Kate M. Nelson – Director of Sustainability

In 2008 the Office of Sustainability at UW-Milwaukee was established as one of the first in the UW System, and has been under Kate’s direction since.  She is responsible for planning & managing a variety of sustainability initiatives, including, but not limited to; energy conservation strategies, stormwater management, expansive recycling programs, sustainable purchasing, alternative transportation options, urban gardening as well as engaging the campus students, faculty, and staff through multiple sustainability outreach and educational programs. Previously, Kate was a GIS specialist and project assistant for The Conservation Fund, and worked to preserve and restore critical land areas for MMSD’s Greenseams program that addressed flood management.  Her previous research in the sustainable development of Costa Rica, Romania, and Cuba has influenced and aligned her strategies for environmental policy and planning here at home in Wisconsin. Kate holds an MS in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development from the Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies of UW Madison, as well as a BA in Conservation and Environmental Science from UW-Milwaukee and a previous BA in Theatre and Writing from Cardinal Stritch University.


johnJohn Gardner -Planning & Policy Analyst

John Gardner is the Office of Sustainability’s Program and Policy Analyst. John worked on UW-Milwaukee’s 2013 STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System) submission. As part of the STARS process and all things data, John digitized and analyzed 5+ years of utilities data (electric, gas, water) for over 80 accounts at UWM, and developed  UW-Milwaukee’s greenhouse gas emissions inventory for Scope 1-3 sources. In addition, John drafts energy and emissions reports, assembles all UWM waste and recycling data for the national Recyclemania competition, collaboratively designs Sustainability Office public presentation and booklet materials, and helps out in the gardens. John also works with the Mid-West Energy Research Consortium. John graduated with a BA in Anthropology from the University of Chicago and a Master’s in Urban Planning from UW-Milwaukee.


Laura Stevens -Solid Waste & Recycling Specialist

Laura Stevens works in the Office of Sustainability as University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Solid Waste and Recycling Specialist.  Her passion for recycling drew her away from compliance work in the tea industry and back to UWM to pursue a career in resource recovery.  Currently her role focuses on launching the campus’ resource management plan, streamlining hauling services and operations, and increasing recycling in its many forms.  Through consistent communication and education, Laura hopes to shed light on the campus’ present waste culture and foster a new one that aligns with UWM’s sustainability goals.  Laura graduated UWM with a BA in Anthropology and led multiple recycling and composting initiatives as a student.






Lindsay Frost– Resource Management Coordinator

As the Resource Management Coordinator for the office of Sustainability, Lindsay will oversee operations for UWM’s surplus and recycling programs. Over a decade ago while a Conservation and Environmental Science student at UWM, Lindsay served as one of the first sustainability interns and helped in the very early days of the surplus program. She most looks forward to diving back into that work and facilitating the reuse of hundreds of items annually. Since her time as a student intern, the Office of Sustainability has grown and set a precedence as a leader in institutional sustainability. Lindsay hopes to help the Office continue on the trajectory and lead as an example for other institutions looking to reduce their environmental impacts. Lindsay previously served in AmeriCorps through Conservation Corps Minnesota where she helped restore bluff and prairie habitats throughout the Midwest, and most recently worked in a dynamic role as Engagement Manager for Milwaukee County Parks. She holds a B.S. in conservation and Environmental Science, and an M.S. in nonprofit Management and Leadership, both from UWM, and is excited to be a part of the UWM team again.


Adrian Robar -Recycling Hauler 

Adrian joined the Office of Sustainability in 2019 as a Recycling Hauler after working previously in manufacturing for 20 years as a heavy equipment and forklift operator. He started working at the office because of how dangerous his job in manufacturing was and because he wanted to work for a company that not only was better for him, but also helped the people around him. His job as the OOS includes collecting recycling, putting it into the right receptacles, having it taken away, and more. Adrian hopes that people will see recycling more as a norm in the future as it has made a big impact on him since joining the office. 


Antajia Sanders– Campus Garden and Composting Assistant 

Antajia is a 3rd year CES major. She originally wanted to major in environmental engineering because she wanted to work at a hydroelectric power plant. The Hoover Dam used to be her dream job. Antajia also loves learning about the hearth and its resources and how we can conserve them. She enjoys  learning about different cultures, cuisines, and dances. Her favorite dance style is the Salsa.



Lucas Gomes – Student Surplus Assistant

I was born in Boston but at three years of age moved to Brazil where I have lived most my life. As a kid, I moved a lot in Brazil so I got to see almost every coastal state. I completed elementary and high school in Brazil and moved here to study for my bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. I enjoy video games, music, sports, and Formula 1.





Ethan Frank– Media Intern

Ethan is a freshman at UWM. He studies linguistics and enjoys learning about foreign languages, music, and biology, specifically Lepidoptera. He is also passionate about conservation and environmental science which is why he decided to pursue this position. He has lots of editing, translation, design, and media coordination experience from past freelance work and is excited to contribute to the Office of Sustainability here at UWM.



Alex Nelson– Sustainability Intern

Alex is the Office of Sustainability’s Intern for the fall of 2022. His interests in environmental stewardship and sustainability emerged during high school in rural, northern Wisconsin. Alex co-founded the high school’s first Key Club which he dubbed the Community Conservation Club (CCC), a call-back to the shaping effect the Civilian Conservation Corps had on Wisconsin’s Northwoods. Tourism brought both money and waste into his hometown, and Alex decided to do something about the latter by organizing river and roadside clean-ups. In undergrad, Alex reconnected with his agrarian roots by participating in the Office of Sustainability’s Student Supporting Agriculture Program (SSAP) during the summer of 2022. Growing up on a small farm that grew food for the local food pantry, he saw SSAP in the same light. Within an urban food cycle, Alex enjoys having a hand in nearly every aspect of the process: from tending the garden beds, to planting and harvesting the crops, and to composting the food waste. While also interviewing for medical school, Alex aims to use his fall internship to further explore urban agriculture by growing microgreens around campus. By experimenting with growing conditions, Alex hopes to investigate the idea of “ownership” from a bio-psycho-social perspective