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Van Walworth

Inventioneer – Consultant – Idea Guy – Rubber Whisperer

Van Walworth is the president of Research & Design Specialties, Inc., based out of the Nashville, TN area. Walworth’s professional career spans over three decades as a practitioner of product R&D, tool and equipment design, process establishment and improvement, troubleshooting, project management and spontaneous creativity. Over his career, Walworth has held corporate engineering management positions with several companies, including Parker-Hannifin, Wynn’s Precision, Ashtabula Rubber Company and Thunderline Corp. Ten patents have been issued based on his work, and more than a dozen additional patents are pending.

Walworth has more than 20 years of experience as an educator and instructor of continuing education seminars, domestically and internationally. Walworth’s areas of personal technical expertise include: product-component design and development, prototype and modeling techniques, process design and development, mold design, equipment design, troubleshooting and problem-solving, cellular manufacturing techniques, project management, reverse engineering, process improvement, intellectual property, and a broad general knowledge and application of engineering design, manufacturing practices, and methods from several industries.


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