemical, means less lifting and trips to the water closet to have to refill
  • Keeping public waterways free of unnecessary chemicals

Economically Viable

  • Using concentrated cleaners reduces packaging and over-purchasing
  • Green Seal Certified cleaners, that tend to require less product and new procedures, have shown to save money within the first year of use


Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Green Building Certified

The CIMS third party verified cleaning program began at UWM in 2013.  Changes were made, building by building, to upgrade cleaning dispensers with measured release of Green Seal Certified cleaners, the addition of reusable microfiber cloths, and investing in efficient equipment.  The CIMS program also standardizes cleaning expectations, indoor air quality, and campus policy.  To date UWM has gone from 19 cleaners down to 4.  Full Certification is expected by 2017.