Fall Potpourri II

October 2 — Community and Connection at the Library
With the advent of new technologies and trends, people wonder if libraries will go extinct. The answer is a hearty no! Public libraries continually evolve to balance traditional services with new offerings whether in rural, suburban or urban communities. Over the centuries, a core role for libraries has been as community centers and places of connection for residents. Join us to learn about the storied history of public libraries, modern innovations and exciting future possibilities.

October 9 — Scenes From an Actor’s Life
In March of 2020 (who will ever forget that month!), as the COVID epidemic threatened to end his career (as well as all of us in the performing arts), Jonathan Daly decided to write a memoir. What followed was a 24-month process of self-revelation, self-examination, and seemingly endless drafts, revisions and editing. What was the process like? What made him think he could write a book? And what did he learn about himself, about writing, and about keeping himself focused on a task without any outside deadlines? Please join presenter Jonathan Daly for an hour and a quarter of informal lecture, questions that he will try to answer, and maybe a little dramatic reading of a chapter of his memoir, “Rough Magic.”

October 16 — The Clean Water Act and Wisconsin
Fifty years ago, the Clean Water Act (CWA) was passed and began a major change in the use and management of our waterways. Dumping of pollution into our waterways became illegal, but the definition of which waters are protected under the CWA has remained a contentious fight for decades. How does the CWA protect our waters in Wisconsin and how will this powerful law protect communities for another 50 years? Will it be able to provide equal justice and access to clean water for everyone?

Dates and locations to be announced.


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