Van Walworth

Van Walworth is a product design and development specialist. Van has a BS degree from the University of Alabama in mechanical engineering drafting and design and has become a well-known “hands on practitioner”. Most of his primary application skills are focused on products manufactured from materials related to the rubber, plastic, & pipe industries. In many circles he is known as “The Ideaguy” or as “The Rubber Whisperer”.

Van is an internationally recognized technical educator for in-plant seminars, and university level continuing professional education programs. He is a published author of many technical papers as well of the author of the book “Rubber Molding Principles” first published in 2013 and the creator of a series of Troubleshooting Charts for processing rubber.

His professional career spans over four decades holding executive management positions with industry leading companies practicing product R&D, mold design, tooling & equipment design, process establishment & improvement, reverse engineering, troubleshooting, project management, and spontaneous creativity. His creative approach and understanding of the patent process have been instrumental in the preparation, prosecution, and granting of over seventy patents, with many more currently pending.

Van’s rubber industry expertise includes process, molds, equipment, and troubleshooting of compression molding, transfer molding, and injection molding, as well as many of the variants of these systems, such as wasteless and flashless molding.


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