The UWM community is a large consumer of goods and services. Anything from our choices of carpet to coffee has a great impact on our economy, society, and the environment. Where we choose to spend our $’s says a lot about who we are as an individual or institution.

From recycled content, to Energy Star equipment, to simple durability, UWM’s purchasing decisions are a part of the sustainability movement on campus.

Sustainable Purchasing Goals:

Purchase University materials and services based on these sustainable factors, whenever possible, meeting multiple qualifiers:

  • Durable, form of the product is suited for its function to maximize its lifetime
  • Product is made from pre/post-consumer or industrial recycled material
  • Product can be recycled in the end, and the campus operations is set up to do so
  • Efficiency of the product or machinery will save money by utilizing less water or energy resources over its lifetime
  • Product is documented to produce significantly less toxins, preferably biodegradable
  • Product is harvested or made within a 500 mile radius of UWM
  • Product is shipped with minimal packaging (consistent with care of the product), preferably made of recycled and/or recyclable materials.

Purchase and monitor certified products that meet these standards, where they exist:

  • Green Seal Certified
  • NSF/ANSI 140
  • Green Guard
  • ISO 14000
  • The Forest Stewardship Counsel

Currently at UWM

Paper- All copy paper purchases must be made of at least 30% recycled content at a minimum.  All offices that undertake the Green Office Certification utilize 100% recycled content copy paper

Computers- The UITS offers only campus computers that are EPEAT, high-performance, environmentally preferable products.

Carpeting- Campus planners and purchasing agents have NSF/ANSI sustainable carpet choices available through the state contract.  Many installations have taken place at UWM.

Cleaning Products- Green Seal Certified products are used throughout campus buildings as part of the CIMS green cleaning program.

Furniture- Refurbished furniture is available through a UW-Madison contract.