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Adriana Rodriguez:  Adriana, who prefers to go by Nanis, is the Coordinator for Sociocultural Programming. She has a background in non- profit, education and non-traditional learning spaces, having worked with afterschool programs for over 13 years, and has taught at different high schools and at UWM in the Ed Pol department.  Prior to coming to UWM, Nanis worked with Public Allies Milwaukee as their Director of Training and Learning, developing their Diversity and Anti-Oppression training series, which covered topics such as racism, classism, heterosexism, xenophobia, sexism, etc. She is an active part of her communities, and is personally committed to continually growing and addressing ways in which she holds privilege and examining and celebrating her own marginalized identities to ensure that she is moving in this world in ways that challenge oppression and build collective power.  In her free time, Nanis likes to read, write poetry, watch Netflix, and spend time with her puppies.

Kentrell Washington: Kentrell is the Sociocultural Programming Graduate Assistant.  Kentrell his BA at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, studying sociology and minoring in psychology.  He is currently studying for his master’s in social work with a concentration in mental and behavioral Health at UWM. He aspires to be a therapist who works with young adults of color around healing from trauma and working towards liberation.

Kentrell was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a writer, nerd, critic on toxic masculinity, advocate for equity for marginalized people and so many other things.  When Kentrell isn’t in the office, he’s out hanging with friends, dancing, reading manga, or making excessively hot-hot wings thanks to one of his favorite youtube shows, Hot Ones.

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