Campus Recycling


No-Sort Recycling

UW-Milwaukee is a No-Sort campus!  Recyclables no longer have to be separated depending on if they are glass, paper or plastic; they now go into one bin.  This is also referred to as “Single-Sort Recycling.”

Through no-sort, recycling is made easier and more materials can be recycled, keeping them out of the landfills.

Accepted No-Sort Materials at UWM

  • All plastics numbered: 1,2,4, & 5
  • Aluminum cans, containers, pans
  • Cardboard and paperboard*
  • Rinsed glass bottles and jars (clear, brown and green)
  • Mixed paper and junk mail*
  • Newspapers, phone books, magazines and catalogs*
  • Steel cans and empty aerosol cans
  • Cartons

*Small amounts of glue, tape and staples are OK

Non-Accepted No-Sort Materials at UWM

– Batteries
– Broken glass
– Candy wrappers
– Cigarette butts
– Food and food soiled paper
– Campus Office/lab items (toasters and microwaves etc)
– Light bulbs
– Needles and sharps, other medical waste
– Plastic bags (see your local grocer or Kohl’s Department Store)
– Film
– Styrofoam or foam packaging materials
– Techno trash
– Tissue and paper towels
– Trash
– Unmarked plastics

*Click on the highlighted items to see how UWM can recycle the item.

Many materials can be saved from landfills by just being creative!

Shredded paper

UWM offers a service for confidential paper shredding.  Paper is collected in secured containers, then taken off site for shredding and recycling.
Contact Environmental Services for more information on confidential shredding: (414) 229-6466

Other Resources

Campus recycling is handled by Facility Services (all academic buildings), the Student Union, and University Housing.

If you have special concerns regarding the auxiliary services in the Union or Housing, contact:

Steve Ellison
Union Operations

Joseph Niswonger
University Housing

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