Latinx Heritage Month 2020

Latinx Heritage Month at UWM 2020

Latinx is an inclusive term used to include all gendered and non-gendered identities of peoples with Latin American ancestry. “Latinx” specifically refuses to further silence and erase trans (non-binary and binary), gender non-conforming, non-binary, and genderqueer people.

Latinx Heritage Month at UWM is coordinated by a team of campus stakeholders offering a variety of programs that recognize and celebrate the history, culture, and contributions of people of Latinx, Afro-Latinx, Chicanx, Latin American, Caribbean, Spanish and Indigenous descent in the United States.  

National Latinx Heritage Month has been observed from September 15th to October 15th in the U.S. since 1988. It takes place during this time period to honor the independence days of several countries, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and Chile, as well as Día de la Raza, a significant cultural celebration observed in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela.   


Contributors to Latinx Heritage Month at UWM 2020 include:

  • Roberto Hernández Center 
  • Manfred Olsen Planetarium
  • Military and Veterans Resource Center


Latinx Heritage Month 2020 Events


LHM Dance Challenge
16 Wednesday | Virtual Dance Challenge
through Oct. 15 | Online

Join Karlies, a UWM alumni and founder of Panadanza Dance Company, as she creates a choreographed dance just for UWM.  Dance will be available on Sociocultural’s Instagram and Facebook. Learn the moves, record yourself doing them, and tag us!! First 20 participants who tag us doing the challenge on social media will get a free t-shirt!

Cocina Latinx  
17 Thursday and every Tuesday and Thursday during LHM Cooking Demo
12:00pm Social Media accounts

Join us in one of your favorite staff person’s kitchen while they cook us a delicious Latin inspired meal.  Learn how to make delicious food while celebrating Latinx Heritage Month with us!  Cook books will be made available on Oct. 15.  Go to Sociocultural’s facebook or Instagram every Tuesday and Thursday at noon to watch a new demo!

Café con Poesía
22 Tuesday | Discussion
10am-10:30am | Online

Would you like to chat informally about Latinx Poetry? Grab a cafecito and join Prof. Nancy Bird-Soto (Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese) via Zoom to talk about aspects of the Latinx experience(s) through a sample of poems by Tato Laviera and Gloria Anzalda. We will discuss Laviera on 9/22, and Anzalda on 10/8. Participants will receive the links to the samples by both authors. Maximum: 10 students per session, so sign up early!

Registration link will be available soon through the RHC. Stay up to date with updates and details by following us on social media @uwmrhc.

For more information contact Tere Serna, Roberto Hernández Center: 

25 Friday | Discussion
12pm-3:00pm | Online

Juntas, or “together,” offers a brave space for Latinx womxn-identified students to share unique cultural experiences with other members of the UWM community. Latinx community and campus leaders will facilitate a cooperative learning experience for attendees through small discussion/”healing” circles. This program aims to help build relationships, share communal narratives, and develop tools for support, success, and self-care. “When one grows, we all grow.”

This year’s theme is Activism and Self-Care. This year we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Roberto Hernandez Center and the womxn behind its history. Juntas will provide attendees an opportunity to reflect on self-care as a radical and transformative practice while connecting to attendees and facilitators on a deeper level to illuminate the beauty, diversities, and complexities of identifying as a Latinx womxn.

The event will be held virtually on Collaborate Ultra. There will be three discussion sessions: Activism, Self-Care, and Community Healing and Support, each led by a different facilitator. Attendees are invited to attend any or all of the sessions!

For more information contact Tere Serna, Roberto Hernández Center: 

Music and Stars of Chile
30 Wednesday | Stargazing
6am | Online

Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month with a virtual star party in Chile. Astronomer Jean Creighton will take audiences on a virtual guide of the night sky in Chile as the sounds of Chilean musicians play.

For more information contact Victoria Robinson, Manfred Olsen Planetarium:



Wisconsin Latinx Service Members Display
6-8 Tuesday to Thursday | Tabling & Display
4pm | Online

Join the Military and Veterans Resource Center in partnership with the American GI Forum, MAVRC as they display Latinx service members from the state of Wisconsin.
Free and open to the public!

For more information contact Yolanda Medina, Military and Veterans Resource Center:

Somos Latinas
7 Wednesday | Lecture, Discussion, Presentation
5:30pm | Lubar Entrepreneurship Center Atrium

In recognition of Latinx Heritage Month and in celebrating Latinx activism, the RHC & SCP welcome Eloisa Gomez and Andrea-Teresa (Tess) Arenas to present on their book Somos Latinas.
Somos Latinas shares the powerful narratives of 25 Latina activists that transformed communities throughout Wisconsin. Authors Eloisa Gómez and Tess Arenas will share their stories and lead a fruitful discussion on what it means to be an agent of change. Q&A to follow.

*This event is subject to change to a virtual option to comply with campus guidelines for Covid-19 prevention.

For more information contact Tere Serna, Roberto Hernández Center: 

Latinx Heritage Month Award
9 Friday | Award recognition
TBD | Online

Join the Roberto Hernandez Center and the UWM community in honoring and celebrating Latinx leaders and their professional trajectory, accomplishments, and contributions to our Latinx community. This year’s event will take on a virtual format. Awardee to be announced soon.

Follow us on social media for event updates and recognition details: @uwmrhc!

For more information contact Tere Serna, Roberto Hernández Center: 

SSOI/RHC 50th Year Recognition
22 Thursday | Award recognition
5pm | 4th Floor, Golda Meir Library

For 50 years, the UWM Spanish Speaking Outreach Institute SSOI/Roberto Hernandez Center has been a much-needed community resource that provides bilingual and academic support to our Latinx students and families. Our commitment to treating each student as individuals, and our dedication to social and cultural enrichment, has allowed the SSOI/RHC to thrive for the past five decades.

On this golden anniversary, we have a special opportunity to envision and plan for the next fifty years of the RHC and ensure that our center can continue to offer the much needed academic services, scholarships, and opportunities for Latinx student engagement and success. We invite you to join us for the recognition of this important milestone.

*This event is subject to change to a virtual option to comply with campus guidelines for Covid-19 prevention. 

For more information contact Tere Serna, Roberto Hernández Center: