Anthony Sleva, PE

Mr. Sleva is director of engineering at Prescient Transmission Systems. His focus is to direct the development of new products and services that can be used to prevent wide area blackouts in the United States and across the globe.

During his career, he has designed electrical systems for nuclear generating stations; designed 500-230 KV, 230-69 KV, 138-12 KV and 69-12 KV substations; provided technical support to power dispatchers, system operators and plant operators; developed technical training programs for engineers, technicians, drafters, designers, system operators and technical clerks; and participated in forensic investigations related to transformer failures, motor failures, cable failures, relay failures and circuit breaker failures.

Tony is a registered Professional Engineer with a BSEE degree from Pennsylvania State University. His goal is to reinvent the electric power grid in a manner that maximizes the production and utilization of renewable energy.


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