Student Governance

Student Association (SA)

The mission of Student Association is to enrich the student experience through representation, advocacy, and the funding of services and activities that improve student life. Over the years, SA has engaged in several sustainability programs and projects. Most recently, SA has established a Green Fund at UWM to allow students to apply for grant funding to implement student-led sustainability projects on-campus. SA has also been committed to expanding alternative transportation options for students by bringing Bublr bikeshare to campus.

Transportation Committee

A new transportation committee was formulated under SA in order to build understanding around the variety of student transportation needs, the impacts on student segregated fees, and to explore options around all forms of transportation. Students interested in joining can fill out the shared governance form here.

Environmental Sustainability Committee

The Environmental Sustainability Mentorship Committee (ESMC) was established to promote the ideals and practices of environmental sustainability at UWM. The ESMC is also in charge of allocating the Green Fund and mentor students to help them implement student-led sustainability projects. Students interested in joining can fill out the shared governance form here.

Green Fund- The Green Fund is a portion of segregated fees which provides UWM students funds to implement student-led projects that improve sustainable practices for UWM. Through high visibility projects and initiatives, the Green Fund will help contribute to foster a healthier and more sustainable campus culture.

Student Housing Administrative Council (SHAC)

By supporting students in on-campus housing, SHAC has engaged in several sustainable living programs, such as RecycleMania and energy competitions.

ECO Reps

ECO Rep students in University Housing engage in peer to peer environmental and sustainability education. Students are active with the Housing improvements committee to build sustainability into Housing operations.