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To schedule a Surplus Appointment or see what we have in stock, please contact us at or 414-229-3465  

Viewings by appointment only*

*We have a small team and require appointments to ensure we are able to assist you.

The UWM Surplus Program helps manage all unwanted furniture, equipment & computers from campus. This is achieved by either finding a new use for items on campus, selling them online to the public, donating them to area non-profits, or recycling them as scrap. Due to the cost & risk of this upcycling, only university purchased materials may be included.

Getting Rid of Campus Items- One-Stop Shop

The surplus program is designed to reduce campus clutter and find a way to repurpose or recycle any and all university items.  If you have unwanted items that your office or department need to get rid of, simply fill out the Surplus Declaration Form and tag the items for surplus.  Departments can accumulate items and declare as often or as little as they’d like.  A $40 fee applies to all declarations, regardless of how many items there are to handle.

Surplus Declaration for Capital Equipment

It is imperative to provide inventory tag number for capital equipment which has an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more and a useful life of at least two years, whether purchased outright, acquired through a capital lease or through donation on the Surplus Form. The inventory number can usually be found near other identifying information on a piece of equipment, and is on a metallic silver tag reading “Property of University of Wisconsin Milwaukee” followed by an inventory number.  Capital equipment includes certain constructed or fabricated items and certain component parts with an aggregate value of $5,000 or more. It does not include real property (land), software or liability holdings. Responsibility for properly reporting capital equipment is the responsibility of the department declaring it.  More information can be found here.

Please read all instructions on the page before declaring surplus.

In order to keep the surplus program viable, there is a $40 handling charge to departments for each surplus submission.

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Finding Items for Campus Reuse

Surplus is a great resource for obtaining new-to-you items for campus use. Our stock rotates frequently, but commonly stocked items include office chairs, desks, tables, computer monitors, speakers, mice & keyboards, a selection of cords, binders, hanging files, desk lamps, fans, and much more!  All items are available to the campus at no charge, but pickup is the responsibility of the recipient through personal means or by putting in a Work Order with Facility Services.

Check out the album below for highlighted items currently in stock, or contact us to set up a viewing! Our normal hours of operation are 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday. Viewings and pickups by appointment only.

To see what is available, please contact UW-Milwaukee Surplus at  Viewings by appointment only.

University Services & Research Building- Surplus door
4090 N 1st St
Glendale, WI 53212
(One block north of 1st and Capital Drive)

Purchasing Items on Public Auction

Since the supply of surplus items exceeds our available campus space, some items are sold on public auction. All sales are handled through GovDeals. Here we offer an open bidding process to the public. All items purchased are available for pickup at the University Services and Research Building.

All surplus is handled according to the State Procurement Manual. Sales to state employees are prohibited unless items are sold at announced public sales or auctions. GovDeals is utilized to auction items to all interested parties.  UWM employees are permitted to purchase items sold by UWM Surplus only through GovDeals, which is a fair and open process.

Purchasing Furniture from Refurbished State Contract

The recycled furniture contract is a UW-Madison contract that we may use. This contract is designed to offer University departments an alternative to buying new furniture. Furniture must be 95% or greater recycled with only connectors, electrical or other components being new only to complete an assembly or installation. To purchase refurbished furniture visit the Recycled Furniture page on the UW-Madison purchasing website.

Contact Surplus

Surplus is located at:
University Services & Research Building- Surplus door
4090 N 1st St
Glendale, WI 53212
(One block north of 1st and Capital Drive)

By Appointment Only.  Operating hours are variable due to limited staff availability.