Karl Winkler

Karl Winkler was president of Experimental Services, Inc., an independent testing lab specializing in the testing and development of engineered polymer products. He specialized in dynamic and fatigue test methods.

He was formerly employed at Teledyne Monarch Rubber Company as a product design engineer where he developed products including vibration dampers, hydraulic engine mounts, bushings and rubber to metal bonded suspension components.

Karl has authored papers for SAE concerning tuned vibration absorbers and conducted lectures on test methods for the Akron Rubber Group. He has provided in-house seminars on designing vibration absorbers for various divisions of Honda, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler.

Karl taught classes focusing on the dynamic properties of rubber and product performance at The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education and The University of Akron.

Karl holds degrees in mechanical engineering and chemistry from the University of Akron.


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