Dean’s Honors

Students listed below have earned the Dean’s Honors for the Spring 2021 term as of June 22, 2021. Students who have placed a FERPA hold on their record will not be included on the list below.

Spring 2021

First NameLast NameAcademic Program
ElhamAbdallahCollege of Health Sciences
YasmeneAbdallahLubar School of Business
MaysamAbdeljaberSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SumayaAbdiCollege of Nursing
YahyaAbdiSchool of Information Studies
NathanAbelEngineering & Applied Science
AmandaAbeltCollege of Letters and Science
AshlynAbrahamCollege of Health Sciences
BriannaAbrahamsCollege of Nursing
HadassaAbramovCollege of Letters and Science
OmarAbu-RmailehCollege of Letters and Science
DoniaAbu-SaifHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HashimAbualrahiEngineering & Applied Science
BissanAbubakerCollege of Letters and Science
AnetaAcevedoSchool of Education
MaxwellAckerLubar School of Business
TylerAckerCollege of Letters and Science
JosephAckeretLubar School of Business
LeahAckleyCollege of Letters and Science
KeithAdamkiewiczLubar School of Business
BethanyAdamsCollege of Letters and Science
BriannaAdamsCollege of Letters and Science
CalebAdamsPeck School of the Arts
HannahAdamsCollege of Letters and Science
LamyraAdamsPeck School of the Arts
MollyAdamsSchool of Public Health
ValerieAdamsCollege of Health Sciences
DavidAdashekEngineering & Applied Science
GracieAdelmeyerCollege of Health Sciences
AlexanderAdkinsEngineering & Applied Science
SeanAdrianEngineering & Applied Science
TylerAeschlimannPeck School of the Arts
MarenAger-HartCollege of General Studies
AdeaAgolliLubar School of Business
MikaelaAgolliLubar School of Business
TelemachosAgoudemosEngineering & Applied Science
StephanieAguilarCollege of Letters and Science
BrianAguirreCollege of Health Sciences
AnnabelleAhlersCollege of Letters and Science
CameronAhlesEngineering & Applied Science
HudaAhmadCollege of Letters and Science
NoorAhmadSchool of Education
TahaAhmadSchool of Information Studies
AliaAhmedCollege of Health Sciences
MuhammadAhmedCollege of Letters and Science
MustafaAhmedPathway Advising
AlexandriaAhrensSchool of Education
GraceAhrensCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailAikenLubar School of Business
AriyapornAkarasriwatCollege of Health Sciences
DanielleAkeyLubar School of Business
Reiam Abdulmoein AAl AbdulhaiPeck School of the Arts
Maryam Said MohammedAl BreikiCollege of Letters and Science
Bushra Hamed AbdullahAl BusaidiLubar School of Business
Nibras Amur HamedAl HabsiLubar School of Business
Taif Rashid MubarakAl MaqbaliCollege of Letters and Science
Fatema Ahmed AbdullahAl MarshoudiCollege of Letters and Science
Majid Sabri SulaimanAl MasrooriLubar School of Business
Mohammed WajeehAl ShakhsEngineering & Applied Science
Farah Ali NAl ShattiLubar School of Business
Yusra Mohammed HamedAl SulaimaniLubar School of Business
NadiaAl-KhunPeck School of the Arts
MajdAl-ZaibaqCollege of Letters and Science
Furqan Ibrahim AAlabdulaliCollege of Health Sciences
MeganAlaimoCollege of General Studies
Batool Yasir MAlammarLubar School of Business
ColinAlbaLubar School of Business
JameelahAlbadawiLubar School of Business
VivianAlbeaCollege of General Studies
SamanthaAlberthPeck School of the Arts
EmilyAlbertiSchool of Education
HenryAlbiterSchool of Information Studies
EmilyAlbrechtCollege of Health Sciences
VictoriaAlbrechtEngineering & Applied Science
AlyssaAlbroCollege of Health Sciences
MalikaAlbulushiCollege of Nursing
JoyAlcornCollege of Letters and Science
IrieAldermanLubar School of Business
Ahmed Khalid AAldossariLubar School of Business
ElizabethAldrichSchool of Information Studies
JamesAlessiaEngineering & Applied Science
Ahmed Ali FAlfarisEngineering & Applied Science
LeviAlgerCollege of Health Sciences
Meshari Jamal SAlghamdiSchool of Information Studies
RanyaAlghamdiEngineering & Applied Science
HamedAlguradLubar School of Business
Hassan Ali HAlhabibLubar School of Business
Mohammed Saleh HAlhaikiLubar School of Business
Duaa AliAlhanoonCollege of Health Sciences
Raghad Multaq OAlharbiCollege of Letters and Science
Osama Mohammed MAlhossinyLubar School of Business
AhmedAlhumoodEngineering & Applied Science
FamoAliSchool of Education
FartunAliCollege of Nursing
FatimaAliCollege of Nursing
MajidAliLubar School of Business
MalahatAliCollege of Letters and Science
ReemAliCollege of Nursing
IjabAli-CorreaLubar School of Business
JanaAljalousHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NaghamAljalousSchool of Education
JawadAlkhabazLubar School of Business
AdamAlkhatibSchool of Information Studies
YousifAlkhatibLubar School of Business
JacobAllenLubar School of Business
KelseyAllenSchool of Education
DaysiAlmendarezCollege of General Studies
AlaAlmousaLubar School of Business
AseelaAlmousaPathway Advising
Nada Mohammed SAlmuallemEngineering & Applied Science
Yousuf Mohammed SAlmuallemSchool of Information Studies
Amir A AAlqaddiEngineering & Applied Science
MahdiAlqudaihiLubar School of Business
Rayan Mohammed AAlsarranEngineering & Applied Science
AliAlshuwaikhatLubar School of Business
ArwaAlsiyamiEngineering & Applied Science
KhaliunAltanpurevEngineering & Applied Science
RyanAlvineLubar School of Business
MorganAlwardtCollege of Letters and Science
NusrAlzalloumEngineering & Applied Science
AbigailAmbrosePeck School of the Arts
AllyAmersonSchool of Education
NinaAmideiLubar School of Business
AliAminCollege of Letters and Science
RyanAmmermanCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyAnasonSchool of Education
JennaAndersCollege of Letters and Science
JaidenAndersenLubar School of Business
AubreyAndersonPathway Advising
CameronAndersonCollege of Letters and Science
CassandraAndersonCollege of Letters and Science
CodyAndersonLubar School of Business
DevinAndersonLubar School of Business
GriffinAndersonLubar School of Business
HolliAndersonCollege of Health Sciences
JacobAndersonCollege of Letters and Science
KaitlynAndersonSchool of Education
McKennaAndersonCollege of Health Sciences
MelissaAndersonCollege of Health Sciences
SilveyAndersonSchool of Education
LaurenAndingCollege of Health Sciences
RobertAndraschkoCollege of Letters and Science
ChaseAndreasenJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
LaurenAndrewsEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaAndrewsLubar School of Business
AnthonyAndronczykPeck School of the Arts
CathrinaAngelesCollege of Health Sciences
BreannaAnglesCollege of General Studies
PeterAnkerbergSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NiyokwizeraAnnaCollege of Nursing
ParkerAnnanCollege of Letters and Science
LibertyAnsorgeCollege of Letters and Science
JeremyAnstedtCollege of Letters and Science
CedrickAntonioCollege of Health Sciences
AliceApfelbachCollege of Letters and Science
NickolasApollonLubar School of Business
SoranoAraiLubar School of Business
MickelArcePeck School of the Arts
AllegraArcoPeck School of the Arts
YudithArenasHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GabrielleArendtPeck School of the Arts
KyraArendtPeck School of the Arts
DevinArfstromEngineering & Applied Science
SamuelAriaPeck School of the Arts
KaelynArltLubar School of Business
MariaArmaniousCollege of Letters and Science
DaltonArmstrongLubar School of Business
ElizabethArmstrongPathway Advising
GraceArmstrongSchool of Education
JacobArmstrongLubar School of Business
CassandraArndtCollege of Health Sciences
BraydenArnholtLubar School of Business
JosephArnoldCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonArntsenCollege of Letters and Science
HayleeArroyoCollege of Health Sciences
JuliaArteagaSchool of Public Health
MaryCateArtoneSchool of Education
NemanjaAsaninEngineering & Applied Science
JoshuaAsbyLubar School of Business
RebeccaAsbyLubar School of Business
SandraAscencioLubar School of Business
BrittanyAsfeldCollege of Letters and Science
JosephineAslesonCollege of Health Sciences
RowanAssadLubar School of Business
ShathaAssadCollege of Health Sciences
EmmaAtkinsCollege of Nursing
ChloeAttallaPeck School of the Arts
ShelbyAtwoodSchool of Education
NatalieAubleCollege of Health Sciences
MadisonAubryCollege of General Studies
OdehAudiSchool of Information Studies
ElenaAvilesLubar School of Business
LadaAvruninaCollege of Letters and Science
KianAwarzamaniLubar School of Business
BryannaAxtCollege of Health Sciences
AnitaAyalaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RaphaelAzcuetaEngineering & Applied Science
ZacharyBachinskiLubar School of Business
PaytonBachochinCollege of Letters and Science
KendraBaconSchool of Education
MaramBadadCollege of Letters and Science
TahaBadaniEngineering & Applied Science
AminehBadwanCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyBaginLubar School of Business
LaurenBahrCollege of Letters and Science
BrandieBaierCollege of Letters and Science
AmyBaileyCollege of Letters and Science
EvanBaileyCollege of Letters and Science
JennaBaileyCollege of Nursing
MeghanBainPeck School of the Arts
ChandlerBainbridgeLubar School of Business
NehalBajwaCollege of Letters and Science
AbagayleBakerCollege of Letters and Science
DevinBakerLubar School of Business
EvaBakerCollege of Letters and Science
GrantBakerCollege of Letters and Science
JoshuaBakerLubar School of Business
JethBalabagnoEngineering & Applied Science
Marceau Lucien Yves FabrizioBalaguerLubar School of Business
AnneBaldwinHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AinsleyBaldwin ZurekCollege of Letters and Science
JhonetteBalingitCollege of Letters and Science
AnaBallesteros GarciaCollege of Letters and Science
RodrigoBaltazarPeck School of the Arts
BaileeBanLubar School of Business
LaurenBanaagCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyBannachPeck School of the Arts
SimonBannisterCollege of Letters and Science
KathrynBaranykCollege of Letters and Science
GinaBarbianLubar School of Business
RyanBarbyLubar School of Business
ZacharyBarkerSchool of Information Studies
CianaBarkowLubar School of Business
HenryBarksdaleCollege of Letters and Science
ChelseaBarlowPeck School of the Arts
KelsieBarlowPeck School of the Arts
AlexandraBarnardCollege of Letters and Science
AmandaBarnesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmilyBarnesLubar School of Business
GabrielaBarnesSchool of Education
KristinaBarrettSchool of Public Health
NikoBarrientosCollege of Letters and Science
AlisonBarthLubar School of Business
CharlesBarthelEngineering & Applied Science
ChaseBarthelPeck School of the Arts
TaraBartlettLubar School of Business
ChloeBartonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MakenzieBartonSchool of Education
AlecBartzSchool Arch & Urban Planning
HaileeBartzCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasBartzLubar School of Business
HaileyBasinaCollege of Nursing
KimberlyBasslerCollege of Health Sciences
DanicaBastaCollege of Letters and Science
EmmalineBatemanSchool of Information Studies
MarvinBatemanLubar School of Business
GavinBatkerPeck School of the Arts
KarinaBattistiniPeck School of the Arts
AricaBauerCollege of Letters and Science
HannahBaumeisterLubar School of Business
NicholasBaumgartCollege of Letters and Science
ChandlerBauresEngineering & Applied Science
JoshuaBauschPeck School of the Arts
MaryJaneBaxterSchool of Education
JacobBayEngineering & Applied Science
CelesteBayerCollege of General Studies
ErinBeachkofskiEngineering & Applied Science
NikkoBeachkofskiCollege of Nursing
AlainaBechardPeck School of the Arts
AndreaBeckCollege of Letters and Science
BradyBeckLubar School of Business
BiancaBeckerCollege of Nursing
JohnBeckerEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewBeckerEngineering & Applied Science
OliviaBeckerCollege of Nursing
RozelynnBeckerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RachelBednarowskiPeck School of the Arts
AshleyBedtkaGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
GrahamBeebeEngineering & Applied Science
CatherineBeemanCollege of Letters and Science
JosephBeesonPeck School of the Arts
RobertBehlLubar School of Business
BrookeBehmSchool of Information Studies
ElenaBehnkePeck School of the Arts
GrantBehnkeLubar School of Business
MaxwellBehnkePeck School of the Arts
MariahBehrCollege of Nursing
EmilyBehrendtCollege of Letters and Science
BryceBehrensLubar School of Business
BrendenBeilfussPeck School of the Arts
MariaBeilkePeck School of the Arts
VincentBeilkeEngineering & Applied Science
MahmoudBekdashLubar School of Business
MelissaBekkersSchool of Education
CaliBelangerSchool of Education
EmilyBelcherCollege of Health Sciences
MadisenBellCollege of Health Sciences
JadeBellairsGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
JacobBellinCollege of Letters and Science
CordeliaBelloc LowndesSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MayaBelmasCollege of Letters and Science
CloeBelongiaCollege of Health Sciences
MadelineBelshawCollege of Nursing
DiegoBeltranLubar School of Business
MaryBenderCollege of Health Sciences
AminaBendrissLubar School of Business
WilliamBenitezPathway Advising
CaseyBenkowskiLubar School of Business
AndreaBennageCollege of Letters and Science
DominiqueBennettLubar School of Business
LaurenBennettCollege of Nursing
MackenzieBennettSchool of Education
RichardBennettEngineering & Applied Science
JonBensemannLubar School of Business
SamuelBensemannSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ErinBensonSchool of Education
MarnieBenzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
VivianBepplerCollege of Nursing
MiraBeranekCollege of Letters and Science
IrinaBerardCollege of Letters and Science
SkylarBerensCollege of Letters and Science
HannahBergPeck School of the Arts
KassideeBergdollCollege of Letters and Science
RachelBergelinSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MeghanBergerPeck School of the Arts
HaleyBergetCollege of General Studies
ChristianBergmannLubar School of Business
HannahBergmannLubar School of Business
HannahBergmannCollege of Nursing
HannahBergrudEngineering & Applied Science
AlysaBerhardtCollege of Letters and Science
TashaBerilloCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaBernhardCollege of Nursing
BlueBernsteinPeck School of the Arts
TylerBerrayEngineering & Applied Science
HalleBerresCollege of Letters and Science
KevinBerridgeCollege of Letters and Science
TravisBerrymanLubar School of Business
CassidyBertagnoliCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelBertherEngineering & Applied Science
LukeBertholdPeck School of the Arts
BenjaminBertjensEngineering & Applied Science
KayleeBertrandSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GabriellaBestulLubar School of Business
AndrewBeszhakCollege of Letters and Science
DerekBetzEngineering & Applied Science
TaylorBeyerPeck School of the Arts
AndreasBeyer-BowdenPeck School of the Arts
EdwardBiancoPeck School of the Arts
EmiliaBiasonEngineering & Applied Science
MakennaBieberitzSchool of Education
NicholasBieganskiEngineering & Applied Science
EmilyBienemanCollege of Nursing
JosephBieselLubar School of Business
NinaBieserCollege of Health Sciences
RebeccaBirdLubar School of Business
LarsenBirdsongCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyBirkholzLubar School of Business
JacobBirkholzSchool of Education
ShawnBirkholzCollege of Health Sciences
NicholasBirschbachEngineering & Applied Science
GabrielleBiscegliaCollege of Nursing
AndreaBishopCollege of Letters and Science
EricBishopPeck School of the Arts
NicoleBishopLubar School of Business
KeiraBittnerCollege of Health Sciences
ClaireBjorgoPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethBjorkCollege of General Studies
KaleyBlakeLubar School of Business
OliviaBlakeCollege of Health Sciences
MikaylaBlanchardPeck School of the Arts
EmmaBlanchetteCollege of Letters and Science
RachelBlankCollege of Letters and Science
MeganBlasHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LexisBlaserCollege of Health Sciences
VivienBleckingCollege of Letters and Science
ShawnBlindauerEngineering & Applied Science
BenjaminBlitzCollege of Letters and Science
JordanBlitzCollege of Letters and Science
LisaBlockCollege of Nursing
SydneyBlockEngineering & Applied Science
LeahBlohmCollege of Letters and Science
EvaBloomHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BrinnBlumEngineering & Applied Science
WyattBobbLubar School of Business
ChaseBockCollege of Letters and Science
CassandraBodartCollege of Nursing
TrevorBodartPathway Advising
NatalieBoelterLubar School of Business
CameronBoeshaarCollege of Letters and Science
AllieBoettcherCollege of Letters and Science
HannahBoettgerCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaBoganLubar School of Business
JulianBogdanovGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
JaydenBognerLubar School of Business
LauraBogyayPeck School of the Arts
MadelineBohnSchool of Education
AshleyBohnePeck School of the Arts
KlairissaBoisvertCollege of Health Sciences
MatidaBojangCollege of Letters and Science
ReaganBolandPeck School of the Arts
DagmarBollCollege of Letters and Science
MadeleineBomanCollege of Health Sciences
AndrewBonkLubar School of Business
LaurenBonofiglioCollege of Nursing
EdwardBoothCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewBorchardtPeck School of the Arts
CarlyBorchardtCollege of Letters and Science
HannahBorgraSchool of Education
AlyssaBorinPeck School of the Arts
TylerBorkowiczLubar School of Business
Lucy Anna JaneBorlasePeck School of the Arts
AlyssaBorowskiCollege of Health Sciences
KevinBorowskiCollege of Letters and Science
DevinBorringLubar School of Business
GabrielleBorstSchool of Education
TimothyBorstadEngineering & Applied Science
TrentonBoschkeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JosephBosmanLubar School of Business
NoelleBougieCollege of Letters and Science
ChaseBourilEngineering & Applied Science
MaimoonaBowcockCollege of Health Sciences
TeresaBoyceLubar School of Business
HannahBoydCollege of Letters and Science
KamrynBoydCollege of Letters and Science
KathrynBoydCollege of Nursing
DevonBoyerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SallyBradfordCollege of Health Sciences
RichardBradyCollege of Letters and Science
IsaacBrahmCollege of Letters and Science
KyleBrahmEngineering & Applied Science
MakaylaBrameCollege of General Studies
RossBrandolinoPathway Advising
Jack DaltonBrandtPeck School of the Arts
TahlliaBranstiterCollege of Health Sciences
SkylarBrantEngineering & Applied Science
JakeBratelCollege of General Studies
NatalieBrauerPathway Advising
EmilyBraunCollege of Letters and Science
JacobBraunEngineering & Applied Science
RachelBraunCollege of General Studies
AnnaBraunschweigCollege of General Studies
ChristopherBravataPeck School of the Arts
KristynBreckenridgeSchool of Education
AlissaBreenSchool of Education
MichelleBrehmCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyBreiderEngineering & Applied Science
HawaBremaLubar School of Business
AidanBrennanLubar School of Business
AnthonyBretallPeck School of the Arts
LaurenBreunigCollege of Letters and Science
AseemBrickhouseEngineering & Applied Science
EmmaBriedisPeck School of the Arts
TrentBriggsCollege of Nursing
KatrinaBrinkmanSchool of Education
EmilyBriscoeCollege of Letters and Science
AdamBristolCollege of Letters and Science
BrennaBristowLubar School of Business
AlisonBrodieCollege of General Studies
ClaraBroeckerEngineering & Applied Science
LoganBroichCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyBromleyEngineering & Applied Science
MorganBrooksSchool of Information Studies
LillyBrostHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LyleBrotkowskiSchool of Information Studies
DemetriusBrownPeck School of the Arts
JadeBrownLubar School of Business
KatelynBrownCollege of Nursing
MaryBrownCollege of Letters and Science
NathanBrownCollege of Letters and Science
RobertBrownHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RossBrownCollege of Letters and Science
SophiaBrownHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaylorBrownSchool of Education
ZoeBrownCollege of Letters and Science
DanielBrowneLubar School of Business
JonathanBrowneCollege of Letters and Science
MorganBruggerCollege of Health Sciences
AdamBrugginkLubar School of Business
SilasBrunnEngineering & Applied Science
LyndseyBrunnerCollege of Letters and Science
AnnabelleBrusacoramCollege of General Studies
TamsynBruskeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CharlieBrussLubar School of Business
JennaBrydenLubar School of Business
TabithaBryzekCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasBrzozowskiEngineering & Applied Science
CalebBubackCollege of Health Sciences
MitchellBubanCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewBucholtzSchool of Education
BrandonBuckCollege of Nursing
SydneyBuckCollege of Health Sciences
RyanBuckleyLubar School of Business
SydneyBudelierCollege of Health Sciences
SydneyBudneyCollege of Health Sciences
AbbyBuehlerCollege of General Studies
ChristinaBuehnerCollege of Letters and Science
IsabellaBuettnerCollege of Letters and Science
JordanBuiCollege of Health Sciences
DamonBukourasLubar School of Business
EmilyBurantLubar School of Business
MariaBurkeCollege of Nursing
JanaeeBurksCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyBurnsSchool of Education
IsabellaBurnsCollege of Letters and Science
KristinaBurnsCollege of Letters and Science
LaKyshaBurnsSchool of Education
SabrinaBurrieCollege of Nursing
AdrienneBurtonCollege of Letters and Science
JenaBurtonCollege of Health Sciences
KyleBurwitzEngineering & Applied Science
RachelBuscheSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KristyBuschmanLubar School of Business
DanielBushPathway Advising
NevelynBusickCollege of Health Sciences
AaronBussLubar School of Business
LeahButtonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MaggieButzCollege of Letters and Science
MaxwellBuzeckyPeck School of the Arts
TannerBykowskiLubar School of Business
DanielByrne-SzafoniPeck School of the Arts
LeilaniCabanLubar School of Business
NestorCaban HernandezSchool of Information Studies
AlejandroCabeza VelasquezPeck School of the Arts
AshtonCadmanSchool of Education
ElijahCalhounLubar School of Business
MaryCalhounSchool of Education
GeorgeCallEngineering & Applied Science
EvanCallowEngineering & Applied Science
StevenCamachoLubar School of Business
AngeloCamalieriLubar School of Business
KaseyCampbellHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LaurenCampbellCollege of Letters and Science
IsaacCamposLubar School of Business
Akan MehmetCanCollege of Letters and Science
MicheleCanfieldSchool of Education
NicoleCanfieldLubar School of Business
PatriciaCannonSchool of Education
SamuelCapponSchool of Information Studies
MikaelaCarbajalPathway Advising
JosieCarballidoCollege of Letters and Science
GretaCarbonePathway Advising
NicholasCardinaleLubar School of Business
SeanCareyCollege of Letters and Science
CeciliaCarlLubar School of Business
MatthewCarlsenCollege of Letters and Science
NicoleCarlsonSchool of Education
ParkerCarlsonEngineering & Applied Science
SaraCarlsonCollege of Health Sciences
BenjaminCarlson LauxPathway Advising
RonanCarpenterCollege of Letters and Science
AlexisCarrCollege of Nursing
HaidenCarrSchool of Education
EvaCarraraCollege of Health Sciences
IsabelCarrilloPathway Advising
GracieCarterLubar School of Business
GrayciaCarterHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SamanthaCarterCollege of Letters and Science
CohlCarter-WrightPeck School of the Arts
KimberlyCarverCollege of Letters and Science
KailaCasalinoPeck School of the Arts
CruzCasasHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BrennaCaseySchool of Education
OliviaCashCollege of Letters and Science
DevonCasperLubar School of Business
ElizabethCasperCollege of Health Sciences
StephanyCastaneda-ReyesSchool of Public Health
IsabelCastroSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TeresaCavaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RileyCavanaughLubar School of Business
MadelineCawkinsPeck School of the Arts
MatthewCecchiniLubar School of Business
KelseiCecilPeck School of the Arts
RebeccaCepekPeck School of the Arts
AliciaCeraCollege of Nursing
AngelaCeraPeck School of the Arts
BreannaCeraCollege of Letters and Science
NatalyaCerdaSchool of Education
DelaneyCerevicSchool of Education
KlejaCerniauskaiteLubar School of Business
NicholasCervacLubar School of Business
EdithCervantesGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
RyanCesarzPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethChaLubar School of Business
AngelaChairezCollege of Health Sciences
ThomasChamberlainLubar School of Business
EmilyChanCollege of Letters and Science
ChamenouChangPeck School of the Arts
EmmaChangPeck School of the Arts
JoannahChangLubar School of Business
MichaelChangSchool of Information Studies
PajaChangPathway Advising
PasuaChangCollege of Health Sciences
TiffanyChangCollege of Letters and Science
NehaChangotraLubar School of Business
MitchellChanterLubar School of Business
TaisungChaoCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminChapinPeck School of the Arts
McKennaChapmanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
FaithCharbonneauPeck School of the Arts
MaraCharpentierEngineering & Applied Science
AlyssaChartierCollege of General Studies
BenjaminChartierPeck School of the Arts
RobertChartierLubar School of Business
AmandaChasePathway Advising
BrendenChasteenCollege of Letters and Science
NicoleChavezCollege of Letters and Science
VictorChavezEngineering & Applied Science
JordiChavez SernaSchool of Information Studies
FelixChavez-AlmedaEngineering & Applied Science
SebastianChecaPathway Advising
DavidChenCollege of Letters and Science
JackChenLubar School of Business
JayChenLubar School of Business
JustinaChengCollege of Letters and Science
Ariel Mae EueCheongCollege of Health Sciences
ClareCheweLubar School of Business
NicholasChiappaLubar School of Business
VincentChiesaLubar School of Business
AbigailChildsCollege of Letters and Science
DylanChildsCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenChingwayEngineering & Applied Science
Sai KeerthanaChittajalluSchool of Information Studies
TimothyChmielLubar School of Business
ChandiChoeun-LaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KhizarChoudheryLubar School of Business
KennethChowLubar School of Business
NoahChrislerCollege of Letters and Science
DanielleChristensenPathway Advising
SamuelChristensenEngineering & Applied Science
SkylerChristiansonEngineering & Applied Science
CassidyChristmanCollege of Health Sciences
ShayleyChristyCollege of Nursing
AbigailCiaccioLubar School of Business
TylerCicigoiLubar School of Business
DiannaCieszynskiCollege of General Studies
AlexanderCiskeCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminCisnerosCollege of Letters and Science
MarisaCisnerosCollege of Letters and Science
ParkerClairEngineering & Applied Science
AlexisClancySchool of Education
ShannonClareySchool of Education
AmandaClarkSchool of Education
AndrewClarkPeck School of the Arts
HazelClarkCollege of General Studies
HeatherClarkPeck School of the Arts
JamesClarkCollege of Health Sciences
JohnClarkPeck School of the Arts
KadenClarkLubar School of Business
RobertClarkLubar School of Business
SethClarkPathway Advising
MadalynClarkeSchool of Education
GiovanniClaudioSchool of Information Studies
BrandonClausenLubar School of Business
ShemClaybornLubar School of Business
DeAmayiahClayhiggsPathway Advising
TaiClazmerCollege of Letters and Science
ToryClearwaterCollege of Letters and Science
CarolineClemensHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BayleeClementCollege of Health Sciences
AbigailClementsLubar School of Business
DylanClemonsPathway Advising
LucaClesceriPeck School of the Arts
MarcusClineLubar School of Business
CaleClinkertCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonClopperCollege of Health Sciences
McKennaCoartneyPeck School of the Arts
IsmaelCoello RamirezEngineering & Applied Science
VivianCoenenLubar School of Business
AshleyCoffeyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ElizabethColdenSchool of Education
JaceColeLubar School of Business
TylerColegroveLubar School of Business
MicahColemanCollege of Letters and Science
NakyaColemanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Eli DavidColina GarciaSchool of Information Studies
RenaCollaCollege of Letters and Science
KeiraCollinPeck School of the Arts
GrahamCollingsLubar School of Business
CamilleCollinsPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethCollinsCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyCollinsCollege of Letters and Science
MadalynnCollinsCollege of Letters and Science
CaseyColognaLubar School of Business
KirstenColtonCollege of Nursing
HannahComanCollege of Health Sciences
RachelComandeCollege of Letters and Science
RyanConawayLubar School of Business
RyanConferEngineering & Applied Science
JennaConfortiCollege of Health Sciences
BradleyCongerCollege of Letters and Science
CarlosConnCollege of General Studies
TrevorConnaherPeck School of the Arts
AmandaConnollyLubar School of Business
KaitlynConnollyCollege of Health Sciences
MadysonContreras-PerrinCollege of Letters and Science
FrancieCookPeck School of the Arts
IsabelCoolingPeck School of the Arts
AudreyCooperPeck School of the Arts
ColeCoplanPeck School of the Arts
SeanCoppinEngineering & Applied Science
TatianaCordovaPeck School of the Arts
MiaCornaleSchool of Education
ZacharyCornaleEngineering & Applied Science
ElyseCornellHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AllisonCorraoCollege of Nursing
LeticiaCortesSchool of Education
EmilyCoryEngineering & Applied Science
AngelCosmeCollege of Letters and Science
SamCoulsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LaurenCourterPeck School of the Arts
SabrinaCowanCollege of General Studies
AngelaCoxCollege of Letters and Science
GarrettCoxCollege of Nursing
TylerCrabtreeLubar School of Business
AleksaCraigPeck School of the Arts
AlisonCraigPathway Advising
VanessaCramSchool of Education
DanielCramerEngineering & Applied Science
NoelCramerEngineering & Applied Science
HayleyCrandallCollege of Letters and Science
KalebCravillionSchool of Information Studies
IsabelCrespoCollege of Letters and Science
AyannaCriswellPeck School of the Arts
NicholasCrivelloCollege of Letters and Science
MyKennaCrockerLubar School of Business
GraceCrowleyLubar School of Business
PhilipCrownoverEngineering & Applied Science
ChelseyCruzSchool of Education
GabriellaCruzCollege of Letters and Science
MiguelCuevasLubar School of Business
AlondraCuevas QuevedoCollege of Health Sciences
TessaCulletonCollege of Letters and Science
JaredCulmPeck School of the Arts
ThomasCummingsEngineering & Applied Science
AaronCumminsLubar School of Business
AlyssaCunninghamCollege of Health Sciences
SpencerCurrieCollege of Letters and Science
NikaCurroCollege of Health Sciences
GavinCurtinLubar School of Business
AndrewCurzonSchool of Information Studies
MadisonCusterSchool of Education
JackCyganiakLubar School of Business
AnthonyD'AcquistoCollege of Health Sciences
KathrynD'AmatoPeck School of the Arts
RachelD'AmatoCollege of Letters and Science
AnnabellaD'AmoreSchool of Education
AdrennDacanayPathway Advising
HaneenDaherCollege of Nursing
AshleyDahlCollege of Letters and Science
ToriDahlPeck School of the Arts
SpencerDahlmanLubar School of Business
NathanielDalanCollege of Letters and Science
IndiaDaltonPathway Advising
JadziaDaneauSchool of Information Studies
AmyDangLubar School of Business
Quynh Nguyen MaiDangCollege of Nursing
MaliqueDanielCollege of Health Sciences
AustinDanielewiczSchool of Information Studies
LukeDanielsPeck School of the Arts
MalikDanielsSchool of Information Studies
NikhilDanielsEngineering & Applied Science
AlisonDanisonEngineering & Applied Science
JohnDankwardtLubar School of Business
CarolineDanneckerGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
ChristianDansonLubar School of Business
KendraDantoinPathway Advising
JosephDardisLubar School of Business
AkankshaDasariCollege of Letters and Science
AaronDaviesCollege of Nursing
AshaDaviesCollege of Nursing
BobbyDavisLubar School of Business
HaileyDavisCollege of Letters and Science
PrincessDavisLubar School of Business
TraytonDavisCollege of Health Sciences
MiaDavoodiCollege of Letters and Science
TieganDawleyCollege of Health Sciences
ThurstonDawsonCollege of Letters and Science
AndreaDayCollege of Letters and Science
Gabriellede GailCollege of Letters and Science
JacobDe HartPeck School of the Arts
NancyDe JesusEngineering & Applied Science
RaymundoDe Los SantosLubar School of Business
LindsieDe ValkLubar School of Business
MatthewDeaconEngineering & Applied Science
HaleyDeanCollege of Health Sciences
AllysaDeatesPathway Advising
JarekDeBaucheCollege of Letters and Science
KayleeDeBeukelarSchool of Education
AveryDeBoerLubar School of Business
JacyDeBoerEngineering & Applied Science
MelinaDebrouxCollege of General Studies
MichaelDeCleeneEngineering & Applied Science
SullivanDeCramerLubar School of Business
LeahDeen-SandovalPathway Advising
CarolineDeGrootHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JordanDeGrootLubar School of Business
NoahDeGrootLubar School of Business
AlyciaDeJesusSchool of Education
MatthewDekkerEngineering & Applied Science
Ashriel GraceDel RosarioPathway Advising
JennaDelatteLubar School of Business
DelaneyDeLeskePathway Advising
MaxDemarioLubar School of Business
DominicDeMoreSchool of Information Studies
KarissaDemottoPeck School of the Arts
BenjaminDeMuriEngineering & Applied Science
AlexDenneeSchool of Education
SarahDennisEngineering & Applied Science
EmilyDenticeCollege of Health Sciences
SamanthaDenzelSchool of Education
TyDepiesLubar School of Business
NinaDeQuardoLubar School of Business
ConnorDerenneLubar School of Business
AlyssaDerpinghausLubar School of Business
NatalieDerrPeck School of the Arts
EmilyDeSantoCollege of Letters and Science
DavidDeshpandeCollege of Letters and Science
JacobDetampelSchool of Information Studies
MaxwellDetersLubar School of Business
LydiaDeutschCollege of Nursing
EmmaDeValkenaereHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AddisonDevineCollege of Nursing
TylerDevingerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DestinyDeVooghtCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaDeVriesLubar School of Business
BenjaminDewaneLubar School of Business
ConstanceDewittPeck School of the Arts
NathanDeYoungLubar School of Business
JaymeeDheinCollege of Letters and Science
AurandeepDhillonLubar School of Business
DominiqueDiamantePeck School of the Arts
IleanaDiazCollege of Health Sciences
RyanDickeCollege of Letters and Science
ErikDiedrichCollege of Letters and Science
MaiaDiedrichGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
KatlynnDietzenCollege of Letters and Science
PatrickDietzmanLubar School of Business
KirstenDieuCollege of Nursing
LatrinaDiggsLubar School of Business
CailinDildayCollege of Letters and Science
ElisaDillonPeck School of the Arts
HoustonDiMaggioLubar School of Business
OliviaDimmerCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailDineenLubar School of Business
MonroeDinhEngineering & Applied Science
LaurenDinnelSchool of Education
CarissaDiPietroPeck School of the Arts
KaitlynDiskinPeck School of the Arts
DawnDiVirgilioHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LucianaDivitoPeck School of the Arts
JovanaDjukicCollege of Health Sciences
RebekahDoakCollege of General Studies
EvelynDoanCollege of Letters and Science
MaggieDobbsCollege of Letters and Science
ClaireDobovskyLubar School of Business
JacobDobratzEngineering & Applied Science
EastonDobsonEngineering & Applied Science
DevinDodulikCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelDoebertLubar School of Business
DelaneyDoeringCollege of Letters and Science
DelaneyDoerschPeck School of the Arts
MichaelDoineLubar School of Business
EmmaDolanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KellyDolgnerPeck School of the Arts
KristyDolinacPathway Advising
KaylaDollSchool of Education
IsabellaDoll JaycoxPeck School of the Arts
BrookeDombrowskiCollege of Health Sciences
AdrianaDominguezCollege of Nursing
DiegoDominguez-RamirezEngineering & Applied Science
GisselleDominquezCollege of General Studies
KathrynDominskiSchool of Education
JuliaDonahuePeck School of the Arts
JadaDonaldsonCollege of Nursing
EmmaDorcyPathway Advising
MadeleineDorcyCollege of Nursing
GraceDorschelCollege of Letters and Science
RomanDorseyCollege of Letters and Science
AnthonyDorshakLubar School of Business
KyraDoschPathway Advising
Emma FaeDostalekHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TylerDotterweichCollege of Letters and Science
AlexandraDoughertyPeck School of the Arts
AuroraDouglas MeerdinkCollege of Health Sciences
NathanDownerCollege of General Studies
AaronDowningCollege of General Studies
AustinDowningSchool of Education
SydneyDownsCollege of Health Sciences
ErinDraganPathway Advising
JovanaDragicevicLubar School of Business
MarijaDragicevicLubar School of Business
MeganDraxlerCollege of Health Sciences
JessicaDraySchool Arch & Urban Planning
MiaDreherPeck School of the Arts
NicholasDreierLubar School of Business
RachelDremelLubar School of Business
StephenDrenaSchool of Education
AmyDrescherCollege of Health Sciences
AnthonyDrewHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SydneyDrewesSchool of Education
EliDrewsPeck School of the Arts
AndrewDreyfusLubar School of Business
MaxDriftmierSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TylerDriskellEngineering & Applied Science
LukeDritleinEngineering & Applied Science
JacobDroesslerLubar School of Business
MadalynDruktenisLubar School of Business
AllisonDuBoisCollege of Letters and Science
ClaireDucharmeCollege of Letters and Science
KatherineDuchenyCollege of Nursing
NicholasDuchonLubar School of Business
SundanceDuchowCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailDudaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AmiDudhatLubar School of Business
EmilyDuelgeSchool of Education
AaronDuenkSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TannerDuffneyCollege of Letters and Science
AlexDuhnCollege of Letters and Science
DavidDuncanCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyDunnEngineering & Applied Science
AlanaDunneSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AugustDunphyCollege of Letters and Science
HannahDunstCollege of Letters and Science
PaulaDuran GarzonLubar School of Business
ThomasDurbinEngineering & Applied Science
BrianDutkowskiLubar School of Business
AvaDworskyLubar School of Business
GenevieveDwyerCollege of Letters and Science
EthanDybingEngineering & Applied Science
LaurynDyeSchool of Education
MicahDykemaLubar School of Business
KatelynDziengelLubar School of Business
ClaireEadeLubar School of Business
AlyshaEarnshawCollege of Health Sciences
ArvindEbbeCollege of Letters and Science
AlessandraEbbenEngineering & Applied Science
TaylorEbbenCollege of Health Sciences
BescentEbeidSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EllisEberhardtLubar School of Business
JordanEcklCollege of Letters and Science
DanielEckoldtCollege of Health Sciences
SouadEddahiouiSchool of Education
HannahEdensCollege of Letters and Science
ValerieEdgingtonCollege of Letters and Science
CodyEdmondEngineering & Applied Science
ElijahEdwardsLubar School of Business
HunterEdwardsEngineering & Applied Science
KendallEdwardsCollege of Health Sciences
MakenzieEdwardsPeck School of the Arts
NicoleEdwardsCollege of Health Sciences
SabrinaEdwardsonEngineering & Applied Science
JoelEfangaLubar School of Business
SamanthaEgelseerCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaEggertLubar School of Business
JuliaEglyCollege of Health Sciences
SebastianEhlkePathway Advising
HaleyEhnPeck School of the Arts
AmberEhrmannCollege of Letters and Science
ElizaEidenSchool of Education
AlexisEilenfeldtSchool of Education
KathleenEisenbrownCollege of Nursing
HannahEismanCollege of Letters and Science
CarsonEjzakLubar School of Business
YassineEl BerkiSchool of Information Studies
AbdelouhabEl hmainiSchool of Information Studies
AllisonEldredLubar School of Business
MikaylaEliyhaSchool of Information Studies
CharlieEllenbeckerEngineering & Applied Science
JaredElliasEngineering & Applied Science
MollyElliotCollege of Nursing
SarahElliottSchool of Education
TrentEllisEngineering & Applied Science
CalvinElmoreLubar School of Business
SavannahElyCollege of Nursing
KhaledElzeibaghLubar School of Business
MarieEnderleSchool of Education
ElliotEndresLubar School of Business
MeganEnglerSchool of Education
MorganEnglerCollege of Letters and Science
MichaelaEnglundCollege of Letters and Science
KateEnriquezSchool of Public Health
IsabellaErdmanPathway Advising
PeteErdmannPeck School of the Arts
ClaraEricksonCollege of General Studies
DestinyEricksonCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaEricksonPeck School of the Arts
SilviaErnerLubar School of Business
AllisonErnestSchool of Education
CallaEschLubar School of Business
BrianEscobarLubar School of Business
MelanieEscobarHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CarinaEsparzaSchool of Education
JenniferEsparzaSchool of Education
JoselimEspinosa GarciaCollege of Nursing
Adiyna-EdenEspinosa-ByrdCollege of Letters and Science
AbbieEsterlinePeck School of the Arts
RyanEttnerCollege of Letters and Science
KalvinaEubanksPathway Advising
KeenanEvansCollege of Letters and Science
KirstinEvansEngineering & Applied Science
MichelleEvansSchool of Education
TyEvansLubar School of Business
BrandonEvensCollege of General Studies
HaleyEversCollege of Letters and Science
NicoleEvicaLubar School of Business
BenjaminEwigLubar School of Business
JoshuahEwingLubar School of Business
WasihunEwnetuEngineering & Applied Science
ChristopherFaberJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
TristenFaberLubar School of Business
HarrisonFabianLubar School of Business
AngelinaFailingPeck School of the Arts
MadelineFalkenbergLubar School of Business
RobertFalkowskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmmaFamulakCollege of Health Sciences
LeaFanellaCollege of Letters and Science
SeanFanningCollege of Letters and Science
PanagiotisFanopoulosLubar School of Business
SarenaFarberHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmmaFarhartCollege of Letters and Science
OmarFarisLubar School of Business
AsiaFarlandCollege of Letters and Science
ErinFarleyCollege of Letters and Science
SeanFarneyLubar School of Business
MacyFarnsworthCollege of Nursing
ConradFarrellEngineering & Applied Science
ZoeFarrellCollege of Letters and Science
LoganFarringtonLubar School of Business
GraceFauerbachSchool of Education
LeenaFayyadEngineering & Applied Science
KelseyFeaselCollege of Health Sciences
DiannaFedchukCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyFedewaCollege of Letters and Science
AlekFedykLubar School of Business
OwenFehlerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JericaFehrSchool of Education
AlyssaFehrmanGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
RyanFeiertagCollege of General Studies
EstellaFelauerCollege of Nursing
ZacharyFeldbrueggeCollege of Letters and Science
TeaganFelerskiSchool of Education
VanessaFelixCollege of Health Sciences
EloyFelizSchool of Information Studies
AlainaFellowsCollege of Letters and Science
KieranFendtCollege of Letters and Science
MitsukiFendtCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaFenhouseEngineering & Applied Science
ValeryFenningerCollege of Letters and Science
MarkFerenziPeck School of the Arts
KatherineFergusonCollege of Letters and Science
JosephFernandezLubar School of Business
CarlaFerreiraLubar School of Business
TraceFerreiraLubar School of Business
AvaFerrierPeck School of the Arts
MarisaFerrierLubar School of Business
AndrewFerrisLubar School of Business
AshlinFeutzCollege of Health Sciences
DanielFeyLubar School of Business
CassidyFeyenSchool of Education
HannahFickSchool of Education
JulianaFilippoPeck School of the Arts
ClaudiaFinkHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SaigeFinkCollege of Letters and Science
ShaylaFinleyPeck School of the Arts
DanielFinnSchool of Education
EllenFinnelCollege of Letters and Science
JustinFinnerEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewFioritaLubar School of Business
AndrewFischerLubar School of Business
MichaelFischerLubar School of Business
LiamFishLubar School of Business
AlexanderFisherCollege of Letters and Science
BradleyFisherCollege of Letters and Science
AbbyFitchPathway Advising
LeilaFitchettSchool of Education
RyanFittePeck School of the Arts
MeganFitzgibbonCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethFixCollege of Letters and Science
LoriAnneFlahertySchool Arch & Urban Planning
PaigeFlanneryCollege of Letters and Science
NoorFleifelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BeauFleischmannLubar School of Business
HannahFlemingCollege of Letters and Science
CarmenFlenoryCollege of Letters and Science
AaronFlierlLubar School of Business
SamuelFlintCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyFlomCollege of Letters and Science
DestinyFloresCollege of Letters and Science
HaydnFloresCollege of Letters and Science
IsabelleFloresPeck School of the Arts
IsaiahFloresSchool of Information Studies
NoelFlores DelgadoSchool Arch & Urban Planning
CameronFlynnLubar School of Business
ErinFlynnCollege of Letters and Science
KatherineFlynnSchool of Education
CharlesFogleSchool of Education
KatlynFoglepoleCollege of General Studies
LarissaFoleyCollege of General Studies
StephenFoleyGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
BrookeFollansbeeCollege of Health Sciences
MatthewFolosPeck School of the Arts
BrettFongEngineering & Applied Science
SzuyannFongLubar School of Business
SalainaFonseca-BonillaCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailFooteCollege of Letters and Science
CollinFooteSchool of Education
LindsayFordPeck School of the Arts
NadiaForlerPathway Advising
ReubenFortierCollege of Letters and Science
LeahFosterCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelFosterEngineering & Applied Science
MoniqueFosterPeck School of the Arts
RachelFosterPeck School of the Arts
TiaraFountainCollege of Letters and Science
DanielleFoxCollege of Health Sciences
MischaFoxSchool of Information Studies
AddyFrancoisLubar School of Business
FreddyFrancoisLubar School of Business
BennettFrankSchool of Education
JonathanFrankPeck School of the Arts
AlaynaFransonCollege of Health Sciences
SarahFrazierCollege of Letters and Science
JustinFredricksonLubar School of Business
AngelaFreemanPeck School of the Arts
AustinFreibothLubar School of Business
JoshuaFreitagHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MarieFreresCollege of Letters and Science
JenaFrettLubar School of Business
MitchellFreundEngineering & Applied Science
Anna MarieFricanoCollege of Nursing
NathanFrickLubar School of Business
PaigeFrickCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamFrickLubar School of Business
AshFriedenbergPeck School of the Arts
KoreyFriederichsLubar School of Business
MaxwellFriedlPeck School of the Arts
KylieFriedrichSchool of Public Health
AvalynnFriedrichsLubar School of Business
GraceFrielloCollege of Nursing
ClanceyFritschEngineering & Applied Science
AndrewFritzLubar School of Business
KendylFrobergCollege of Health Sciences
GretchenFroelichPeck School of the Arts
RyanFroschLubar School of Business
DestinyFryeCollege of Health Sciences
AbigailFuchsPeck School of the Arts
JennaFullerCollege of Letters and Science
AlexaFurutaPeck School of the Arts
TannerGabelEngineering & Applied Science
NicoleGabrielPeck School of the Arts
KatyGabryelczykCollege of Letters and Science
FatmaGaddourLubar School of Business
AndrewGaetaLubar School of Business
CarrieGagnon-PalickSchool of Education
ShelbyGainEngineering & Applied Science
EmilijanGajicCollege of Health Sciences
ElizabethGallagherEngineering & Applied Science
ShannonGallagherCollege of Health Sciences
EleazarGallegosPeck School of the Arts
MaryleeGallegosLubar School of Business
NolanGallimoreSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AugustGallmeyerPeck School of the Arts
AnnaGaluppoPeck School of the Arts
HageoGamezSchool of Information Studies
NicoleGamrothPeck School of the Arts
LejlaGanijaPathway Advising
SarahGannonCollege of Nursing
AshleyGarciaPeck School of the Arts
DavidGarciaLubar School of Business
DiegoGarciaEngineering & Applied Science
HannaGarciaCollege of Letters and Science
JenniferGarciaPathway Advising
JesusGarciaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LaurenGarciaCollege of Letters and Science
SalvadorGarciaLubar School of Business
SamanthaGarcia-MarroquinSchool of Education
AlexaGardnerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MorganGarlockSchool of Education
NicholasGarniLubar School of Business
KeyeraGarrettHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SiennaGarrettPeck School of the Arts
WilliamGarrettHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AdamGarskiSchool of Education
HunterGarskyCollege of Letters and Science
MyaGartlandHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexanderGarvensEngineering & Applied Science
AlexandraGarvensPeck School of the Arts
MeghanGarvinLubar School of Business
JosefinaGarzaCollege of Nursing
AnnaGaskellLubar School of Business
SamuelGastHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SalvatorGauthierSchool of Education
MarissaGavinCollege of Letters and Science
HunterGayanCollege of Letters and Science
JoshuaGayleCollege of Health Sciences
TaylorGeanLubar School of Business
AlexGehringEngineering & Applied Science
LeAnnGehringCollege of General Studies
RichardGeigerLubar School of Business
JohnathonGeiszlerLubar School of Business
MaisieGelharLubar School of Business
GraceGenglerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IsabellaGenovaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JamiesonGenrichSchool of Education
ErikGenskowLubar School of Business
EleanorGentilliCollege of Nursing
AshleyGerardenSchool of Public Health
TylerGerdsLubar School of Business
MatthewGergesCollege of Letters and Science
SophiaGerhardsLubar School of Business
CorbinGerouSchool of Information Studies
QuindlynGerritsLubar School of Business
SarahGersonCollege of Health Sciences
SilviaGeyerCollege of General Studies
NiemaGhasemi-VagharCollege of Nursing
KatelynGibbonsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DelaneyGierachSchool of Education
KristianGigovLubar School of Business
KatelinGilchristPeck School of the Arts
NicholasGilhausEngineering & Applied Science
CassandraGillCollege of Letters and Science
ShaniaGilmoreCollege of Health Sciences
AnikaGingleSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EmmaGingrasCollege of Letters and Science
JuliaGiuffreLubar School of Business
JustinGiuntaCollege of Health Sciences
PaulinGjikaLubar School of Business
TrevorGlammEngineering & Applied Science
ThomasGlaser-AtkinsCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorGlassfordLubar School of Business
JustinGleesingCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaGleichaufLubar School of Business
SamanthaGlendenningCollege of Letters and Science
BrynGlennonEngineering & Applied Science
ZoeGlisePeck School of the Arts
TylerGlorPeck School of the Arts
MahoganyGloverLubar School of Business
ElizabethGlowackiCollege of Letters and Science
MitchellGnadtLubar School of Business
GrantGoehrigCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyGoelzerCollege of Nursing
CaitlynGoetschCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethGoetschCollege of Nursing
JoshuaGoetschHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AndersGoetzEngineering & Applied Science
McKennaGoetzLubar School of Business
RobinGoetzingerCollege of Nursing
AnnikaGoganLubar School of Business
KaileeGollaCollege of Nursing
ZoeyGollingerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SaraGomezLubar School of Business
McKennaGonyerCollege of General Studies
GabriellaGonzalesLubar School of Business
AlejandraGonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
BreeGonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
DanteGonzalezSchool of Education
ErikaGonzalezCollege of Health Sciences
IsabelGonzalezCollege of General Studies
KatherineGonzalezSchool of Education
MichelleGonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
MiguelGonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
StephenGonzalezCollege of Nursing
JoseGonzalez CruzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JasmineGonzalez SandovalCollege of Letters and Science
TylerGoodnoEngineering & Applied Science
ChanceGordonPeck School of the Arts
NinaGordonSchool of Education
TerranceGordonPeck School of the Arts
AubrieGorskiCollege of Letters and Science
KintressaGoszSchool of Education
LukeGotschLubar School of Business
MatthewGotschCollege of Letters and Science
ZachGottfreidLubar School of Business
KaylaGottoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EdwardGoyaoEngineering & Applied Science
GraceGrabowskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GradenGrabowskiLubar School of Business
JessicaGrabowskiLubar School of Business
JosephGrabowskiLubar School of Business
ColeGradyCollege of Letters and Science
HalleyGramsSchool of Education
AaronGranadosCollege of Letters and Science
LuisGranadosPathway Advising
KathrynGrapatinCollege of Health Sciences
KaiyaGrassCollege of Letters and Science
PaoloGrattonEngineering & Applied Science
BaileyGraunkePeck School of the Arts
EleanoreGravesCollege of Letters and Science
EleanaGrayPeck School of the Arts
JoshuaGrayLubar School of Business
SsanyuGraysonPeck School of the Arts
ChrisGreenCollege of Letters and Science
DavisGreenLubar School of Business
IsaacGreenSchool of Education
KristenGreenSchool of Education
BradyGreenwaltSchool of Education
SkylerGregersonCollege of Health Sciences
EvanGregoryCollege of General Studies
AshleyGrenzSchool of Education
NathanielGresbachSchool of Information Studies
PaigeGresensCollege of Health Sciences
KaitlynGreupinkSchool of Education
SydnieGribbleCollege of Nursing
MadisonGriebelCollege of Nursing
AbigailGriepentrogPathway Advising
NateGriepentrogEngineering & Applied Science
FaithGriffinCollege of Health Sciences
TaylorGriffisCollege of Health Sciences
DwightGriffithSchool of Education
LauraGriffithsCollege of Letters and Science
HaleyGrimmSchool of Education
WilliamGrimsrudPeck School of the Arts
RebeccaGroerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
PatrickGrohSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AnnaGrossPeck School of the Arts
KeatonGrossLubar School of Business
MeghanGrossCollege of Health Sciences
TaylorGrossmanPeck School of the Arts
OwenGrothPeck School of the Arts
MitchelGrotheyLubar School of Business
CarlyGroverCollege of Health Sciences
MadelynGruenkeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SkylerGrulkeEngineering & Applied Science
JackGrummerPathway Advising
AndrewGrunzeCollege of Letters and Science
CarolannGrzybowskiPeck School of the Arts
SydneyGucCollege of Health Sciences
NatalieGuedetLubar School of Business
JazminGuelCollege of Health Sciences
ColinGuentherLubar School of Business
GiuliaGuerra MontesLubar School of Business
FernandaGuerreroCollege of Nursing
JesusGuerreroHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnailyGuerrero CardenasCollege of Health Sciences
DanielGuggCollege of Letters and Science
JonathanGuggenmosCollege of General Studies
KolinGuillienCollege of Letters and Science
ChristinaGuirauCollege of General Studies
AnitaGuizarCollege of Letters and Science
PrasunGuragainEngineering & Applied Science
KyleGurskiSchool of Information Studies
NatalieGustafsonCollege of Health Sciences
AustinGuzmanSchool of Information Studies
WalkerGuzowskiSchool of Education
Victoria-RoseGwanyallaLubar School of Business
MitchellHaagLubar School of Business
SophiaHaagensenCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasHaakensonEngineering & Applied Science
AllisonHaaseSchool of Education
TerranHaaseCollege of Letters and Science
KatieHabermanLubar School of Business
OmarHabibLubar School of Business
KaitlinHackerLubar School of Business
AlexaHackneyCollege of Health Sciences
BrandonHacksteinCollege of General Studies
JohnHaertlLubar School of Business
BridgetHaesslyPeck School of the Arts
RossHafemanLubar School of Business
TylerHagemeierEngineering & Applied Science
SavannahHagenCollege of Letters and Science
AvaHagerPeck School of the Arts
AlyssaHaggertyCollege of Letters and Science
ZaherHaidarLubar School of Business
AshleyHalePeck School of the Arts
Lior HadasHaleviLubar School of Business
DylanHaleySchool of Information Studies
ChristianHaligaEngineering & Applied Science
EmilyHallCollege of Health Sciences
JessicaHallLubar School of Business
MadalynHallSchool of Education
OliviaHaltermanPeck School of the Arts
EmilyHaluzakSchool of Education
IvyHamblenCollege of Letters and Science
LeenaHamdanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SophiaHamdanCollege of Letters and Science
MahmoudHammadEngineering & Applied Science
OmarHammadEngineering & Applied Science
EmmaHammerCollege of Health Sciences
MadelineHammondCollege of Health Sciences
CarterHamrinSchool of Education
JaehwanHanCollege of Letters and Science
HarmonHandaEngineering & Applied Science
EthanHaniskoLubar School of Business
PatrickHanksJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
IsabelleHanleySchool Arch & Urban Planning
JuliaHanleyCollege of Letters and Science
AllenHannaCollege of Letters and Science
CharlesHanneyCollege of Letters and Science
BrianHansenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CarolineHansenLubar School of Business
CharlesHansenCollege of Nursing
ErikHansenEngineering & Applied Science
RileyHansenLubar School of Business
DavidHansonEngineering & Applied Science
JacobHansonCollege of General Studies
KristinHanson-CorcoranCollege of Letters and Science
AlisonHanusSchool of Education
JakeHanusHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JohnHarbEngineering & Applied Science
AnastasiaHardenburgerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RaiannaHardersCollege of Nursing
JonahHarenCollege of General Studies
JennaHarendaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LaurenHarknessPeck School of the Arts
Ashley-LaurenHarmonLubar School of Business
MarlenaHarmonSchool of Information Studies
KristinaHarmsSchool of Education
KatelynHarnackCollege of Health Sciences
BriannaHarrellCollege of Letters and Science
MeganHarrisCollege of Health Sciences
RyanHarrisEngineering & Applied Science
NoraHarrymanPeck School of the Arts
IsabellaHartCollege of Health Sciences
KaylinHartCollege of Letters and Science
NicoleHartCollege of Health Sciences
KatherineHartmanSchool of Information Studies
PaytonHartmanPeck School of the Arts
MaximillianHartounianLubar School of Business
JosephHartungLubar School of Business
NinaHartwigCollege of Letters and Science
MarissaHartzellHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GabrielleHaskinsCollege of Letters and Science
LenardHaslettSchool of Education
JamesHatlenJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
TaylorHattoriLubar School of Business
MadelineHauckeCollege of Nursing
AdamHaukeEngineering & Applied Science
SamuelHaukeEngineering & Applied Science
MargaretHauserCollege of Nursing
MichaelHauserSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BenjaminHavens-HansenCollege of Letters and Science
ScotlynHaverkornPeck School of the Arts
CalebHawkinsLubar School of Business
BritneyHayesCollege of Letters and Science
MadisynHayesLubar School of Business
WilliamHayesSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KaylaHazenCollege of Health Sciences
McKaylaHealyCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaHeaneyCollege of Health Sciences
KathrynHeasterCollege of Letters and Science
StephanieHeatherSchool of Education
KiraHeckPathway Advising
LaurenHeegLubar School of Business
IanHeegaardLubar School of Business
JessicaHegelCollege of Letters and Science
CheriHegwoodHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KianaHeimannLubar School of Business
KaitlynHeinCollege of Letters and Science
BethanyHeineCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenHeinenPeck School of the Arts
SamanthaHeinitzCollege of Letters and Science
CarsonHeinzeCollege of Letters and Science
DennisHeipelSchool of Information Studies
RyanHeiteLubar School of Business
EmmaHeller-CavenerSchool of Education
AmberHellmuthHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BritnyHelmrichSchool of Education
AlyssaHelmsPeck School of the Arts
MarieHelserPeck School of the Arts
MorganHemmingSchool of Education
NathanaelHemzeCollege of Letters and Science
KristenHendricksLubar School of Business
ThomasHendricksPeck School of the Arts
BreannaHenesSchool of Education
NicholasHenkensPeck School of the Arts
HannahHennessySchool of Education
SarahHennessyLubar School of Business
DamionHenrichsCollege of Letters and Science
ElainaHenrichsPathway Advising
CalebHenryCollege of Health Sciences
EvaHenselCollege of Nursing
RheannaHensenSchool of Education
AnneHerCollege of Nursing
JimmyHerCollege of Health Sciences
KathyHerGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
Mai HuahHerSchool of Public Health
JessicaHeralyEngineering & Applied Science
SamuelHerbeckPathway Advising
WyattHerbertSchool of Information Studies
CailynHerbrandCollege of Nursing
LillyHerbstCollege of Letters and Science
ErikHermanCollege of Letters and Science
MathewHermanLubar School of Business
SydneyHermanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MaxHermannCollege of Letters and Science
BergenHermansonCollege of Letters and Science
MadelynHermesSchool of Education
EmmaHermsenPeck School of the Arts
ChantalHernandezCollege of Nursing
CynthiaHernandezLubar School of Business
JesusHernandezPeck School of the Arts
JoseHernandezPeck School of the Arts
NahomiHernandezSchool of Education
SamuelHernandezSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TylerHernandezLubar School of Business
JovannyHernandez CaballeroPeck School of the Arts
OscarHernandez CisnerosSchool of Information Studies
JacobHerrPeck School of the Arts
MichaelHerrSchool of Information Studies
EstrellaHerreraSchool of Education
RolandoHerreraPathway Advising
AdrianaHerrickCollege of Nursing
ChristianeHerrmannPeck School of the Arts
CullenHerteEngineering & Applied Science
DylanHertelSchool of Information Studies
JesseHertzkeCollege of Health Sciences
MicahHeskethJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
LindsayHetzelCollege of Letters and Science
KaylinHeusdensCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailHeyrothSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AllyHickeySchool Arch & Urban Planning
AlyssaHickeyCollege of Health Sciences
CollinHickeyPeck School of the Arts
GabrielleHicksCollege of Letters and Science
HunterHicksLubar School of Business
MaryHicksCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyHietpasLubar School of Business
ToriHigginsCollege of Nursing
NicholasHigleyCollege of General Studies
KristenHilbertCollege of Nursing
HaileyHilgartSchool of Public Health
AbigailHincheyCollege of Letters and Science
AllieHinderks-SchlotmanPathway Advising
JoshuaHindmanCollege of General Studies
WesleyHinesCollege of Letters and Science
CourtneyHinrichsPathway Advising
HaleyHinterlongCollege of Nursing
HeidiHintzCollege of Nursing
EmmaHirschyCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamHitpasLubar School of Business
CarolineHoCollege of Letters and Science
JimmyHoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DanielleHobachCollege of Health Sciences
CeceliaHockerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NoellaniHodgesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TylerHodkiewiczCollege of Letters and Science
McKaylaHoefertHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnthonyHoeflichLubar School of Business
VanessaHoeneSchool of Education
KyleHoeppnerLubar School of Business
CallieHoerningCollege of Nursing
RyanHoerterLubar School of Business
AlexyHoffCollege of Letters and Science
ShaunaHoffCollege of Letters and Science
CourtneyHoffellerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DylanHoffmanLubar School of Business
ElizabethHoganPeck School of the Arts
AbigailHohLubar School of Business
AustinHoisingtonLubar School of Business
MarikaHolbusPeck School of the Arts
GillianHolderEngineering & Applied Science
AhmariaHollowellLubar School of Business
NicholasHolmesEngineering & Applied Science
AbigailHolterPeck School of the Arts
TrentonHolzLubar School of Business
AmandaHolzerCollege of Letters and Science
BriannaHomontowskiCollege of Nursing
OliviaHoneckPeck School of the Arts
RylieHonnoldLubar School of Business
SarahHoodHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AndreaHooversonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KarleighHooymanPeck School of the Arts
MackenzieHopfaufPeck School of the Arts
MatrenaHopkinsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BrittanyHoppCollege of Letters and Science
IsaacHopperPeck School of the Arts
MadelineHorinekEngineering & Applied Science
MeganHorinekCollege of Health Sciences
MitchellHornungLubar School of Business
JasonHoseltonPeck School of the Arts
MarkeciaHoskinsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AngelaHoskoteLubar School of Business
EvanHottmannLubar School of Business
AbagailHouckCollege of Letters and Science
PeterHoufekLubar School of Business
HollyHoughCollege of Nursing
VincentHoughtalingEngineering & Applied Science
ElenHovhannisyanLubar School of Business
JadanHowardCollege of Letters and Science
MariahHowardCollege of Letters and Science
JacobHoweEngineering & Applied Science
ChaseHowertonCollege of Nursing
Saw BlessingHtooSchool of Information Studies
AnnikaHuberPeck School of the Arts
EthanHuberCollege of Health Sciences
JacobHuberHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TylorHuberPeck School of the Arts
WilliamHubleyCollege of Letters and Science
AngelicaHueblerCollege of Health Sciences
KristinHuelsbeckCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonHuettlCollege of Nursing
LaurenHuettnerCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaHugLubar School of Business
KalinaHugPeck School of the Arts
AndrewHughesEngineering & Applied Science
AvaHughesCollege of Letters and Science
HaileyHuismanCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelHunsbergerCollege of Letters and Science
JoshuaHuntLubar School of Business
KatherineHuntCollege of Health Sciences
WilliamHuntingtonLubar School of Business
BridgetHurleyCollege of Nursing
EthanHurvitzCollege of Letters and Science
AngelaHussCollege of Letters and Science
EllaHussPathway Advising
KylerHutchinsLubar School of Business
AudriannaHutchinsonCollege of Letters and Science
JosieHutterCollege of Letters and Science
BenjamenHuynhEngineering & Applied Science
HyunwooHwangLubar School of Business
SandraIbraheemCollege of Letters and Science
ZavierIdarragaCollege of Letters and Science
LukeIdingLubar School of Business
Sok MeiIeongSchool of Education
NicholasIglEngineering & Applied Science
AdelioIkonomiCollege of Letters and Science
DianaIllencikCollege of Letters and Science
KennedyImhoffPeck School of the Arts
ZohaibImranSchool of Information Studies
ChelseaInchaurreguiCollege of Letters and Science
VedaInchaurreguiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NawalIndhosacadHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SaiIndukuriEngineering & Applied Science
AlexisIngebretsenCollege of Health Sciences
KyleIngramCollege of Letters and Science
MichelleInhoferCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethInkmannCollege of Letters and Science
EudoraInmanCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewInnerebnerEngineering & Applied Science
RoseIrwinSchool of Education
VictoriaIsaacPeck School of the Arts
ZalenIsaacson-CoppsCollege of Letters and Science
LisaIsaevaEngineering & Applied Science
FionaIsakuCollege of Letters and Science
IyadIsmailCollege of Health Sciences
JacobIzardLubar School of Business
TracyIzardCollege of Health Sciences
NicholasIzuLubar School of Business
GiannaIzzoLubar School of Business
BenjaminJacksonEngineering & Applied Science
HopeJacksonPeck School of the Arts
JylianJacksonEngineering & Applied Science
KyleJacksonCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewJacksonPeck School of the Arts
MorganJacksonCollege of Letters and Science
AlexaJacobsonCollege of Letters and Science
MayaJacquesCollege of Letters and Science
NathanielJaegerCollege of Letters and Science
MichaelJaekelsLubar School of Business
MeghanJagdfeldCollege of Letters and Science
EvanJagemannLubar School of Business
BradyJagerCollege of Letters and Science
GenevieveJagodzinskiSchool of Education
EvanJahnkeCollege of General Studies
MatisonJakschtCollege of Letters and Science
BrandonJanczewskiCollege of General Studies
SaraJaneshekSchool of Education
MitchellJanezicLubar School of Business
KaitlynJankowskiEngineering & Applied Science
ScottJanoskaLubar School of Business
BrookeJansenCollege of Nursing
JacobJanssenCollege of Health Sciences
MonicaJantzLubar School of Business
BriannaJaramilloCollege of Letters and Science
IsabelleJardasSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TristanJarveyCollege of Letters and Science
JocelynJarvisCollege of Letters and Science
HayleyJasinskiCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaJaskolskiLubar School of Business
TasneemJassarCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaJastrowCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaJatczakCollege of Health Sciences
AlejandraJaureguiLubar School of Business
MojtabaJavidEngineering & Applied Science
IsabelleJelinekEngineering & Applied Science
ClaireJenningsCollege of Health Sciences
HannaleighJenningsCollege of Letters and Science
KasheahJenningsSchool of Education
AutumnJensenCollege of Health Sciences
ChristianJensenCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyJensenLubar School of Business
MeganJensenLubar School of Business
YeonhoJeongPathway Advising
KiarraJernaginPeck School of the Arts
HailieJeskaCollege of Nursing
LauraJeskeCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasJesseCollege of Letters and Science
CeciliaJewellPeck School of the Arts
ChloeJimenezSchool of Education
ZhendongJinLubar School of Business
ElizabethJoachimCollege of Nursing
AbbyJochimsenCollege of Nursing
MyaJohannesCollege of Letters and Science
ErikaJohansenCollege of Health Sciences
TehyaJohnSchool of Public Health
MorganJohnsenPeck School of the Arts
AbigaleJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
AlexJohnsonPeck School of the Arts
AlexiaJohnsonLubar School of Business
BrittanyJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
BryceJohnsonEngineering & Applied Science
ElainaJohnsonCollege of Nursing
EllenJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
EstherJohnsonCollege of Health Sciences
HaileyJohnsonPathway Advising
HaleyJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
HayleyJohnsonCollege of Health Sciences
HunterJohnsonEngineering & Applied Science
IeshiaJohnsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IlseJohnsonPeck School of the Arts
JenniferJohnsonSchool of Education
KeithJohnsonLubar School of Business
LindsayJohnsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
McKennaJohnsonLubar School of Business
OwenJohnsonCollege of Health Sciences
StephanieJohnsonLubar School of Business
WilliamJohnsonLubar School of Business
WyattJohnsonLubar School of Business
ZacharyJohnsonLubar School of Business
AshleyJohnstonCollege of Letters and Science
ChristopherJohnstonSchool of Information Studies
EleanorJohnstonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LaineyJohnstonLubar School of Business
TaylorJohnstonCollege of Health Sciences
JosephJonasSchool of Public Health
BaileeJonesCollege of Health Sciences
KyleJonesLubar School of Business
SheaJonesPathway Advising
ZaVeonJonesPathway Advising
ColtonJordanCollege of General Studies
MasonJordanPeck School of the Arts
TimothyJordanCollege of Letters and Science
RanjakJoshiCollege of Letters and Science
JoelJoyceEngineering & Applied Science
CarolineJudnicSchool of Education
Gracien Matthew GabrielJulesCollege of Health Sciences
CaylaJuliusLubar School of Business
ElizabethJuliusCollege of Letters and Science
EunjiJungGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
OliveJustmanCollege of Letters and Science
MirkoJusufSchool of Information Studies
MaelynKaczmarekSchool of Education
JordanKaczorowskiEngineering & Applied Science
DennisKaestnerEngineering & Applied Science
JulieKaisLubar School of Business
JacobKaiserPeck School of the Arts
JoanKaiserCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyKaldenbergCollege of Health Sciences
GageKalkowskiLubar School of Business
MohammadKalotiLubar School of Business
AnnaKaminskiCollege of Letters and Science
RachelKaminskiCollege of Health Sciences
ArturKandatyanEngineering & Applied Science
Ki MinKangCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaKaniaCollege of Letters and Science
JackKannenbergPeck School of the Arts
AvaKanthackPeck School of the Arts
RahulKapilaCollege of Letters and Science
LibbyKapociusCollege of Nursing
SanjaKaracLubar School of Business
Aleyna IremKaracanLubar School of Business
BeauKaralisCollege of Health Sciences
NikolasKaravidasLubar School of Business
DinaKarimCollege of Letters and Science
MohamadKarimCollege of Letters and Science
CullenKarinenSchool of Information Studies
DanielKarllSchool of Information Studies
MeganKarlsCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasKarmanPeck School of the Arts
AndrewKarnoppCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeKarpinskeCollege of Health Sciences
ClaireKarrPeck School of the Arts
RakeshKarriLubar School of Business
EvanKarstenEngineering & Applied Science
ClaireKartzSchool of Education
PatrycjaKarwowskiCollege of Health Sciences
SanyaKathuriaCollege of Health Sciences
MatthewKatzPeck School of the Arts
AlissaKaulfuerstCollege of Letters and Science
IshtpreetKaurCollege of Letters and Science
BreallyKautzerLubar School of Business
TaylorKawczynskiLubar School of Business
RichardKearnsCollege of Letters and Science
CreideannKeatingEngineering & Applied Science
SophiaKeayPeck School of the Arts
HaileyKeeferSchool of Education
GageKeeneLubar School of Business
StevenKehoeLubar School of Business
TrentonKehrmeyerLubar School of Business
DylanKellerLubar School of Business
MatthewKellerEngineering & Applied Science
CharlesKelleyCollege of Letters and Science
JohnKelliherEngineering & Applied Science
MargaretKelnhoferCollege of Letters and Science
RachelKerkhoffEngineering & Applied Science
AmberKerkmanCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyKernCollege of Letters and Science
DavidKernsLubar School of Business
AlexKerntopPeck School of the Arts
TabithaKerrCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethKervinLubar School of Business
JordanKetterPeck School of the Arts
ReeseKeyserPeck School of the Arts
NadeemKhairEngineering & Applied Science
JaydenKhammyvongLubar School of Business
Burhan UddinKhanSchool of Information Studies
Hasaan AhmedKhanLubar School of Business
MohammedKhanEngineering & Applied Science
DeepakKhasSchool of Information Studies
AfnanKhatibCollege of Letters and Science
HannanKhawajaCollege of Letters and Science
InderpreetKheraLubar School of Business
ShawnKhouvongPathway Advising
SadeeKiddCollege of Letters and Science
ClaireKieferCollege of Letters and Science
CassandraKienastSchool of Education
GaibrialKieperLubar School of Business
LesleyKieslingCollege of Letters and Science
CingKiimCollege of Letters and Science
KellyKiiskilaSchool of Education
RyanKilcoynePeck School of the Arts
MollyKileyCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewKimCollege of Letters and Science
ChaehyunKimLubar School of Business
DonghwanKimPathway Advising
DoyoungKimLubar School of Business
JeffersonKimCollege of General Studies
Seung YunKimPathway Advising
YeajinKimEngineering & Applied Science
Young HyunKimLubar School of Business
AbigailKingCollege of Health Sciences
ElizabethKingSchool of Education
EzraKingEngineering & Applied Science
KimberlyKingHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MayaKingCollege of Letters and Science
TerinKingHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SethKinneyEngineering & Applied Science
TylerKinneyLubar School of Business
ChristianKirchnerCollege of General Studies
LibbeyKirchnerPeck School of the Arts
BaileyKirschbaumCollege of Letters and Science
ErikaKistingSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SamanthaKittilstadCollege of Nursing
GretaKittoCollege of Letters and Science
CourtneyKivelaCollege of Health Sciences
KandiceKlapperichCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaKlaskeCollege of Health Sciences
TiffanyKlattCollege of Health Sciences
NicholasKlaubaufLubar School of Business
AllisonKlauckLubar School of Business
LeanneKlawienSchool of Public Health
AdellaKlebbaCollege of General Studies
LiviaKlechefskiCollege of Letters and Science
JaredKleczkaLubar School of Business
EliseKleinCollege of Letters and Science
MarissaKlemanCollege of Health Sciences
AlexanderKlempLubar School of Business
DavidKlempLubar School of Business
RhettKligerEngineering & Applied Science
JoshuaKlisterEngineering & Applied Science
GraceKlitzkePathway Advising
AbbyKloiberLubar School of Business
TeresaKloppSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KateKlosterCollege of Health Sciences
AlexKluesnerLubar School of Business
SamanthaKlueverCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewKlugPathway Advising
MorganKlugSchool of Education
CarlyKlugiewiczCollege of Letters and Science
MichaelKneiertCollege of Letters and Science
DanielleKnezicCollege of Health Sciences
DraganaKnezicCollege of Letters and Science
VladoKnezicEngineering & Applied Science
KeziahKnibbsCollege of Letters and Science
JuliaKnollHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SophiaKnoxSchool of Education
YukyeongKoEngineering & Applied Science
ClaytonKoehlerGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
ShyaneKoehlerEngineering & Applied Science
AnnaKoehnCollege of Health Sciences
WyattKoelschCollege of Letters and Science
AmberKoeppSchool of Education
MorganKoerberCollege of Nursing
LeviKohlmannPeck School of the Arts
CassidyKohlsLubar School of Business
DanielleKolafaCollege of Nursing
CassidyKolbeckCollege of Nursing
KyleKolhouseLubar School of Business
JonathanKollenLubar School of Business
KatherineKolpinCollege of Letters and Science
HeatherKoltonEngineering & Applied Science
LukeKoltunEngineering & Applied Science
TaylorKonczalLubar School of Business
LianneKonijnenburgSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EstaKonkolCollege of Letters and Science
OwenKonkolPeck School of the Arts
AbbyKonschakeCollege of Health Sciences
TheofaniaKonstantakisLubar School of Business
HaydenKoralewskiCollege of General Studies
StephanieKorbCollege of Letters and Science
AngelaKordikCollege of Health Sciences
GabrielKornackiPeck School of the Arts
AlphiaKorpelaGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
LydiaKorthalsSchool of Public Health
AnirudhKosarajuJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
ZacharyKosidowskiLubar School of Business
GunnarKostkaLubar School of Business
KarolineKothLubar School of Business
KyleKotzSchool of Public Health
JackKovneskyCollege of Letters and Science
KateKowalczykPeck School of the Arts
BaileyKowalkowskiSchool of Education
TaylorKozelkaLubar School of Business
EmilyKraftCollege of Letters and Science
JosephKraimerEngineering & Applied Science
AdamKrainikCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasKrajnaPeck School of the Arts
KrystalKrakowskiCollege of Letters and Science
KennedyKramerCollege of Nursing
DavidKrauseLubar School of Business
EmilyKravishCollege of Letters and Science
JanKrawczykLubar School of Business
AshleyKressCollege of Letters and Science
HaleyKressCollege of Health Sciences
ReeseKressinLubar School of Business
AnthonyKretzschmarPeck School of the Arts
ErikaKreuserHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GraceKreuserCollege of Letters and Science
LilianKreuserCollege of General Studies
BrentKreutzerLubar School of Business
AshleyKreutzingerLubar School of Business
AbigailKrierPathway Advising
EmmaKrillCollege of Nursing
NoahKristensenLubar School of Business
MeganKrolskiCollege of General Studies
IanKromerPeck School of the Arts
KatherineKronckeCollege of General Studies
SophieKronenbergCollege of Letters and Science
CorinneKronschnabelCollege of Letters and Science
EvanKrookLubar School of Business
EmmaKropidlowskiPeck School of the Arts
KendraKrouthPeck School of the Arts
AlexanderKruegerLubar School of Business
HaleyKruegerCollege of Letters and Science
KameronKruegerLubar School of Business
LaurenKruegerLubar School of Business
MarissaKruegerPeck School of the Arts
RileyKruegerEngineering & Applied Science
BenjaminKruiswykCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaKrukCollege of Health Sciences
MeganKruppCollege of Nursing
HenryKuchaLubar School of Business
SarahKucharSchool of Education
RobertKucikEngineering & Applied Science
NatalieKueCollege of General Studies
NatalieKuehlSchool Arch & Urban Planning
CarliKugelCollege of Letters and Science
CaitlinKugiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RaffertyKuglerCollege of Letters and Science
KyleKuhfussLubar School of Business
ElizabethKuhlmannCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasKuhnCollege of Letters and Science
LukasKuhrtLubar School of Business
WaiiKUKIMIYASchool of Education
AllisonKulaLubar School of Business
HollyKumlinLubar School of Business
RyanKummerPeck School of the Arts
HannahKuncePeck School of the Arts
TaylorKundingerCollege of Nursing
JoshuaKurthLubar School of Business
MatthewKurthPathway Advising
AndrewKurttiSchool of Information Studies
GraceKuschSchool of Education
AshleyKusserowLubar School of Business
AbdulhameedKutubiEngineering & Applied Science
SophiaKvalheimCollege of Letters and Science
HyeongrokKwonCollege of Letters and Science
NicoloLa LoggiaLubar School of Business
AshleyLaabsCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaLaBarberaCollege of Nursing
KimberlyLabergePeck School of the Arts
LauraLabergePeck School of the Arts
MadelineLaBissoniereCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaLaBouveEngineering & Applied Science
IsabelaLabovicSchool of Education
ChanceLaCombeCollege of Letters and Science
LukeLaCroixLubar School of Business
MichelleLacsonCollege of Health Sciences
SpencerLaddEngineering & Applied Science
WenieLadoLubar School of Business
ConnorLaehnLubar School of Business
RebekkaLafferty-GebauerCollege of Letters and Science
EvanLaffinEngineering & Applied Science
RyanLaflinEngineering & Applied Science
FosterLaGrangePathway Advising
IsmaelLagunaCollege of Nursing
WaheedaLaiqCollege of Letters and Science
MaxwellLakatosSchool of Education
CaterinaLaMacchiaPeck School of the Arts
GavinLaMarLubar School of Business
AlyssaLambertCollege of Letters and Science
KarisaLamonLubar School of Business
DelaneyLampLubar School of Business
DylanLampertCollege of Letters and Science
SeasarLandeauPeck School of the Arts
JenniferLandeta VidalCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailLaneCollege of Health Sciences
LibbyLangLubar School of Business
BenLangenfeldLubar School of Business
GeorgeanneLangerSchool of Education
LoraLangowskiPeck School of the Arts
AlexisLannoyeCollege of Health Sciences
MeganLappeLubar School of Business
JulianaLaraCollege of Letters and Science
EfrainLara-OsorioLubar School of Business
GraceLarkinCollege of Health Sciences
AllisonLarsenPeck School of the Arts
CordeliaLarsenLubar School of Business
JadenLarsenPeck School of the Arts
KristinaLarsenCollege of Health Sciences
VictoriaLarsenCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailLarsonPathway Advising
ValerieLarsonCollege of General Studies
ZacharyLasakCollege of General Studies
IsabellaLaSpisaSchool of Education
JamesLastCollege of Letters and Science
KristenLastineCollege of Letters and Science
BrandonLauberEngineering & Applied Science
EthanLaufenbergLubar School of Business
ColinLaukkaLubar School of Business
DrewLauterbornLubar School of Business
EmilyLawlerLubar School of Business
EmilyLawlesLubar School of Business
HenryLawniczakLubar School of Business
RyanLawrenceSchool Arch & Urban Planning
IsaacLawsonJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
FionaLawtonPeck School of the Arts
RoseLawtonPeck School of the Arts
QuocvietLeEngineering & Applied Science
Trinh Hoan PhuongLeLubar School of Business
EmilyLeahySchool Arch & Urban Planning
NoreneLearyCollege of Letters and Science
HollyLebeckSchool of Education
ErinLebergGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
SamanthaLeClouxLubar School of Business
ChelseyLecusCollege of Letters and Science
JuliaLedererSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KatieLederhausCollege of Letters and Science
MadelaineLedwitchLubar School of Business
ChacheeLeeCollege of Health Sciences
ChanukLeeCollege of Letters and Science
GavinLeeLubar School of Business
HaeunLeeCollege of Letters and Science
HoseungLeeLubar School of Business
MinseoLeePathway Advising
MinwooLeeEngineering & Applied Science
Pa ZongLeeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
YisukLeeCollege of Nursing
MasonLeedleEngineering & Applied Science
EmmaLehkerCollege of Letters and Science
DrewLehmanCollege of Letters and Science
KyleLehmanLubar School of Business
SierraLehmanSchool of Education
ColeLehtoPathway Advising
DanielleLeiderCollege of Letters and Science
AshleyLeipskiCollege of Letters and Science
GabrielLeistekowPeck School of the Arts
MalloryLembckeCollege of Letters and Science
RobertLeMenseHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BethLemerandPeck School of the Arts
ColleenLemkeCollege of Health Sciences
JohnLenzLubar School of Business
LeviLenznerCollege of Nursing
AdysonLeonardCollege of Health Sciences
LexiLeonardPeck School of the Arts
KaitlynLeppiahoCollege of Nursing
AlexysLeRoyCollege of Nursing
SarahLessilaLubar School of Business
DanielleLetkewiczLubar School of Business
EmilyLevackPeck School of the Arts
MichaelLevandoskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KylieLeveretteSchool of Education
LilyLevraultJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
DavidLewandowskiLubar School of Business
JesseLewandowskiLubar School of Business
EmmaLewisHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JasmineLewisCollege of Nursing
RachaelLewisSchool of Education
SavannaLewisLubar School of Business
TravisLexCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaLexowLubar School of Business
JuanadrianLezamaCollege of Letters and Science
MaryxaLezamaPathway Advising
JiayiLiLubar School of Business
MiaoLiLubar School of Business
BrynnLiaBraatenCollege of Letters and Science
TinLianCollege of General Studies
KatherineLiapisPeck School of the Arts
EliLichtLubar School of Business
ChristinaLiddicoatPathway Advising
PaulineLiebchenCollege of Nursing
LaurenLietzkeEngineering & Applied Science
SaraeLighthartCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaLillegardHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GretchenLillyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LaurenLimbeckLubar School of Business
BrianLinSchool of Information Studies
SkylarLincolnCollege of Letters and Science
JohnLindemannLubar School of Business
RebeccaLindgrenCollege of Nursing
TabithaLindstromCollege of Letters and Science
EliLingleSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EmmaLinharesCollege of Letters and Science
GracenLinnemanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SkyeListonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DominicLittletonLubar School of Business
AngelaLivermorePeck School of the Arts
LuisLizardi-RodriguezSchool of Education
DylanLjujicPeck School of the Arts
MichelleLoLubar School of Business
TsimmengLoPeck School of the Arts
BeauLockwoodLubar School of Business
ValentinaLoederLubar School of Business
KarlaLoeraSchool of Education
CeceiliaLoeschmannPeck School of the Arts
NicholeLoganCollege of Nursing
TalyaLokenPathway Advising
CamrynLongLubar School of Business
AshleyLookerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BriannaLopezLubar School of Business
JonathanLopezLubar School of Business
MarkosLopezSchool of Information Studies
LilianaLopez FernandezLubar School of Business
LuisLopez-BarbosaLubar School of Business
KevinLopezCustodioLubar School of Business
HliLorCollege of Health Sciences
JaiLorCollege of Health Sciences
KennethLorLubar School of Business
KrabokLorSchool of Information Studies
LohmongLorEngineering & Applied Science
NeehnaLorPathway Advising
Vang MeeLorLubar School of Business
YerLorSchool of Education
LukeLorbachPeck School of the Arts
MichaelLordenLubar School of Business
KimberlyLorenzCollege of Nursing
MeganLoubrielHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
PaigeLouwSchool of Education
JordanLoveCollege of Health Sciences
EmmaLoveallCollege of Letters and Science
AlexaLovoCollege of Health Sciences
PaulaLovoPeck School of the Arts
AdamLu MayePeck School of the Arts
LumaLubbadPeck School of the Arts
AshiraLubinPathway Advising
IdaLucchesiPeck School of the Arts
JaclynLuckowLubar School of Business
HannahLudwigSchool of Education
HeidiLudwigPathway Advising
RachelLudwigPathway Advising
MalaLueHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SarahLuebkeSchool of Education
ChristopherLueckCollege of General Studies
JessicaLueckPeck School of the Arts
SamanthaLugoCollege of Nursing
MasonLukesCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelLukowitzEngineering & Applied Science
GustavoLunaLubar School of Business
MiguelLunaCollege of Letters and Science
JosephLundellSchool of Information Studies
HannahLundwallLubar School of Business
SarahLunowSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JansiLutzLubar School of Business
KyraLuxSchool of Education
AustinLyPeck School of the Arts
ConnorLynchCollege of Letters and Science
IanLynchPeck School of the Arts
ForrestLynnLubar School of Business
MaxwellLyonPeck School of the Arts
GraceLyonsCollege of Letters and Science
TianshiMaLubar School of Business
YiMaEngineering & Applied Science
TaylorMacakCollege of Letters and Science
IvonaMacanCollege of Health Sciences
MeghanMacFarlaneCollege of Nursing
HannahMachonSchool of Education
AlisonMaciejewskiSchool of Education
DanielMaciejewskiSchool of Information Studies
DeanMacKenzieSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AmberMacklinSchool of Education
GabijaMackonyteSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SierraMadausHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LaneMadisenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnthonyMadrigranoSchool of Information Studies
AlexisMadsonCollege of Letters and Science
NathanMageeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JulieMagieraSchool of Education
AaronMagillCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamMaherCollege of Letters and Science
AksharaMaheshLubar School of Business
MarissaMahlikCollege of Letters and Science
HaneenMahmoudSchool of Information Studies
LujainMahmoudCollege of Health Sciences
SaharMahmoudEngineering & Applied Science
WalidMahmoudCollege of Nursing
HaileyMahoneyCollege of Letters and Science
PatrickMahonyLubar School of Business
VictoriaMajeskiLubar School of Business
GabrielleMajinskiLubar School of Business
HaileyMakarewiczSchool of Education
BothinaMakkiPathway Advising
AlyssaMakowskiCollege of Letters and Science
SavannahMakowskiCollege of Letters and Science
MadelynMalcheskiSchool of Education
SkylerMalcolmLubar School of Business
RachelMalehornPeck School of the Arts
YadwinderMalhiCollege of Letters and Science
LyibaMalikCollege of Letters and Science
MoniqueMalitzCollege of Health Sciences
SydneyMallonCollege of Health Sciences
IanMalmbergLubar School of Business
AlyssaMaloneyCollege of Health Sciences
SamanthaMaloyCollege of Letters and Science
LukeMammenLubar School of Business
IsabelManclPeck School of the Arts
HaydenMandLubar School of Business
DominicMandellaCollege of Health Sciences
ArianaMangheraPeck School of the Arts
BrittneyMangoldSchool of Education
VaishnaviManikondaEngineering & Applied Science
ThayaManitkul-DavisPeck School of the Arts
FrancescaMannarinoCollege of Letters and Science
GraceMannenbachPeck School of the Arts
VedaMannetterPathway Advising
BradleyManorLubar School of Business
KatelynManrriqueCollege of Letters and Science
MaeganMansfieldPeck School of the Arts
MarinaManskeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
StevenMantheyEngineering & Applied Science
AllysonManthyPeck School of the Arts
Tiahn Wiremu TaiaroaManuelCollege of Letters and Science
LoganManzSchool of Education
MacyMapesLubar School of Business
MariaMarSchool of Public Health
MelissaMarbanCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaMargasonCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeMarichalCollege of Nursing
VanessaMarinCollege of General Studies
WilliamMarinoSchool of Information Studies
AllisonMarionSchool of Education
DiyaMarkPeck School of the Arts
KatieMarkosSchool of Education
MadisenMarksCollege of Health Sciences
KamMarksteinerCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewMarkusonCollege of Letters and Science
MichelleMarkusonPeck School of the Arts
KonstantinaMarlisCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaMarlowCollege of Nursing
LaurenMarowskyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AdrianaMarquardtCollege of General Studies
JenesisMarquezLubar School of Business
IsabellaMarreroLubar School of Business
CalebMarrisSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MaxwellMarsalliLubar School of Business
MarikaMarschCollege of Health Sciences
JacksonMarsdenLubar School of Business
TaylorMarshCollege of Health Sciences
ClayMartinCollege of Letters and Science
ColeMartinCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethMartinHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmilyMartinSchool of Education
LaurenMartinCollege of Letters and Science
MadelynMartinCollege of Nursing
EmmaMartinezCollege of Nursing
JocelynMartinezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LiamMartinezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NicoleMartinezCollege of Letters and Science
AlexanderMartinichPeck School of the Arts
AndrewMartirosyanLubar School of Business
Mari-KathleenMarzanoCollege of Nursing
AveryMarzolfLubar School of Business
ConnorMasanzCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyMasmelaCollege of Letters and Science
AnthonyMasonCollege of Letters and Science
EricMasonCollege of Health Sciences
LillyMasonCollege of Letters and Science
SobiaMasoodLubar School of Business
AhmadMasoudCollege of Letters and Science
GraceMassetCollege of Letters and Science
AlexisMataya-MalisonLubar School of Business
NikolaiMatejicLubar School of Business
TroyMatenaerLubar School of Business
TravisMatherCollege of Nursing
IsabellaMathesonCollege of Letters and Science
ReeceMathesonCollege of Letters and Science
AvaMatrangaLubar School of Business
KristinMatsonCollege of Health Sciences
KatelynMattSchool of Education
LucyMatternPeck School of the Arts
TateMattinglyLubar School of Business
JacobMattioliEngineering & Applied Science
JaretMattmillerCollege of Letters and Science
NatalieMattmillerLubar School of Business
AlexandriaMatulaLubar School of Business
AlexMatuszewskiEngineering & Applied Science
IsabelleMatuszewskiLubar School of Business
SamuelMauleEngineering & Applied Science
JacobMaurerCollege of General Studies
MeghanMaurerPeck School of the Arts
LuceroMaury-AlvaradoLubar School of Business
VasiliaMavraganisHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HaileyMaxwellHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AndrewMayLubar School of Business
CorumMayEngineering & Applied Science
HaleyMayCollege of Health Sciences
AmberMaydaniukCollege of Nursing
JordanMayerCollege of Letters and Science
IanMayoSchool of Education
TannerMayrCollege of Letters and Science
NyiaMaysSchool of Education
RyleeMazurCollege of Health Sciences
AlexanderMbiseCollege of Letters and Science
John PaulMcAllisterLubar School of Business
PeterMcAllisterSchool of Information Studies
SamuelMcAllisterLubar School of Business
AubreyMcCallumCollege of Health Sciences
JohnMcCarthyEngineering & Applied Science
MizuleykaMcCarthyPeck School of the Arts
AhmadMcClainLubar School of Business
HannahMcCloudCollege of Letters and Science
SusanMcClungCollege of Letters and Science
VatriciaMcClurgCollege of Letters and Science
LilyMcClutchyCollege of Health Sciences
JonathanMcCray JonesCollege of Letters and Science
BlakeMcCurdyLubar School of Business
KelenMcDanielsCollege of Nursing
AleighMcDermottPeck School of the Arts
ChristinaMcDermottPeck School of the Arts
ShelbyMcDougaldPeck School of the Arts
ChristineMcElligottPeck School of the Arts
KellyMcElvainEngineering & Applied Science
CalebMcFarlaneLubar School of Business
ScottMcFarrenCollege of Letters and Science
KellyMcGavockCollege of Health Sciences
KathyMcGrawSchool of Education
MorganMcIlweeCollege of Letters and Science
KeaganMcInnisLubar School of Business
AlyssaMcKinnonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AlexaMcLainSchool of Education
ColinMcLaughlinLubar School of Business
SarahMcLaughlinLubar School of Business
GraceMcMahonPeck School of the Arts
ChristianMcMillerCollege of Letters and Science
AllysonMcMurrayEngineering & Applied Science
Amber RoseMcNeillPeck School of the Arts
LaurenMcNultyGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
DarrellMcQuayCollege of Letters and Science
MeiraMeadowsCollege of Letters and Science
SarahMeadowsSchool of Education
SimaMeadowsLubar School of Business
YosefMeadowsSchool of Public Health
EastonMecklCollege of General Studies
KylieMedenwaldCollege of Health Sciences
AdamMedinaPeck School of the Arts
RaulMedina CastelloEngineering & Applied Science
JagritiMehraCollege of General Studies
MorganMeicherSchool of Education
JohnMeidenbauerEngineering & Applied Science
AmandaMeiersSchool of Education
BrookeMeifertHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JordannMeinhardtCollege of Letters and Science
NathanMeisnerEngineering & Applied Science
JackMeixelspergerCollege of Nursing
RachaelMeixenspergerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MollyMelandCollege of Nursing
SamuelMelander-EppleySchool of Information Studies
SarahMelcherPeck School of the Arts
RileyMelendyEngineering & Applied Science
DavidMellCollege of Letters and Science
GeenaMeloneCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewMenchalLubar School of Business
JasmineMendezSchool of Information Studies
Andrea FernandaMendoza JuarezSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ReganMengelSchool of Education
MarianMercadoCollege of Health Sciences
ClarissaMerchanSchool of Education
GenevieveMeredithSchool of Information Studies
PaytonMericleHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AstridMerrittPeck School of the Arts
AleahMerriwetherCollege of Letters and Science
AidricMertensCollege of Letters and Science
ChambriaMeshkeCollege of Letters and Science
ChristopherMesserCollege of Nursing
BenjaminMesserschmidtEngineering & Applied Science
JacobMetzerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NicholasMeulemansCollege of Letters and Science
JefferyMeverdenEngineering & Applied Science
AllisonMeyerGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
JessicaMeyerCollege of Letters and Science
KaitlinMeyerSchool of Education
MasonMeyerCollege of Letters and Science
MichelleMeyerCollege of Letters and Science
ShannonMeyerCollege of Letters and Science
NatalieMeyersCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamMeyersSchool of Information Studies
AfiaMianLubar School of Business
MemoonaMianCollege of Letters and Science
Umme AimenMianCollege of Letters and Science
MeganMichaelchuckCollege of General Studies
ChristopherMichalskiCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyMichalskiCollege of Nursing
AlexandriaMichellLubar School of Business
ColinMiclotLubar School of Business
DanielleMielkePeck School of the Arts
MaxwellMielkeLubar School of Business
HaileyMiglianoCollege of Nursing
NoahMikelonisEngineering & Applied Science
DanielleMikeskaSchool of Education
CaitlynMikulaSchool of Education
AnnaMikuloEngineering & Applied Science
RyanMikulskyEngineering & Applied Science
AnthonyMilesCollege of Nursing
ElainaMilkieCollege of Letters and Science
ArianaMillerCollege of Health Sciences
AspenMillerCollege of Health Sciences
CourtnieMillerSchool of Education
DominiqueMillerPeck School of the Arts
EvanMillerPathway Advising
GeorgeMillerLubar School of Business
HannahMillerCollege of Letters and Science
HollyMillerSchool of Education
JackMillerLubar School of Business
JenessaMillerCollege of Nursing
JennaMillerCollege of Nursing
JessicaMillerCollege of Health Sciences
KierraMillerCollege of Nursing
LaurenMillerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadelynMillerCollege of Letters and Science
MargaretMillerPeck School of the Arts
MarieMillerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MichaelMillerLubar School of Business
MikaelaMillerCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasMillerLubar School of Business
NicoleMillerCollege of Letters and Science
PamelaMillerCollege of Health Sciences
RurikMillerLubar School of Business
SamanthaMillerCollege of Health Sciences
SarahMillerLubar School of Business
WyattMillerPeck School of the Arts
GriffinMillirenEngineering & Applied Science
Nikki JayeMilnerLubar School of Business
NathanMiloschJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
CarlyMinorCollege of Letters and Science
LiyaMintzCollege of Letters and Science
RachelMiskowskiSchool of Education
ElizabethMiskySchool of Education
KaitlynMitchellSchool of Education
MichaelMitchellPeck School of the Arts
AlexandraMitchlerLubar School of Business
SophiaMobleyCollege of Letters and Science
IraModyLubar School of Business
EmilyMoenPeck School of the Arts
MatthewMoenEngineering & Applied Science
RichardMogilkaEngineering & Applied Science
MedinaMohamadCollege of Health Sciences
FatumaMohamedHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Shahezad AliMohammadSchool of Information Studies
MuazMohammedPathway Advising
ErinMohicaCollege of Health Sciences
CaitlynMohrSchool of Education
LillianMojonnierSchool of Education
FranklinMokCollege of Nursing
JacobMolfenterCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaMolina GarciaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HannahMolitorSchool of Education
NicholasMollLubar School of Business
JensenMolletHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadelineMollwitzSchool of Education
OliviaMolterPeck School of the Arts
KevinMonahanEngineering & Applied Science
DeniseMonarrezCollege of Health Sciences
IsaacMondayLubar School of Business
KailynnMonganCollege of Health Sciences
KristenMonsonCollege of Letters and Science
JorgeMontanezEngineering & Applied Science
IsabellaMontemurroPeck School of the Arts
DanielaMontes De OcaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MatthewMontgomeryCollege of Health Sciences
MeganMontgomerySchool of Education
ZacharyMontgomeryCollege of Nursing
KarlMontoyaCollege of Letters and Science
AnnabelleMoonSchool of Education
MorganMooreCollege of Letters and Science
MyaliMooreSchool of Education
SarahMooreCollege of Letters and Science
JenniferMoraHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
VictoriaMoraPeck School of the Arts
EvausMoradLubar School of Business
JoselyneMoralesPeck School of the Arts
KryssiMoralesCollege of Health Sciences
MarisolMoralesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NaamanMoralesEngineering & Applied Science
NinaMoralesLubar School of Business
AlexandraMoranCollege of General Studies
MarissaMoranCollege of Letters and Science
TheresaMoreciCollege of Nursing
HugoMorenoCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyMorganEngineering & Applied Science
LeonaMoriartiCollege of Letters and Science
BradenMorkEngineering & Applied Science
IanMorleyCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaMorrellSchool of Education
JosephMorrisSchool of Education
BrandonMorrisonEngineering & Applied Science
JadaMorrisonCollege of Health Sciences
JasonMorrisonEngineering & Applied Science
MeghanMorrisonCollege of Nursing
LoganMorrowLubar School of Business
MeganMorrowLubar School of Business
KaiaMortensenCollege of General Studies
LaurenMortimerCollege of Health Sciences
AdamMoscinskiCollege of Letters and Science
ClaireMosesSchool of Education
ElianaMosleyCollege of Letters and Science
CalebMouaEngineering & Applied Science
GeeMouaCollege of Nursing
StephanieMouaPathway Advising
NadaMoubarakCollege of Letters and Science
MaddyMoushonCollege of Letters and Science
NathanielMoweryPathway Advising
RyanMroczenskiGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
KariMrotekCollege of Letters and Science
KahlenMudgePeck School of the Arts
AdamMuellerLubar School of Business
CasimirMuellerSchool of Education
EllenMuellerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmmalineMuellerSchool of Education
RyanMuellerCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamMuellerPeck School of the Arts
BrittanyMuldowneySchool of Information Studies
MathiasMulvey-VidelaCollege of Letters and Science
KatelinMummaLubar School of Business
ZaraMunawarEngineering & Applied Science
KateyMundorfPeck School of the Arts
EliannahMungoPeck School of the Arts
DanielMunozLubar School of Business
RobertoMunozEngineering & Applied Science
BernardMuranskyCollege of Letters and Science
AlexanderMuraskiLubar School of Business
ErinMuraszewskiLubar School of Business
MatthewMurphyEngineering & Applied Science
MitchellMurphyCollege of Letters and Science
SkylahrMurphySchool Arch & Urban Planning
CatherineMurrayPeck School of the Arts
MitchellMurrayEngineering & Applied Science
Abd-AlrahmanMusaitifCollege of Letters and Science
HollyMuskatCollege of Letters and Science
MariamMustafaCollege of Nursing
MakaylaMustasLubar School of Business
AlexanderMyersSchool of Education
JohnMyersPeck School of the Arts
PhoebeNaderLubar School of Business
AshleenNagraPathway Advising
Pradnya PravinNarvekarEngineering & Applied Science
MohamedNasefCollege of Letters and Science
JacobNashHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SydniNassSchool of Education
JoshuaNathanielEngineering & Applied Science
PaigeNaumanSchool of Education
ReidNaumanLubar School of Business
Ciara RosesNavarroLubar School of Business
TessaNaylorCollege of Letters and Science
LindseyNazeCollege of Letters and Science
RebeccaNebratCollege of Nursing
CaseyNeedhamLubar School of Business
KathleenNeedhamCollege of Nursing
KendallNeedhamSchool of Public Health
LindseyNeedhamCollege of Letters and Science
RylieNeffCollege of Letters and Science
KaraNelsenPathway Advising
AlexNelsonCollege of Letters and Science
CaitlinNelsonCollege of Letters and Science
DaneNelsonEngineering & Applied Science
ElainaNelsonCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaNelsonJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
OsamaNemerEngineering & Applied Science
RawanNemerLubar School of Business
JosieNemethCollege of Health Sciences
SaraNemetzCollege of General Studies
LaurynNerenhausenCollege of Nursing
NoahNettesheimEngineering & Applied Science
SabrieNetzelEngineering & Applied Science
ZacharyNetzelCollege of Health Sciences
SamanthaNeuendankCollege of Letters and Science
AriannaNevarezCollege of Letters and Science
PaulNewcombCollege of Letters and Science
JennicaNewkirkCollege of General Studies
MeredithNewtonSchool of Education
AshleyNguyenLubar School of Business
Hoai ThiNguyenLubar School of Business
Huu TuyenNguyenLubar School of Business
QuangdatNguyenLubar School of Business
TheresaNguyenLubar School of Business
ThomasNguyenSchool of Education
TinNguyenEngineering & Applied Science
Uyen Thi NgocNguyenEngineering & Applied Science
AbigailNichols-JensenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AustinNickelLubar School of Business
DylanNicosiaEngineering & Applied Science
AmberNicosonCollege of General Studies
AustinNideaPeck School of the Arts
DanielNieblerEngineering & Applied Science
ClaraNielsenCollege of Health Sciences
JennaNielsenCollege of Health Sciences
SarahNiemannCollege of Letters and Science
JamesNiemerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BrandonNiemiecLubar School of Business
CarsonNiemiecLubar School of Business
AshleyNienhausCollege of Health Sciences
CeceliaNiggemeierSchool of Education
HannaNitzkeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
HannahNoel-SieberCollege of Letters and Science
KaylaNollerLubar School of Business
NuzhatNoorLubar School of Business
BrookeNorbergCollege of Nursing
ColeNordnessSchool of Information Studies
MackenzieNoremCollege of Nursing
EliNorlanderCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyNortonPeck School of the Arts
AlyssaNoskowiakLubar School of Business
JacobNovakLubar School of Business
SarahNovakCollege of Letters and Science
BriantNovinska-LoisSchool of Education
AlieceNovitskiCollege of Letters and Science
JenniferNovotnyCollege of Nursing
JadenNowaczykCollege of Letters and Science
MitchellNowakLubar School of Business
HeatherNowatskeCollege of Nursing
MatthewNowickiLubar School of Business
HannaNoyceCollege of Health Sciences
ChristianNoyesCollege of Health Sciences
AnnNuedlingSchool of Education
GordanaNuhnSchool of Public Health
GabrielNurajLubar School of Business
MelissaNurreCollege of Nursing
OliviaNwachukwuHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BryanNyeLubar School of Business
AbigailO'BrienLubar School of Business
BrendanO'BrienLubar School of Business
DanielO'BrienLubar School of Business
EmilyO'BrienCollege of Health Sciences
SarahO'BrienCollege of Letters and Science
FinnO'ConnellPeck School of the Arts
LiamO'DonnellCollege of Letters and Science
JosephO'HaraEngineering & Applied Science
MichaelO'LearySchool of Information Studies
SeanO'LoughlinPeck School of the Arts
SamuelO'NeillEngineering & Applied Science
MollyO'ReganCollege of Health Sciences
JohnO'SheaPeck School of the Arts
KenzieOakesLubar School of Business
ShawnObarskiCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeObermanCollege of Health Sciences
EricaOberoiCollege of Health Sciences
HannahObstCollege of Letters and Science
CoreyOchoaPeck School of the Arts
MariaOchoaCollege of Letters and Science
AyahOdehCollege of Health Sciences
JosefOechsnerLubar School of Business
RachelOelsnerCollege of Letters and Science
Onyinyechukwuka Faithful GraceOgwuCollege of Health Sciences
Sun KeunOhPathway Advising
AnnaOhdeCollege of Nursing
SaraOhlsonSchool of Education
AndrewOjaEngineering & Applied Science
TyOlejnikLubar School of Business
MarcusOleksakEngineering & Applied Science
TaylorOleszakSchool of Education
NataliaOlguinCollege of Letters and Science
JordanOlinskiCollege of Letters and Science
JacquelineOlivasEngineering & Applied Science
RebekahOliverLubar School of Business
HaydenOlrickEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewOlsemCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminOlsenEngineering & Applied Science
JohnOlsenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NatalieOlsenCollege of Health Sciences
SarahOlsenCollege of Letters and Science
AlexanderOlsonEngineering & Applied Science
BrittanyOlsonSchool of Education
HannahOlsonEngineering & Applied Science
JenniferOlsonGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
JeremyOlsonCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaOlsonCollege of Health Sciences
LauraOlsonPeck School of the Arts
MitchelOlsonCollege of Health Sciences
AmberOlszewskiSchool of Education
JenniferOlszewskiCollege of Nursing
RawanOmariCollege of Health Sciences
KennedyOnellCollege of Letters and Science
KristenOpielaLubar School of Business
AvaOppermannLubar School of Business
MorganOrcholskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
VincentOrlandoLubar School of Business
JacobOrlowskiSchool of Education
MichaelOrlowskiCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaOrozcoPeck School of the Arts
AllisonOrrCollege of Letters and Science
TaniaOrtegaCollege of Health Sciences
MiriamOrtega FloresPathway Advising
LindseyOrthmannLubar School of Business
ArianaOrtizCollege of General Studies
DelaneyOrtizCollege of Health Sciences
OliviaOrtizCollege of Letters and Science
MorganneOrtliebCollege of Letters and Science
MacyOrtnerPeck School of the Arts
JakobOrtonLubar School of Business
KathrynOsinskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LuisOsuna-LeonLubar School of Business
LukeOsvaticEngineering & Applied Science
IvyOttenCollege of Letters and Science
EzraOttoSchool of Public Health
OliviaOttoCollege of Nursing
OliviaOverendPeck School of the Arts
JacobOwenEngineering & Applied Science
WilliamOwenLubar School of Business
CaitlynnOwensEngineering & Applied Science
MackenzieOwensCollege of Letters and Science
RobertOwensCollege of General Studies
MelissaOxtobyCollege of Health Sciences
OwenPaarCollege of General Studies
AshleyPachCollege of Nursing
CalebPachecoCollege of Letters and Science
LillianPachnerCollege of Letters and Science
GiannaPacioniCollege of Letters and Science
NataliePadovanoPathway Advising
IanPagan MartinezSchool of Public Health
EmmyPagelCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenPahlPathway Advising
SkylarPakCollege of Letters and Science
MyahPalechekCollege of Nursing
AustinPaliafitoCollege of Letters and Science
MiaPalmerCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyPaltzerCollege of Letters and Science
BreannahPalubiskiPeck School of the Arts
AdrianaPanellaLubar School of Business
ReannaPanlilioPeck School of the Arts
ShadikaPantaCollege of Letters and Science
AlexandraPapadulakisHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AdamPapeEngineering & Applied Science
ShelbyParadowskiLubar School of Business
ReganParbsLubar School of Business
TannerParbsEngineering & Applied Science
SofiaPardinasEngineering & Applied Science
IsabellaParinsCollege of Letters and Science
KateParisiCollege of Health Sciences
HojinParkEngineering & Applied Science
Hye MiParkCollege of Letters and Science
Seung HyeonParkSchool of Education
ShihyunParkEngineering & Applied Science
AlainaParkerCollege of Letters and Science
GarrettParkerPeck School of the Arts
MirandaParkerPeck School of the Arts
OliviaParkerSchool of Education
SarahParkerCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeParnelloHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadisonParolaSchool of Education
ErnestoParraLubar School of Business
SalvadorParraLubar School of Business
AbriellePartingtonCollege of Nursing
AlexandraPascarellaCollege of Letters and Science
IsabellaPassamaniLubar School of Business
RudiPassamaniPeck School of the Arts
DanielPatelEngineering & Applied Science
HarshPatelLubar School of Business
JigarPatelLubar School of Business
JitenPatelCollege of Letters and Science
KairaviPatelCollege of Health Sciences
MeetPatelEngineering & Applied Science
SiddharthPatelEngineering & Applied Science
OwenPattiLubar School of Business
JonathanPaulEngineering & Applied Science
KaylaPaulSchool of Education
MadysenPaulLubar School of Business
BaileyPaulsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SophiaPautzCollege of Health Sciences
JacobPavletichEngineering & Applied Science
NoellePawelskiSchool of Education
LoganPawlinskiCollege of Health Sciences
AngelaPearsonCollege of General Studies
ColtenPearsonLubar School of Business
RileyPedrianaPathway Advising
AaronPeiferPeck School of the Arts
MatthewPeiferCollege of Letters and Science
DouglasPellockPeck School of the Arts
DekkerPellonariCollege of Letters and Science
PaolaPenaPeck School of the Arts
DerekPennycuffLubar School of Business
AllisonPeoplesCollege of Letters and Science
StefanoPeralmaPeck School of the Arts
KaylaPeretCollege of General Studies
AlexanderPerezLubar School of Business
ElliottPerezCollege of Health Sciences
EunicePerezCollege of Letters and Science
HannahPerezPeck School of the Arts
JessicaPerezCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaPerez-MartinezCollege of Nursing
EtalyPerkinsCollege of Letters and Science
LillyPerkinsCollege of Letters and Science
MaraPerkinsCollege of General Studies
MadisonPermannCollege of Health Sciences
RossPerockLubar School of Business
MayyaPerovaLubar School of Business
KylePerozzoLubar School of Business
AlaynaPerryPeck School of the Arts
DanettaPerrySchool of Public Health
HannahPerryCollege of Letters and Science
MichellePerrySchool of Education
CaileyPerschSchool of Education
DanielPersinoPeck School of the Arts
JustinPeschmanCollege of Letters and Science
JennaPesickCollege of Letters and Science
SerinaPestanaSchool of Education
EllaPeterLubar School of Business
ElizabethPetersCollege of Health Sciences
EricaPetersCollege of Health Sciences
JennaPetersSchool of Education
JoannaPetersPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethPetersenCollege of Letters and Science
AlexisPetersonCollege of Health Sciences
ElisaPetersonSchool of Education
HaileyPetersonSchool of Education
MandaPetersonCollege of Letters and Science
MirandaPetersonCollege of Nursing
OliviaPetersonCollege of Letters and Science
ReannaPetersonCollege of General Studies
SamanthaPetersonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaylorPeterson-PhillipsCollege of Letters and Science
BradyPetrieLubar School of Business
InessaPetrosyanCollege of Health Sciences
ReidPezewskiLubar School of Business
MeghanPfeifferSchool of Information Studies
AinaPhakhruddinEngineering & Applied Science
KimPhanCollege of Nursing
PhuongPhanPeck School of the Arts
ChancePhillipsLubar School of Business
EricaPhillipsCollege of Letters and Science
HunterPhillipsPathway Advising
SkylerPhillipsCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyPhillipsSchool of Education
RachelPhillpottsCollege of Health Sciences
EthenhPhouybanhdytCollege of Letters and Science
AnhPhungPathway Advising
AngelaPiazzaCollege of Letters and Science
KatlynPiazzaCollege of Letters and Science
GregoryPicardPeck School of the Arts
KatherinePicazoPeck School of the Arts
AngelaPichlerCollege of Letters and Science
KristiPiciSchool of Information Studies
JoeyPicioneCollege of Letters and Science
LilyPickartCollege of Letters and Science
ClementPicouetSchool of Information Studies
RachelPiehlCollege of General Studies
AveryPiepenburgSchool of Public Health
BriannaPierceCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaPierquetCollege of Health Sciences
RachaelPierriCollege of Health Sciences
CassandraPierschallaLubar School of Business
JordanPieterickLubar School of Business
SamuelPikeEngineering & Applied Science
ElenaPinchukCollege of Health Sciences
JackPingelLubar School of Business
HugoPinkPeck School of the Arts
EthanPinkhamPeck School of the Arts
JoshuaPintericsCollege of Letters and Science
JordanPiontkowskiEngineering & Applied Science
IsabellaPippCollege of Letters and Science
NoahPisonCollege of Letters and Science
KeanaPitelCollege of Letters and Science
JonathanPivaralSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DominikaPiwowarczykLubar School of Business
MaryPlacekCollege of Health Sciences
NataliePlantCollege of Letters and Science
MadelinePlantikoSchool of Education
MasonPliskaCollege of Nursing
JessicaPlotkinCollege of Letters and Science
RebeccaPlourdPeck School of the Arts
CalebPlumleyEngineering & Applied Science
AnthonyPocoLubar School of Business
SamuelPoehlmannLubar School of Business
VictoriaPojeLubar School of Business
CameronPolceCollege of Letters and Science
HeatherPolinskeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RyanPolkaLubar School of Business
SamanthaPollockCollege of Nursing
AlyssaPolovinCollege of Letters and Science
LyudmylaPolshchykovaLubar School of Business
JohnPolsterLubar School of Business
TiffanyPolzinPeck School of the Arts
NicolePomaslSchool of Education
RobertPomerenkeLubar School of Business
ChristopherPomeroySchool of Information Studies
JacobPondEngineering & Applied Science
JohnPoppeEngineering & Applied Science
GabrielPoppertHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LexiPorrasPeck School of the Arts
LuisPortilloCollege of Letters and Science
KimberlyPoserCollege of General Studies
BlakePosewitzLubar School of Business
KatherinePossingPeck School of the Arts
NicholasPostLubar School of Business
JacobPotterLubar School of Business
TimothyPowellSchool of Education
YaminahPowellHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MichaelaPowersSchool of Education
RachelPowersLubar School of Business
SabhyataPrakashCollege of Letters and Science
BrycePrechelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JessicaPreislerCollege of General Studies
BaileyPrestonPeck School of the Arts
BenjaminPricePathway Advising
MadisonPriceSchool of Education
SkylarPriceCollege of Nursing
BrandonPrimCollege of Nursing
EmilyProchaskaCollege of Letters and Science
JadaProctorSchool of Public Health
MadelineProdoehlPeck School of the Arts
PeytonProkashCollege of Health Sciences
SidorelaProkoLubar School of Business
TheodoreProtasiewiczEngineering & Applied Science
BlakePrzesmickiCollege of Letters and Science
ColtenPucekLubar School of Business
HalleyPuckerSchool of Education
KellyPudroskiPeck School of the Arts
TanyaPuebla IbarraPeck School of the Arts
EllisonPunzelLubar School of Business
BrittneyPuttermanCollege of Letters and Science
IsaacPutzierEngineering & Applied Science
JonathanPutzierEngineering & Applied Science
AsmaQadadhaCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyQuadracciSchool of Information Studies
ConnerQuaintanceCollege of Letters and Science
AlissondraQuatsoeCollege of Letters and Science
DanielQuilesEngineering & Applied Science
LandonQuinneyCollege of General Studies
DelaneyQuinteCollege of Health Sciences
DanielQuirkLubar School of Business
AimeRabadanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BrandyRabalaisCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasRabasLubar School of Business
JesseRabayEngineering & Applied Science
KrystineRabeSchool of Education
KlaidinaRabiCollege of Letters and Science
MeganRadderCollege of Health Sciences
AlenaRaderPeck School of the Arts
ColtonRaderLubar School of Business
LexiRadiesPathway Advising
JosephRadishHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NinaRadjenovichCollege of Health Sciences
CarsonRadtkeEngineering & Applied Science
FaithRaePeck School of the Arts
MakaylaRaeckSchool of Education
BradyRaetherLubar School of Business
SalmanRaheemLubar School of Business
JustinRahmCollege of Letters and Science
NaomiRaicuCollege of Letters and Science
AngelicaRamirezLubar School of Business
IvanRamirezLubar School of Business
JenniferRamirezPathway Advising
LilianaRamirezCollege of Health Sciences
LuisRamirezEngineering & Applied Science
SarahRamirezPeck School of the Arts
CuauhtliRamirez CastroPeck School of the Arts
IsabellaRammingerLubar School of Business
CarliRamonPeck School of the Arts
VaishnavRampureEngineering & Applied Science
LaurenRamsdellCollege of Letters and Science
DominicRankinLubar School of Business
JacobRankinCollege of Letters and Science
AmnaRaoCollege of Letters and Science
LukeRapisardaLubar School of Business
IsabelleRashkinPeck School of the Arts
JaredRasmussenEngineering & Applied Science
StevenRasmussenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SamanthaRaszejaSchool of Education
JackRathLubar School of Business
AngelaRattinSchool of Education
DawsonRauschLubar School of Business
OliviaRavetCollege of Letters and Science
ReganRaylCollege of Letters and Science
SamRaymondCollege of Letters and Science
DamonRebelakSchool of Education
EdieRedwineHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaylorReedCollege of Health Sciences
ChloeRegnierCollege of Nursing
JordanRehbeinSchool of Information Studies
AdritaRehbein-JonesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MatthewRehgEngineering & Applied Science
GinaReichSchool of Education
MelodyReichLubar School of Business
DaysiaReidCollege of Letters and Science
MarinaReifenrathPeck School of the Arts
NoahReindlLubar School of Business
JakeReinhoferLubar School of Business
StephanieReiterSchool of Education
HansReitmeyerCollege of Letters and Science
ColeRekowskiLubar School of Business
MichaelRembalskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexRenierPeck School of the Arts
GrantRenkenJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
CarsonRennickeEngineering & Applied Science
ElizabethRensCollege of Nursing
EmilyReschkeCollege of Letters and Science
MasonRetkowskiCollege of Letters and Science
TylerRetlichCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminRettigCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelRetzlaffLubar School of Business
AmyReyesCollege of Letters and Science
Millicent JoanReyesCollege of Nursing
ElizabethRhinehartPeck School of the Arts
CarolineRhodaCollege of Health Sciences
CourtneyRibarPathway Advising
BrandonRiceLubar School of Business
JuliaRiceCollege of Health Sciences
MylahRiceLubar School of Business
AndrewRichEngineering & Applied Science
JamesRichCollege of Letters and Science
SadieRichardCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasRichardsCollege of General Studies
JennaRichardsonCollege of Letters and Science
SierraRichardsonSchool of Education
BradyRichertLubar School of Business
WilliamRicheyCollege of Letters and Science
IsabelRichlingCollege of Health Sciences
HannaRichterSchool of Education
SamanthaRichterLubar School of Business
AutumnRickCollege of Nursing
CallieRickardCollege of Health Sciences
DrewRickerLubar School of Business
SeanRickertLubar School of Business
JamieRiddlePeck School of the Arts
MadisonRidleyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EricaRiebeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RachaelRiedijkCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaRiedlingerPeck School of the Arts
HarmonyRiemerSchool of Education
CaitlynRiesenCollege of Health Sciences
EricRiesnerLubar School of Business
McKinleyRighterCollege of Nursing
AndreaRileyCollege of Letters and Science
CasimirRileyPeck School of the Arts
NupharRimerCollege of Letters and Science
MichelleRimnerCollege of Health Sciences
DerekRinehartSchool of Education
FatimaRiosHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CarlyRishelPeck School of the Arts
HannahRitterEngineering & Applied Science
JennyRitterbuschCollege of Letters and Science
ElisabethRittmeyerSchool of Education
AlexaRivadeneyraCollege of Health Sciences
MarioRiveraCollege of Letters and Science
RyanRiveraSchool of Information Studies
EricksonRivera MartinezSchool of Information Studies
JacquelineRizzoCollege of Letters and Science
EllieRoachCollege of Health Sciences
ShannonRobbPathway Advising
DavidRobbinLubar School of Business
CalebRobbinsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IsabellaRobertsLubar School of Business
LaurenRobertsonPeck School of the Arts
CatriceRobinsonLubar School of Business
CaylaRobinsonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GraceRobinsonCollege of Letters and Science
JasmineRobinsonLubar School of Business
JasonRobinsonLubar School of Business
JesseRobinsonCollege of Letters and Science
TamyaRobinsonCollege of Health Sciences
DominicRobsonCollege of General Studies
AmayaRockettPeck School of the Arts
AminahRockettPeck School of the Arts
AugieRodenbeckSchool of Education
KaitlynRodmanCollege of Health Sciences
ArianaRodriguezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AxelRodriguezEngineering & Applied Science
DiegoRodriguezLubar School of Business
EliaRodriguezCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethRodriguezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KristinaRodriguezSchool of Education
SophiaRodriguezCollege of Letters and Science
AmyRoeschCollege of Letters and Science
KristaRoessgerSchool of Education
CameronRoesslerEngineering & Applied Science
ThomasRoesslerCollege of Letters and Science
MckenziRogallaCollege of Letters and Science
HunterRogersCollege of Letters and Science
KoriRogersCollege of Letters and Science
LukeRognessLubar School of Business
JesseRogosienskiEngineering & Applied Science
AugusteRogstadHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JacksonRohLubar School of Business
AndrewRohdeEngineering & Applied Science
SarahRohmCollege of Health Sciences
HaleyRohrHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IsabelleRoigCollege of Nursing
KalistaRolingPeck School of the Arts
KylieRollinsCollege of Letters and Science
AaronRoloffPeck School of the Arts
TimothyRomangLubar School of Business
EmmaRomantHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaylorRomanykSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ArellyRomeroHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LarissaRongholtCollege of Letters and Science
JackRongstadCollege of Letters and Science
RookRookPeck School of the Arts
FelipeRosas GomezSchool of Education
SeanRoscoeCollege of Letters and Science
HaleyRoseSchool of Education
JamieRoseLubar School of Business
LydiaRosengrenCollege of Nursing
AlainaRosenthalLubar School of Business
GabrielRosenthalEngineering & Applied Science
JoshuaRosplochEngineering & Applied Science
MaxRossPeck School of the Arts
TaliaRossSchool of Education
JohnRothCollege of Nursing
JohnRotterCollege of Letters and Science
CarlyRoweEngineering & Applied Science
JacquelineRowleySchool of Education
KatherineRoxworthySchool of Education
PranavRoyEngineering & Applied Science
ChandaRoyleLubar School of Business
KathrynRozzoniCollege of Health Sciences
IanRubaschPeck School of the Arts
DanielRucinskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmmaRucksCollege of Nursing
JenniferRuddSchool of Education
OliviaRuddPeck School of the Arts
GabrielleRuderSchool of Education
AnilaRudiPathway Advising
AshleyRudserCollege of Letters and Science
LauraRuedigerSchool of Education
HopeRuedinCollege of Letters and Science
RhiannonRuffnerPeck School of the Arts
MatthewRuizCollege of Letters and Science
ShellyRukaSchool of Education
StevenRungeEngineering & Applied Science
WilliamRungeEngineering & Applied Science
DrewRunningSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EvanRuplingerLubar School of Business
KaylaRuplingerCollege of Nursing
WilliamRupnickCollege of Letters and Science
BrittanyRuschPeck School of the Arts
DanielRuschPeck School of the Arts
RichardRushCollege of Letters and Science
JoshuaRusniakLubar School of Business
BenjaminRussCollege of Letters and Science
JennaRussellSchool of Information Studies
TrevorRussellHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NicoleRussoLubar School of Business
OliviaRussoLubar School of Business
TylerRustLubar School of Business
LeviRutledgeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CamrynRyanCollege of Health Sciences
GrantRybackLubar School of Business
TaylorRynishHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MaysaSaadeddinPeck School of the Arts
JenevieveSaalsaaSchool of Education
LindsaySaariPeck School of the Arts
KierstenSabbareseCollege of Health Sciences
MunaSabhaCollege of Nursing
CatherineSadlerPeck School of the Arts
LillySadoffCollege of Health Sciences
HaneenSaedCollege of Nursing
AlexaSaferCollege of Letters and Science
MeganSafranskiLubar School of Business
AddisonSagatSchool of Education
SogolSaghatchiPeck School of the Arts
NasirSaiyedLubar School of Business
ZenSaiyedCollege of Letters and Science
AmayaSalekCollege of Nursing
YazanSalemEngineering & Applied Science
SofiaSalernoLubar School of Business
AyaSalhabCollege of Health Sciences
JosephSalinasCollege of Letters and Science
SallySalkinPeck School of the Arts
JehanSalousCollege of Health Sciences
SalamSalousCollege of Letters and Science
KaveriSalunkeEngineering & Applied Science
JaymiSalvoCollege of Letters and Science
CaitlinSamplawskiCollege of Letters and Science
ShellySamponCollege of Letters and Science
SydneySampson-WebbLubar School of Business
NathanSamuelsenEngineering & Applied Science
AlexandraSanchezCollege of Letters and Science
FelixSanchezCollege of Health Sciences
JocelynSanchezCollege of Letters and Science
LuisSanchezEngineering & Applied Science
LuisSanchezLubar School of Business
YesseniaSanchezCollege of Letters and Science
LuisSanchez-GuevaraSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GraceSandemanCollege of Letters and Science
SerenaSandersPeck School of the Arts
NicholasSanfelippoSchool of Information Studies
AustinSangerLubar School of Business
AnthonySannehSchool of Education
JacobSannerSchool of Education
RachelSantellanoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JosephSantoroLubar School of Business
Medalia DamarisSantosPeck School of the Arts
RamonSantosEngineering & Applied Science
Anny MariaSantos PennaLubar School of Business
AytanaSarriaCollege of Letters and Science
KeizanSatoEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaSatterfieldCollege of Letters and Science
LindsaySaure LangoehrCollege of Nursing
KeringtonSauserEngineering & Applied Science
TreySavagePeck School of the Arts
NinaSavaglioPathway Advising
MackenzieSavinPeck School of the Arts
RebeccaSawatskeSchool of Education
TristonSayaovangSchool of Information Studies
JordanSaylesSchool of Information Studies
SydneySaylesSchool of Education
AlyssandraScaffidiCollege of Letters and Science
AshlynnScannellCollege of Nursing
ArikScapellatoCollege of Letters and Science
GarrettScapellatoCollege of Letters and Science
SiciliaScardinaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IanScargillLubar School of Business
MalinaScarpaciCollege of General Studies
KaraScarpelliCollege of Letters and Science
MartinSchabelLubar School of Business
BenjaminSchaeferCollege of Health Sciences
SophiaSchaferLubar School of Business
BenjaminSchalkLubar School of Business
JordanSchallerSchool of Education
NathanielSchardinPeck School of the Arts
CarolynScharnickEngineering & Applied Science
JamesSchaserEngineering & Applied Science
KadenSchauerLubar School of Business
AbigailScheerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
StephanieSchefflerCollege of Letters and Science
AlSchefftCollege of Letters and Science
MackenzieScheibelCollege of Health Sciences
AmeliaScheiberCollege of Letters and Science
MakailaScheibleinSchool of Education
AnnaSchenkEngineering & Applied Science
LaurenSchenkPeck School of the Arts
SavannahScherrLubar School of Business
KatelynSchickerPathway Advising
MayaSchiekPeck School of the Arts
MackenzieSchillLubar School of Business
MadisonSchillingerEngineering & Applied Science
AustinSchimmelSchool of Information Studies
BrentonSchimpCollege of Letters and Science
EmilySchimpCollege of Nursing
JosephSchimpCollege of Letters and Science
JacobSchiresEngineering & Applied Science
AudreySchlaisCollege of Letters and Science
SiennaSchleeCollege of General Studies
HannahSchleySchool of Education
AaronSchliesmannLubar School of Business
KatherineSchmehlCollege of Letters and Science
NatalieSchmeichelCollege of General Studies
McKaelaSchmelzerEngineering & Applied Science
CaseySchmidtCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeSchmidtCollege of General Studies
GabrielleSchmidtCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineSchmidtGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
MadisonSchmidtSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MaxwelSchmidtLubar School of Business
NicoleSchmidtCollege of Health Sciences
RyanSchmidtSchool of Education
TimothySchmidtHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KevinSchmidtkeCollege of Letters and Science
JacobSchmittEngineering & Applied Science
RyanSchmittLubar School of Business
IanSchmitt-ErnstCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewSchnaareSchool of Information Studies
AllisonSchneiderLubar School of Business
BrantSchneiderSchool of Information Studies
BryceSchneiderEngineering & Applied Science
CarissaSchneiderSchool of Education
ChelcieSchneiderCollege of Health Sciences
JulieSchneiderPathway Advising
KathrynSchneiderPeck School of the Arts
RachelSchneiderCollege of Health Sciences
JennaSchoenfeldCollege of Nursing
JozeeSchoenoffHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MyaScholzCollege of Letters and Science
EileySchomischLubar School of Business
StevenSchomischCollege of Letters and Science
KelseySchommerCollege of General Studies
MasonSchoofEngineering & Applied Science
AbigailSchottCollege of Letters and Science
NoahSchraderEngineering & Applied Science
SarahSchraderCollege of Health Sciences
AbbySchroderCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailSchroederCollege of Letters and Science
AlissaSchroederLubar School of Business
CallieSchroederCollege of Health Sciences
LucasSchroederPeck School of the Arts
PeterSchroederCollege of General Studies
BriannaSchubertCollege of Letters and Science
JuliaSchuesslerSchool of Education
ZacharySchuettLubar School of Business
JadinSchuettpelzLubar School of Business
JadaSchuhCollege of Health Sciences
JessicaSchulerSchool of Education
BrandonSchultzCollege of Letters and Science
CorinneSchultzCollege of Letters and Science
HannahSchulzLubar School of Business
AlissaSchuningCollege of Letters and Science
BennettSchusterEngineering & Applied Science
MeganSchwabeCollege of Health Sciences
SydneySchwallerCollege of Letters and Science
DanielSchwartzCollege of Letters and Science
AngelaSchwechlerPeck School of the Arts
BrookeSchwederskySchool of Education
CarleySchweigerSchool of Education
AllieSchweinbergCollege of Nursing
MaddieSchweitzerPeck School of the Arts
HaileySchwengelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MeganSchwoererPeck School of the Arts
AshlynScintoLubar School of Business
EmmaScottCollege of Letters and Science
MiaScottSchool Arch & Urban Planning
StephanieScovilleHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GiniScrantonCollege of Nursing
TimothyScruggsSchool of Information Studies
JessicaSealockSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MarissaSebanPeck School of the Arts
BradleySeebruchPeck School of the Arts
MckennaSeefeldCollege of Letters and Science
EthanSehmerLubar School of Business
TateSehrbrockHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmberSeidelCollege of Letters and Science
TrevorSeidlLubar School of Business
LejlaSelimiSchool of Education
DaneSellCollege of Letters and Science
Massimiliano HanSellittoPathway Advising
JessicaSelphPeck School of the Arts
HannahSeltzerLubar School of Business
ZacharySemancikCollege of Letters and Science
KathrynSemberCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonSemtnerLubar School of Business
Jung GyuSeoCollege of Nursing
NatalieSepicCollege of Nursing
JoshuaSerafinCollege of Letters and Science
IsabelSernaSchool of Education
SophiaSerranoPeck School of the Arts
MeganSetterLubar School of Business
TylerSetzkeCollege of General Studies
CameronSeversonLubar School of Business
GraysonSewellCollege of Letters and Science
UnaSewellCollege of Letters and Science
ElliotShagerLubar School of Business
IqraShahCollege of Health Sciences
MahrookhShahLubar School of Business
RubabShahCollege of Letters and Science
SyedShahCollege of Nursing
LaurenShalabyCollege of Nursing
MichaelShambeauLubar School of Business
AidanShankSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NaimaShaqraSchool of Information Studies
JuliaSharafinskiLubar School of Business
RyanSharafinskiLubar School of Business
MatthewSharleyCollege of Letters and Science
MargaretShaughnessyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CallenShawCollege of Letters and Science
JacobShawPeck School of the Arts
SophiaShawPathway Advising
NoahSheahanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MaryerinShearerCollege of Health Sciences
MasonShefchikPeck School of the Arts
CallieSheltonSchool of Education
YuhaoShenCollege of Letters and Science
MauriceSheppardCollege of Letters and Science
DerekSherveyLubar School of Business
FinneganShieldsLubar School of Business
Sunshine Jamie MarieShimeallCollege of Nursing
JordynShippCollege of Nursing
LilyShiremanCollege of Health Sciences
AnikaShoppachCollege of General Studies
IanShoppachCollege of General Studies
JuliaShoppachCollege of General Studies
KelseyShoppachCollege of General Studies
NatalieShrinerSchool of Education
ArianaShuaib SantosCollege of Nursing
MayaShubSchool of Education
DanaShudyCollege of Letters and Science
CassandraShulferSchool of Education
JaskiratSidhuCollege of Health Sciences
LovleenSidhuLubar School of Business
SidneySieczkowskiSchool of Education
JacquelineSiedenburg-SisPeck School of the Arts
EmilySiegelCollege of Letters and Science
ChandlerSievewrightPathway Advising
BrittanySilasSchool of Education
MarkiaSilverman-RodriguezCollege of Letters and Science
MyaSimmsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AndrewSimonEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewSimonsenLubar School of Business
EdwardSimpsonEngineering & Applied Science
NatalieSinclairCollege of Nursing
AkshSinghLubar School of Business
BaljinderSinghEngineering & Applied Science
BaljotSinghEngineering & Applied Science
BhramdyaalSinghLubar School of Business
CharanpreetSinghLubar School of Business
HarkaranveerSinghLubar School of Business
HarpreetSinghLubar School of Business
SonyaSinkulaLubar School of Business
SheridanSinnenCollege of Nursing
AbbigaelSitteCollege of Letters and Science
AlexSitzeCollege of Letters and Science
SrivigneshSivakumarLubar School of Business
LydiaSkarivodaPeck School of the Arts
HoldenSkeelsCollege of Letters and Science
EvanSkirrowLubar School of Business
ChloeSkroberLubar School of Business
HannahSkrochSchool of Education
AlexiaSlaglePeck School of the Arts
AllisonSlamannCollege of Health Sciences
RachelSlavicEngineering & Applied Science
MarinaSlawinskiEngineering & Applied Science
BrittanySlichterCollege of Letters and Science
MackenzieSlimmerPeck School of the Arts
PoppySmallmanPeck School of the Arts
RileySmeatonEngineering & Applied Science
ChristopherSmeltzerEngineering & Applied Science
ShaeSmetanaCollege of Letters and Science
DmitriySmirnovEngineering & Applied Science
AlexanderSmithSchool of Education
AllisonSmithPeck School of the Arts
AmberSmithHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HannahSmithCollege of General Studies
JacquelineSmithSchool of Education
JakobSmithEngineering & Applied Science
JordanSmithEngineering & Applied Science
JustinSmithLubar School of Business
KatelynSmithSchool of Education
LamonicaSmithHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LaurenSmithSchool of Public Health
LindsaySmithPeck School of the Arts
RichardSmithCollege of General Studies
ShantaleSmithLubar School of Business
TiffaniSmithHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SummerSmith-HayesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KorySmitsEngineering & Applied Science
MariaSmitsPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethSmurawaCollege of Nursing
AnnaSniadachCollege of Letters and Science
IolantaSnietSchool of Information Studies
EganSnopekCollege of General Studies
AndrewSnowdenSchool of Information Studies
Alexandra-AnnSnyderSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KelseySnyderPeck School of the Arts
GraisynSobczakHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LeslieSobczakHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadelineSobojinskiLubar School of Business
Andreas FriisSoerensenCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminSolakLubar School of Business
ValeSolanoPeck School of the Arts
BrookeSolbergLubar School of Business
AlexandraSolisLubar School of Business
IrvinSolisLubar School of Business
JoshuaSolomonLubar School of Business
TatyannaSomsakCollege of Health Sciences
RuchiSoniCollege of Health Sciences
MatthewSonnackPeck School of the Arts
KaylaSoplataCollege of Nursing
AmandaSorceLubar School of Business
GraceSorensonPeck School of the Arts
LyndsaySorgPeck School of the Arts
SaraSorokoCollege of Letters and Science
NathanaelSovitzkyEngineering & Applied Science
IanSpaayLubar School of Business
ElleeSpaldingPeck School of the Arts
RileySpankowskiLubar School of Business
LaurenSpauldingLubar School of Business
EmilySpearsCollege of Health Sciences
GraceSpearsCollege of Nursing
KaySpeidelPeck School of the Arts
LindsaySpellmanLubar School of Business
AishaSpencerPeck School of the Arts
SamuelSpendeLubar School of Business
JaredSpiegelhoffPeck School of the Arts
AshleySpongbergSchool of Education
HannahSportielloPeck School of the Arts
NaomiSpottsPeck School of the Arts
BrockSprecherPathway Advising
SydneySprecherCollege of Health Sciences
GeorgiaSpyropoulosSchool of Education
AnvithaSriramCollege of Letters and Science
CaseySrodaEngineering & Applied Science
AdamSt JohnCollege of Letters and Science
MeganSt JohnCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelStachowiakCollege of General Studies
EmilyStachuraCollege of Letters and Science
MaclaineStahlCollege of Health Sciences
CalebStampaLubar School of Business
ShannonStanczakPeck School of the Arts
AllieStanglLubar School of Business
GeorgijeStanisicEngineering & Applied Science
JenniferStanislawskiCollege of Letters and Science
KendraStaniszewskiCollege of Letters and Science
IvanaStanojevicCollege of Nursing
RachelStantonPeck School of the Arts
AdrianStapletonPeck School of the Arts
BlakeStapletonCollege of Letters and Science
MelissaStapletonLubar School of Business
AlannaStarkLubar School of Business
SydneyStaverCollege of Health Sciences
TimothyStawickiPathway Advising
PaytonSteckertLubar School of Business
LibbySteckmesserPeck School of the Arts
WilSteebsCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaSteeleSchool of Education
DavidSteeleLubar School of Business
MeganSteensenSchool of Education
BlakeSteidemannLubar School of Business
EmilySteinCollege of Letters and Science
SydneySteinbachCollege of Letters and Science
BradySteinbrecherCollege of Letters and Science
MarkSteinbrennerLubar School of Business
GarrettSteinbrinkCollege of Health Sciences
KillianSteinerCollege of Letters and Science
SaigeSteinerCollege of Nursing
NoahSteinhilberCollege of Letters and Science
SashaSteinlePeck School of the Arts
CameronSteinmetzLubar School of Business
IvaStejskalovaCollege of Health Sciences
AndreaSteldtCollege of Letters and Science
MargaretStelmacherSchool of Education
SamuelStelterLubar School of Business
ShelbyStelzerCollege of Nursing
BillyStephensCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaStephensCollege of Nursing
JasonStephensLubar School of Business
QuinnStephensPeck School of the Arts
ReganStephensHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BreyleyStephensonSchool of Information Studies
BenjaminSternCollege of Letters and Science
DenaeSternCollege of Letters and Science
JeremyStetinaEngineering & Applied Science
IvaStevanovicLubar School of Business
BrittneyStevensCollege of Letters and Science
MelStevensCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaSteverCollege of Health Sciences
LinnibrentStewartSchool of Education
NathanielStewartPeck School of the Arts
NicholasStewartPeck School of the Arts
SerenaStewartSchool of Information Studies
ThomasStewartCollege of Letters and Science
TylerStewartPathway Advising
ErinStichaufLubar School of Business
MaxStiegCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyStiglerCollege of General Studies
ZoeyStiltjesPeck School of the Arts
WyattStimsonSchool of Education
CeceliaStockerPeck School of the Arts
CarolynStockhausenCollege of General Studies
CoryStoddardLubar School of Business
DalevonteStokesSchool of Information Studies
AimeeStolcersEngineering & Applied Science
EricStollCollege of Letters and Science
HenryStollenwerkPeck School of the Arts
AprilStoneLubar School of Business
MatthewStonerLubar School of Business
KyleStorandtEngineering & Applied Science
Runa SteiroStorheilPeck School of the Arts
NicoleStorkHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RachelStoryCollege of Letters and Science
CatherineStraitSchool of Education
ThereseStrandtPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethStrangePeck School of the Arts
GabrielleStrasserSchool of Education
CalvinStrawniakPeck School of the Arts
CallieStrayerCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenStreiPeck School of the Arts
PaigeStrevelerPeck School of the Arts
TylerStricklenLubar School of Business
EllieStrohLubar School of Business
McKenzieStrohwigSchool of Education
AlexisStrottmanCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelStrukelCollege of Letters and Science
RobertStrzelczykPathway Advising
JustinStubbeEngineering & Applied Science
ChaseStuloSchool of Education
AlecStysLubar School of Business
YaniSuLubar School of Business
EdgarSuarez-BenitezLubar School of Business
ClaireSugrueLubar School of Business
GraceSullivanLubar School of Business
MeganSullivanCollege of Health Sciences
QuinnSullivanCollege of Health Sciences
MadelineSummersCollege of Nursing
HaoranSunLubar School of Business
ElizabethSundayPeck School of the Arts
HopeSuskiCollege of Health Sciences
IsabelleSussmanCollege of Letters and Science
KayleeSutfinLubar School of Business
MorganSutterPathway Advising
ZacharySutterSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JaimieSuttonCollege of Health Sciences
AutumnSvoboda-LessardLubar School of Business
StevenSwansonLubar School of Business
SarahSwartwoutCollege of Letters and Science
SydneySweetSchool of Education
SamanthaSwenskiSchool of Education
HaleySwensonCollege of Letters and Science
SavannahSwiderskiLubar School of Business
AmenahSyedEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaSysePeck School of the Arts
DylanSzajkovicsLubar School of Business
ChristinaSzopinskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LeahSzymborskiCollege of Nursing
OwenSzymkowskiCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorTabbertEngineering & Applied Science
MajdaTabitCollege of Nursing
JohnTaborEngineering & Applied Science
LuisjanoTafiliLubar School of Business
ColleenTagatzLubar School of Business
LucasTagliaCollege of Letters and Science
NoahTagliapietraLubar School of Business
JacobTaitEngineering & Applied Science
MichaelTanelCollege of General Studies
RoshanTariqSchool of Information Studies
SaniaTariqCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelTarmanCollege of Letters and Science
IvanTarraPathway Advising
NoelTautgesEngineering & Applied Science
EmilyTaylorPeck School of the Arts
GavinTaylorLubar School of Business
JaQuannTaylorLubar School of Business
KaylaTaylorLubar School of Business
ParkerTeasdaleEngineering & Applied Science
CourtneyTeboCollege of Letters and Science
DylanTempleSchool of Education
TeddyTemplinCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasTenagliaPeck School of the Arts
MarissaTenHakenPeck School of the Arts
AustinTessLubar School of Business
SaraTessmerCollege of Nursing
MarioTestolinLubar School of Business
BraydenTetzlaffPeck School of the Arts
KayTetzlaffCollege of Health Sciences
SophiaTeubertPeck School of the Arts
MatthewThalEngineering & Applied Science
NicholasThammavongsaEngineering & Applied Science
BreannaThaoCollege of Letters and Science
CelinaThaoCollege of Health Sciences
ChiaThaoSchool of Education
LongThaoPeck School of the Arts
LormeeThaoCollege of Health Sciences
NathanThaoSchool of Information Studies
RickyThaoLubar School of Business
StaceyThaoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MichaelThielCollege of General Studies
TrevorThiemerLubar School of Business
JaredThierfelderEngineering & Applied Science
MaverickThillSchool of Education
JustinThimmeschLubar School of Business
JennaThiryPeck School of the Arts
ConnorThissenPeck School of the Arts
TrevorTholeSchool of Information Studies
GrantThomasCollege of Letters and Science
JohnThomasPeck School of the Arts
MarisaThomasCollege of Health Sciences
TerranceThomasSchool of Information Studies
MichaelThomeyCollege of Letters and Science
AaronThompsonLubar School of Business
AlexanderThompsonCollege of Health Sciences
DarcyThompsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmilyThompsonCollege of Letters and Science
EzraThompsonPathway Advising
HaileyThompsonCollege of Letters and Science
IsaacThompsonEngineering & Applied Science
JuliaThompsonCollege of Letters and Science
RaenneThompsonCollege of Health Sciences
RyanThompsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TannarThompsonSchool of Education
KariyaThomsonLubar School of Business
HannahThorpeCollege of Health Sciences
JacobThorstensonLubar School of Business
SohitThotaSchool of Information Studies
PiperThurstonCollege of Health Sciences
ConnorTiegsLubar School of Business
AndrewTillmanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
CarsonTimberlakeLubar School of Business
IzabellaTimmCollege of Letters and Science
TaijaiTimothyPathway Advising
RayTippinCollege of Letters and Science
RebeccaTittleCollege of Letters and Science
HarukiTobenLubar School of Business
HeatherTolbertSchool of Public Health
BrandonTollefsonCollege of Nursing
EllieTollenaarCollege of General Studies
JoshuaTomaszewskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BryceTomeEngineering & Applied Science
PatrickTomfohrdeLubar School of Business
CarterTomkinsLubar School of Business
SaraTongusiCollege of Letters and Science
EllisTonozziSchool of Information Studies
KevinTopelEngineering & Applied Science
WyattTopelLubar School of Business
MaheenToraniaCollege of Letters and Science
AleksandarTorbicaLubar School of Business
MileTorbicaLubar School of Business
AnthonyTordikLubar School of Business
TimothyTorkelsonSchool of Information Studies
AnnaTorresHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BryanTorresLubar School of Business
EricTorresEngineering & Applied Science
KevinTorresSchool of Information Studies
TylerTorresCollege of Health Sciences
JordaneTorres-RabyCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeToshnerSchool of Information Studies
HannahTouseyCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorTouseyLubar School of Business
JohnathonTovarCollege of Letters and Science
IanToynePeck School of the Arts
TaylorTrakelCollege of Health Sciences
Anh Thi TramTranEngineering & Applied Science
DianeTranCollege of Nursing
HugoTranCollege of Health Sciences
TabathaTranLubar School of Business
RobertTreacyCollege of Letters and Science
AlexisTreadwayPeck School of the Arts
LucasTredeauEngineering & Applied Science
EleanoreTrederLubar School of Business
AlexanderTregoSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LukeTremmelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JordanTresemerCollege of Nursing
VictoriaTrettinLubar School of Business
VictoriaTreulCollege of General Studies
PaytonTrieglaffLubar School of Business
VaiTriggianoCollege of Letters and Science
RichardTriplettLubar School of Business
MaxxTrippHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MaximilianTrippnerLubar School of Business
TessTroschukCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethTrotterPeck School of the Arts
MadelynTruccoSchool of Education
MackenzieTrueLubar School of Business
AnnaTruebenbachCollege of Nursing
LindseyTruesdaleHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JoseTrujillo ParraEngineering & Applied Science
GraysonTrzcinkoCollege of Letters and Science
UriahTrzebiatowskiCollege of Letters and Science
DionisiosTsioutsiopoulosLubar School of Business
Butz LanskyTuazonPathway Advising
AnneliseTuckerEngineering & Applied Science
BroderickTuomiLubar School of Business
AlexTurnerEngineering & Applied Science
NashTurnerCollege of Letters and Science
KaidenTurnquistEngineering & Applied Science
HunterTurpinCollege of Letters and Science
EricTutkowskiEngineering & Applied Science
MichaelTvetenEngineering & Applied Science
AmyTylinskiCollege of Health Sciences
KayaTynisSchool of Education
Spencer DaneTysonCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorUdelhofenSchool of Education
KristenUherkaPeck School of the Arts
SarahUhrenCollege of Health Sciences
HannahUllbergEngineering & Applied Science
ChristineUngerCollege of General Studies
GraceUngerCollege of Nursing
ChloeUphoffCollege of Health Sciences
NicoleUtechtPeck School of the Arts
MatthewUtterEngineering & Applied Science
MadelineVadnaisCollege of General Studies
WilliamValadezLubar School of Business
EdgardoValdes GonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
GlendalysValdes GonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
BradenVallafskeyCollege of Health Sciences
DavidValleLubar School of Business
PhillipVan AstenEngineering & Applied Science
KathrynVan BoovenEngineering & Applied Science
KadenVan De LooPeck School of the Arts
JayceVan De VeerPeck School of the Arts
LindsayVan Der WegenLubar School of Business
JessicaVan DyckSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NicholasVan ElzenCollege of Letters and Science
TrishaVan HandelPeck School of the Arts
CalistoVan MinhSchool of Information Studies
KristinaVan PattenEngineering & Applied Science
RyanVan PaySchool of Information Studies
NathanielVan SchyndelLubar School of Business
MackenzieVan VorousCollege of General Studies
BennettVanceCollege of Letters and Science
KaylaVandeheySchool of Education
JuliaVandenlangenbergCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasVander GrintenEngineering & Applied Science
KatherineVander VeldenPeck School of the Arts
ScottVandeveldeLubar School of Business
ShaneVanDommelenLubar School of Business
SawyerVanDorfCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyVanDykeCollege of Health Sciences
JamesVanevenhovenLubar School of Business
MarcellaVanEyckLubar School of Business
AaronVangLubar School of Business
AdamVangCollege of Health Sciences
AlexVangSchool of Information Studies
ClareVangPeck School of the Arts
CrystalVangHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GolasiaVangLubar School of Business
HouaVangSchool of Information Studies
KongVangPeck School of the Arts
KouVangLubar School of Business
MitchellVangEngineering & Applied Science
MongyongVangSchool of Information Studies
SolarVangEngineering & Applied Science
TiffanyVangCollege of Nursing
XueVangCollege of Letters and Science
YokoVangLubar School of Business
GrantVanLanduytPeck School of the Arts
AshleyVargasHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadisonVasquezSchool of Education
AllisonVasquez-LovellCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethVathPeck School of the Arts
AvaVaudreuilCollege of Nursing
EmmaVaughanSchool of Education
RylieVaughnSchool of Education
MadelynVavraCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelVazquezCollege of Letters and Science
JesseVegaCollege of Letters and Science
VeronicaVegaCollege of Letters and Science
JesusVelarde-MoctezumaCollege of Letters and Science
LucyVelicerCollege of Nursing
JosephineVellaLubar School of Business
JackVentoPeck School of the Arts
KatherineVentoPeck School of the Arts
ColtraneVerbanCollege of Letters and Science
Toni LynnVerhagenCollege of Letters and Science
RachelVerkhovykhEngineering & Applied Science
AutumnVesperPeck School of the Arts
JuliaVetranoPeck School of the Arts
JacobVettaLubar School of Business
AmandaViersSchool of Information Studies
DaniellaViirreCollege of Nursing
EnriqueVillanuevaLubar School of Business
CherishVillarrealHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DavenVillothCollege of Letters and Science
NoahVincentPeck School of the Arts
GinaViolaPeck School of the Arts
PeterVirgilioLubar School of Business
AryanahVisintainerCollege of Health Sciences
NatashaVitasEngineering & Applied Science
GabrielleVitranoPeck School of the Arts
NadiaVoCollege of Health Sciences
OliverVoegeliSchool of Education
AlexaVoelzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnnikaVoelzSchool of Education
AbbyVogelLubar School of Business
AlexanderVogtLubar School of Business
KarissaVoigtlanderCollege of Letters and Science
SiaraVolbrechtCollege of Health Sciences
KortnieVolkPathway Advising
MaxwellVolkPeck School of the Arts
JordanVollmerCollege of Health Sciences
NathanVon AllmenEngineering & Applied Science
ElderizeVon-Schilling WorthCollege of Letters and Science
JabeVonachenEngineering & Applied Science
HopeVoorhiesLubar School of Business
MeganVosbergCollege of Health Sciences
SageVoylesCollege of Letters and Science
Linh Ba HongVuLubar School of Business
AliciaVueCollege of Health Sciences
DerVueLubar School of Business
JoeyVueSchool of Information Studies
ToulongVuePathway Advising
AmberWaalaSchool of Education
NicholasWackerLubar School of Business
BrookeWadePeck School of the Arts
SamuelWadeLubar School of Business
BarretWagnerCollege of Letters and Science
BradenWagnerSchool of Information Studies
DevinWagnerCollege of Health Sciences
ElizabethWagnerCollege of Letters and Science
HannahWagnerCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewWagnerCollege of Health Sciences
SarahWagnerPathway Advising
JordynWaiteCollege of Nursing
EmilyWalczakCollege of Letters and Science
TessWaldochLubar School of Business
BrookeWaldvogelCollege of Health Sciences
JacobWaleshLubar School of Business
KatherineWalkerLubar School of Business
SarahWalkerCollege of General Studies
OliviaWallPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethWallaGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
GraysonWallaceLubar School of Business
MalloreyWallaceCollege of Letters and Science
MercedesWallaceSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NatalieWallacePeck School of the Arts
EliseWallerCollege of Letters and Science
DerekWallisCollege of General Studies
AlecWalnCollege of Letters and Science
JordynWalshCollege of Health Sciences
MeganWalstadLubar School of Business
NicolleWalterHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexisWaltersCollege of Letters and Science
GavinWaltersLubar School of Business
Jinelle Arianna ZalwangoWalugembeCollege of Health Sciences
AndrewWamboldtLubar School of Business
AnastasiaWandSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JosephineWangerinCollege of Nursing
NicalasWankerLubar School of Business
LillianWanlessCollege of Letters and Science
TheranWantaLubar School of Business
MorganWardSchool of Public Health
RileyWardEngineering & Applied Science
SophiaWardCollege of Letters and Science
DariusWareHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GracieWargoSchool of Education
MadelineWaringLubar School of Business
JessicaWarnerCollege of Letters and Science
KerriWarnerLubar School of Business
YeleneWashingtonSchool of Education
GraceWastlickCollege of Letters and Science
KatherineWaterburyCollege of Letters and Science
KaleyWatersPeck School of the Arts
RyanWatersEngineering & Applied Science
AlexanderWatkisLubar School of Business
PatrickWatsonCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewWattLubar School of Business
NathanielWatterCollege of General Studies
CaitlinWeaverCollege of Letters and Science
SeanWeaverCollege of Letters and Science
CaydenWebbLubar School of Business
NicholasWebberHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JacobWeberEngineering & Applied Science
KaitlynWeberCollege of Nursing
KarleeWeberSchool of Education
MalloryWeberCollege of Letters and Science
NicoleWeberPeck School of the Arts
OnaWeberCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyWebsterCollege of Letters and Science
TabithaWechloSchool of Education
TimothyWegehauptEngineering & Applied Science
AlexaWegenerCollege of Nursing
NicoleWegenerCollege of Nursing
JadaWegnerCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaWegnerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SaraWegnerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AllisonWehnerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
OliviaWehnerCollege of Health Sciences
HenryWehrsCollege of Letters and Science
SarahWeilandCollege of Letters and Science
DominickWeimanPeck School of the Arts
PaigeWeimerLubar School of Business
MadelineWeinstockCollege of Letters and Science
VictoriaWeisCollege of Letters and Science
JacobWeiseSchool of Information Studies
GraceWeisenselCollege of Letters and Science
CarsonWeisgerberCollege of Health Sciences
ZacharyWeisgerberLubar School of Business
BrynnWeissCollege of Letters and Science
JasonWeissLubar School of Business
PaulWeisserLubar School of Business
AmberWeissertPeck School of the Arts
EmilyWeixPeck School of the Arts
EmilyWelchCollege of Letters and Science
JalisaWelchLubar School of Business
ElizabethWellmanPathway Advising
JonasWellsEngineering & Applied Science
TylerWendelbornCollege of General Studies
ErikaWendtSchool of Education
EthanWendtLubar School of Business
ZacharyWendtSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ChristinaWenmanLubar School of Business
ErikWenslaffEngineering & Applied Science
NatalieWentkerLubar School of Business
SophiaWentzLubar School of Business
TrevorWenzelEngineering & Applied Science
TroyWenzlaffCollege of Letters and Science
CedricWernerCollege of Letters and Science
LandonWernerCollege of General Studies
JaredWescottLubar School of Business
EleanorWesenbergLubar School of Business
MelissaWesloskiCollege of Letters and Science
BridgetWesolowskiLubar School of Business
JustinWesolowskiEngineering & Applied Science
LeslieWesselHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SamuelWesselCollege of Health Sciences
SylviaWesselLubar School of Business
KatelynWesslerSchool of Education
AndrewWestCollege of Letters and Science
NathanWesterEngineering & Applied Science
LukeWesthoffEngineering & Applied Science
JonathanWestoverSchool of Information Studies
PamelaWestphalPeck School of the Arts
JacobWhalenPeck School of the Arts
BrandyWheatonCollege of Health Sciences
AlexandraWheelerCollege of Letters and Science
AlexisWhiteCollege of Health Sciences
AllisonWhitePeck School of the Arts
JulianWhitePeck School of the Arts
KameronWhiteSchool of Information Studies
VictoriaWhiteSchool of Education
DevanWhiteheadSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DarenWhitehornCollege of Letters and Science
ShannonWhitingPeck School of the Arts
DiamondWhitsellSchool of Education
AlainaWhitsonLubar School of Business
TylerWhittLubar School of Business
SophieWiarekLubar School of Business
KellyWiaterLubar School of Business
SavannahWicinskiLubar School of Business
NathanWickerEngineering & Applied Science
NicoleWickerCollege of Letters and Science
DelilahWickhamPathway Advising
MaryWidenerPeck School of the Arts
HenryWiedemannEngineering & Applied Science
DevinWiemannPeck School of the Arts
SawyerWietzelPeck School of the Arts
ChristianWilbournSchool of Information Studies
LaurenWilcoxHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SavannahWilcoxSchool of Education
BaileyWildeCollege of Letters and Science
ShannonWildingSchool of Education
CassandraWilkeEngineering & Applied Science
KyleWilkinsonLubar School of Business
LorrynWilkinsonEngineering & Applied Science
MelissaWilkinsonSchool of Education
SharonWillerCollege of Letters and Science
FelipeWilliamsCollege of Letters and Science
GracieWilliamsCollege of Health Sciences
JamieWilliamsCollege of Health Sciences
NicoleWilliamsCollege of Nursing
SarahWilliamsCollege of General Studies
VeronicaWilliamsCollege of Letters and Science
VictoriaWilliamsCollege of Letters and Science
EricaWillisCollege of Health Sciences
MatthewWillisonLubar School of Business
AllisonWillmsLubar School of Business
BarbaraWilsonCollege of General Studies
IsabelleWilsonSchool of Education
MercedesWilsonLubar School of Business
OliviaWilsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RubyWilsonPeck School of the Arts
AlyssaWindauSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GraceWinkelPeck School of the Arts
PauletteWinkelsLubar School of Business
EmilyWinkleCollege of Health Sciences
PaulWinklerSchool of Education
BlazeWinkoskiEngineering & Applied Science
JamieWinstedCollege of Letters and Science
KimberlyWinstonSchool of Education
EthanWinterLubar School of Business
MichaelWintersEngineering & Applied Science
QuinnWiorekLubar School of Business
JordynWirtzLubar School of Business
AnnaWisniewskiPeck School of the Arts
CherishWitherspoonLubar School of Business
SamanthaWitthunCollege of Letters and Science
GraceWodillCollege of Letters and Science
JacobWoelfelSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ZacharyWoelfelLubar School of Business
LydiaWojcieszakPeck School of the Arts
BenjaminWojcikEngineering & Applied Science
KorrieWolberCollege of Health Sciences
IsaacWolfEngineering & Applied Science
MollyWolfLubar School of Business
AbigailWolffCollege of General Studies
ZaneWolkeCollege of Letters and Science
JakeWolskiCollege of Nursing
BrennanWoltersEngineering & Applied Science
CalleighWondraCollege of Letters and Science
AngelaWongSchool of Information Studies
CarleyWongCollege of Nursing
AnnaWoodSchool of Education
EmilyWoodLubar School of Business
KaileyWoodCollege of Letters and Science
RayannWoodPeck School of the Arts
SophiaWoodCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineWorgullLubar School of Business
NicoleWorkenaourSchool of Information Studies
AgnieszkaWosPeck School of the Arts
CaitlinWozniakCollege of Nursing
JoshuaWoznickiPeck School of the Arts
AaronWrightLubar School of Business
KatherineWrightSchool of Education
KylieWrightCollege of Letters and Science
MorganWrightCollege of Letters and Science
FaithWrychaPeck School of the Arts
EliottWuchererLubar School of Business
JarredWuenschSchool of Public Health
MarieWycklendtSchool of Education
GraceWynveenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MilesXavierSchool of Education
WeilingXiaEngineering & Applied Science
AshleyXiongSchool of Education
BeckyXiongLubar School of Business
CelinaXiongCollege of Letters and Science
ChamongXiongCollege of Letters and Science
CynthiaXiongCollege of Nursing
DeionXiongHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DengXiongPeck School of the Arts
DerXiongHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ElizabethXiongCollege of Letters and Science
FouyeeXiongLubar School of Business
JoshuaXiongLubar School of Business
MeeXiongSchool of Education
NkaujouaXiongPeck School of the Arts
NouXiongSchool of Education
PafouaXiongCollege of Health Sciences
Pao-LeeXiongLubar School of Business
PatrickXiongSchool of Education
PayengXiongLubar School of Business
SunshineXiongEngineering & Applied Science
TouKouaXiongEngineering & Applied Science
VincentXiongCollege of Letters and Science
YunnanXiongCollege of Health Sciences
MaxwellXistris-SongpanyaEngineering & Applied Science
QianziXuLubar School of Business
MilesYamatPathway Advising
BruceYangCollege of Letters and Science
Cheng YengYangSchool of Information Studies
Chue YeeYangCollege of Letters and Science
ChueyeeYangSchool of Information Studies
ChueyingYangSchool of Information Studies
CynthiaYangCollege of Letters and Science
EricYangCollege of Letters and Science
EvanYangCollege of Letters and Science
JiaqiYangLubar School of Business
KoumengYangSchool of Information Studies
MacyYangLubar School of Business
Mai NkaoYangCollege of Health Sciences
MathewYangEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewYangSchool of Information Studies
MeganYangLubar School of Business
NaraeYangEngineering & Applied Science
Pa ZongYangCollege of Health Sciences
PantsaisYangLubar School of Business
ThongsouYangEngineering & Applied Science
XayYangSchool of Education
SabrinaYankeCollege of Health Sciences
CarlyYanoffPeck School of the Arts
QuinnYeagerLubar School of Business
JessicaYeePathway Advising
DavidYellickLubar School of Business
TroyYilmazPeck School of the Arts
HanibalYosiefPathway Advising
AlexisYoungCollege of Health Sciences
ChloeYoungCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyYoungCollege of Health Sciences
KaneyaYoungCollege of Letters and Science
Kay-LynnYoungCollege of General Studies
EmilyYourichLubar School of Business
NicholasYourichEngineering & Applied Science
DongminYunSchool Arch & Urban Planning
Abdullah Mohammed HabudZaabanootLubar School of Business
McKenzieZabelPathway Advising
JackieZablockiLubar School of Business
AlexisZabrowskiLubar School of Business
BryceZachariasSchool of Education
JannaZaibakCollege of Letters and Science
HaneenZaidanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MiraZakulaGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
JordynZalewskiCollege of Health Sciences
SkylarZamzowPeck School of the Arts
SamanthaZanderSchool of Education
KelseyZangeCollege of Letters and Science
KatieZanoniSchool of Information Studies
JessicaZaprzalkaLubar School of Business
KacperZaprzalkaCollege of Letters and Science
MarissaZardaCollege of Letters and Science
DrewZarembaLubar School of Business
FaithZarrickHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Sahil VimalZaveriEngineering & Applied Science
Ahmed Ridha KZawadLubar School of Business
CarterZawickiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IsabellaZeimetPeck School of the Arts
MadisonZeiskeSchool of Education
SophiaZelenyukPathway Advising
HannahZelmsSchool of Public Health
ZoeZemanSchool of Education
MaddisonZeniSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TylerZenisekLubar School of Business
HayleiZepnickCollege of Health Sciences
BenjaminZerrienSchool Arch & Urban Planning
HeleneZeznanskiLubar School of Business
PaolaZhakaCollege of Letters and Science
JieZhangCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenZidekPeck School of the Arts
BrycenZiegelSchool of Information Studies
GraceZiehmCollege of Nursing
JakobZielinskiLubar School of Business
AbigailZiesemannPeck School of the Arts
RaineZietlowSchool of Public Health
NatalieZimbelmanLubar School of Business
MackenzieZimdarsSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EmilyZimmerLubar School of Business
RachelZimmerliPeck School of the Arts
AlyssaZimmermanLubar School of Business
ArianaZimmermanCollege of Letters and Science
KaylaZimmermanCollege of Nursing
GraceZimmermannPeck School of the Arts
HopeZimmermannPeck School of the Arts
MarisaZimmermannCollege of Letters and Science
AaronZitelmanCollege of Letters and Science
IsabellaZizzoCollege of Letters and Science
TessaZocherCollege of General Studies
TaylorZoephelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SophieZoggCollege of Letters and Science
ChazZombolasPeck School of the Arts
DanielZoromskiCollege of Health Sciences
MelissaZuenglerEngineering & Applied Science
SamuelZufeltEngineering & Applied Science
RachelZumsteinPeck School of the Arts
DavidZunigaLubar School of Business
JonathanZweifelCollege of Letters and Science
SeraphinaZweifelPeck School of the Arts
ShelbyZwintscherCollege of Letters and Science
BenitaZyjewskiCollege of Letters and Science
JadynZywickeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare