Special Recycling


UWM also has some unique recycling opportunities. There are different bins throughout campus that collect tennis shoes, cell phones, eyeglasses, & hearing aids. Old tennis shoes can be ground up to make athletic surfaces. Cell phones can be wiped clean and utilized by several nonprofits. Eyeglasses and hearing aids have been collected by several departments on campus, and redistributed through The Lions Club.

All UWM students, faculty, and staff can make use of the following bins:

Tennis Shoes

This recycling bin can be found in the main lobby of the Klotsche Center.  To find out what happens to recycled tennis shoes, check out Nike Reuse a Shoe.

Cell Phones

You’ll find this recycling bin just outside of Human Resources in Engelmann Hall on the first floor.  To learn more about the cell phone recycling process, go to Call2Recycle.

Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids

These slim yellow bins can be found on the Union ground floor near the south entrance, as well as just outside of Human Resources on the first floor of Engelmann Hall.

Learn more about Lions Club eyeglass and hearing aid recycling.

Community Resources

For your own recycling needs, here are a few drop off points for your own household materials

CFL Light bulbs
Plastic Bags
Household hazardous waste
Yard Waste