Stormwater Management


The health of our waters is increasingly dependent on our handling of stormwater. This is true both locally and globally, making stormwater research a significant component of the search for a sustainable future. This is particularly true for Milwaukee, where access to fresh water of Lake Michigan is perhaps the City’s most important long-term economic asset.”

Professor Jim Wasley, The Pavilion Gateway Demonstration Project Principal Investigator

UW-Milwaukee plays a unique role in the City of Milwaukee as well as with our northern neighbor, the Village of Shorewood. This intersection is one of the lowest in the area and under capacity to handle heavy rain events. The combined sewer is over stressed and often times cannot manage and treat excessive runoff. UWM, with its available landscape and rooftops helps manage stormwater runoff through a variety of green infrastructure. Through research and application, UW-Milwaukee diverts millions of gallons of stormwater every year while also improving our landscape and civic responsibility.