Solution-Focused Business Professional Certificate

• Do you want to help create positive change in your team, department or organization?

• Do you want to energize your people as you tackle challenges together?

• Do you want to get things moving quickly, even in complex and touch situations?

Then the Solution-Focused approach is for you!

Learn tried and tested solution-building methods that are integral to creating positive change within teams and organizations. The Solution-Focused Business Professional (SFBP) Certificate focuses on learning and adopting tools of the Solution-Focused (SF) approach. Pioneered by Mark McKergow, co-author of “The Solutions Focus: Transforming change for coaches, leaders and consultants,” the SF method allows managers, coaches, consultants and facilitators to enhance their skill sets to build on what is working rather than fixing what isn’t. Using this powerful and pragmatic approach, you work directly with Mark McKergow himself to address real-world issues specific to your team and organization’s needs. Following this 16-week online program, you achieve a full understanding of the SF method and use it to address situations that all business professionals face.

After enrollment, you will receive an email approximately one week prior to the class start date with instructions on how to access the online course. As an instructor-facilitated online course, you are required to have routine access to high-speed internet. Additionally, a recent version of Microsoft Office Suite including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint along with a course and textbook are required. The course includes weekly assignments that follow stated deadlines. Upon completion, your certificate will be mailed to you within two weeks after the last day of class.

Learning Outcomes


  • Learn to use the six Solutions Tools to build solutions without getting mired in problems
  • Learn to use SF ideas in individual, team and organizational settings
  • Apply the six SF SIMPLE principles to your coaching and managerial practices
  • Evaluate and progress your current workplace projects using the SF approach
  • Create strategies to implement real, positive change in a wide range of work settings
  • Demonstrate your solution building in one-on-one and group settings



View the Outline.


Week 1 (3.5 hours): Introduction – What do we mean by Solution-Focused?

Week 2 (3 hours): SIMPLE principles and tools introduction: elseing and affirm tool, possibilities from past, present and future

Week 3 (3 hours): Future perfect tool and the difference between future perfects, goals and targets

Week 4 (3 hours): Platform tool and the customer for change

Week 5 (3 hours): Scaling and counters tools

Week 6 (3 hours): Small actions and putting the tools together (plus start full-on coaching relationships between participants)

Week 7 (3 hours): Tools for teams

Week 8 (4 hours): Solution-Focused and Organizational Development – organizational change contexts and midpoint check-in

Week 9 (3 hours): In between, not individual – the interactional view, emergence and complexity

Week 10 (3 hours): Solution-Focused and performance reviews and appraisals

Week 11 (3 hours): Solution-Focused reflecting teams in action

Week 12 (3 hours): Solution-Focused leadership and the leader as host

Week 13 (3 hours): Wittgenstein and narrative emergence

Week 14 (3 hours): Connections and differences with other approaches – NLP, appreciative inquiry, positive psychology, etc.

Week 15 (3 hours): Solution-Focused evaluations

Week 16 (3.5 hours): Closing review – What’s Better?

Upcoming Sessions

Earn the certificate at your convenience by completing the 16-week online program.

Date: Oct 27, 2024-Mar 2, 2025

Delivery Method: Online

Platform: Canvas

Instructor: Mark McKergow PhD


$1,495 by Sept 27, 2024
$1,595 after Sept 27, 2024

CEUs: 5.0, CEHs: 50

Enrollment Limit: 25

Program Number: 1040-15689

Registration Deadline: Oct 20, 2024

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