Dean’s Honors

Students listed below have earned the Dean’s Honors for the Spring 2022 term as of June 28, 2022. Students who have placed a FERPA hold on their record will not be included on the list below.

Spring 2022

First NameLast NameAcademic Program
ElhamAbdallahCollege of Health Sciences
HassanAbdallahEngineering & Applied Science
YasmeneAbdallahLubar College of Business
DinaAbdeljawadCollege of Health Sciences
HildaAbdellatifEngineering & Applied Science
OluwatimilehinAbeCollege of Nursing
SetayeshAbiazi ShalmaniCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaAbiolCollege of Health Sciences
AshlynAbrahamCollege of Health Sciences
GraceAbrahamsCollege of Nursing
SarahAbrahamsonCollege of Letters and Science
RossAbramsEngineering & Applied Science
OmarAbu-RmailehEngineering & Applied Science
HashimAbualrahiEngineering & Applied Science
BissanAbubakerCollege of Letters and Science
MayleAburtoLubar College of Business
AnetaAcevedoSchool of Education
JosephAckeretLubar College of Business
KeithAdamkiewiczLubar College of Business
BethanyAdamsCollege of Letters and Science
EiliAdamsCollege of Nursing
LizzieAdamsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MollyAdamsSchool of Public Health
JacobAdamskiPathway Advising
MatthewAdasCollege of Letters and Science
DavidAdashekEngineering & Applied Science
ChristineAddyCollege of Letters and Science
BlaizeAdisekPeck School of the Arts
GracieAdsitLubar College of Business
TylerAeschlimannPeck School of the Arts
AndreaAfuakwahCollege of Nursing
AdeaAgolliLubar College of Business
TelemachosAgoudemosEngineering & Applied Science
KamsolufechiAguLubar College of Business
StephanieAguilarCollege of Letters and Science
RamonAguilar MendozaEngineering & Applied Science
AnaAguileraCollege of Letters and Science
BrianAguirreCollege of Health Sciences
AnnabelleAhlersCollege of Letters and Science
CameronAhlesEngineering & Applied Science
HudaAhmadCollege of Letters and Science
AliaAhmedCollege of Health Sciences
HamzaAhmedPeck School of the Arts
MuhammadAhmedCollege of Letters and Science
MustafaAhmedCollege of Health Sciences
JoonyoungAhnJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
JacksonAhrensLubar College of Business
AbigailAikenLubar College of Business
AriyapornAkarasriwatCollege of Health Sciences
SamawiaAkhterCollege of Letters and Science
Reiam Abdulmoein AAl AbdulhaiPeck School of the Arts
Walaa Abdulaziz HamedAl AjmiLubar College of Business
Bushra Hamed AbdullahAl BusaidiLubar College of Business
Manar Saeed MAl DarweeshCollege of Nursing
Ibrahim SalmanAl RadhwanLubar College of Business
Farah Ali NAl ShattiLubar College of Business
Yusra Mohammed HamedAl SulaimaniLubar College of Business
RaniaAl-ZubeidiCollege of Letters and Science
MeganAlaimoCollege of General Studies
ColinAlbaLubar College of Business
SamanthaAlberthPeck School of the Arts
EmilyAlbertiSchool of Education
IsaacAlbrechtCollege of Letters and Science
JamesAlessiaEngineering & Applied Science
ZoeAlexanderCollege of Letters and Science
Mohammed Abdulraouf SAlfakhrLubar College of Business
Abdulmalik Mohammad Tariq MAlhawsawCollege of Letters and Science
AaminaAliSchool of Public Health
AyanAliCollege of Letters and Science
BatoolAliCollege of Letters and Science
ImranAliJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
MalahatAliCollege of Letters and Science
MaziAliLubar College of Business
MoneebahAliCollege of Letters and Science
NaghamAljalousSchool of Education
EnesaAlkaCollege of Health Sciences
AdamAlkhatibSchool of Information Studies
JacobAllenLubar College of Business
LilyAllenCollege of Health Sciences
TyAllenSchool of Education
WadeAllenCollege of Letters and Science
Roqiah Mohsin HAlmatarCollege of Health Sciences
AlaAlmousaLubar College of Business
AseelaAlmousaCollege of Letters and Science
AndreaAlonsoEngineering & Applied Science
LeenAlqadadhahCollege of Letters and Science
HaniAlramahiEngineering & Applied Science
YasmineAlramahiCollege of Letters and Science
KaileyAlsburyLubar College of Business
ObaidehAlshammriEngineering & Applied Science
ArielAltPeck School of the Arts
EmilyAlvarezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Le'anaAlvarezSchool of Education
SarahAmbrosiusPeck School of the Arts
AllyAmersonSchool of Education
MariyanaAmirianCollege of Nursing
RyanAmmermanCollege of Letters and Science
PhilipeAmorim Figueredo De MeloPeck School of the Arts
MorganAnderbergPeck School of the Arts
EvanAndersCollege of General Studies
JennaAndersCollege of Letters and Science
BradenAndersenCollege of Letters and Science
ErikAndersenEngineering & Applied Science
CassandraAndersonCollege of Letters and Science
HolliAndersonCollege of Health Sciences
JacobAndersonPeck School of the Arts
KaitlynAndersonSchool of Education
KatelynAndersonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
McKennaAndersonCollege of Health Sciences
NicholasAndersonLubar College of Business
ReneeAndersonSchool of Education
RoyceAndersonCollege of Letters and Science
SilveyAndersonSchool of Education
OliviaAndreasenCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaAndrewsLubar College of Business
MarinaAndricCollege of Nursing
HaleyAndringaCollege of Letters and Science
HarmonyAngellarCollege of Letters and Science
JaneyAnklamHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmmettAnleitnerLubar College of Business
LibertyAnsorgeCollege of Letters and Science
AdamAntonneauCollege of Letters and Science
RachelAntonsonCollege of Letters and Science
AshleyAnyanwuCollege of Letters and Science
AdriannaApelCollege of Letters and Science
AliceApfelbachCollege of Letters and Science
NickolasApollonLubar College of Business
SoranoAraiLubar College of Business
PerlaAraizaGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
SabrinaArassiCollege of Letters and Science
AllysonArchamboLubar College of Business
JessieArdonLubar College of Business
DevinArfstromEngineering & Applied Science
JillianArgersingerLubar College of Business
SamuelAriaPeck School of the Arts
ElyseArkCollege of Letters and Science
KaelynArltLubar College of Business
MariaArmaniousCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethArmstrongLubar College of Business
AshleyArndtCollege of Health Sciences
LaurenArnholtLubar College of Business
CamrynArroyoCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyArthurCollege of Letters and Science
RebeccaAsbyLubar College of Business
SandraAscencioLubar College of Business
MohammadAsjedCollege of Letters and Science
CassidyAskinLubar College of Business
JosephineAslesonCollege of Health Sciences
Ahmad Hasan SayahAssabbaghPeck School of the Arts
JakeAtkinsonPeck School of the Arts
Noor-AldeenAtshanLubar College of Business
MacyAttallaPeck School of the Arts
MadeleineAtwoodLubar College of Business
ShelbyAtwoodSchool of Education
NatalieAubleCollege of Health Sciences
MadisonAubryCollege of Nursing
CarolineAustinCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasAustinCollege of General Studies
EthanAveryPeck School of the Arts
BryannaAxtCollege of Health Sciences
EmeliaAyersCollege of Health Sciences
ZelihaAysinCollege of Nursing
MohammedAzeezCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyBachinskiLubar College of Business
KendraBaconSchool of Education
MaramBadadSchool of Information Studies
YehunBaeLubar College of Business
BrandieBaierCollege of Letters and Science
DavidBaikSchool of Information Studies
AmyBaileyCollege of Letters and Science
ErinBaileyCollege of Health Sciences
KyleBaileyCollege of Letters and Science
GrantBakerCollege of Letters and Science
Marceau Lucien Yves FabrizioBalaguerLubar College of Business
AlexandraBalanCollege of Health Sciences
JulianBalboaLubar College of Business
SierraBalderasPathway Advising
DamianBaldwinSchool of Information Studies
AinsleyBaldwin ZurekJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
JhonetteBalingitCollege of Letters and Science
LucasBalintPathway Advising
ZachBalsigerCollege of General Studies
AnnieBalthazorLubar College of Business
BaileeBanLubar College of Business
ConnorBandtLubar College of Business
SydneyBannachPeck School of the Arts
ThomasBanuelos-CavanaughPathway Advising
RudinBanushiCollege of Letters and Science
RayanBarakatEngineering & Applied Science
CourtneyBargerCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyBarkerSchool of Information Studies
KelsieBarlowPeck School of the Arts
AmandaBarnesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GabrielaBarnesSchool of Education
DeajahBarneyPeck School of the Arts
SamuelBaronePeck School of the Arts
SandersBarrettLubar College of Business
ThomasBarrettPeck School of the Arts
TomBarrettLubar College of Business
NikoBarrientosCollege of Letters and Science
CasandraBarronSchool of Education
EmmaBarthEngineering & Applied Science
SeamusBarthCollege of Letters and Science
FaisalBartlettCollege of Health Sciences
TaraBartlettLubar College of Business
ChloeBartonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DanicaBastaCollege of Letters and Science
JosephBattermanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LiviBattistaPeck School of the Arts
KarinaBattistiniPeck School of the Arts
AricaBauerCollege of Letters and Science
MarinaBaumannPeck School of the Arts
JoshuaBauschPeck School of the Arts
IsabelleBavaroCollege of Letters and Science
NoahBayerPeck School of the Arts
SonnetBayerCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonBaynesCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyBaynhamLubar College of Business
PharedaBeLubar College of Business
BrianaBeardenPathway Advising
BronteBeaudoinCollege of Letters and Science
StephanieBeayLubar College of Business
DanielBecerra AvilaLubar College of Business
AlainaBechardPeck School of the Arts
BradyBeckLubar College of Business
MarinBeckSchool of Education
EmmaBeckerPeck School of the Arts
LauraBeckerPeck School of the Arts
MatthewBeckerEngineering & Applied Science
RozelynnBeckerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BrookeBehmSchool of Information Studies
ElenaBehnkePeck School of the Arts
GrantBehnkeLubar College of Business
MaxwellBehnkePeck School of the Arts
EmilyBehrendtCollege of Letters and Science
DanielleBeierschmittEngineering & Applied Science
MariaBeilkePeck School of the Arts
VincentBeilkeEngineering & Applied Science
MelissaBekkersSchool of Education
AminahBektesiCollege of Letters and Science
CaliBelangerSchool of Education
WilliamBelangerLubar College of Business
RosemaryBellCollege of Nursing
OwenBellevageEngineering & Applied Science
IsabellaBellinLubar College of Business
CordeliaBelloc LowndesSchool Arch & Urban Planning
CloeBelongiaCollege of Health Sciences
SabrinaBenaliLubar College of Business
JaidaBenderCollege of Nursing
LilianaBenedictoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DeniceBenitezSchool of Public Health
NicholasBenkertLubar College of Business
SummerBennCollege of Letters and Science
AndreaBennageCollege of Letters and Science
DelaneyBennettPathway Advising
DominiqueBennettLubar College of Business
LaurenBennettCollege of Nursing
MackenzieBennettSchool of Education
NevaehBenningPeck School of the Arts
SamuelBensemannSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EllenBensonCollege of Letters and Science
ErinBensonSchool of Education
MaggieBensonCollege of Letters and Science
SeanBensonEngineering & Applied Science
MarnieBenzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MiraBeranekCollege of Letters and Science
HannahBergPeck School of the Arts
KassideeBergdollCollege of Letters and Science
HenryBergerCollege of Letters and Science
MeghanBergerPeck School of the Arts
MeganBerginCollege of Letters and Science
ChristianBergmannLubar College of Business
HannahBergmannCollege of Nursing
MeganBergmannLubar College of Business
HannahBergrudEngineering & Applied Science
JackBergumSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DallasBerkaCollege of Letters and Science
AydenBermanPathway Advising
NicholasBernacchiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SamanthaBernhardCollege of Nursing
BlueBernsteinPeck School of the Arts
HalleBerresCollege of Letters and Science
BeauBerryLubar College of Business
CassidyBertagnoliCollege of Health Sciences
AnnaBertheletteCollege of Letters and Science
KayleeBertrandSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RennyBertunHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HailieBestorSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GabriellaBestulLubar College of Business
AndreasBeyer-BowdenPeck School of the Arts
NicholasBichlerLubar College of Business
MakennaBieberitzSchool of Education
NicholasBieganskiEngineering & Applied Science
RyanBielinskiEngineering & Applied Science
SamsonBielyPeck School of the Arts
MeganBiesmannCollege of Letters and Science
PeytonBiesterveldLubar College of Business
TeaganBignellSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NoahBillingsCollege of Nursing
TylerBinnerLubar College of Business
JacobBirkholzSchool of Education
ShawnBirkholzCollege of Health Sciences
NicholasBirschbachEngineering & Applied Science
HelenBisharaCollege of General Studies
MaryamBiyabaniCollege of Letters and Science
ClaireBjorgoPeck School of the Arts
OliviaBlakeCollege of Health Sciences
WilderBlakeEngineering & Applied Science
EmmaBlanchetteCollege of Letters and Science
SerenaBlanchetteHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AliciaBlanckCollege of Health Sciences
RachelBlankCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyBlankLubar College of Business
LexisBlaserCollege of Health Sciences
GabriellaBlatt PrevattCollege of General Studies
VivienBleckingCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminBlitzCollege of Letters and Science
JordanBlitzCollege of Letters and Science
LisaBlockCollege of Nursing
TrevorBlockEngineering & Applied Science
JamesBlodgettEngineering & Applied Science
NathanBlohowiakCollege of Letters and Science
KarolinaBloniarzCollege of Letters and Science
AlexBloodLubar College of Business
KhadejahBloomfieldCollege of Nursing
HannahBloorCollege of Health Sciences
StuartBluePeck School of the Arts
BrinnBlumEngineering & Applied Science
MaxBlumenthalCollege of Letters and Science
ChaseBockCollege of Letters and Science
TrevorBodartSchool of Education
NathanBoedeckerPeck School of the Arts
GretaBoehmEngineering & Applied Science
AllieBoettcherCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyBoettcherCollege of Nursing
OliviaBogieCollege of General Studies
JaydenBognerLubar College of Business
FloraBogyayCollege of Letters and Science
LauraBogyayPeck School of the Arts
KallistaBohlHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ScottBohmSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AndreaBohnCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineBohnSchool of Education
KlairissaBoisvertCollege of Health Sciences
HeatherBoivinCollege of General Studies
HannahBojarskiSchool of Education
ReaganBolandPeck School of the Arts
ClaireBoldaCollege of Letters and Science
EmersonBollCollege of Nursing
JaiyannaBoltonLubar College of Business
AndrewBonkLubar College of Business
LaurenBonofiglioCollege of Nursing
AndrewBorchardtCollege of Letters and Science
CarlyBorchardtCollege of Letters and Science
HannahBorgraSchool of Education
AlyssaBorinPeck School of the Arts
JacobBorreCollege of Letters and Science
GabrielleBorstSchool of Education
TimothyBorstadEngineering & Applied Science
SamuelBosmanLubar College of Business
NatalieBosslerCollege of Letters and Science
CharlesBostwickSchool of Education
NoelleBougieCollege of Letters and Science
KathrynBoydCollege of Nursing
DevonBoyerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
WylanBoyleCollege of Letters and Science
JuliaBradfishPeck School of the Arts
MakailaBradleyCollege of Letters and Science
RowanBradleyCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeBrahmLubar College of Business
IsaacBrahmEngineering & Applied Science
KyleBrahmEngineering & Applied Science
LukeBrakerPeck School of the Arts
CarllieBrandenburgPeck School of the Arts
ZachBrandenburgEngineering & Applied Science
GraceBrandnerCollege of Nursing
RossBrandolinoCollege of Letters and Science
Jack DaltonBrandtPeck School of the Arts
KayleeBranshawPeck School of the Arts
ReeceBrantleyCollege of Letters and Science
ChristopherBrauerCollege of General Studies
KaylaBraunCollege of Health Sciences
SydneyBraunLubar College of Business
ChristopherBravataPeck School of the Arts
KristynBreckenridgeSchool of Education
SenecaBreeCollege of Letters and Science
AlissaBreenSchool of Education
AmberBrellenthinEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaBrennerSchool of Education
LaurenBreunigCollege of Letters and Science
ConnorBrhelyEngineering & Applied Science
AseemBrickhouseEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewBringeEngineering & Applied Science
AdamBristolCollege of Letters and Science
BrennaBristowLubar College of Business
SimeonBritzPathway Advising
AlisonBrodieCollege of Letters and Science
KaydenceBrodyCollege of Letters and Science
ClaraBroeckerEngineering & Applied Science
GavinBroehmCollege of Nursing
LoganBroichCollege of Letters and Science
AlecBrookensJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
MorganBrooksSchool of Information Studies
DanielleBroseCollege of Health Sciences
AnnikaBrownCollege of Letters and Science
DanteBrownEngineering & Applied Science
NathanBrownCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasBrownLubar College of Business
OliviaBrownPeck School of the Arts
PaulineBrownCollege of Letters and Science
RobertBrownHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaylorBrownSchool of Education
ZoeBrownCollege of Letters and Science
MarialisaBrownfieldPeck School of the Arts
JordanBruffySchool Arch & Urban Planning
MorganBruggerCollege of Health Sciences
AdamBrugginkLubar College of Business
IsabellaBrundagePeck School of the Arts
JennaBrydenLubar College of Business
JohnBrzezinskiCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorBrzezinskiCollege of Nursing
JennaBuchbergerSchool of Education
MatthewBucherCollege of Nursing
BrynnBuchholzCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamBuchholzLubar College of Business
MatthewBucholtzSchool of Education
BrandonBuckCollege of Nursing
RyanBuckleyLubar College of Business
BrandonBucknerEngineering & Applied Science
EveBudaCollege of Letters and Science
BrockBuddeLubar College of Business
SydneyBudelierCollege of Health Sciences
JacobBudkeCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorBudzienCollege of General Studies
AbbyBuehlerCollege of General Studies
IsabellaBuettnerCollege of Health Sciences
BaoBuiEngineering & Applied Science
JordanBuiCollege of Health Sciences
AndreaBullarPeck School of the Arts
Ahmed Mohammed ABumarahEngineering & Applied Science
GracieBunkerCollege of Nursing
EmilyBurantLubar College of Business
SamanthaBurgardLubar College of Business
MichaelBurgarinoCollege of Letters and Science
MelissaBurgerCollege of Letters and Science
Babette DanielleBurgersdijkLubar College of Business
NicoleBurianPeck School of the Arts
AustinBurjaSchool of Information Studies
FranziskaBurkardSchool Arch & Urban Planning
IsabellaBurkardHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AllisonBurmeschCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaBurnsPeck School of the Arts
EmilyBurnsSchool of Education
KacieBurnsCollege of General Studies
SabrinaBurrieCollege of Nursing
MichaelBurrowsSchool Arch & Urban Planning
CodyBurtCollege of Letters and Science
JenaBurtonCollege of Health Sciences
ReedBurzynskiLubar College of Business
OliviaBuschSchool of Education
DanielBushLubar College of Business
NevelynBusickCollege of Health Sciences
QuadeBuskaSchool of Education
DylanBussLubar College of Business
JuancarlosBustosCollege of Letters and Science
AdamButlerCollege of Health Sciences
ElizabethButlerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GraceButscherPeck School of the Arts
GabrielButterfieldLubar College of Business
LeahButtonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MaggieButzCollege of Letters and Science
ChristopherButzenCollege of Letters and Science
KatelinBuytendorpLubar College of Business
MaxwellBuzeckyPeck School of the Arts
MatthewByersCollege of General Studies
LaurenceByrneCollege of Letters and Science
NestorCaban HernandezSchool of Information Studies
AlejandroCabeza VelasquezPeck School of the Arts
AshtonCadmanSchool of Education
SamanthaCalderonCollege of Letters and Science
EugenioCalderon RodriguezGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
GeorgeCallEngineering & Applied Science
RobertCall IIILubar College of Business
DanielleCallahanCollege of Letters and Science
StellaCallesenCollege of Letters and Science
EvanCallowEngineering & Applied Science
StevenCamachoLubar College of Business
AngeloCamalieriLubar College of Business
CadeeCampbellCollege of General Studies
KellyCampbellLubar College of Business
OwenCampbellPeck School of the Arts
JudithCamposeco SoberanoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MicheleCanfieldSchool of Education
ClaireCannadyCollege of Letters and Science
MyeshaCaptainLubar College of Business
MikaelaCarbajalSchool of Education
GretaCarboneLubar College of Business
LucasCareyLubar College of Business
DelaneyCarlsonPathway Advising
NicoleCarlsonSchool of Education
RitaCarneyCollege of Health Sciences
RonanCarpenterCollege of Letters and Science
HaidenCarrSchool of Education
JohnCarranEngineering & Applied Science
EvaCarraraCollege of Health Sciences
CrystalCarterHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ChloeCarverCollege of Health Sciences
KimberlyCarverCollege of Letters and Science
HailieCashHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AidanCashmanCollege of Letters and Science
LeahCasonLubar College of Business
ElizabethCasperCollege of Health Sciences
ThomasCasperLubar College of Business
ElizabethCassellCollege of Health Sciences
JoshuaCasticPeck School of the Arts
AdrianaCastilloCollege of Health Sciences
HunterCastonguayCollege of Letters and Science
IsabelCastroSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AlecCatarozoliLubar College of Business
WillowCauseyLubar College of Business
GiorgiaCavestroLubar College of Business
MadelineCawkinsPeck School of the Arts
KelseiCecilPeck School of the Arts
MomodouCeesayLubar College of Business
AliciaCeraCollege of Nursing
AngelaCeraLubar College of Business
DelaneyCerevicSchool of Education
JohnCernySchool Arch & Urban Planning
NicholasCervacLubar College of Business
JillianCervantesEngineering & Applied Science
MinsungChaLubar College of Business
ToriChampLubar College of Business
JadenChampionHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HannaChandlerCollege of Health Sciences
ChamenouChangPeck School of the Arts
KarinaChangLubar College of Business
NaomiChangLubar College of Business
TiffanyChangCollege of Letters and Science
NehaChangotraLubar College of Business
BenjaminChapinPeck School of the Arts
McKennaChapmanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RozinaCharaniaSchool of Education
ElizabethCharneyCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeCharonPathway Advising
RobertChartierLubar College of Business
AmandaChasePathway Advising
AhmedChatthaCollege of Letters and Science
ClaudiaChedidLubar College of Business
SebastianeChenCollege of Health Sciences
ZunyangChenPathway Advising
Ariel Mae EueCheongCollege of Health Sciences
NatashaCheronoCollege of Nursing
MyaChetvertukhinPathway Advising
VincentChiesaLubar College of Business
DestinyChildsLubar College of Business
DylanChildsCollege of Letters and Science
IsabelChiriboga-PinedaCollege of Letters and Science
JadeChitwoodCollege of Nursing
MelanieChoeun-LaCollege of Letters and Science
SeokhyunChoiSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AlexChopLubar College of Business
HaitamChouiekhEngineering & Applied Science
HannahChristPeck School of the Arts
CassandraChristensenCollege of Nursing
EmilyChristensenLubar College of Business
NoahChristiansenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KamiChristiansonSchool of Education
SkylerChristiansonEngineering & Applied Science
TeaghanChristophCollege of Health Sciences
EvanChristophersonEngineering & Applied Science
JacobChristophersonEngineering & Applied Science
SophieChudnowCollege of Health Sciences
BraxtynChurchCollege of Health Sciences
MeganChurchCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailCiaccioLubar College of Business
TylerCicigoiLubar College of Business
MarisaCisnerosSchool of Education
BrandonCizekSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AlexisClancySchool of Education
HazelClarkLubar College of Business
JohnClarkPeck School of the Arts
KadenClarkLubar College of Business
RachelClarkSchool of Education
RachelClarkEngineering & Applied Science
SethClarkCollege of Letters and Science
GiovanniClaudioSchool of Information Studies
BrandonClausenLubar College of Business
ShemClaybornLubar College of Business
CahreClayburnCollege of Letters and Science
DeAmayiahClayhiggsPathway Advising
KamariClaytonCollege of Health Sciences
AmeliaCleeremanLubar College of Business
CarolineClemensHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JakeClementsSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JessicaClementsLubar College of Business
McKennaCoartneyPeck School of the Arts
CaitlynCobbCollege of Health Sciences
MargaretCodyCollege of Letters and Science
GeorgeCoenenCollege of Letters and Science
VivianCoenenCollege of Letters and Science
JaceColeLubar College of Business
MicahColemanCollege of Letters and Science
JamesColesLubar College of Business
MaddieColettaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JaceliaCollaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RenaCollaCollege of Letters and Science
FionaCollinPeck School of the Arts
KeiraCollinPeck School of the Arts
AnnCollinsLubar College of Business
JacobCollinsEngineering & Applied Science
AngelinaColluraPathway Advising
CiannaColonCollege of Health Sciences
ChrisColtonPathway Advising
HannahComanCollege of Health Sciences
RachelComandeCollege of Letters and Science
AlexisComstockCollege of General Studies
JefferyComstockCollege of Health Sciences
JennaConfortiCollege of Health Sciences
KaitlynCongerCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelCongerEngineering & Applied Science
CarlosConnCollege of General Studies
MorganConnaughtonEngineering & Applied Science
RileyConnellCollege of Health Sciences
KyraConnersHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AmandaConnollyLubar College of Business
KaitlynConnollyCollege of Health Sciences
KassandraConnorCollege of Nursing
MyaConradLubar College of Business
SamuelConradLubar College of Business
AnneConroySchool of Education
ClaudiaConroyCollege of Health Sciences
VanityConroy-MunozCollege of Health Sciences
MadysonContreras-PerrinCollege of Letters and Science
CarsonCookSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ChristopherCookLubar College of Business
AidanCooleyPeck School of the Arts
IsabelCoolingPeck School of the Arts
BarbaraCooperLubar College of Business
JosephCooperCollege of Nursing
SeanCoppinEngineering & Applied Science
HazzemCordashEngineering & Applied Science
MiaCornaleSchool of Education
JordannCornettCollege of Letters and Science
LeticiaCortesSchool of Education
EmmaCourtSchool of Information Studies
LaurenCourterPeck School of the Arts
JaydenCourtneyCollege of General Studies
AngelaCoxCollege of Letters and Science
GarrettCoxEngineering & Applied Science
NoelCramerEngineering & Applied Science
ArisCraneSchool of Education
CodyCrangleLubar College of Business
EllaCrassPathway Advising
KalebCravillionSchool of Information Studies
MadisonCrawfordLubar College of Business
SamuelCrawfordCollege of General Studies
PeterCrawford-VukicevicPathway Advising
BrendanCreeganPathway Advising
ReaganCristSchool of Education
AyannaCriswellPeck School of the Arts
BenCrosbyEngineering & Applied Science
BrookeCrosbySchool of Education
AdamCrouseCollege of Letters and Science
GraceCrowleyLubar College of Business
KathrynCrowleyCollege of Letters and Science
PhilipCrownoverEngineering & Applied Science
YazminCruzSchool of Education
MiguelCuevasLubar College of Business
TessaCulletonCollege of Letters and Science
ZechariahCummingsCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaCunninghamCollege of Health Sciences
DominicCuomoSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JoCurreyPeck School of the Arts
SpencerCurrieCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeCurryCollege of Letters and Science
GavinCurtinLubar College of Business
MadisonCurtisPeck School of the Arts
JessicaCurzonCollege of Letters and Science
GabriellaCutie RodriguezEngineering & Applied Science
JackCyganiakLubar College of Business
TalonCzachorEngineering & Applied Science
KatrinaD'AmicoSchool of Education
AnnabellaD'AmoreSchool of Education
SeanDaadouchaSchool of Information Studies
AdrennDacanayCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasDacheletEngineering & Applied Science
AyaDadoushCollege of Letters and Science
HaneenDaherCollege of Nursing
SydneyDahlCollege of Nursing
ToriDahlPeck School of the Arts
CollinDal SantoSchool of Education
NathanielDalanCollege of Letters and Science
KaleighDallmanLubar College of Business
SamanthaDallySchool of Education
IndiaDaltonPeck School of the Arts
AvarieDalyCollege of Letters and Science
AlexanderDalzielCollege of Health Sciences
IvanaDamjanicHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AndrewDanculovichCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaDanczykCollege of Letters and Science
KshitizDangalLubar College of Business
SimonDanielsLubar College of Business
BiancaDankersCollege of Nursing
ChristianDansonLubar College of Business
KendraDantoinCollege of Health Sciences
BlakeDaulCollege of Letters and Science
ThaoDavidSchool of Information Studies
Kasper OveDavidssonLubar College of Business
IvannaDavies MejiaSchool of Education
AlexisDavisLubar College of Business
BobbyDavisLubar College of Business
HaileyDavisSchool of Information Studies
BenjaminDavreCollege of Nursing
CarolineDawleyCollege of Letters and Science
FernandoDe Carvalho DiasCollege of Letters and Science
Gabriellede GailCollege of Letters and Science
John MarkDe GuzmanEngineering & Applied Science
JacobDe HartPeck School of the Arts
Andrewde JuncoCollege of Letters and Science
JenniferDe La RosaCollege of Letters and Science
AdrianDe Leon MartinLubar College of Business
MatthewDeaconEngineering & Applied Science
KirstiDeBenedettoSchool of Education
KayleeDeBeukelarSchool of Education
AveryDeBoerLubar College of Business
SullivanDeCramerLubar College of Business
NatalieDedaCollege of Letters and Science
RileyDederingSchool of Education
JakobDefossetPathway Advising
KylieDegnerSchool of Public Health
CarolineDeGrootHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NoahDeGrootLubar College of Business
MatthewDeHartPeck School of the Arts
AmyDeibertSchool of Education
AlyciaDeJesusSchool of Education
MatthewDekkerEngineering & Applied Science
Ashriel GraceDel RosarioSchool of Education
GiovannaDel SantoCollege of Letters and Science
TrevorDelaneyCollege of Letters and Science
DelaneyDeLeskeCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamDelgadoPeck School of the Arts
JossielDelgado ReyesLubar College of Business
KarissaDemottoPeck School of the Arts
GarrettDeneenCollege of Health Sciences
MorganDenlingerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ConnorDerenneLubar College of Business
AlyssaDerpinghausLubar College of Business
ArdenDeRuyterCollege of Health Sciences
UrielDesantiagoEngineering & Applied Science
DavidDeshpandeCollege of Letters and Science
SaraDesingCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyDettingerSchool of Education
IsabellaDettmersSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LawrenceDeutschCollege of Letters and Science
LydiaDeutschCollege of Nursing
AnnaliseDevallCollege of Nursing
DeanDeVoeLubar College of Business
DestinyDeVooghtCollege of Letters and Science
BradyDeVriesCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaDeVriesLubar College of Business
AlisonDewersCollege of Letters and Science
JohnDeweyPeck School of the Arts
BrittanyDiazEngineering & Applied Science
MariaDiazSchool of Education
BenjaminDidierCollege of Letters and Science
GeorgiaDidierPeck School of the Arts
ErikDiedrichCollege of Nursing
PatrickDietzmanLubar College of Business
CailinDildayEngineering & Applied Science
Danielle MaeDillenburgCollege of Letters and Science
HayleyDillowPeck School of the Arts
OliviaDimmerCollege of Letters and Science
NathanDimockEngineering & Applied Science
AbigailDineenCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenDinnelSchool of Education
BelleDionidoEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewDiorioPathway Advising
LucianaDivitoPeck School of the Arts
JovanaDjukicCollege of Health Sciences
KatDjukicLubar College of Business
RebekahDoakSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EvelynDoanCollege of Letters and Science
MaggieDobbsCollege of Letters and Science
DevinDodulikCollege of Letters and Science
LainieDodulikCollege of Health Sciences
SamuelDoebertLubar College of Business
SeanDoegeLubar College of Business
JeremyDoeringLubar College of Business
EllieDoerrPeck School of the Arts
KellyDolgnerPeck School of the Arts
KristyDolinacCollege of Letters and Science
KaylaDollSchool of Education
IsabellaDoll JaycoxPeck School of the Arts
EvanDomnieLubar College of Business
SeanDonaghyEngineering & Applied Science
JuliaDonahuePeck School of the Arts
EvanDonlonLubar College of Business
LeahDonnellyCollege of Letters and Science
SarahDonofrioPeck School of the Arts
ColeDooleyCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaDorcyCollege of Letters and Science
JordanDoroLubar College of Business
HunterDorowLubar College of Business
GraceDorschelCollege of Letters and Science
AmyaDorseySchool Arch & Urban Planning
AnthonyDorshakLubar College of Business
AlexisDoryPathway Advising
KyraDoschHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Emma FaeDostalekHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexandraDoughertyPeck School of the Arts
DanielleDouvilleLubar College of Business
MadelineDoveCollege of Nursing
KatieDowlingCollege of Health Sciences
AustinDowningSchool of Education
SydneyDownsCollege of Health Sciences
DarbyDoyleLubar College of Business
IanDoyleHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AbigailDrakeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JessicaDraySchool Arch & Urban Planning
ClareDrefcinskiPeck School of the Arts
ColbyDrefcinskiLubar College of Business
NicholasDreierLubar College of Business
JosephDreikosenLubar College of Business
RachelDremelLubar College of Business
StephenDrenaSchool of Education
JacobDrescherCollege of Letters and Science
PaigeDreskeCollege of Letters and Science
DanielDrewLubar College of Business
EliDrewsPeck School of the Arts
TylerDriskellEngineering & Applied Science
HaileyDroesslerPeck School of the Arts
RonitaDuaCollege of Letters and Science
SethDubinskiCollege of Letters and Science
AmandaDubisLubar College of Business
AllisonDuboisCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamDucettLubar College of Business
NicholasDuchonLubar College of Business
SundanceDuchowCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailDudaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmilyDuelgeSchool of Education
JoshuaDuernbergerLubar College of Business
HopeDuganPeck School of the Arts
MadelynDuhigSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JonathanDummannLubar College of Business
ZacharyDunnEngineering & Applied Science
AlanaDunneSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AveryDurhamPeck School of the Arts
AveryDurnenEngineering & Applied Science
NyahDurovyCollege of Nursing
JosephDuscheneSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BrianDutkowskiLubar College of Business
AvaDworskyLubar College of Business
MicahDykemaLubar College of Business
JoshuaDymondCollege of Nursing
MatthewDymondLubar College of Business
ClaireEadeLubar College of Business
AlyshaEarnshawCollege of Health Sciences
KiranEarnshawCollege of Letters and Science
KyleEastEngineering & Applied Science
JordanEasterlinCollege of Letters and Science
BescentEbeidSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EllisEberhardtLubar College of Business
NathanEbersoleCollege of Letters and Science
RileyEbnerPeck School of the Arts
BrandonEckelLubar College of Business
BrandonEckoldtLubar College of Business
FritzEckstromEngineering & Applied Science
SouadEddahiouiSchool of Education
MadelynEdenPeck School of the Arts
CodyEdmondEngineering & Applied Science
ElijahEdwardsLubar College of Business
HunterEdwardsEngineering & Applied Science
MakenzieEdwardsPeck School of the Arts
SabrinaEdwardsonEngineering & Applied Science
ClaireEgerstromSchool of Education
AlyssaEggertLubar College of Business
GwenEggertPeck School of the Arts
JuliaEglyCollege of Health Sciences
JustinEhmkeCollege of General Studies
HaleyEhnPeck School of the Arts
AbbeyEhrhardtCollege of General Studies
MaggieEilbesCollege of General Studies
LoganEirscheleSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GenaveveEisertCollege of General Studies
CarsonEjzakLubar College of Business
AlexisEkkerLubar College of Business
AlenaEkornaasPeck School of the Arts
NikitaEkslerCollege of Letters and Science
AbdelouhabEl hmainiSchool of Information Studies
MiyaEliyhaSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MackenzieEllefsonPeck School of the Arts
CharlieEllenbeckerEngineering & Applied Science
SarahElliottSchool of Education
SydneyElliottSchool of Education
ChloeEllisCollege of Letters and Science
NatalieEllisCollege of Letters and Science
SavannaElmSchool of Education
NadeenElqaqLubar College of Business
OliviaElsbeckerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnnaEmersonPeck School of the Arts
JustinEmrathLubar College of Business
FinnEngelbartPeck School of the Arts
KateEnriquezSchool of Public Health
KatelynErathPeck School of the Arts
JackErdmanLubar College of Business
PeteErdmannPeck School of the Arts
KhurshedErgashbaevEngineering & Applied Science
AutumnEricksonCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaEricksonPeck School of the Arts
SallyEricksonCollege of Letters and Science
JuanEscutia-ArreolaPeck School of the Arts
ArturoEsparzaLubar College of Business
JoseEspinoza MartinezLubar College of Business
AbbieEsterlinePeck School of the Arts
Francisco IgnacioEujenin CamposLubar College of Business
FionaEvansSchool of Education
JordanEvansPeck School of the Arts
KeenanEvansCollege of Letters and Science
LukeEvansCollege of Letters and Science
MichelleEvansSchool of Education
BrandonEvensCollege of Nursing
EllaEvensonSchool of Education
AlexisEvertSchool of Education
AmeerEweisiCollege of Letters and Science
WasihunEwnetuEngineering & Applied Science
MarinaFabelaSchool Arch & Urban Planning
HarrisonFabianLubar College of Business
ElizaFaehCollege of Letters and Science
AngelinaFailingPeck School of the Arts
JacobsonFaklerSchool of Information Studies
JosephineFalencikLubar College of Business
OliviaahokatoangaFaletaCollege of Letters and Science
AaronFalkPeck School of the Arts
MadelineFalkenbergLubar College of Business
RobertFalkowskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LilianaFanninCollege of Letters and Science
SeanFanningCollege of Letters and Science
AmandaFarnsworthCollege of Letters and Science
MacyFarnsworthCollege of Nursing
AidanFarrCollege of Letters and Science
HenryFarrPeck School of the Arts
EllieFarrellCollege of Health Sciences
LoganFarringtonLubar College of Business
SumiyahFatimaCollege of Letters and Science
GraceFauerbachSchool of Education
DiannaFedchukCollege of Health Sciences
BaileyFederspielCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyFedewaCollege of Letters and Science
OwenFehlerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AinsleyFeiglesCollege of Letters and Science
TeaganFelerskiSchool of Education
EleanaFelkerCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaFellSchool of Education
FaithFenendaelCollege of Health Sciences
JuanitaFenneCollege of Nursing
MariahFennerCollege of Nursing
GraceFerencekSchool of Education
IsaacFergusonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JacobFergusonEngineering & Applied Science
NicholasFerranteJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
TraceFerreiraLubar College of Business
AvaFerrierPeck School of the Arts
MarisaFerrierLubar College of Business
AndrewFerrisLubar College of Business
EsmeraldaFetoLubar College of Business
NicholasFialaEngineering & Applied Science
HannahFickSchool of Education
KaysieFielCollege of Nursing
JulianaFilippoPeck School of the Arts
EmmaFilzenCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyFinkHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DanielFinnSchool of Education
EllenFinnelCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewFioritaLubar College of Business
AndrewFischerLubar College of Business
MelissaFischerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MorganFischerCollege of Letters and Science
LeahFischer-ToerpeCollege of Letters and Science
JenniferFisherCollege of General Studies
MyaFisherCollege of Letters and Science
RyanFittePeck School of the Arts
KaitlynnFlaggePeck School of the Arts
LoriAnneFlahertySchool Arch & Urban Planning
SophiaFlaminioCollege of Nursing
MollyFlanaganHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
PaigeFlanneryHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NoorFleifelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AaronFlierlLubar College of Business
KatelynFlitcroftCollege of Letters and Science
HaydnFloresCollege of Letters and Science
IsabelleFloresPeck School of the Arts
IsaiahFloresSchool of Information Studies
NataliaFloresPeck School of the Arts
NoelFlores DelgadoSchool Arch & Urban Planning
IrmaFlores HermosilloHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BridgerFloryLubar College of Business
AlbertFlottmeyerCollege of Health Sciences
CollinFlueggeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ErinFlynnCollege of Letters and Science
JohnFolenaCollege of Letters and Science
StephenFoleyGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
JohnnyFolsomHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HarrisonFonderPeck School of the Arts
BrettFongEngineering & Applied Science
JacobFordEngineering & Applied Science
AliciaForierCollege of Letters and Science
ClaraForrestCollege of Health Sciences
ReubenFortierCollege of Letters and Science
SelaFossumSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ArthurFosterLubar College of Business
MoniqueFosterPeck School of the Arts
RachelFosterPeck School of the Arts
TiaraFountainCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyFountainSchool of Education
JosephFoxCollege of Letters and Science
MischaFoxSchool of Information Studies
ElijahFoyLubar College of Business
AbbegayleFrambsCollege of Health Sciences
AddyFrancoisLubar College of Business
ToriFrankPathway Advising
HarmonyFrankenCollege of Letters and Science
AlaynaFransonCollege of Health Sciences
PaulFrantiEngineering & Applied Science
MollyFraserCollege of Letters and Science
CullenFredericksonSchool of Information Studies
GraceFredricksenPeck School of the Arts
AngelaFreemanPeck School of the Arts
NickFreemanLubar College of Business
AustinFreibothLubar College of Business
SamanthaFreimundCollege of Health Sciences
JoshuaFreitagHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BrennaFreyCollege of Letters and Science
StuartFribergLubar College of Business
NathanFrickLubar College of Business
ParkerFrickHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KoreyFriederichsLubar College of Business
MaxwellFriedlCollege of Letters and Science
KylieFriedrichSchool of Public Health
SydneyFriessSchool of Education
BraidenFrischEngineering & Applied Science
AlyssaFritzCollege of Health Sciences
MargaretFritzCollege of Letters and Science
KendylFrobergCollege of Health Sciences
AnnaFronkEngineering & Applied Science
NicoleFrumpCollege of Health Sciences
AbigailFuchsPeck School of the Arts
AmandaFuchsCollege of Health Sciences
AlexFullerEngineering & Applied Science
JordanFullerEngineering & Applied Science
ShawnFunmakerLubar College of Business
TannerGabelEngineering & Applied Science
FatmaGaddourLubar College of Business
AndrewGaetaLubar College of Business
GregoryGagnonSchool of Information Studies
CarrieGagnon-PalickSchool of Education
LaurenGaieCollege of Health Sciences
AidenGajewskiCollege of Letters and Science
EmilijanGajicCollege of Health Sciences
AudreyGalassiSchool of Education
LeahGallCollege of General Studies
MaryleeGallegosLubar College of Business
SamanthaGallegosCollege of Letters and Science
AydenGalliganCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaGaluppoPeck School of the Arts
HageoGamezSchool of Information Studies
JaydalinGanasCollege of General Studies
BrookeGantzCollege of Nursing
DiegoGarciaEngineering & Applied Science
GeorgiaGarciaCollege of Letters and Science
JenniferGarciaSchool of Education
LaurenGarciaCollege of Letters and Science
AlexaGardnerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MorganGarlockSchool of Education
NicholasGarniLubar College of Business
CarleyGarofaloSchool of Education
HeidiGarridoCollege of Letters and Science
AdamGarskiLubar College of Business
MercyGarsombkeCollege of Nursing
AdriannaGarzaEngineering & Applied Science
JosefinaGarzaCollege of Nursing
AnnaGaskellSchool of Education
JessicaGaskeyPeck School of the Arts
SamuelGastHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KeliGastrowPeck School of the Arts
IvyGauthierLubar College of Business
HunterGayanCollege of Letters and Science
BradleyGaydovchikCollege of Letters and Science
JoshuaGayleCollege of Health Sciences
SkylaGebauerLubar College of Business
MeganGeeCollege of Letters and Science
GraceGeigerCollege of Letters and Science
MarenGeigerCollege of Letters and Science
MaisieGelharLubar College of Business
GraceGenglerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JamiesonGenrichSchool of Education
ErikGenskowLubar College of Business
NikolasGentekisEngineering & Applied Science
AidanGentilePeck School of the Arts
EleanorGentilliCollege of Nursing
ShelbyGeorgeCollege of Nursing
AshleyGerardenSchool of Public Health
BenjaminGerberLubar College of Business
NicholasGeringerCollege of Letters and Science
FelixGerlachLubar College of Business
TiannaGernerPeck School of the Arts
SashaGesnerLubar College of Business
BriannaGeurtsEngineering & Applied Science
OwenGeurtsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MackenzieGeyerCollege of Nursing
SilviaGeyerCollege of General Studies
EvanGibsonSchool of Information Studies
MasonGieskeLubar College of Business
KatelinGilchristPeck School of the Arts
EllaGileSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NicholasGilhausEngineering & Applied Science
BrielleGillespieCollege of Letters and Science
JenGilmoreCollege of Health Sciences
AnikaGingleSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EmmaGingrasCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeGintherCollege of Letters and Science
SophiaGirardCollege of Letters and Science
PavonisGironPeck School of the Arts
CalleeGissalLubar College of Business
DominicGiulianiEngineering & Applied Science
AlyssaGizewskiPeck School of the Arts
TaylorGlassfordLubar College of Business
BetsyGleesingCollege of Health Sciences
JustinGleesingCollege of Letters and Science
MelissaGleiterCollege of Letters and Science
LoganGlembinCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaGlendenningCollege of Letters and Science
ZoeGlisePeck School of the Arts
CoraGloedeCollege of Health Sciences
TylerGlorPeck School of the Arts
MitchellGnadtLubar College of Business
TimGneiserSchool of Information Studies
SkylurGodfroyLubar College of Business
DylanGodlewskiEngineering & Applied Science
NicoleGoebelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GrantGoehrigCollege of Letters and Science
CaitlynGoetschCollege of Letters and Science
AndersGoetzLubar College of Business
FlynnGoldenSchool of Education
NathenGoldsboroughSchool of Information Studies
KaileeGollaCollege of Nursing
ZacharyGollingerEngineering & Applied Science
NoelleGomezPathway Advising
DoraGommCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyGonneringCollege of Nursing
BrandonGonzalesEngineering & Applied Science
GabriellaGonzalesLubar College of Business
AlejandraGonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
AmoretteGonzalezPathway Advising
BryannaGonzalezLubar College of Business
ErikaGonzalezCollege of Health Sciences
JulioGonzalezLubar College of Business
KatherineGonzalezSchool of Education
PatriciaGonzalezSchool of Education
WilliamGonzalezLubar College of Business
JasmineGonzalez SandovalCollege of Letters and Science
RachelGoocheySchool of Public Health
ArissaGoodmanCollege of General Studies
TalithaGoomeySchool of Education
DakotaGordonPathway Advising
LeslieGorhamCollege of Letters and Science
AubrieGorskiCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewGorzekLubar College of Business
AshleyGosseSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KintressaGoszSchool of Education
LukeGotschLubar College of Business
ZachGottfreidLubar College of Business
MonicaGotthartCollege of Letters and Science
KaylaGottoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexisGouldCollege of Letters and Science
TeaganGraberCollege of Health Sciences
ChrisGraceCollege of General Studies
GiovanniGrahamLubar College of Business
KathrynGrahamCollege of Letters and Science
WynnGrameCollege of Letters and Science
JadynGranaPeck School of the Arts
AddisonGrantPathway Advising
CalvinGrantPeck School of the Arts
BaileyGraunkePeck School of the Arts
LakynGravesCollege of Letters and Science
SsanyuGraysonPeck School of the Arts
AlexanderGrazianoLubar College of Business
GisellaGrecoLubar College of Business
ChrisGreenCollege of Letters and Science
KristenGreenSchool of Education
SamGreenCollege of Letters and Science
MorganGreeneSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MeganGreenleyCollege of Letters and Science
BradyGreenwaltSchool of Education
AlysiaGreerLubar College of Business
SkylerGregersonCollege of Health Sciences
EvanGregoryLubar College of Business
EricaGremmingerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NathanielGresbachSchool of Information Studies
KaitlynGreupinkSchool of Education
SydnieGribbleCollege of Nursing
MadisonGriebelCollege of Nursing
AbigailGriepentrogCollege of Letters and Science
NateGriepentrogEngineering & Applied Science
LukeGriesemerCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasGriffithCollege of General Studies
CameronGriffithsLubar College of Business
MaraGriggPeck School of the Arts
PatrickGrohSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JustinGrohallLubar College of Business
JoshuaGroningerCollege of Letters and Science
HannahGroomPeck School of the Arts
EmilyGrossCollege of General Studies
VedaGrossCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorGrossmanPeck School of the Arts
MorganGruenebergCollege of Nursing
AndrewGrunzeCollege of Letters and Science
CarolannGrzybowskiPeck School of the Arts
CaseyGuayCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyGucCollege of Health Sciences
EmmaGueldeSchool of Education
FernandaGuerreroCollege of Nursing
RicardoGuerrero ZunigaPeck School of the Arts
ChristinaGuirauCollege of Letters and Science
CarlyGumienyPathway Advising
Patricia DorotheaGunawanJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
JulieGunkelEngineering & Applied Science
EmilyGunnPathway Advising
CaitlinGuntherCollege of Letters and Science
NatalieGustafsonCollege of Health Sciences
MiguelGutierrezLubar College of Business
Victoria-RoseGwanyallaLubar College of Business
MitchellHaagLubar College of Business
NicholasHaakensonEngineering & Applied Science
ClaireHaasCollege of General Studies
AllisonHaaseSchool of Education
TerranHaaseCollege of Letters and Science
OmarHabibLubar College of Business
KaitlinHackerLubar College of Business
XandraHadsellCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonHafemeisterLubar College of Business
TylerHagemeierEngineering & Applied Science
AvaHagerPeck School of the Arts
DaneHagertHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlyssaHaggertyCollege of Letters and Science
JoshHahnCollege of General Studies
AshleyHaleCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeHallCollege of Health Sciences
JessicaHallLubar College of Business
MakenzieHallaSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RileyHallerPeck School of the Arts
FridaroseHamadCollege of Letters and Science
TrenaHamblyCollege of General Studies
SophiaHamdanCollege of Letters and Science
AhnikkaHamiltonEngineering & Applied Science
ColtHamiltonSchool of Information Studies
MahmoudHammadEngineering & Applied Science
JacquelineHammondEngineering & Applied Science
MadelineHammondCollege of Health Sciences
CarterHamrinSchool of Education
MorganHancockCollege of Letters and Science
ChaykaHandlerCollege of Letters and Science
BryceHandrichLubar College of Business
EliHanelSchool of Education
EthanHaniskoLubar College of Business
PatrickHanksJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
GeorgeHannaPeck School of the Arts
ErikHansenEngineering & Applied Science
GracieHansenCollege of Nursing
KyleHansenCollege of Letters and Science
RileyHansenLubar College of Business
JakeHanusHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JohnHarbEngineering & Applied Science
WilliamHardenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnastasiaHardenburgerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RaiannaHardersCollege of Nursing
AlexHardyCollege of Letters and Science
AlisonHardyLubar College of Business
GwendolynHardyCollege of Health Sciences
LillianHardyCollege of Letters and Science
JonahHarenLubar College of Business
NiaHarenLubar College of Business
CameronHarmonPathway Advising
AnnaliseHarmsSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JoshuaHarmsEngineering & Applied Science
KristinaHarmsSchool of Education
JusticeHarnessLubar College of Business
BriannaHarrellCollege of Letters and Science
KaylaHarris-SchusterCollege of Health Sciences
KystenHarroldGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
SamanthaHartCollege of General Studies
OliviaHarterCollege of Letters and Science
PaytonHartmanPeck School of the Arts
KayleeHartwigHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ErinHastingsPeck School of the Arts
JamesHatlenJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
TaylorHattoriLubar College of Business
MadelineHauckeCollege of Nursing
SamuelHaukeEngineering & Applied Science
MargaretHauserCollege of Nursing
JacobHauswirthPeck School of the Arts
ScotlynHaverkornPeck School of the Arts
CullinHayesLubar College of Business
MadisynHayesLubar College of Business
WilliamHayesLubar College of Business
SamanthaHaynesCollege of Letters and Science
LillianHaywardPeck School of the Arts
McKaylaHealyCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaHeaneyCollege of Health Sciences
EmmyHeesackerCollege of Letters and Science
ArmonteHegwoodSchool of Education
AlixHeightCollege of Letters and Science
QuintinHeilmanCollege of Letters and Science
MadelynHeimschSchool of Education
KaitlynHeinCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenHeinenPeck School of the Arts
ElenaHeinrichCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewHeinzCollege of General Studies
MatthewHeinzLubar College of Business
KaylaHeinzeCollege of Nursing
MattHeinzeSchool of Information Studies
SarahHeldmanCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaHeller-CavenerSchool of Education
AmberHellmuthHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JessicaHelminiakSchool of Information Studies
BritnyHelmrichSchool of Education
NoelleHelmsEngineering & Applied Science
ThomasHendricksPeck School of the Arts
NicholasHenkensPeck School of the Arts
EmmaHenkhausPathway Advising
HannahHennessySchool of Education
DamionHenrichsLubar College of Business
CalebHenryCollege of Health Sciences
CarmenHenryCollege of Letters and Science
EleanorHenryCollege of Nursing
GavinHenryEngineering & Applied Science
AmandaHensiakCollege of Letters and Science
GaokonmongHerLubar College of Business
JessicaHerCollege of Health Sciences
Ka FruitHerLubar College of Business
KathyHerCollege of Letters and Science
KristinHerCollege of Health Sciences
MargaretHerSchool of Information Studies
SamuelHerbeckLubar College of Business
AnthonyHerbstEngineering & Applied Science
AlexHergottEngineering & Applied Science
MathewHermanLubar College of Business
SydneyHermanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadelynHermesSchool of Education
MaggieHermsEngineering & Applied Science
AndreaHernandezCollege of Letters and Science
CynthiaHernandezLubar College of Business
DiamondHernandezLubar College of Business
JesusHernandezPeck School of the Arts
JonathanHernandezSchool of Information Studies
SamuelHernandezSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JovannyHernandez CaballeroPeck School of the Arts
YudithHernandez RuizCollege of Health Sciences
DanielaHernandez-EnriquezCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminHerrenbruckCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewHerreraLubar College of Business
AdrianaHerrickCollege of Nursing
ChristianeHerrmannPeck School of the Arts
DesireeHerronCollege of General Studies
RobertHerseyLubar College of Business
JesseHertzkeCollege of Health Sciences
BenjaminHerzfeldEngineering & Applied Science
JohnHessSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LindsayHetzelCollege of Letters and Science
KaylinHeusdensCollege of Letters and Science
NatalieHeyCollege of Letters and Science
CaitlinHicksLubar College of Business
ArianaHierzerCollege of Nursing
ZacharyHietpasLubar College of Business
LaineyHigginsCollege of Health Sciences
StevenHiggins-FosterPeck School of the Arts
EthanHightirePeck School of the Arts
NicholasHigleyCollege of General Studies
GabrielleHildebrandCollege of Letters and Science
CaraHilerEngineering & Applied Science
DaltonHillPathway Advising
AlexHillmerEngineering & Applied Science
CollinHinceEngineering & Applied Science
HaleyHinterlongCollege of Nursing
BaileyHintzCollege of Letters and Science
ElleHluchnikCollege of Health Sciences
BryanaHobartLubar College of Business
JeromeyHodsdonCollege of Letters and Science
McKaylaHoefertHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KierstenHoffPeck School of the Arts
MarshallHoffCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailHoffmannLubar College of Business
JuliaHoffmannLubar College of Business
LukeHoffnerLubar College of Business
ElizabethHoganPeck School of the Arts
AndrewHoisingtonLubar College of Business
JordynHollandPeck School of the Arts
AhmariaHollowellLubar College of Business
ScottHolmesLubar College of Business
TheodoreHolmesCollege of Letters and Science
KirillHolschbachEngineering & Applied Science
CourtneyHoltCollege of Health Sciences
JacobHoltLubar College of Business
AbigailHolterPeck School of the Arts
LeahHoltermanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GarrettHoltzPeck School of the Arts
TrentonHolzLubar College of Business
AmandaHolzerCollege of Letters and Science
MeganHolzhauerPeck School of the Arts
SaeyoungHongCollege of Nursing
JohnHoodCollege of Nursing
SamuelHooperCollege of General Studies
AndreaHooversonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KarleighHooymanPeck School of the Arts
BradenHopfenspergerLubar College of Business
JuliaHopfingerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IsabellaHopkinsPeck School of the Arts
CourtneyHoppeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MaryHopperCollege of Nursing
TaylorHornerCollege of Health Sciences
ShaniaHornischerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadelineHornokPeck School of the Arts
MitchellHornungLubar College of Business
ChristianHorstEngineering & Applied Science
SaraHorstmanSchool of Education
AngelaHoskoteLubar College of Business
CordielliaHoslerCollege of Letters and Science
GraeHosmanekSchool of Education
EvanHottmannLubar College of Business
AbagailHouckCollege of Letters and Science
MaggieHoughHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
VincentHoughtalingEngineering & Applied Science
CalistaHowardCollege of Letters and Science
JadanHowardCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonHowellCollege of Health Sciences
ChaseHowertonCollege of Nursing
CalebHoyerEngineering & Applied Science
ShayHtooLubar College of Business
WanqiHuangCollege of Letters and Science
AnnikaHuberPeck School of the Arts
EthanHuberLubar College of Business
LukeHubleyLubar College of Business
WilliamHubleyCollege of Letters and Science
AngelicaHueblerCollege of Health Sciences
BenjaminHuegelLubar College of Business
KristinHuelsbeckCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenHuettnerCollege of Letters and Science
CoreyHuffmanEngineering & Applied Science
AlyssaHuguetCollege of Health Sciences
BryceHuismanEngineering & Applied Science
LukeHummelLubar College of Business
MollyHunkinsCollege of General Studies
WilliamHuntingtonLubar College of Business
SarahHuppLubar College of Business
AddieHurleyPeck School of the Arts
MadelyneHurstCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenHuskinsLubar College of Business
EllaHussHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ZainHussainEngineering & Applied Science
PaigeHussinSchool of Education
HyunwooHwangLubar College of Business
AtanasIankovSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MonicaIbarraCollege of General Studies
ZavierIdarragaCollege of Letters and Science
LukeIdingLubar College of Business
Sok MeiIeongSchool of Education
NicholasIglEngineering & Applied Science
HayleeIhlerCollege of Health Sciences
BradyImmelCollege of Letters and Science
PatrickIngenitoCollege of Nursing
KyleIngramLubar College of Business
EudoraInmanCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewInnerebnerEngineering & Applied Science
BrandonInnisLubar College of Business
RoseIrwinSchool of Education
JessicaIsaacsPeck School of the Arts
LisaIsaevaEngineering & Applied Science
FionaIsakuCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewIvesLubar College of Business
JadaIveyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ObiomaIwuagwuCollege of Health Sciences
GiannaIzzoLubar College of Business
AlandaJacksonCollege of Letters and Science
HopeJacksonPeck School of the Arts
MatthewJacksonPeck School of the Arts
RheiseJacksonSchool of Education
StevenJacksonEngineering & Applied Science
ErikaJacobsenPeck School of the Arts
AlexaJacobsonCollege of Letters and Science
VanJaegerLubar College of Business
MeghanJagdfeldCollege of Letters and Science
BradyJagerCollege of Letters and Science
GenevieveJagodzinskiSchool of Education
JoshJahnCollege of Letters and Science
EvanJahnkeLubar College of Business
AnnabelJajtnerPeck School of the Arts
MatisonJakschtCollege of Health Sciences
KateJakubowskiPeck School of the Arts
MitchellJakubowskiPeck School of the Arts
CedellaJanczakCollege of Letters and Science
BrandonJanczewskiLubar College of Business
HunterJandreSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SaraJaneshekSchool of Education
MijiJangCollege of Letters and Science
RachelJaniakHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MasonJanowiakLubar College of Business
AlannaJansenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DanielJanssenCollege of Letters and Science
MonicaJantzLubar College of Business
IsabelleJardasSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MasonJarosinskiCollege of Letters and Science
CloeJaschobLubar College of Business
TasneemJassarCollege of Letters and Science
AngelJassoPathway Advising
ZintaJauntirans VogelPeck School of the Arts
IfadhaJayahSchool of Public Health
PatrickJenningsPeck School of the Arts
ChristianJensenCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyJensenLubar College of Business
LindsiJensenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MeghanJensenSchool of Education
MichaelJensenPathway Advising
MarionJerinsCollege of Letters and Science
IsaacJiardiniSchool of Education
ChloeJimenezSchool of Education
AdamJindraCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethJoachimCollege of Nursing
SaraJochimsLubar College of Business
AbbyJochimsenCollege of Nursing
AJJohnHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RachelJohnCollege of General Studies
TehyaJohnSchool of Public Health
AnnikaJohnsonPathway Advising
BrettJohnsonEngineering & Applied Science
BryceJohnsonEngineering & Applied Science
EstherJohnsonCollege of Health Sciences
EvanJohnsonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
HaileyJohnsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HaileyJohnsonCollege of Health Sciences
HunterJohnsonEngineering & Applied Science
IlseJohnsonPeck School of the Arts
JenniferJohnsonSchool of Education
KaitlynJohnsonCollege of Health Sciences
KristopherJohnsonCollege of General Studies
LindsayJohnsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MatthewJohnsonLubar College of Business
MeganJohnsonCollege of General Studies
MelissaJohnsonCollege of Nursing
MiaJohnsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
PhoenixJohnsonPeck School of the Arts
RachelJohnsonEngineering & Applied Science
SaragraceJohnsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaraJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasJohnsonSchool of Information Studies
UniquecaJohnsonSchool of Education
WyattJohnsonLubar College of Business
AshleyJohnstonCollege of Letters and Science
ChristopherJohnstonSchool of Information Studies
EleanorJohnstonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ConnorJonesCollege of Letters and Science
KyleJonesLubar College of Business
SheaJonesPathway Advising
TylerJonesCollege of Health Sciences
ZaVeonJonesCollege of Letters and Science
JavonteJones-WarrenerCollege of Health Sciences
ArberJonuziCollege of General Studies
ColtonJordanCollege of General Studies
CaseyJordiSchool of Education
RanjakJoshiCollege of Letters and Science
SamitaJoshiSchool of Information Studies
SamuelJuddPathway Advising
AbigailJuliusLubar College of Business
CaylaJuliusLubar College of Business
ElizabethJuliusCollege of Letters and Science
EunjiJungGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
EmilyJurekEngineering & Applied Science
AllegraJurenaCollege of Letters and Science
DianaJusino-FuentesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
OliveJustmanCollege of Letters and Science
ChristopherJustusCollege of General Studies
MirkoJusufSchool of Information Studies
KendraKabaraPeck School of the Arts
JillKachmarPeck School of the Arts
MaelynKaczmarekCollege of Letters and Science
ElsaKaehnyPeck School of the Arts
DennisKaestnerEngineering & Applied Science
JohnathanKahlerLubar College of Business
JosephKahounEngineering & Applied Science
JulieKaisLubar College of Business
KaitlynKalischefskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NikoKallasEngineering & Applied Science
WyattKalmerEngineering & Applied Science
LaurenKaminskiLubar College of Business
AliciaKandallSchool Arch & Urban Planning
WilliamKanelPeck School of the Arts
JessicaKaniaCollege of Letters and Science
AvaKanthackPeck School of the Arts
SierraKanvikSchool of Education
HaydenKapalinLubar College of Business
SethKaplanSchool of Education
Aleyna IremKaracanLubar College of Business
JaredKarcherCollege of General Studies
DinaKarimCollege of Letters and Science
DanielKarlCollege of Letters and Science
DanielKarllSchool of Information Studies
BrookeKarpinskeCollege of Health Sciences
ElizabethKarpowitzCollege of Letters and Science
EmmittKarrelsCollege of General Studies
RakeshKarriLubar College of Business
MarcusKartesLubar College of Business
CeceliaKartzCollege of Letters and Science
ClaireKartzSchool of Education
PatrycjaKarwowskiCollege of Health Sciences
DevonKasiskeCollege of General Studies
Annette NgoyKasongoLubar College of Business
LilianaKastaCollege of Letters and Science
KatelynKastenholzSchool of Education
SanyaKathuriaCollege of Health Sciences
DamianKauffmanLubar College of Business
KeagonKaufmannLubar College of Business
JaspreetKaurPathway Advising
KirandeepKaurCollege of Letters and Science
BreallyKautzerLubar College of Business
KennedieKautzerSchool of Education
AshleyKayCollege of Letters and Science
EvanKayPeck School of the Arts
TimothyKeatingCollege of Letters and Science
SophiaKeayPeck School of the Arts
HaileyKeeferSchool of Education
DylanKellerLubar College of Business
OliverKellerSchool of Education
JacquelynKelleyCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaKelleyCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaKelliherCollege of Health Sciences
JohnKelliherEngineering & Applied Science
AbigailKellnPeck School of the Arts
JosephKelloggLubar College of Business
AirahsKellyCollege of Nursing
MargaretKelnhoferCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaKempkenPeck School of the Arts
AidanKennedyCollege of General Studies
AmberKennedyCollege of General Studies
PatrickKennedyCollege of General Studies
KadenKentzEngineering & Applied Science
CiaraKenyonPeck School of the Arts
RachelKerkhoffEngineering & Applied Science
EliseKerscherCollege of Health Sciences
AnthonyKesslerLubar College of Business
RayKetchmanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JordanKetterPeck School of the Arts
CorbinKettleCollege of Letters and Science
NathanKeupCollege of Letters and Science
LinseyKeyesCollege of Letters and Science
ReeseKeyserPeck School of the Arts
JaydenKhammyvongLubar College of Business
MukhammadkodirKhamroevSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MaichaKhangSchool of Education
DeepakKhasSchool of Information Studies
ShawnKhouvongLubar College of Business
CassandraKienastSchool of Education
DavidKienitzLubar College of Business
GaibrialKieperLubar College of Business
LesleyKieslingCollege of Letters and Science
KellyKiiskilaSchool of Education
MarissaKildowCollege of Nursing
LoganKilkennyLubar College of Business
AhyeunKimPeck School of the Arts
AlexanderKimCollege of General Studies
AndrewKimSchool of Education
Da HyeKimCollege of Letters and Science
EuniceKimLubar College of Business
IynsooKimEngineering & Applied Science
PilhwanKimEngineering & Applied Science
Seung YunKimCollege of Letters and Science
YebomKimJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
CailinKinasCollege of Health Sciences
DanielleKingCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethKingSchool of Education
EzraKingEngineering & Applied Science
GrantKingLubar College of Business
KimberlyKingHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SethKinneyEngineering & Applied Science
TylerKinneyLubar College of Business
BaileyKissackPeck School of the Arts
ErikaKistingSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GretaKittoCollege of Letters and Science
CourtneyKivelaCollege of Health Sciences
NoelleKlattCollege of General Studies
TiffanyKlattCollege of Health Sciences
LeanneKlawienSchool of Public Health
AshlynKleckaSchool of Education
JaredKleczkaLubar College of Business
JordanKleinCollege of General Studies
ChristopherKlempayLubar College of Business
AshleyKlibowitzCollege of Nursing
RhettKligerEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewKlingerEngineering & Applied Science
KylieKlismithLubar College of Business
JoeKlockenkemperSchool of Education
TeresaKloppSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KaylaKlossCollege of Nursing
HeatherKluczykowskiCollege of Letters and Science
AlexKluesnerLubar College of Business
MorganKlugSchool of Education
ZakKlugLubar College of Business
RobertKnappCollege of Letters and Science
DanielleKnezicCollege of Health Sciences
GabrielleKnezicLubar College of Business
CameronKnollCollege of Letters and Science
StevenKnoppEngineering & Applied Science
MiaKnopsCollege of Letters and Science
MackenzieKnotenCollege of Health Sciences
SophiaKnoxSchool of Education
GraceKnueppelCollege of General Studies
CarterKnuthLubar College of Business
KailynnKnuthCollege of Nursing
RavenKobsSchool of Education
JoshuaKochSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MichaelKochLubar College of Business
GarrettKocourekEngineering & Applied Science
CourtneyKoehlerPeck School of the Arts
ShyaneKoehlerEngineering & Applied Science
AnnaKoehnCollege of Health Sciences
LukeKoelschSchool Arch & Urban Planning
WyattKoelschCollege of Letters and Science
FrancisKoenenLubar College of Business
LeviKohlmannPeck School of the Arts
CassidyKohlsLubar College of Business
JadaKohnCollege of Health Sciences
LeviKolbEngineering & Applied Science
GraceKolesarLubar College of Business
KimberlyKoleskeCollege of Health Sciences
JessieKolis-BowlerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
PaceyKolkemaCollege of Letters and Science
JonathanKollenLubar College of Business
JamieKollmanPeck School of the Arts
HudsonKolowratEngineering & Applied Science
KatherineKolpinCollege of Letters and Science
ElsaKomesSchool of Education
TaylorKonczalLubar College of Business
BenjaminKongSchool of Information Studies
LianneKonijnenburgSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DontayKonkelPeck School of the Arts
DrewKonkolSchool of Information Studies
AngelaKordikCollege of Health Sciences
AlexisKorhonenCollege of Letters and Science
RebeccaKoronkowskiCollege of Health Sciences
LaurenKortbeinCollege of Nursing
LydiaKorthalsSchool of Public Health
BridgetKoserPeck School of the Arts
ZacharyKosidowskiLubar College of Business
JoshuaKoskyEngineering & Applied Science
AlexiaKossowLubar College of Business
KarolineKothLubar College of Business
KyleKotzSchool of Public Health
LucasKovneskyCollege of Letters and Science
KateKowalczykPeck School of the Arts
CourtneyKowalski VieceliCollege of Health Sciences
KathleenKozlowskiCollege of Letters and Science
LayKpawCollege of Letters and Science
JessieKrajcirCollege of Letters and Science
LukasKrajewskiPathway Advising
SarahKrajewskiLubar College of Business
ThomasKrajnaPeck School of the Arts
HayleeKrakerCollege of Letters and Science
KrystalKrakowskiCollege of Letters and Science
MadalineKrallLubar College of Business
AnnakahKramerCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasKrampertEngineering & Applied Science
KirstenKrantzCollege of Health Sciences
JamesonKrausEngineering & Applied Science
JarrettKrausSchool of Information Studies
MorganKrauseLubar College of Business
SpencerKrauseLubar College of Business
Sean MichaelKreamCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonKreftCollege of Health Sciences
DanielKreisLubar College of Business
BrittanyKrenciszCollege of Health Sciences
MacKenzieKressinPeck School of the Arts
ReeseKressinLubar College of Business
ErikaKreuserHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GraceKreuserCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailKrierSchool of Information Studies
EmmaKrillCollege of Nursing
NoahKristensenLubar College of Business
ThaddeusKrolEngineering & Applied Science
ElizabethKrollCollege of Health Sciences
IanKromerPeck School of the Arts
TylerKronerLubar College of Business
CorinneKronschnabelCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaKropidlowskiPeck School of the Arts
MadalynKrotkySchool of Education
KendraKrouthPeck School of the Arts
AllisonKruegerCollege of General Studies
EvanKruegerGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
HaleyKruegerCollege of Letters and Science
MaxKruegerPeck School of the Arts
RileyKruegerEngineering & Applied Science
ElijahKruseEngineering & Applied Science
CallieKubiakCollege of Health Sciences
HenryKuchaLubar College of Business
SarahKucharSchool of Education
CaileyKuchlerCollege of Nursing
RobertKucikEngineering & Applied Science
ChristopherKudlataEngineering & Applied Science
NatalieKuehlSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LisaKufahlCollege of Letters and Science
CarliKugelCollege of Letters and Science
RaffertyKuglerCollege of Letters and Science
TylerKuglitschLubar College of Business
ElizabethKuhlmannCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonKulaLubar College of Business
KellyKulpaSchool of Education
RyanKummerPeck School of the Arts
TaylorKundingerLubar College of Business
ReaganKuneshCollege of Letters and Science
MaelynnKunkelCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminKunstmanSchool of Information Studies
JosefKupferCollege of Letters and Science
ShaneKupferLubar College of Business
PeterKurerLubar College of Business
JoshuaKurthLubar College of Business
MeganKurthSchool of Information Studies
ValeriyaKushnirCollege of Nursing
SophiaKvalheimSchool of Education
RyleeKwiatkowskiSchool of Education
DohyeongKwonJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
SammiLa FleurPathway Advising
NicoloLa LoggiaLubar College of Business
KimberlyLabergePeck School of the Arts
MadelineLaBissoniereCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaLaBouveEngineering & Applied Science
JackLaBrackeLubar College of Business
MichelleLacsonCollege of Health Sciences
SawyerLaddCollege of Health Sciences
AvaLadkyCollege of Letters and Science
ConnorLaehnLubar College of Business
MaxwellLakatosSchool of Education
CaterinaLaMacchiaPeck School of the Arts
MaxwellLambertPeck School of the Arts
AllysonLamkinCollege of Letters and Science
KarisaLamonLubar College of Business
DylanLampertCollege of Letters and Science
JorgeLanderos AndradeEngineering & Applied Science
AbigailLaneCollege of Health Sciences
AnnaLaneCollege of General Studies
AnnaLaneCollege of Health Sciences
KaylaLaneSchool of Public Health
AaronLangEngineering & Applied Science
NicholasLangSchool of Information Studies
KyleLangeCollege of Health Sciences
SarahLangerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JustinLangwinskiEngineering & Applied Science
MylesLaniganCollege of Letters and Science
AlexisLannoyeCollege of Health Sciences
AshontaeLantroCollege of Nursing
GraceLarkinCollege of Health Sciences
VictoriaLarsenCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailLarsonCollege of Nursing
ChristinaLarsonSchool of Education
DallasLarsonSchool of Education
JosephLarsonLubar College of Business
RaymondLarsonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JulianLaSchiavaPeck School of the Arts
BrianaLaskaCollege of General Studies
IsabellaLaSpisaSchool of Education
ClaireLassouedLubar College of Business
CorynnLattaPeck School of the Arts
EthanLaufenbergLubar College of Business
AlexandraLaundrieSchool of Education
VanessaLaundrieCollege of Letters and Science
EthanLaurencePathway Advising
DrewLauterbornLubar College of Business
SebastianLaverdeLubar College of Business
CalebLawrencePeck School of the Arts
RyanLawrenceCollege of Letters and Science
IsaacLawsonJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
FionaLawtonPeck School of the Arts
RoseLawtonPeck School of the Arts
Trinh Hoan PhuongLeLubar College of Business
BeatrixLeachPeck School of the Arts
MadalynLearyLubar College of Business
ErinLebergGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
AliceLecusCollege of Letters and Science
JuliaLedererSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AnamarieLeducCollege of Health Sciences
AnnabellaLeeCollege of Letters and Science
ChacheeLeeCollege of Health Sciences
ChristopherLeeCollege of Letters and Science
DanielLeeCollege of Nursing
DooheeLeeCollege of Health Sciences
GavinLeeLubar College of Business
HaeunLeeCollege of Letters and Science
HoseungLeeLubar College of Business
JadeLeeCollege of Letters and Science
JeongyoonLeePathway Advising
JetrinLeeEngineering & Applied Science
Jin HyeokLeeLubar College of Business
JunhaeLeeEngineering & Applied Science
JuntakLeeEngineering & Applied Science
KyungwonLeeEngineering & Applied Science
PanhouLeeCollege of Letters and Science
SunghoonLeePathway Advising
JaydeLeFebvereCollege of Letters and Science
DrewLehmanSchool of Education
KenzyLehmannLubar College of Business
GraceLehnertCollege of General Studies
JackLehtinenPeck School of the Arts
DanielleLeiderCollege of Letters and Science
AshleyLeipskiCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminLeipzigLubar College of Business
NathanLeipzigEngineering & Applied Science
GabrielLeistekowPeck School of the Arts
ZlataLekicCollege of General Studies
RobertLeMenseHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BethLemerandPeck School of the Arts
IsabellaLemieuxCollege of Letters and Science
ColleenLemkeCollege of Health Sciences
MakennaLemkePeck School of the Arts
AbrielleLeniusSchool of Education
HunterLenzkeCollege of General Studies
ErikLeonCollege of Letters and Science
GiselleLeonPeck School of the Arts
LexiLeonardPeck School of the Arts
GraceLeoneCollege of Health Sciences
MeganLeppertSchool of Education
HarperLeppienSchool of Education
JessicaLeskoSchool of Education
MaggieLeskoPeck School of the Arts
JennaLeslieLubar College of Business
SarahLessilaLubar College of Business
JonnyLestonEngineering & Applied Science
NicholasLetserPathway Advising
LilyLevraultJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
MeganLevyLubar College of Business
JesseLewandowskiLubar College of Business
NeenaLewisCollege of Letters and Science
RachaelLewisSchool of Education
AllisonLeyerCollege of Letters and Science
MaryxaLezamaLubar College of Business
TinLianLubar College of Business
RaymondLiangLubar College of Business
EliLichtLubar College of Business
HannaLichtensteinCollege of Health Sciences
BrianLiebauEngineering & Applied Science
MariaLiegelSchool of Education
JannaLieunghHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AmyLilaCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenLimbeckLubar College of Business
OliviaLimmexLubar College of Business
SamuelLimoniLubar College of Business
BrittneyLimosethPeck School of the Arts
AmyLinLubar College of Business
QiningLinLubar College of Business
JohnLindemannLubar College of Business
RebeccaLindgrenCollege of Nursing
Emil VilhelmLindgren PedersenPathway Advising
RyanLindquistEngineering & Applied Science
TabithaLindstromCollege of Letters and Science
ZungLingSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EliLingleSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EmmaLinharesSchool of Freshwater Sciences
DavidLinkEngineering & Applied Science
JackLinkeEngineering & Applied Science
GracenLinnemanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnnaLinzCollege of Letters and Science
JackLinzmeyerPeck School of the Arts
EmilyLiptakLubar College of Business
SkyeListonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnLiuCollege of Nursing
AngelaLivermorePeck School of the Arts
MarieLivingstonPathway Advising
LuisLizardi-RodriguezSchool of Education
AndrianaLjubicCollege of Letters and Science
TsimmengLoEngineering & Applied Science
JennaLockwoodCollege of Letters and Science
RubyLoeffelholzPathway Advising
JackLoeweSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MayaLohrPeck School of the Arts
TalyaLokenCollege of Health Sciences
KaylaLokkerLubar College of Business
CalebLollisPeck School of the Arts
CamrynLongLubar College of Business
PedroLongoriaSchool of Education
JackLoomisCollege of Letters and Science
AngelaLopezSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DarianaLopezLubar College of Business
JuanLopezLubar College of Business
OscarLopezCollege of Letters and Science
BaokouLorPeck School of the Arts
ChinouLorSchool of Information Studies
KongsengLorPathway Advising
WarrenLorLubar College of Business
CalebLorbeckiLubar College of Business
AlexiaLorbieckiSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BenLorenzCollege of Letters and Science
AllynLottouzeeCollege of Letters and Science
RyanLoughneyCollege of General Studies
SeanLoughneyLubar College of Business
BrenaLouisCollege of Letters and Science
AlyanaLovanCollege of Health Sciences
JordanLoveCollege of Health Sciences
AllyssiaLoweCollege of Health Sciences
XiayouLoweryCollege of Letters and Science
AdamLu MayePeck School of the Arts
AliLubbadEngineering & Applied Science
LumaLubbadPeck School of the Arts
GraceLubinskiPeck School of the Arts
JaclynLuckowLubar College of Business
HannahLudwigSchool of Education
LindseyLuebkeCollege of Nursing
MirandaLuebkeCollege of Nursing
ChristopherLueckCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaLueckPeck School of the Arts
PaulLukaszewiczSchool of Information Studies
AndrewLukowskiSchool of Information Studies
MorganLulloffCollege of Health Sciences
RileyLumpkinHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JosephLundellSchool of Information Studies
SarahLunowSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AidenLutoSchool of Information Studies
RyanLutomskiCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaLutzEngineering & Applied Science
JulianLutzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AustinLyPeck School of the Arts
AbigailLynchCollege of Letters and Science
ConnorLynchCollege of Letters and Science
MariaLynchPeck School of the Arts
ForrestLynnLubar College of Business
GraceLyonsCollege of Letters and Science
LucasLyonsLubar College of Business
JuliaMaasLubar College of Business
TaylorMacakCollege of Letters and Science
KellyMacArthurCollege of Nursing
HannahMachonSchool of Education
AlisonMaciejewskiSchool of Education
McKennaMackCollege of Nursing
DeanMacKenzieSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AmberMacklinSchool of Education
MatthewMadiaSchool of Information Studies
LaneMadisenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SamanthaMadlPeck School of the Arts
AnthonyMadrigranoSchool of Information Studies
JulieMagieraSchool of Education
EvannMagyarCollege of Health Sciences
FrancesscaMagyarLubar College of Business
WilliamMaherCollege of Letters and Science
MarissaMahlikCollege of Letters and Science
HaneenMahmoudSchool of Information Studies
NoorMahmoudCollege of Letters and Science
SaharMahmoudSchool of Information Studies
YazanMahmoudCollege of Health Sciences
HaileyMahoneyCollege of Letters and Science
MariannMaileCollege of General Studies
NanaMainooLubar College of Business
JessicaMajcanCollege of Nursing
GabrielleMajinskiLubar College of Business
SavannahMakowskiCollege of Letters and Science
BoMalamesCollege of Letters and Science
MadelynMalcheskiSchool of Education
RachelMalehornPeck School of the Arts
YadwinderMalhiCollege of Health Sciences
SuhaMalikCollege of Letters and Science
MoniqueMalitzCollege of Health Sciences
SydneyMallonCollege of Health Sciences
BrettMaluegPeck School of the Arts
LukeMammenLubar College of Business
AbdullahMamunEngineering & Applied Science
JanaeMancheskiCollege of Letters and Science
IsabelManclPeck School of the Arts
ArianaMangheraPeck School of the Arts
AndrewMangunSchool of Education
VaishnaviManikondaEngineering & Applied Science
ThayaManitkul-DavisPeck School of the Arts
BendikMannEngineering & Applied Science
KevinManningCollege of General Studies
MarinaManskeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EllaManssenLubar College of Business
AllysonManthyPeck School of the Arts
Tiahn Wiremu TaiaroaManuelCollege of Letters and Science
Rosuel AdrianManuntagLubar College of Business
LoganManzSchool of Education
AlbertoMarbanLubar College of Business
TroyMarchettoCollege of Letters and Science
KevinMarchewkaLubar College of Business
NinaMarchigianiEngineering & Applied Science
MadelineMarfoeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ChloeMarichalCollege of Nursing
ElisandraMarinLubar College of Business
VanessaMarinCollege of Letters and Science
GraceMarinoCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonMarionSchool of Education
JakeMarkiewiczCollege of Letters and Science
MaxMarkowskiSchool of Public Health
MadisenMarksCollege of Health Sciences
MatthewMarkusonCollege of Letters and Science
MichelleMarkusonPeck School of the Arts
DannyMarkwardtLubar College of Business
JamesMarlegaPeck School of the Arts
LaurenMarowskyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MaxwellMarsalliLubar College of Business
CatherineMartinSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EmilyMartinSchool of Education
JadaMartinHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlejandraMartinezCollege of Nursing
LeoMartinezLubar College of Business
LiamMartinezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NicoleMartinezCollege of Letters and Science
SerenaMartinezCollege of Health Sciences
KarimeMartinez-PonceCollege of Nursing
AndrewMartirosyanLubar College of Business
Mari-KathleenMarzanoCollege of Nursing
ConnorMasanzCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyMasmelaCollege of Letters and Science
AhmadMasoudCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonMasseSchool of Education
GraceMassetCollege of Letters and Science
OmerMatEngineering & Applied Science
JacobMatakovicSchool of Information Studies
KylieMateerLubar College of Business
TroyMatenaerLubar College of Business
IsabellaMathesonCollege of Letters and Science
JacobMathiasenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MariahMathusekCollege of Health Sciences
AvaMatrangaLubar College of Business
KristinMatsonCollege of Health Sciences
LucyMatternPeck School of the Arts
NatalieMattmillerLubar College of Business
AndrewMattsonLubar College of Business
JacobMaurerCollege of Letters and Science
GraceMawhinneyCollege of Health Sciences
KierraMaxfieldCollege of Health Sciences
HaileyMaxwellHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AndrewMayLubar College of Business
HaleyMayCollege of Health Sciences
JillianMaySchool of Education
KylaMayCollege of Letters and Science
GraceMayesEngineering & Applied Science
CassidyMayhallPeck School of the Arts
TannerMayrCollege of Letters and Science
NyiaMaysSchool of Education
AllisonMayvilleHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
VictoriaMazurkiewiczCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailMcBeePeck School of the Arts
MadisonMcbrideCollege of Letters and Science
AubreyMcCallumCollege of Health Sciences
MizuleykaMcCarthyPeck School of the Arts
DeandriaMcClainLubar College of Business
SusanMcClungCollege of Letters and Science
LilyMcClutchyCollege of Health Sciences
KellanMcCulloughLubar College of Business
BlakeMcCurdyLubar College of Business
AleighMcDermottPeck School of the Arts
ChristinaMcDermottPeck School of the Arts
MadelineMcDonaldSchool of Education
CaraMcFaddenPeck School of the Arts
WilliamMcGinleyCollege of Letters and Science
AngelaMcGinnisPathway Advising
NoelleMcGowanCollege of Letters and Science
MaddieMcgrawLubar College of Business
MadelineMcguirePeck School of the Arts
DanielMcKennaLubar College of Business
AlexaMcLainSchool of Education
PeterMcLaneSchool of Information Studies
BlairMcLaughlinCollege of Letters and Science
SarahMcLaughlinLubar College of Business
AidanMclaughlinCollege of Letters and Science
JenevaMcMartinCollege of Letters and Science
AudreyMcMillanCollege of Letters and Science
FinnianMcMinimyLubar College of Business
Amber RoseMcNeillPeck School of the Arts
MikaylaMcWilliamsEngineering & Applied Science
MeiraMeadowsCollege of Letters and Science
SarahMeadowsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
YosefMeadowsSchool of Public Health
JeanMedenblikCollege of Letters and Science
MiguelMedinaCollege of Letters and Science
NikolasMedinaCollege of Letters and Science
RaulMedina CastelloEngineering & Applied Science
MariaMedlicottCollege of Health Sciences
LaurenMeehanCollege of Letters and Science
LeeMehEngineering & Applied Science
BarbodMehrbodCollege of Nursing
AmandaMeiersSchool of Education
JordannMeinhardtCollege of Letters and Science
BenMeiselwitzCollege of Health Sciences
EthanMeisingerLubar College of Business
MollyMelandCollege of Nursing
RileyMelendyEngineering & Applied Science
DavidMellCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasMelonasEngineering & Applied Science
JenniferMendezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ReganMengelSchool of Education
AlondraMercadoSchool of Education
MarianMercadoCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelMercuriPeck School of the Arts
GenevieveMeredithSchool of Information Studies
AlyssaMeronekCollege of General Studies
MohamedMerouaneEngineering & Applied Science
AstridMerrittPeck School of the Arts
AidricMertensLubar College of Business
JosephMeskoPeck School of the Arts
EmilyMesserCollege of Health Sciences
AustinMetzgerLubar College of Business
SenyaMeurerCollege of Health Sciences
JefferyMeverdenEngineering & Applied Science
CarlyMeyerCollege of General Studies
MaggieMeyerLubar College of Business
MasonMeyerCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewMeyerEngineering & Applied Science
YarethMezaEngineering & Applied Science
KendalMichalakSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MaxMichalskiPeck School of the Arts
SydneyMichalskiCollege of Letters and Science
LexisMichelsCollege of Nursing
DanielleMielkePeck School of the Arts
KadenMierowPathway Advising
DanielleMikeskaSchool of Education
RyanMikulskyEngineering & Applied Science
ElainaMilkieCollege of Letters and Science
SpencerMillayCollege of Letters and Science
AbrahamMillerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AlexanderMillerLubar College of Business
ArianaMillerCollege of Health Sciences
BenMillerEngineering & Applied Science
CliveMillerCollege of Letters and Science
ConnorMillerLubar College of Business
DanielMillerCollege of Letters and Science
JacobMillerCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenMillerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LucasMillerSchool of Information Studies
MadelynMillerCollege of Letters and Science
MarieMillerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MikaelaMillerCollege of Letters and Science
NicoleMillerCollege of Letters and Science
NolanMillerLubar College of Business
OliviaMillerPeck School of the Arts
PamelaMillerCollege of Health Sciences
RurikMillerLubar College of Business
SydneyMillerPathway Advising
WilliamMillerLubar College of Business
WyattMillerPeck School of the Arts
ZhaneMillerCollege of Letters and Science
BrynMillettePeck School of the Arts
JennaMillironsPeck School of the Arts
Nikki JayeMilnerLubar College of Business
HannaMilosPeck School of the Arts
AlexandraMineauCollege of Letters and Science
DanielleMinnetiCollege of Nursing
LiyaMintzCollege of Letters and Science
HannanMirzaCollege of Health Sciences
ThereseMissiaenCollege of Health Sciences
VincentMiszkiewiczCollege of Letters and Science
JackMitchellEngineering & Applied Science
KaitlynMitchellSchool of Education
MichaelMitchellPeck School of the Arts
AlexandraMitchlerLubar College of Business
JackMobleyLubar College of Business
CatherineModdesCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailMoellerCollege of General Studies
AndrewMoewsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RichardMogilkaEngineering & Applied Science
Shahezad AliMohammadSchool of Information Studies
MuazMohammedLubar College of Business
ErinMohicaCollege of Health Sciences
CaitlynMohrSchool of Education
KristiMojicaSchool of Education
NicoMolekCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaMolina GarciaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ChristopherMonahanLubar College of Business
KevinMonahanEngineering & Applied Science
DeniseMonarrezCollege of Health Sciences
IsaacMondayLubar College of Business
EthanMonkaEngineering & Applied Science
RichardMontalvoSchool of Information Studies
JorgeMontanezEngineering & Applied Science
AnthonyMontanoCollege of Letters and Science
LeviMonteeCollege of Letters and Science
MarcellMontes De OcaCollege of Health Sciences
NicholasMontezEngineering & Applied Science
HunterMontgomeryEngineering & Applied Science
MeganMontgomerySchool of Education
LilyMooneyCollege of Letters and Science
IanMooreLubar College of Business
MyaliMooreSchool of Education
SarahMooreCollege of Letters and Science
CarissaMoorenLubar College of Business
JenniferMoraHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
VictoriaMoraPeck School of the Arts
HannahMoralSchool of Education
MichelleMoralesLubar College of Business
MarissaMoranCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaMorganCollege of Nursing
SydneyMoriarityCollege of Letters and Science
LeonaMoriartiCollege of Letters and Science
RebekahMoriciCollege of Letters and Science
BradenMorkEngineering & Applied Science
JasmineMorrisLubar College of Business
JasonMorrisonEngineering & Applied Science
MeghanMorrisonCollege of Nursing
RobertaMorrobelSchool of Education
SeveMorsePeck School of the Arts
ParkerMortonEngineering & Applied Science
EmilyMoscinskiCollege of Letters and Science
NadaMoubarakCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewMoumblowCollege of Letters and Science
MaddyMoushonCollege of Letters and Science
AmeliaMowersCollege of Letters and Science
NathanielMoweryCollege of Letters and Science
LandonMoyerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmmaMrazCollege of Letters and Science
EthanMrazPathway Advising
RyanMroczenskiGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
ElenaMrotekHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Mrina EliseusMtengaEngineering & Applied Science
AdamMuellerLubar College of Business
ColetonMuellerLubar College of Business
EmmalineMuellerSchool of Education
WilliamMuellerPeck School of the Arts
JocelynMuelverSchool Arch & Urban Planning
YasminMuhamadCollege of Health Sciences
ZacharyMuiEngineering & Applied Science
BrittanyMuldowneySchool of Information Studies
ColinMullenLubar College of Business
JohnMulliganCollege of General Studies
KatelinMummaLubar College of Business
KateyMundorfPeck School of the Arts
EllieMungoPeck School of the Arts
SebastianMunozSchool of Education
DanielMuntzPeck School of the Arts
ArdiMuqajLubar College of Business
BleonMuqajEngineering & Applied Science
AhmadMuradCollege of Letters and Science
AlexanderMuraskiLubar College of Business
ErinMuraszewskiLubar College of Business
MatthewMurdySchool Arch & Urban Planning
BrianMuro SerratoEngineering & Applied Science
MarkMurphyLubar College of Business
MitchellMurphyCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaMurrayCollege of Health Sciences
Abd-AlrahmanMusaitifCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasMusielskiSchool Arch & Urban Planning
HollyMuskatCollege of Letters and Science
KhetamMuslehCollege of Health Sciences
Travis EliabMusokeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RanaMustafaCollege of Letters and Science
MakaylaMustasLubar College of Business
MariaMutoCollege of Letters and Science
JohnMyersPeck School of the Arts
MatthewMysliwskiCollege of General Studies
BrookeNadeauLubar College of Business
BraydenNaefLubar College of Business
NolanNaegeleLubar College of Business
CadenNahfPeck School of the Arts
MalaNan LethHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Pradnya PravinNarvekarEngineering & Applied Science
MohamedNasefCollege of Letters and Science
AshleyNavarreteCollege of Letters and Science
Ciara RosesNavarroLubar College of Business
MelissaNavarro-GonzalesCollege of Nursing
CassandraNdoumbe-KongCollege of General Studies
JamesonNedzaEngineering & Applied Science
CaseyNeedhamLubar College of Business
KathleenNeedhamCollege of Nursing
RylieNeffCollege of Letters and Science
MeaganNefsteadHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ConnorNekichPeck School of the Arts
AbigailNelsonPeck School of the Arts
AlexNelsonPeck School of the Arts
BenjaminNelsonCollege of Health Sciences
CarolineNelsonSchool of Education
KimNelsonLubar College of Business
RileyNelsonPeck School of the Arts
SamanthaNelsonJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
TaylorNelsonCollege of Letters and Science
OsamaNemerEngineering & Applied Science
JosieNemethCollege of Health Sciences
AralNenPeck School of the Arts
LaurynNerenhausenCollege of Nursing
FrancesNeslerEngineering & Applied Science
NoahNettesheimEngineering & Applied Science
ZacharyNetzelCollege of Health Sciences
CameronNeubauerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TylerNeubauerLubar College of Business
NellieNeuensCollege of Letters and Science
MalenaNeumannCollege of General Studies
EricNeustifterCollege of Letters and Science
MarilynNewtonSchool of Education
AnNguyenCollege of Health Sciences
BrandonNguyenLubar College of Business
Hoai ThiNguyenLubar College of Business
KatherineNguyenCollege of General Studies
Nghia TrongNguyenPeck School of the Arts
Tuyen HuuNguyenLubar College of Business
WilliamNicholasPeck School of the Arts
CeliaNicholsCollege of Nursing
NoahNichterLubar College of Business
ErickNicia HernandezSchool of Public Health
JonathanNicoEngineering & Applied Science
LukeNicolCollege of Letters and Science
RyanNicolCollege of Letters and Science
DylanNicosiaEngineering & Applied Science
AustinNideaPeck School of the Arts
KileyNiemeyerLubar College of Business
AlexNienhausEngineering & Applied Science
CourtneyNienhausCollege of General Studies
OscarNieto PerezCollege of Health Sciences
CeceliaNiggemeierSchool of Education
HannahNoel-SieberCollege of Letters and Science
HughesNolanCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeNorbergCollege of Nursing
NadjaNordstromPeck School of the Arts
KatherineNoreikaSchool of Education
NatalieNorrisCollege of Letters and Science
BryttneyNorton-MooreCollege of Nursing
LilyNorvoldCollege of Letters and Science
KayleeNorwoodCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaNoskowiakLubar College of Business
KarliNovakCollege of Nursing
SarahNovakCollege of Letters and Science
ConnorNovitskiLubar College of Business
JadenNowaczykCollege of Letters and Science
MitchellNowakLubar College of Business
MatthewNoyesCollege of Letters and Science
TessNoyesCollege of Health Sciences
OliviaNuechterleinCollege of Nursing
MichaelNullCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelNunezLubar College of Business
JettaNunez-MuraCollege of Letters and Science
GabrielNurajLubar College of Business
ConnerNyiriCollege of Letters and Science
PaigeNyiriCollege of Letters and Science
LilyNymanCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailO'BrienLubar College of Business
BrendanO'BrienLubar College of Business
JackO'BrienLubar College of Business
SarahO'BrienCollege of Letters and Science
RyanO'DayEngineering & Applied Science
KatherineO'DonnellCollege of Letters and Science
SeanO'DwyerCollege of Letters and Science
MichaelO'LearySchool of Information Studies
SeanO'LoughlinPeck School of the Arts
CollanO'NeillHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DanielO'NeillLubar College of Business
MollyO'ReganCollege of Health Sciences
JohnO'SheaPeck School of the Arts
ShawnObarskiCollege of Letters and Science
LydiaOberdorfCollege of Letters and Science
EricaOberoiCollege of Health Sciences
JessicaOberoiCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewObradovichCollege of General Studies
StevanObradovichLubar College of Business
HannahObstCollege of Letters and Science
ButoyiOdettaLubar College of Business
BlessingOdjedeleLubar College of Business
CalvinOechlerLubar College of Business
JosefOechsnerLubar College of Business
WillOelkePeck School of the Arts
RachelOelsnerCollege of Letters and Science
SpencerOftedahlCollege of Nursing
VictoriaOgunbanwoLubar College of Business
Onyinyechukwuka Faithful GraceOgwuCollege of Health Sciences
AnnaOhdeCollege of Nursing
SaraOhlsonSchool of Education
AndrewOjaEngineering & Applied Science
HannahOlenchekSchool of Education
TaylorOleszakSchool of Education
JordanOlinskiCollege of Letters and Science
RebekahOliverLubar College of Business
MollyOlkCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminOlsenEngineering & Applied Science
JohnOlsenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NatalieOlsenCollege of Health Sciences
SethOlskiCollege of General Studies
AleiaOlsonCollege of Letters and Science
AlexanderOlsonLubar College of Business
GraceOlsonLubar College of Business
JenniferOlsonGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
JessicaOlsonCollege of Health Sciences
LauraOlsonPeck School of the Arts
LeahOlsonCollege of Nursing
McKennaOlsonSchool of Education
NicholasOlsonSchool of Education
PaonyOmanCollege of Health Sciences
RawanOmariCollege of Health Sciences
MohammadOmerLubar College of Business
KennedyOnellCollege of Letters and Science
NyaOoLubar College of Business
KristenOpielaLubar College of Business
MorganOrcholskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EliOrendorfLubar College of Business
JacobOrlowskiSchool of Education
FelipeOrnelasLubar College of Business
ChristianOropezaEngineering & Applied Science
AveryOroszCollege of Nursing
FernandoOrtega LopezLubar College of Business
ArianaOrtizCollege of General Studies
DelaneyOrtizCollege of Health Sciences
DenisseOrtizLubar College of Business
GabrielleOrtizLubar College of Business
OliviaOrtizCollege of Letters and Science
MacyOrtnerPeck School of the Arts
JakobOrtonLubar College of Business
KyraOrvisSchool Arch & Urban Planning
PreciousOsagieCollege of Health Sciences
NicholasOscarCollege of Letters and Science
KathrynOsinskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SierraOsowskiCollege of Letters and Science
LukeOsvaticEngineering & Applied Science
KylieOttCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaOtterstromSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GeriOttoLubar College of Business
OliviaOttoCollege of Nursing
JohnOttosonLubar College of Business
OliviaOverendPeck School of the Arts
AlexaOviedoCollege of Letters and Science
JacobOwenEngineering & Applied Science
CaitlynnOwensEngineering & Applied Science
RobertOwensCollege of General Studies
OwenPaarLubar College of Business
SpencerPabonPeck School of the Arts
SydneyPacerSchool of Education
CalebPachecoCollege of Letters and Science
LillianPachnerCollege of Letters and Science
MorganPadillaSchool of Education
AshleyPaganSchool of Information Studies
IanPagan MartinezSchool of Public Health
BenjaminPageCollege of Letters and Science
EmmyPagelCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenPahlHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ElianaPaikCollege of General Studies
Maria PaulinaPallasiguiSchool of Information Studies
Rafael LukasPallasiguiSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MaxwellPalmieriLubar College of Business
JatinPandeyCollege of Letters and Science
AdrianaPanellaLubar College of Business
IsabellaPanelliSchool of Education
SydneyPanfilLubar College of Business
Anne JazminePanganibanCollege of Letters and Science
ColbyPangercCollege of General Studies
ReannaPanlilioPeck School of the Arts
ShadikaPantaCollege of Letters and Science
Juan CarlosPantoja MaganaCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewPapadorSchool of Information Studies
SarahPaquetteSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ChanhwiParkCollege of Letters and Science
GisooParkCollege of Letters and Science
HyeonhaParkSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MichelleParkLubar College of Business
CollinParkerSchool of Education
GarrettParkerPeck School of the Arts
JennaParkerCollege of Health Sciences
MirandaParkerPeck School of the Arts
OliviaParkerSchool of Education
JacquelynnParmleySchool of Education
MadisonParolaSchool of Education
SalvadorParraLubar College of Business
JazmineParrillaCollege of Nursing
ParkerParrinelloEngineering & Applied Science
MeganPaschkePeck School of the Arts
RudiPassamaniPeck School of the Arts
GretaPaszekLubar College of Business
KairaviPatelCollege of Health Sciences
KrishnaPatelLubar College of Business
RoshaniPatelCollege of Letters and Science
FrancescaPatri-GreenCollege of Letters and Science
AmyPattersonCollege of Nursing
DylanPattersonLubar College of Business
AnnikaPatterson-RiveraLubar College of Business
KaylaPaulSchool of Education
JasonPaulsenSchool of Information Studies
BaileyPaulsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SophiaPautzCollege of Health Sciences
LoganPawlinskiCollege of Health Sciences
ColtenPearsonLubar College of Business
JonasPearsonLubar College of Business
KainPearsonCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonPechaPeck School of the Arts
LindsayPeckLubar College of Business
KevinPedleyEngineering & Applied Science
RileyPedrianaCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaPeetzCollege of Letters and Science
AaronPeiferPeck School of the Arts
MatthewPeiferCollege of Letters and Science
GiuliannaPelaLubar College of Business
AlexandraPelantPathway Advising
MelaniePennerSchool of Education
DerekPennycuffLubar College of Business
MarisaPeotCollege of Letters and Science
StefanoPeralmaPeck School of the Arts
ElliottPerezCollege of Health Sciences
HannahPerezPeck School of the Arts
JavierPerezSchool of Education
EunicePerez SandovalCollege of Letters and Science
MaraPerkinsCollege of General Studies
MadisonPermannCollege of Health Sciences
MayyaPerovaLubar College of Business
KaitlynPerretCollege of Letters and Science
DanettaPerrySchool of Public Health
CaileyPerschSchool of Education
DanielPersinoPeck School of the Arts
KatePesaventoPeck School of the Arts
JustinPeschmanCollege of Letters and Science
MaxwellPeterSchool of Information Studies
ElizabethPetersenCollege of Letters and Science
SarahPetersenCollege of Letters and Science
StephaniePetersenLubar College of Business
AlexisPetersonCollege of Health Sciences
LaurenPetersonPeck School of the Arts
TaylorPetersonLubar College of Business
KennethPeterson-RossPeck School of the Arts
KieraPeterySchool Arch & Urban Planning
RyanPetroEngineering & Applied Science
ReidPezewskiLubar College of Business
MattPfaffLubar College of Business
MeghanPfeifferSchool of Information Studies
PhuongPhanPeck School of the Arts
EllaPhelpsSchool of Education
HunterPhillipsLubar College of Business
JonathonPhillipsCollege of General Studies
MeganPhillipsSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AnhPhungCollege of Letters and Science
GregoryPicardPeck School of the Arts
KatherinePicazoSchool of Education
RyanPicciurroSchool of Information Studies
AngelaPichlerCollege of Letters and Science
TessaPichotta-LeTourneauCollege of Letters and Science
KristiPiciSchool of Information Studies
JoeyPicioneCollege of Letters and Science
JakePickettPeck School of the Arts
RachelPiehlCollege of General Studies
SamanthaPierceHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KayleePikulaCollege of Letters and Science
BenjiPinckneyCollege of Letters and Science
JackPingelLubar College of Business
HugoPinkPeck School of the Arts
EthanPinkhamPeck School of the Arts
RoccoPintozziLubar College of Business
JordanPiontkowskiEngineering & Applied Science
AbbyPiphoPeck School of the Arts
VincentPipitoneJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
KeanaPitelCollege of Letters and Science
OlliverPlankCollege of Letters and Science
NataliePlantCollege of Letters and Science
MadelinePlantikoSchool of Education
KablePlaskeyCollege of General Studies
JohnPlataisLubar College of Business
JessicaPlotkinCollege of Letters and Science
RebeccaPlourdPeck School of the Arts
RyanPlybonSchool of Information Studies
AlexPlyerPathway Advising
AnthonyPocoLubar College of Business
SamuelPoehlmannLubar College of Business
WilliamPoellotEngineering & Applied Science
Keerthika SaiPolavarapuSchool of Information Studies
CameronPolceLubar College of Business
GrantPolifkaPeck School of the Arts
SamanthaPollockCollege of Nursing
TiffanyPolzinPeck School of the Arts
AvaPonceSchool of Education
LeoPonteriLubar College of Business
MariahPoppCollege of Health Sciences
JohnPoppeEngineering & Applied Science
AustinPoradekLubar College of Business
JosiahPorterCollege of Health Sciences
KatherinePossingPeck School of the Arts
JacobPotterLubar College of Business
JessicaPottingerCollege of Letters and Science
AdalinePowellCollege of Letters and Science
BrittanyPowellCollege of Letters and Science
CatiePowellCollege of Health Sciences
MadisonPozolinskiCollege of Letters and Science
TahyaPozorskiCollege of Health Sciences
SabhyataPrakashCollege of Letters and Science
AdrienPrangeEngineering & Applied Science
NicolePrangeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HaydenPrattEngineering & Applied Science
FionaPrechelCollege of Nursing
HarrisonPrellwitzEngineering & Applied Science
ThomasPrescottPeck School of the Arts
BaileyPrestonPeck School of the Arts
JoelPrestonLubar College of Business
HarrisonPrewettCollege of Letters and Science
AlexanderPriceLubar College of Business
KylePriceCollege of General Studies
SkylarPriceCollege of Nursing
MarkPrihodaCollege of Letters and Science
BrandonPrimCollege of Nursing
RyanPrincerSchool of Education
AlexaPristelskiLubar College of Business
EmilyProchaskaCollege of Letters and Science
JadaProctorSchool of Public Health
MadelineProdoehlPeck School of the Arts
JelenaPrpaSchool of Education
BlakePrzesmickiCollege of Letters and Science
JeremyPrzybylaLubar College of Business
KevinPrzybylinskiPeck School of the Arts
KellyPudroskiPeck School of the Arts
TanyaPuebla IbarraPeck School of the Arts
AnnaPuleraCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasPurkoCollege of Letters and Science
AdrijanaPusnikCollege of Nursing
BrittneyPuttermanCollege of Letters and Science
AsmaQadadhaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
YiwenQinEngineering & Applied Science
ZacharyQuadracciSchool of Information Studies
NicholasQuaneyCollege of Letters and Science
AnaQuastCollege of Letters and Science
RaquelQuevedoCollege of General Studies
LoriQuigleyPeck School of the Arts
DanielQuilesEngineering & Applied Science
LandonQuinneyCollege of General Studies
AimeRabadanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BrandyRabalaisCollege of Letters and Science
KrystineRabeSchool of Education
KamRabonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AmeliaRaddatzPeck School of the Arts
BennettRadtkeCollege of Letters and Science
FaithRaePeck School of the Arts
MakaylaRaeckSchool of Education
BradyRaetherLubar College of Business
ElijahRaflikEngineering & Applied Science
AshleyRahlPeck School of the Arts
NaomiRaicuCollege of Letters and Science
NylaRaislegerSchool of Education
CaseyRajalaLubar College of Business
RheaRajePeck School of the Arts
JustinRamcheckPathway Advising
PatrickRameshCollege of Health Sciences
LilianaRamirezCollege of Health Sciences
SamanthaRamlowCollege of Nursing
HazelRamosCollege of Letters and Science
VaishnavRampureEngineering & Applied Science
JackRamzelSchool of Information Studies
RachelRandCollege of Health Sciences
ThomasRaneyCollege of Letters and Science
ChristianRanickeCollege of General Studies
DominicRankinLubar College of Business
LukeRapisardaLubar College of Business
IsabelleRashkinPeck School of the Arts
JaredRasmussenEngineering & Applied Science
SavannahRasmussenCollege of Letters and Science
YasmineRasmussenCollege of Health Sciences
SamanthaRaszejaSchool of Education
AlexanderRatasEngineering & Applied Science
AngelaRattinSchool of Education
AdrianaRausaCollege of Letters and Science
AnneRavanelliGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
OliviaRavetHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JulieRawaCollege of Nursing
ReganRaylCollege of Letters and Science
HanaRazviPathway Advising
JulieRebekCollege of Letters and Science
DamonRebelakSchool of Education
EdieRedwineHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ElizabethReeceCollege of Letters and Science
DanielReedEngineering & Applied Science
KevinReedSchool of Information Studies
KimberlyReesePeck School of the Arts
AbduselamRegassaLubar College of Business
JordanRehbeinSchool of Information Studies
KarlRehbergerLubar College of Business
GinaReichSchool of Education
RachelReichardCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenReillyCollege of Nursing
JakeReinhoferLubar College of Business
SimonReinkeCollege of General Studies
StephanieReiterSchool of Education
IcarusRenardCollege of Health Sciences
AlexRenierPeck School of the Arts
GrantRenkenSchool of Information Studies
ElizabethRensCollege of Nursing
BenjaminRettigCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelRetzlaffLubar College of Business
AmyReyesCollege of Letters and Science
ArmandoReyesSchool of Education
BryanReyesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JuanReyna MarquezPeck School of the Arts
BlakeReynoldsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CharlotteReynoldsPeck School of the Arts
CarolineRhodaCollege of Health Sciences
KaitlynRhynerCollege of Letters and Science
CassandraRiceCollege of Letters and Science
DanielleRiceCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineRiceSchool of Education
BridgetRichCollege of Letters and Science
JamesRichCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasRichardsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HassanRichardsonCollege of Letters and Science
SierraRichardsonSchool of Education
BradyRichertLubar College of Business
JanessaRichmondCollege of Health Sciences
HannaRichterSchool of Education
WestenRichterLubar College of Business
CallieRickardCollege of Health Sciences
MadisonRidleyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ZoeRiebeCollege of Letters and Science
RachaelRiedijkCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaRiedlingerPeck School of the Arts
HeatherRieferSchool of Education
HarmonyRiemerSchool of Education
JuliaRifkinSchool of Education
AlexRihaLubar College of Business
AlexanderRileyEngineering & Applied Science
NupharRimerCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewRimkusLubar College of Business
JulianaRios O'HalloransSchool of Education
GraceRisseCollege of Letters and Science
JennyRitterbuschCollege of Letters and Science
AlexaRivadeneyraCollege of Health Sciences
KlaudiaRixmannCollege of Letters and Science
IshmaRizviSchool of Public Health
JacquelineRizzoCollege of Letters and Science
EllieRoachCollege of Health Sciences
CharlesRobbinsCollege of Letters and Science
MosheRobbinsCollege of Letters and Science
LarryRobertsCollege of Letters and Science
RachaelRobertsCollege of Health Sciences
NiaRobinsCollege of Health Sciences
CaylaRobinsonEngineering & Applied Science
EricaRobinsonLubar College of Business
JasmineRobinsonLubar College of Business
JasonRobinsonLubar College of Business
ZacharyRobinsonSchool of Education
KevinRobledo-PerezEngineering & Applied Science
MikaylaRobleeLubar College of Business
JesseRoblesSchool of Information Studies
AmayaRockettPeck School of the Arts
AminahRockettPeck School of the Arts
McKenzieRodeSchool of Education
DakotaRodmanEngineering & Applied Science
AxelRodriguezEngineering & Applied Science
CameronRodriguezLubar College of Business
DiegoRodriguezLubar College of Business
KevinRodriguezLubar College of Business
ValentinRodriguezCollege of Letters and Science
XanderRodriguezCollege of Letters and Science
LeslyRodriguez RuelasPeck School of the Arts
RachelRoelkeCollege of Letters and Science
JennaRoemerLubar College of Business
CameronRoesslerEngineering & Applied Science
MckenziRogallaCollege of Letters and Science
PaigeRogallaCollege of Letters and Science
HunterRogersCollege of Letters and Science
KoriRogersCollege of Letters and Science
JacksonRohLubar College of Business
AlyssaRohnerCollege of Nursing
HaleyRohrHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SarahRolfsCollege of Health Sciences
AleksandraRolfsmeyerCollege of General Studies
KalistaRolingPeck School of the Arts
TimothyRomangLubar College of Business
CalistaRomanoLubar College of Business
EmmaRomantHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ArellyRomeroHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EdgarRomeroLubar College of Business
AshlynnRootCollege of Health Sciences
EverardoRoqueCollege of Health Sciences
FelipeRosas GomezSchool of Education
BrianaRoseCollege of Nursing
JamieRoseLubar College of Business
MeganRoseCollege of Letters and Science
JacobRosenbergPeck School of the Arts
AidanRosengardenLubar College of Business
SamuelRosenmanEngineering & Applied Science
AlainaRosenthalLubar College of Business
GabrielRosenthalEngineering & Applied Science
SabrinaRoslerCollege of Letters and Science
LilyRostalPeck School of the Arts
SophiaRothPeck School of the Arts
BethanyRothmalerCollege of Health Sciences
JohnRotterCollege of Letters and Science
KassandraRotzCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailRouleauCollege of Health Sciences
ColeRousseauSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AutumnRoutsonCollege of Letters and Science
JahkariRowseyCollege of Letters and Science
ChandaRoyleLubar College of Business
ErynRoznikCollege of Letters and Science
TyRoznowskiLubar College of Business
KathrynRozzoniCollege of Health Sciences
DanielRucinskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JenniferRuddSchool of Education
GabrielleRuderSchool of Education
AshleyRudserCollege of Letters and Science
LauraRuedigerSchool of Education
EricRuettenPathway Advising
RhiannonRuffnerPeck School of the Arts
PrestonRuhCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamRupnickSchool of Information Studies
BrittanyRuschPeck School of the Arts
DanielRuschPeck School of the Arts
RichardRushCollege of Letters and Science
JennaRussellSchool of Information Studies
ZacharyRussellPathway Advising
BrandonRussoPeck School of the Arts
TylerRustLubar College of Business
ZacharyRuthenbergCollege of Nursing
SamuelRutkiewiczLubar College of Business
StephanieRutkowskiSchool of Education
LeviRutledgeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GrantRybackLubar College of Business
MadisonRybackSchool of Education
IsabellaRybakowiczCollege of Nursing
SofiaRyvkinLubar College of Business
AlexisSaadLubar College of Business
JenevieveSaalsaaSchool of Education
KierstenSabbareseCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonSabelSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RebeccaSabourinCollege of Health Sciences
LunaSachse-AbreschSchool of Freshwater Sciences
CatSadlerPeck School of the Arts
LillySadoffCollege of Health Sciences
JeffreySaetherCollege of Letters and Science
AddisonSagatSchool of Education
AlaynaSageCollege of Letters and Science
MonaSaidEngineering & Applied Science
AananyaSainiEngineering & Applied Science
FilipSaitisCollege of Letters and Science
FlorinSaitisCollege of Letters and Science
NasirSaiyedLubar College of Business
OliviaSalazar kaufmannPathway Advising
MaramSalehEngineering & Applied Science
AmayaSalekCollege of Nursing
YazanSalemEngineering & Applied Science
NoahSalentineCollege of Letters and Science
SofiaSalernoLubar College of Business
AyaSalhabCollege of Health Sciences
OsamahSalhiSchool of Education
StevenSalleLubar College of Business
AvaSalmLubar College of Business
JehanSalousCollege of Health Sciences
SalamSalousCollege of Letters and Science
KlaudiaSalversonLubar College of Business
KourtneySalversonLubar College of Business
JaceeSalzerLubar College of Business
NoraSammonsPeck School of the Arts
ShellySamponCollege of Letters and Science
AaliyahSampsonSchool of Education
SydneySampson-WebbLubar College of Business
NathanSamuelsenEngineering & Applied Science
AlejandraSanchezCollege of Health Sciences
FelixSanchezCollege of Health Sciences
LuisSanchezLubar College of Business
NatalieSanchezCollege of Health Sciences
RosaSanchez HernandezCollege of Health Sciences
GeorgeSandePeck School of the Arts
GraceSandemanCollege of Letters and Science
MichaelaSanderfootPeck School of the Arts
AvaSandersenPeck School of the Arts
LaurenSandlerSchool of Education
NicholasSanfelippoSchool of Information Studies
JackSanfordSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ErinSankeyCollege of Letters and Science
AliciaSantanaPeck School of the Arts
CodySantasCollege of Letters and Science
RachelSantellanoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TahismariSantiagoLubar College of Business
SophiaSantiago-FodorCollege of Letters and Science
JosephSantoroLubar College of Business
RyaneSantoroCollege of Letters and Science
Anny MariaSantos PennaLubar College of Business
EmanuelSarbuEngineering & Applied Science
KeizanSatoEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaSatterfieldCollege of Letters and Science
LauraSauerCollege of Nursing
AutumnSaundersCollege of Letters and Science
NathanielSaundersonPeck School of the Arts
KeringtonSauserSchool of Education
NinaSavaglioCollege of Letters and Science
MackenzieSavinPeck School of the Arts
EricSawyerLubar College of Business
TristonSayaovangSchool of Information Studies
AlyssandraScaffidiCollege of Letters and Science
MarissaScaffidiLubar College of Business
SophiaScaffidiSchool of Education
ArikScapellatoCollege of Letters and Science
GarrettScapellatoCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaScardinaSchool of Education
SiciliaScardinaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MalinaScarpaciCollege of General Studies
MartinSchabelLubar College of Business
JosephSchaeferLubar College of Business
SkylynSchaeferCollege of Letters and Science
SophiaSchaferLubar College of Business
BenjaminSchalkLubar College of Business
CarolynScharnickEngineering & Applied Science
KadenSchauerLubar College of Business
NeveSchauerCollege of Letters and Science
NiahSchauerCollege of Letters and Science
PaytonSchauerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AbigailScheerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BlakeScheerLubar College of Business
MakailaScheibleinSchool of Education
TannerSchererPathway Advising
JacobSchimkeEngineering & Applied Science
AustinSchimmelSchool of Information Studies
BrandonSchimmelSchool of Information Studies
BrentonSchimpCollege of Letters and Science
DanielSchimpEngineering & Applied Science
JosephSchimpCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenSchlamanLubar College of Business
HannahSchleySchool of Education
CaitlinSchlichtCollege of Nursing
AaronSchliesmannLubar College of Business
EmmaSchmickSchool of Education
ChloeSchmidtCollege of Letters and Science
ColeSchmidtCollege of Letters and Science
DaniyilSchmidtCollege of General Studies
GabrielleSchmidtCollege of Letters and Science
GavinSchmidtPeck School of the Arts
HaleySchmidtPathway Advising
JosephSchmidtPeck School of the Arts
MorganSchmidtCollege of Letters and Science
RyanSchmidtSchool of Education
SaraSchmidtSchool of Education
SpencerSchmidtLubar College of Business
TimothySchmidtHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JacobSchmittEngineering & Applied Science
RyanSchmittLubar College of Business
IanSchmitt-ErnstCollege of Letters and Science
AnthonySchmitzCollege of Letters and Science
RylieSchmoleskySchool of Education
GretchenSchmookLubar College of Business
AllisonSchneiderLubar College of Business
AndrewSchneiderCollege of Letters and Science
BryceSchneiderLubar College of Business
CarlySchneiderSchool of Education
EllaSchneiderPeck School of the Arts
JulieSchneiderCollege of Letters and Science
SommerSchneiderCollege of Letters and Science
WestonSchneiderEngineering & Applied Science
KelseySchneissCollege of Letters and Science
BrettSchnurEngineering & Applied Science
EmilySchoenfeldtSchool of Education
MyaScholzCollege of Letters and Science
EileySchomischLubar College of Business
MasonSchoofEngineering & Applied Science
RubySchoofsSchool of Education
AbigailSchottCollege of Letters and Science
AniSchraufnagelCollege of Health Sciences
KeeganSchregardusLubar College of Business
WilliamSchreiberLubar College of Business
AbbySchroderCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailSchroederCollege of Letters and Science
AydanSchroederCollege of General Studies
CallieSchroederCollege of Health Sciences
IsaacSchroederCollege of General Studies
ZachariSchroederEngineering & Applied Science
BrittanySchroedlCollege of Letters and Science
ConnorSchuberthPeck School of the Arts
MadelineSchuchHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JuliaSchuesslerSchool of Education
AvaSchuettCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharySchuettLubar College of Business
JadinSchuettpelzLubar College of Business
JacksonSchuhCollege of Letters and Science
JadaSchuhCollege of Health Sciences
ZacherySchuhEngineering & Applied Science
JessicaSchulerSchool of Education
ZacharySchultingEngineering & Applied Science
AuroraSchultzCollege of Letters and Science
ErinSchultzLubar College of Business
AlexyssSchulzSchool of Education
AntoninaSchumacherCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamSchumacherLubar College of Business
BennettSchusterEngineering & Applied Science
MichalSchwabPeck School of the Arts
AmarriSchwartzLubar College of Business
CaraSchwartzCollege of Letters and Science
ColetonSchwartzCollege of General Studies
KaylaSchwartzCollege of Health Sciences
JazminSchwarzkopfPeck School of the Arts
TiffaniSchwedeLubar College of Business
BrookeSchwederskySchool of Education
CarleySchweigerSchool of Education
AshlynScintoLubar College of Business
BrookeScottPathway Advising
MiaScottSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NeysaScottCollege of Health Sciences
KyleScovilleSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TristanScrantonCollege of Letters and Science
EmersonSeagrenSchool of Education
AnthonySeaksEngineering & Applied Science
JessicaSealockSchool Arch & Urban Planning
PaulSeamanEngineering & Applied Science
SalvadorSebastianSchool of Information Studies
MasonSecoraLubar College of Business
AmberSecristLubar College of Business
KevinSedaLubar College of Business
HudsonSeeEngineering & Applied Science
SydneySeebachPeck School of the Arts
BradleySeebruchPeck School of the Arts
AndrewSeemanLubar College of Business
GavinSeeverLubar College of Business
KathrynSeewaldSchool of Education
R.E.SeibelCollege of Letters and Science
KellySeibertLubar College of Business
EmberSeidelCollege of Letters and Science
JackSeidlLubar College of Business
TrevorSeidlLubar College of Business
SamuelSellarsCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorSellersPathway Advising
KathrynSemberCollege of Letters and Science
DhivyahreeSenthil MuruganCollege of Letters and Science
HaneulSeoPeck School of the Arts
NatalieSepicCollege of Nursing
IsabelSernaSchool of Education
SophiaSerranoPeck School of the Arts
GraceSerresPeck School of the Arts
MeganSetterLubar College of Business
CameronSeversonLubar College of Business
EmmaSeymerCollege of General Studies
GinaSfasciottiPeck School of the Arts
ElliotShagerLubar College of Business
AeliaShahPathway Advising
IqraShahCollege of Health Sciences
KeinanaShahCollege of Letters and Science
RubabShahCollege of Letters and Science
MichaelShambeauLubar College of Business
HalleShamrockCollege of Letters and Science
AidanShankSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TylerShanklinPathway Advising
JuliaSharafinskiLubar College of Business
MargaretShaughnessyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CallenShawCollege of Letters and Science
DavidShawCollege of Letters and Science
HaileyShawHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JacobShawCollege of Letters and Science
SophiaShawCollege of Letters and Science
RachelShawverSchool of Education
AverySheafferLubar College of Business
SienaShearerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HannahSheedyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MasonShefchikPeck School of the Arts
LorenShehuLubar College of Business
SamanthaSheldonCollege of Health Sciences
NicholasSheltonPathway Advising
ErikShenEngineering & Applied Science
YuhaoShenCollege of Letters and Science
NolandShepardEngineering & Applied Science
AnnaSheproCollege of Letters and Science
JustinSheteronLubar College of Business
ChaoShiSchool of Information Studies
LenaShiCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaShimpCollege of Letters and Science
IanShoppachCollege of Letters and Science
RoniShrier-RadeamacherCollege of Letters and Science
NatalieShrinerSchool of Education
MayaShubSchool of Education
JaskiratSidhuCollege of Health Sciences
SidneySieczkowskiSchool of Education
JacquelineSiedenburg-SisPeck School of the Arts
StevenSiepertPeck School of the Arts
ReilySierenCollege of General Studies
BrittanySilasSchool of Education
HyeonHoSimCollege of Letters and Science
TylerSimcockCollege of Nursing
BrennanSimekEngineering & Applied Science
BriannaSimlerCollege of Letters and Science
BethanySimonSchool of Education
MatthewSimonsenLubar College of Business
AlexanderSinaniLubar College of Business
BaljotSinghEngineering & Applied Science
BhramdyaalSinghLubar College of Business
CharanpreetSinghLubar College of Business
JaspreetSinghCollege of General Studies
SammySinghLubar College of Business
SonyaSinkulaLubar College of Business
IsabellaSinnaeveCollege of Health Sciences
SheridanSinnenCollege of Nursing
KaySiresLubar College of Business
MarielleSitekCollege of Health Sciences
AlexSitzeCollege of Letters and Science
ColeSivakLubar College of Business
HoldenSkeelsCollege of Letters and Science
RachaelSkenandoreCollege of Letters and Science
GraceSkendzielCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorSkinnerEngineering & Applied Science
RachelSkoczekCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeSkroberLubar College of Business
AndrewSkybergLubar College of Business
AlexiaSlaglePeck School of the Arts
AllisonSlamannCollege of Health Sciences
AndersSlatteryCollege of Letters and Science
MarinaSlawinskiEngineering & Applied Science
AminaSlimanePeck School of the Arts
BreydisSlinger-SevillaSchool of Education
JamarSloanCollege of Letters and Science
ClaraSmirnovEngineering & Applied Science
AlexanderSmithSchool of Education
IanSmithEngineering & Applied Science
JacobSmithLubar College of Business
JustinSmithSchool of Information Studies
KatelynSmithSchool of Education
TiffaniSmithHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TrevorSmithLubar College of Business
MariaSmitsPeck School of the Arts
SpencerSmolenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ElizabethSmurawaCollege of Nursing
EganSnopekCollege of General Studies
Alexandra-AnnSnyderSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GraisynSobczakHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
OliviaSobczakLubar College of Business
IsabellaSolanoLubar College of Business
AlexandraSolisLubar College of Business
JoshuaSolomonLubar College of Business
KaylaSolomonPathway Advising
DongMinSonLubar College of Business
KaileeSonsthagenLubar College of Business
ArianaSorciCollege of Health Sciences
GraceSorensonPeck School of the Arts
SaraSorokoCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineSosaSchool of Education
AndrinaSotoPeck School of the Arts
ArthurSouzaLubar College of Business
NathanaelSovitzkyEngineering & Applied Science
ElleeSpaldingPeck School of the Arts
ThomasSpallaLubar College of Business
RileySpankowskiLubar College of Business
AverySparacinoCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenSpauldingLubar College of Business
KaySpeidelPeck School of the Arts
KatherineSpeltzPeck School of the Arts
SamuelSpendeLubar College of Business
HannahSportielloCollege of Health Sciences
NaomiSpottsPeck School of the Arts
JacobSpristerLubar College of Business
PanagiotisSpyropoulosCollege of General Studies
CainanSquibbEngineering & Applied Science
AnvithaSriramCollege of Letters and Science
CaseySrodaEngineering & Applied Science
LaurenSrokaGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
AdamSt JohnCollege of Letters and Science
HannahSt. LouisCollege of Letters and Science
JoeySt. PierreLubar College of Business
MasonStachowiakHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MichaelStachowiakLubar College of Business
MaclaineStahlCollege of Health Sciences
TylerStairLubar College of Business
BaileyStandarskiLubar College of Business
AllieStanglLubar College of Business
AshleyStanischHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JovanaStankovicCollege of Letters and Science
RachelStantonPeck School of the Arts
BlakeStapletonCollege of Letters and Science
MelissaStapletonLubar College of Business
MaryStarCollege of Health Sciences
MorganStarkCollege of Letters and Science
NatalieStarksPeck School of the Arts
MadisonStarrCollege of Health Sciences
KayliStauchHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexisStauffacherCollege of Letters and Science
TylerStauffacherPeck School of the Arts
ChloeSteberCollege of Health Sciences
DawnSteeleCollege of Letters and Science
AlysaSteenportCollege of Letters and Science
MeganSteensenSchool of Education
RyanSteffenLubar College of Business
SamanthaSteffenPeck School of the Arts
KaylaSteigerwaltCollege of General Studies
SydneySteinbachCollege of Letters and Science
MarkSteinbrennerLubar College of Business
KillianSteinerPeck School of the Arts
SashaSteinlePeck School of the Arts
MargaretStelmacherSchool of Education
AbbyStenborgCollege of Letters and Science
QuinnStephensPeck School of the Arts
ReganStephensHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GabrielSternEngineering & Applied Science
NatalieStettnerLubar College of Business
WrenStevensSchool of Education
JadenStewartPathway Advising
SerenaStewartSchool of Information Studies
ThomasStewartCollege of Letters and Science
TylerStewartPathway Advising
MaxStiegCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyStiglerCollege of Letters and Science
JessieStillHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MollyStillingCollege of Letters and Science
NathanielStillonePeck School of the Arts
ZoeyStiltjesPeck School of the Arts
MilesStimacPeck School of the Arts
WyattStimsonSchool of Education
CarsonStitzLubar College of Business
NicoleStoesserEngineering & Applied Science
SophieStofielPeck School of the Arts
AimeeStolcersEngineering & Applied Science
ColinStolfaEngineering & Applied Science
HenryStollenwerkPeck School of the Arts
AshleyStottsCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelStrandSchool of Information Studies
CamrenStrandeSchool of Education
ThereseStrandtPeck School of the Arts
CarsenStrangLubar College of Business
ElizabethStrangePeck School of the Arts
GabrielleStrasserSchool of Education
KiraStraubPeck School of the Arts
AlanaStrehlCollege of General Studies
EugeneStreiPeck School of the Arts
AdamStreichEngineering & Applied Science
PaigeStrevelerPeck School of the Arts
JackStreyCollege of Health Sciences
TylerStricklenLubar College of Business
WolfgangStrubbeEngineering & Applied Science
SimonStruppEngineering & Applied Science
JustinStubbeEngineering & Applied Science
RaelynnStubbeCollege of Nursing
JordynSufkaSchool Arch & Urban Planning
CarlySukkertCollege of Nursing
ErinSullivanPeck School of the Arts
GraceSullivanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LiamSullivanSchool of Information Studies
QuinnSullivanLubar College of Business
LeonalynSungaCollege of Nursing
SanjanaSunkaraCollege of Health Sciences
AnnaSurprenantLubar College of Business
ColeSurprenantLubar College of Business
HopeSuskiCollege of Health Sciences
JustinaSviatoslavskyCollege of Nursing
CaleesaSwaniganSchool of Education
JosieSwansonLubar College of Business
OliviaSwansonCollege of Nursing
SethSwansonPathway Advising
SarahSwartwoutCollege of Letters and Science
VincentSwartzEngineering & Applied Science
SydneySweetSchool of Education
MarcoSweetiLubar College of Business
SuhaSweiEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaSwenskiSchool of Education
OliverSwensonEngineering & Applied Science
AlinaSwiderLubar College of Business
MadelynSyltieCollege of Letters and Science
ChristinaSzopinskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexisSzutaSchool of Education
OwenSzymkowskiCollege of Letters and Science
LayanTabaraCollege of Health Sciences
JosephTabbertLubar College of Business
JohnTaborEngineering & Applied Science
BrynnTackettSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LuisjanoTafiliLubar College of Business
CalebTancredeCollege of General Studies
SaniaTariqJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
SamuelTarmanCollege of Letters and Science
PatrickTateSchool of Information Studies
NoelTautgesEngineering & Applied Science
Paw Hser HserTawLubar College of Business
EmilyTaylorPeck School of the Arts
JaQuannTaylorLubar College of Business
TrentonTaylorCollege of Letters and Science
HannahTebbsCollege of Letters and Science
CourtneyTeboCollege of Letters and Science
DylanTempleSchool of Education
TeddyTemplinLubar College of Business
NicholasTenagliaPeck School of the Arts
SamuelTenneyEngineering & Applied Science
TylerTerbietenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BraydenTetzlaffPeck School of the Arts
KayTetzlaffCollege of Health Sciences
DarbyTevlinCollege of Nursing
AmyThaoCollege of Letters and Science
BreannaThaoCollege of Letters and Science
HouaThaoEngineering & Applied Science
LormeeThaoCollege of Health Sciences
MieveThaoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Pang DeeThaoCollege of Health Sciences
RickyThaoLubar College of Business
YerThaoCollege of Letters and Science
PaigeThaysSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NdeyeThiamCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelThielCollege of Health Sciences
JaredThierfelderEngineering & Applied Science
MaverickThillSchool of Education
JustinThimmeschLubar College of Business
ConnorThissenPeck School of the Arts
AdriannaThomasCollege of Health Sciences
JohnThomasPeck School of the Arts
MichaelThomeyCollege of Letters and Science
AaronThompsonLubar College of Business
EzraThompsonLubar College of Business
HaileyThompsonCollege of Letters and Science
IsaacThompsonEngineering & Applied Science
KassandraThompsonCollege of Letters and Science
McKennaThompsonCollege of General Studies
TannarThompsonSchool of Education
MalenaThongsyPeck School of the Arts
KyleThoresonLubar College of Business
NaomiThorntonCollege of Letters and Science
HannahThorpeCollege of Letters and Science
JacobThorstensonLubar College of Business
MitchellThuerwachterLubar College of Business
JacksonThurmondCollege of Letters and Science
AviannaThyssenCollege of Nursing
SarahTibbettsCollege of Health Sciences
HarryTiceLubar College of Business
SydneyTidlerSchool of Education
BenjaminTilleyPeck School of the Arts
CarsonTimberlakeLubar College of Business
IzabellaTimmCollege of Letters and Science
SapnilTiwariSchool of Information Studies
AllisonToboyekCollege of Letters and Science
MariyaTodorovaCollege of Nursing
MeghanTodzyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Abhi Roop ReddyTokalaEngineering & Applied Science
BrandonTollefsonCollege of Nursing
Peace Pact AyomikunToluhiCollege of Health Sciences
BryceTomeEngineering & Applied Science
CarterTomkinsLubar College of Business
AidanToneyEngineering & Applied Science
SaraTongusiCollege of Letters and Science
EllisTonozziSchool of Information Studies
AleksandarTorbicaLubar College of Business
TimothyTorkelsonLubar College of Business
BryanTorresLubar College of Business
KevinTorresSchool of Information Studies
JoaquinToscano JrLubar College of Business
HannahTouseyCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorTouseyLubar College of Business
HaleyTovarSchool of Education
MichaelTowellPathway Advising
IanToynePeck School of the Arts
MackenzieTozerLubar College of Business
HannahTracySchool Arch & Urban Planning
TheTranEngineering & Applied Science
AlexisTreadwayPeck School of the Arts
EleanoreTrederLubar College of Business
LiliaTregoningCollege of Health Sciences
MandiTremmelCollege of Letters and Science
JordanTresemerCollege of Nursing
JamisonTrewynCollege of Letters and Science
CoraTrexellPeck School of the Arts
PaytonTrieglaffLubar College of Business
VaiTriggianoCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethTrilkSchool of Education
WilliamTrinasticCollege of Letters and Science
MaxxTrippHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SitotaTroedelLubar College of Business
BentonTroehlerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
PhoebeTroellerSchool of Public Health
MichaelTrommaterSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LindseyTruesdaleHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JoseTrujillo ParraEngineering & Applied Science
GraysonTrzcinkoCollege of Letters and Science
AustinTrzebiatowskiLubar College of Business
UriahTrzebiatowskiCollege of Letters and Science
DionisiosTsioutsiopoulosLubar College of Business
SutTuangEngineering & Applied Science
SamuelTuckerEngineering & Applied Science
TamikaTuptaSchool of Education
AlexTurnerEngineering & Applied Science
KaidenTurnquistEngineering & Applied Science
DanielTurpinSchool of Information Studies
HunterTurpinCollege of Letters and Science
EricTutkowskiEngineering & Applied Science
TaylorTutkowskiCollege of Letters and Science
KatherineTyreeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KaylaTyriver MageeLubar College of Business
TaylorUdelhofenSchool of Education
EthanUdlisLubar College of Business
KristenUherkaPeck School of the Arts
SarahUhrenCollege of Health Sciences
BenjaminUittiLubar College of Business
Samarth ReddyUllengaEngineering & Applied Science
JakobUlmanEngineering & Applied Science
ChloeUphoffCollege of Health Sciences
JasmineUrasPeck School of the Arts
TannerUrbanCollege of General Studies
AndreaUribePeck School of the Arts
NicoleUtechtPeck School of the Arts
DavidUtrieLubar College of Business
MatthewUtterEngineering & Applied Science
ParnianVakiliCollege of Letters and Science
EdgardoValdes GonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
GlendalysValdes GonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailValentinePeck School of the Arts
BradenVallafskeyCollege of Health Sciences
DavidValleLubar College of Business
DomoniqueValleCollege of Letters and Science
ArabellaValleeCollege of Letters and Science
JefferyValodineSchool of Information Studies
RachaelVan BeekCollege of Health Sciences
AbrahamVan BerkelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KathrynVan BoovenEngineering & Applied Science
KadenVan De LooPeck School of the Arts
LindsayVan Der WegenLubar College of Business
JessicaVan DyckSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AliseVan DykeCollege of Health Sciences
TrishaVan HandelPeck School of the Arts
JennaVan HoogstratenEngineering & Applied Science
SophiaVan HornePeck School of the Arts
AthenaVan RemortelSchool of Education
Gijs Luukvan SchoutenLubar College of Business
KayeVan SusterenCollege of Letters and Science
StevenVan UtrechtPeck School of the Arts
TannerVan VoorenLubar College of Business
MackenzieVan VorousCollege of General Studies
BennettVanceCollege of Letters and Science
RebekahVande HeyCollege of Nursing
AdamVandenbosEngineering & Applied Science
EthanVanDenHeuvelPeck School of the Arts
RobinVandenLangenbergLubar College of Business
NicholasVander GrintenEngineering & Applied Science
SamuelVander GrintenLubar College of Business
EmmaVanderbiltPathway Advising
MorganVanderMissenLubar College of Business
ShaneVanDommelenLubar College of Business
JoshuaVanEgerenEngineering & Applied Science
LindsayVanEgerenLubar College of Business
ErinVanevenhovenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CarolynVangJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
ChasidyVangLubar College of Business
ClareVangPeck School of the Arts
DouaVangLubar College of Business
HouaVangPeck School of the Arts
MaidouaVangSchool of Public Health
MitchellVangEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaVangSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TimothyVangPeck School of the Arts
XueVangCollege of Letters and Science
EduardoVargasLubar College of Business
RachelVargheseSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KaleiVasquezPeck School of the Arts
MadelynVavraCollege of Health Sciences
AniyaVegaCollege of Letters and Science
JesseVegaCollege of Letters and Science
AbbyVeitCollege of Letters and Science
JesusVelarde-MoctezumaCollege of Letters and Science
RachelVennerCollege of Letters and Science
KatherineVentoPeck School of the Arts
AnaVerhagenSchool of Education
RileyVermillionCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonVershCollege of General Studies
MalcolmVetterCollege of General Studies
RudyVidanaCollege of Letters and Science
SageVigilSchool of Education
MichaelVillanuevaLubar College of Business
MarianoVillarSchool Arch & Urban Planning
CherishVillarrealHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadalynVillwockLubar College of Business
TimothyVillwockSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DanielVincentSchool of Information Studies
GinaViolaPeck School of the Arts
JeffreyVitaleCollege of Letters and Science
NatashaVitasEngineering & Applied Science
FayViveritoLubar College of Business
JoshuaVizerLubar College of Business
NadiaVoCollege of Health Sciences
ArabellaVoegeliCollege of Letters and Science
LeoVogelCollege of Letters and Science
AlexanderVogtLubar College of Business
WalkerVoigtCollege of Letters and Science
SiaraVolbrechtCollege of Health Sciences
KortnieVolkCollege of Health Sciences
MaxwellVolkPeck School of the Arts
JoyVolkmannCollege of Letters and Science
ArianaVollmerCollege of Letters and Science
NicoleVongkingkeoLubar College of Business
MeganVosLubar College of Business
CrystalVossLubar College of Business
HoangVuCollege of Nursing
KeatonWaalaCollege of General Studies
BrookeWadePeck School of the Arts
BradenWagnerSchool of Information Studies
ElizabethWagnerCollege of Letters and Science
JaimeWagnerSchool of Education
Katherine ZoeWagnerEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewWagnerCollege of Letters and Science
VivianWagnerPeck School of the Arts
KaelinWagner-Vander WerffCollege of Letters and Science
HayleyWagnitzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DavidWaiteSchool of Information Studies
ZachWaleshLubar College of Business
JennaWaligoraSchool of Education
MadelineWalkerLubar College of Business
SarahWalkerCollege of Health Sciences
SydneyWalkerCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewWalkowiakLubar College of Business
AdamWallCollege of General Studies
OliviaWallPeck School of the Arts
MackenzieWallaPeck School of the Arts
MercedesWallaceSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NatalieWallacePeck School of the Arts
ScottWallaceLubar College of Business
EliseWallerCollege of Letters and Science
DerekWallisCollege of General Studies
AlecWalnCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelWalshEngineering & Applied Science
MeganWalstadLubar College of Business
RyleyWalterEngineering & Applied Science
AmberWaltersEngineering & Applied Science
GavinWaltersLubar College of Business
MadelineWaltersPeck School of the Arts
StephenWaltersEngineering & Applied Science
Jenzy Hannah NkiinziWalugembeSchool of Public Health
AnastasiaWandSchool Arch & Urban Planning
Chun YuWangEngineering & Applied Science
CalistaWankeCollege of Health Sciences
MakiyaWantyPathway Advising
DominiqueWardLubar College of Business
SophiaWardCollege of Letters and Science
StephanieWardLubar College of Business
ZoeWardleCollege of Letters and Science
TianaWareSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GracieWargoSchool of Education
AnnaWarrenPathway Advising
HaleyWartalskiCollege of Letters and Science
YeleneWashingtonSchool of Education
ColinWasleyLubar College of Business
CassandraWasniewskiLubar College of Business
VeronicaWaszakCollege of Letters and Science
KatherineWaterburyCollege of Letters and Science
KaleyWatersPeck School of the Arts
KyleWatryEngineering & Applied Science
DanielWatsonCollege of General Studies
PatrickWatsonCollege of Letters and Science
StevenWatsonPeck School of the Arts
NathanielWatterPeck School of the Arts
ReaganWattsCollege of Health Sciences
KaylaWaukauLubar College of Business
JacquelynWeatherbeeSchool of Education
SeanWeaverCollege of Letters and Science
CaydenWebbLubar College of Business
MacyWebbLubar College of Business
NicholasWebberHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexWeberLubar College of Business
BlairWeberPeck School of the Arts
EanWeberLubar College of Business
MatthewWeberEngineering & Applied Science
StefanWeberSchool Arch & Urban Planning
OliviaWebersLubar College of Business
EmilyWebsterCollege of Letters and Science
TabithaWechloSchool of Education
MiaWedelLubar College of Business
AlexaWegenerCollege of Nursing
NicoleWegenerCollege of Nursing
LaurelWegerbauerCollege of Letters and Science
NathanWegherLubar College of Business
EliseWegnerLubar College of Business
JadaWegnerCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaWegnerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SaraWegnerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AllisonWehnerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
OliviaWehnerCollege of Health Sciences
HenryWehrsCollege of Letters and Science
GraceWeisenselCollege of Letters and Science
PorterWeisenselSchool of Education
CarsonWeisgerberCollege of Health Sciences
JordanWeissLubar College of Business
ZachWeissEngineering & Applied Science
PaulWeisserLubar College of Business
NathanWeitzmanLubar College of Business
EvanWellsEngineering & Applied Science
LyaWendelPathway Advising
AlyssaWendorffCollege of Health Sciences
AllisonWeningerCollege of Health Sciences
ChristinaWenmanLubar College of Business
BenjaminWensingEngineering & Applied Science
ErikWenslaffEngineering & Applied Science
SophiaWentzLubar College of Business
TroyWenzlaffHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CedricWernerCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewWesolowskiEngineering & Applied Science
BridgetWesolowskiLubar College of Business
JennaWesolowskiLubar College of Business
BlakeWestLubar College of Business
JacobWestallEngineering & Applied Science
AlanWesternCollege of Letters and Science
TimothyWesternSchool of Education
SamuelWestfallEngineering & Applied Science
LukeWesthoffEngineering & Applied Science
EvanWeyerCollege of Letters and Science
LukeWheatleySchool Arch & Urban Planning
AnthonyWheelerLubar College of Business
GraceWheelerCollege of Letters and Science
RebeccaWheelerPathway Advising
ElizabethWhelanPeck School of the Arts
AlexisWhiteCollege of Health Sciences
BriannaWhiteHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ShayneWhiteCollege of Letters and Science
TylerWhiteLubar College of Business
ZacharyWhitePeck School of the Arts
DevanWhiteheadSchool Arch & Urban Planning
QuinnWhitlowCollege of Letters and Science
TaliaWhitmoreCollege of Letters and Science
SophieWiarekLubar College of Business
SavannahWicinskiLubar College of Business
NathanWickerEngineering & Applied Science
NicoleWickerCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewWidowskiEngineering & Applied Science
JacobWiedPathway Advising
ZakaryWiedenhoeftCollege of General Studies
DevinWiemannPeck School of the Arts
MadisonWienekeCollege of Nursing
MandyWierzbaLubar College of Business
WhitneyWierzbinskiPeck School of the Arts
CaitlinWieserCollege of Nursing
LaurenWilcoxHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SavannahWilcoxSchool of Education
TaylorWilcoxCollege of Letters and Science
ShannonWildingSchool of Education
CassandraWilkeEngineering & Applied Science
NicholasWilkeLubar College of Business
LorrynWilkinsonEngineering & Applied Science
MelissaWilkinsonSchool of Education
FaithWilliamsCollege of Health Sciences
GracieWilliamsCollege of Health Sciences
JamieWilliamsCollege of Health Sciences
JenniferWilliamsCollege of General Studies
MariWilliamsLubar College of Business
MasonWilliamsSchool of Information Studies
TeklaWilliamsSchool of Education
TommyWilliamsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AustinWilliamsonLubar College of Business
ColinWilliamsonLubar College of Business
SavanaWilliamsonCollege of Letters and Science
MeganWillies-TravisCollege of Nursing
JoshuaWilliquetteCollege of General Studies
EricaWillisCollege of Health Sciences
AbigailWilsonGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
IsabelleWilsonCollege of Letters and Science
KathrynWilsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlyssaWindauSchool Arch & Urban Planning
IsabellaWinekeSchool of Public Health
GraceWinkelPeck School of the Arts
PaulWinklerSchool of Education
BlazeWinkoskiEngineering & Applied Science
KimberlyWinstonSchool of Education
SashaWinterPeck School of the Arts
MaxwellWintersLubar College of Business
JordynWirtzLubar College of Business
MarenWiseCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewWisniewskiPathway Advising
AnnaWisniewskiPeck School of the Arts
TaylorWitteckSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JoshuaWittenburgLubar College of Business
EricWittigCollege of Health Sciences
SamuelWittmershausEngineering & Applied Science
GraceWodillCollege of Letters and Science
FelixWoehlEngineering & Applied Science
KrischanWoehrerEngineering & Applied Science
WilliamWohltEngineering & Applied Science
ColleenWojciechowskiCollege of Nursing
LydiaWojcieszakPeck School of the Arts
IsaacWolfEngineering & Applied Science
SadieWolfeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AustinWolfgramCollege of Health Sciences
CalleighWondraCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaWoodSchool of Education
GabrielleWoodCollege of Nursing
KaileyWoodCollege of Letters and Science
LoganWoodCollege of Letters and Science
PhoebeWoodHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GrantWoodruffEngineering & Applied Science
MagdalenaWoodsCollege of Health Sciences
CasandraWoodwardCollege of Health Sciences
NicoleWorkenaourSchool of Information Studies
KatherineWorthmanCollege of Letters and Science
VictoriaWozniakPeck School of the Arts
KaitlineWrightCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenWrightPeck School of the Arts
MorganWrightCollege of Letters and Science
FaithWrychaPeck School of the Arts
AnnaWuSchool of Education
HaileyWurzPeck School of the Arts
SydneyWynnPeck School of the Arts
GraceWynveenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ColtonWyskochilSchool of Information Studies
KrishanXavierEngineering & Applied Science
MilesXavierSchool of Education
WeilingXiaEngineering & Applied Science
CelinaXiongCollege of Letters and Science
DeionXiongHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DengXiongPeck School of the Arts
DerXiongHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
FaithXiongCollege of Health Sciences
Gold AhXiongCollege of Health Sciences
HopeXiongLubar College of Business
KobeXiongEngineering & Applied Science
MeeXiongSchool of Education
NkaujouaXiongPeck School of the Arts
Pao-LeeXiongLubar College of Business
PofueXiongPathway Advising
SunshineXiongSchool of Information Studies
TouXiongEngineering & Applied Science
TouKouaXiongEngineering & Applied Science
BruceYangCollege of Letters and Science
Cheng YengYangSchool of Information Studies
Chue YeeYangCollege of Letters and Science
ChueyeeYangSchool of Information Studies
GowmongYangLubar College of Business
JiahuiYangEngineering & Applied Science
JohnnyYangCollege of Health Sciences
MathewYangSchool of Information Studies
MatthewYangSchool of Information Studies
NancyYangPeck School of the Arts
NicoleYangPeck School of the Arts
SunshineYangCollege of Letters and Science
XayYangSchool of Education
CarlyYanoffPeck School of the Arts
AmyYarchoSchool of Education
AvecitaYasaitisCollege of Letters and Science
QuinnYeagerLubar College of Business
JamesYeazelEngineering & Applied Science
Ka ChunYeungCollege of Letters and Science
TroyYilmazPeck School of the Arts
GeunyeongYooLubar College of Business
KisangYooCollege of Letters and Science
ColinYoungEngineering & Applied Science
BenjaminYoungloveLubar College of Business
EmilyYourichLubar College of Business
SeojinYunLubar College of Business
Abdullah Mohammed HabudZaabanootLubar College of Business
BrianaZablockiLubar College of Business
BennettZacherLubar College of Business
JannaZaibakCollege of Letters and Science
JordynZalewskiCollege of Health Sciences
SkylarZamzowPeck School of the Arts
SamanthaZanderSchool of Education
KatieZanoniSchool of Information Studies
KacperZaprzalkaCollege of Letters and Science
DrewZarembaLubar College of Business
AnissaZaskeCollege of Letters and Science
Sahil VimalZaveriEngineering & Applied Science
CarterZawickiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IsabellaZeimetPeck School of the Arts
AnthonyZelazoskiPeck School of the Arts
SophiaZelenyukCollege of Letters and Science
ZoeZemanSchool of Education
MaddisonZeniSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SebastianZensCollege of Letters and Science
KristianZenzCollege of General Studies
PabloZertuche FloresEngineering & Applied Science
HeleneZeznanskiLubar College of Business
PengfeiZhangLubar College of Business
WilsonZhangLubar College of Business
JennyZhengLubar College of Business
GabrielleZibellCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminZibtonLubar College of Business
SophiaZiebartCollege of Health Sciences
GraceZiehmCollege of Nursing
RebeccaZimdarsCollege of Nursing
EmilyZimmerLubar College of Business
AllysonZimmerleeLubar College of Business
RachelZimmerliPeck School of the Arts
AlyssaZimmermanLubar College of Business
RebeccaZimmermanLubar College of Business
GraceZimmermannPeck School of the Arts
HannahZimmermannPeck School of the Arts
MarisaZimmermannCollege of Health Sciences
TaylorZoephelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RubyZoggPathway Advising
SophieZoggCollege of Letters and Science
DanielZoromskiCollege of Health Sciences
AndreaZuehlCollege of Nursing
SamuelZufeltEngineering & Applied Science
RobertZupancichPeck School of the Arts
JonathanZweifelLubar College of Business