Intermediate Ukrainian Conversation

Ready to elevate your Ukrainian speaking skills? Take your abilities to the next level with our Intermediate Ukrainian Conversation course. Tailored for individuals with a solid foundation in Ukrainian, this course hones your conversational skills across diverse contexts.

You’ll delve into a range of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, enabling you to express your ideas clearly and precisely. Engage in intricate discussions, express your opinions and explore Ukrainian culture through conversation.

Benefit from interactive sessions, receive personalized feedback and enjoy flexible online learning. Elevate your Ukrainian fluency and converse confidently in various situations.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Recall and reproduce a diverse range of Ukrainian vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and cultural nuances.
  • Interpret and comprehend complex conversational contexts, allowing for more nuanced interactions.
  • Apply learned grammar rules and language techniques to effectively express opinions, thoughts and ideas.
  • Demonstrate cultural fluency by discussing traditions, art and contemporary trends in Ukrainian culture.
  • Refine pronunciation and accent to enhance clarity and authenticity in communication.


This is a noncredit enrichment program. Progress and courses completed with UWM SCE Languages are marked by Continuing Education Units. CEUs are not transferable to college or university transcripts.

Dates and locations to be announced.


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