Dean’s Honors

Students listed below have earned the Dean’s Honors for the Fall 2020 term as of February 16, 2021. Students who have placed a FERPA hold on their record will not be included on the list below.

Fall 2020

First NameLast NameAcademic Program
MaysamAbdeljaberSchool Arch & Urban Planning
FatimahAbdul MananPathway Advising
MuniraAbdulahiLubar School of Business
Asim SalehAbdulwahabCollege of Health Sciences
NathanAbelEngineering & Applied Science
AshlynAbrahamCollege of Health Sciences
BriannaAbrahamsCollege of Nursing
BissanAbubakerCollege of Letters and Science
AleciaAcevedoCollege of General Studies
TylerAckerCollege of Letters and Science
JosephAckeretLubar School of Business
LeahAckleyCollege of Letters and Science
DavidAdairLubar School of Business
KeithAdamkiewiczLubar School of Business
BriannaAdamsCollege of Letters and Science
CalebAdamsPeck School of the Arts
EiliAdamsCollege of Nursing
HannahAdamsCollege of Letters and Science
LamyraAdamsPeck School of the Arts
DavidAdashekEngineering & Applied Science
ValerieAddieCollege of Health Sciences
JordanAddisonGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
FaithAdebogunCollege of Letters and Science
JonathanAdelmanCollege of Letters and Science
GracieAdelmeyerCollege of Health Sciences
AlexanderAdkinsEngineering & Applied Science
JakeAgathenLubar School of Business
TelemachosAgoudemosEngineering & Applied Science
StephanieAguilarPathway Advising
AnaAguileraCollege of Letters and Science
BrianAguirreCollege of Health Sciences
AnnabelleAhlersCollege of Letters and Science
CameronAhlesEngineering & Applied Science
CallieAhlmSchool of Education
HudaAhmadCollege of Letters and Science
NoorAhmadSchool of Education
AliaAhmedCollege of Health Sciences
MuhammadAhmedCollege of Letters and Science
MustafaAhmedPathway Advising
AlexandriaAhrensSchool of Education
GraceAhrensCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailAikenCollege of Letters and Science
AriyapornAkarasriwatCollege of Health Sciences
NabihaAkbarCollege of Health Sciences
SheikhAkbarLubar School of Business
DanielleAkeyPathway Advising
NaziaAkhterCollege of Letters and Science
MosesAkinboboyeLubar School of Business
MelissaAkreLubar School of Business
Reiam Abdulmoein AAl AbdulhaiPeck School of the Arts
Walaa Abdulaziz HamedAl AjmiLubar School of Business
Maryam Said MohammedAl BreikiCollege of Letters and Science
Bushra Hamed AbdullahAl BusaidiLubar School of Business
Manar Saeed MAl DarweeshCollege of Nursing
Nibras Amur HamedAl HabsiLubar School of Business
Kuther Saleh AAl HaikiCollege of Letters and Science
Tsneem Abdulhakeem SAl NeemerCollege of Health Sciences
Ibrahim SalmanAl RadhwanLubar School of Business
Mohammed WajeehAl ShakhsEngineering & Applied Science
Mohammed MohsenAl ShuyukhEngineering & Applied Science
Yusra Mohammed HamedAl SulaimaniLubar School of Business
NadiaAl-KhunPeck School of the Arts
AnthonyAlagnaEngineering & Applied Science
MeganAlaimoCollege of General Studies
SamanthaAlberthPeck School of the Arts
EmilyAlbrechtCollege of Health Sciences
VictoriaAlbrechtEngineering & Applied Science
MalikaAlbulushiCollege of Nursing
MaxAlcantara HernandezLubar School of Business
IrieAldermanLubar School of Business
Ahmed Khalid AAldossariLubar School of Business
ElizabethAldrichSchool of Information Studies
RosalbaAldrich-PerezEngineering & Applied Science
DavidAlecksonLubar School of Business
LeonelaAlejandroPeck School of the Arts
ClaytonAlexanderLubar School of Business
KortneeAlexanderHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ZoeAlexanderCollege of Letters and Science
Ahmed Ali FAlfarisEngineering & Applied Science
LeviAlgerCollege of Health Sciences
Meshari Jamal SAlghamdiSchool of Information Studies
RanyaAlghamdiEngineering & Applied Science
HamedAlguradLubar School of Business
Hassan Ali HAlhabibLubar School of Business
Shaikha Salah Mahdi Ahmed A RaAlHamadLubar School of Business
Bandar Hameed MAlharbiCollege of Health Sciences
Abdulmalik Mohammad Tariq MAlhawsawCollege of Letters and Science
AhmedAlhumoodEngineering & Applied Science
AyanAliPathway Advising
FamoAliSchool of Education
FartunAliCollege of Nursing
MalahatAliCollege of Letters and Science
MazozehAliLubar School of Business
ReemAliCollege of Nursing
JanaAljalousCollege of Letters and Science
AbdullahAlkadhiLubar School of Business
MayAllanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlviAllenPeck School of the Arts
AlyssaAllenCollege of Letters and Science
MelissaAllenCollege of Letters and Science
RileighAllgeierCollege of Health Sciences
Fatimah Habib AAlmaskeenLubar School of Business
Ahmed Saleh SAlmihsinEngineering & Applied Science
RawanAlmkhalafiCollege of Letters and Science
AseelaAlmousaPathway Advising
Nada Mohammed SAlmuallemEngineering & Applied Science
Yousuf Mohammed SAlmuallemSchool of Information Studies
IsraaAlmuzelEngineering & Applied Science
Saad Khalid AAlnasserEngineering & Applied Science
EloraAlongeCollege of General Studies
Ahmad Suleman MAlrajhiLubar School of Business
ZainabAlRebhEngineering & Applied Science
Mohammed Abdullah MAlrogaibLubar School of Business
Atheer Zaki HAlsaffarCollege of Health Sciences
KaileyAlsburyLubar School of Business
Abdullah OssamaAlshuwaikhatLubar School of Business
AliAlshuwaikhatLubar School of Business
ArwaAlsiyamiEngineering & Applied Science
KhaliunAltanpurevEngineering & Applied Science
MagdalyneAltmanLubar School of Business
QuinnAltmanCollege of Letters and Science
CristinAlvaradoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Ali Hussain EAlyousefCollege of Letters and Science
NusrAlzalloumEngineering & Applied Science
KoamiAmegnranSchool Arch & Urban Planning
HazarAmerEngineering & Applied Science
YasmeenAmerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AllyAmersonSchool of Education
NinaAmideiLubar School of Business
AliAminCollege of Letters and Science
RyanAmmermanCollege of Letters and Science
PhilipeAmorim Figueredo De MeloPeck School of the Arts
JennaAndersCollege of Letters and Science
JaidenAndersenLubar School of Business
AlexanderAndersonLubar School of Business
AubreyAndersonPathway Advising
CameronAndersonCollege of Letters and Science
CodyAndersonLubar School of Business
DevinAndersonLubar School of Business
EleanorAndersonPathway Advising
GriffinAndersonLubar School of Business
HenryAndersonCollege of General Studies
HolliAndersonCollege of Health Sciences
JacobAndersonSchool of Education
KaitlynAndersonSchool of Education
McKennaAndersonCollege of Health Sciences
MelissaAndersonCollege of Health Sciences
MeredithAndingCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenAndrewsEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaAndrewsLubar School of Business
HaleyAndringaCollege of Letters and Science
SaraAndrzejewskiCollege of General Studies
CathrinaAngelesCollege of Health Sciences
HarmonyAngellarCollege of Letters and Science
BreannaAnglesCollege of General Studies
PeterAnkerbergSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NiyokwizeraAnnaCollege of Nursing
LibertyAnsorgeCollege of Letters and Science
JeremyAnstedtCollege of Letters and Science
TylerAntczakCollege of General Studies
JillianAntonacciCollege of Letters and Science
CedrickAntonioCollege of Health Sciences
TiffanyAntonopoulosCollege of Letters and Science
AliceApfelbachCollege of Letters and Science
NickolasApollonLubar School of Business
SoranoAraiLubar School of Business
LitzyArcosSchool of Information Studies
YudithArenasHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AaronArendtCollege of Nursing
GabrielleArendtPeck School of the Arts
KyraArendtPeck School of the Arts
DevinArfstromEngineering & Applied Science
ElizabethArmstrongPathway Advising
JacobArmstrongLubar School of Business
AshleyArndtPathway Advising
AshleyArndtCollege of Letters and Science
BraydenArnholtLubar School of Business
JennaArnoldCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonArntsenCollege of Letters and Science
HayleeArroyoCollege of Health Sciences
MaryCateArtoneSchool of Education
NemanjaAsaninEngineering & Applied Science
JoshuaAsbyLubar School of Business
RebeccaAsbyLubar School of Business
BrittanyAsfeldCollege of Letters and Science
ShathaAssadCollege of Health Sciences
AbrahamAtariLubar School of Business
AnyaAthanCollege of Letters and Science
MohammadAtshanLubar School of Business
ChloeAttallaPeck School of the Arts
ShelbyAtwoodSchool of Education
NatalieAubleCollege of Health Sciences
MadisonAubryCollege of General Studies
LadaAvruninaCollege of Letters and Science
IslamAwadEngineering & Applied Science
BryannaAxtCollege of Health Sciences
EvanAxtellEngineering & Applied Science
BriknyAyalaCollege of Nursing
RaphaelAzcuetaEngineering & Applied Science
JoshuaBabcockCollege of Health Sciences
ZacharyBachinskiLubar School of Business
KendraBaconSchool of Education
MaramBadadCollege of Letters and Science
TahaBadaniPathway Advising
TasneemBadaniCollege of Letters and Science
EricBadeCollege of Letters and Science
HebaBadwanCollege of Health Sciences
LinaBadwanCollege of Health Sciences
YehunBaeLubar School of Business
EmilyBaginLubar School of Business
DavidBaglienSchool of Information Studies
AubreeBahrSchool of Education
LaurenBahrCollege of Letters and Science
BrandieBaierCollege of General Studies
DavidBaikSchool of Information Studies
AmyBaileySchool of Education
MeghanBainPeck School of the Arts
HarmanBainsSchool of Information Studies
NehalBajwaCollege of Letters and Science
EvaBakerCollege of Letters and Science
GeorgiaBakerSchool of Education
KalebBakerLubar School of Business
NazneenBakhtiarSchool of Information Studies
JethBalabagnoEngineering & Applied Science
AnneBaldwinHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AinsleyBaldwin ZurekCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasBalickiLubar School of Business
JhonetteBalingitCollege of Letters and Science
DominicBalistreriHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GabrielBallwegPeck School of the Arts
RodrigoBaltazarPeck School of the Arts
LaurenBanaagCollege of Letters and Science
BraedonBandtLubar School of Business
ConnorBandtLubar School of Business
TheodoreBankenEngineering & Applied Science
SydneyBannachPeck School of the Arts
SimonBannisterCollege of Letters and Science
KathrynBaranykCollege of Letters and Science
KaitlinBarbourCollege of Nursing
AmayaBarkerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MeganBarkerCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaBarkerPeck School of the Arts
ZacharyBarkerSchool of Information Studies
CianaBarkowLubar School of Business
AmandaBarnesCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyBarnesLubar School of Business
ElizabethBarrettLubar School of Business
KevinBarrettCollege of Letters and Science
KristinaBarrettSchool of Public Health
NatalieBarrettCollege of Nursing
NikoBarrientosCollege of Letters and Science
SavannaBarriosHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlisonBarthLubar School of Business
SeamusBarthPathway Advising
ChaseBarthelPeck School of the Arts
ElijahBartlettCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeBartonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MakenzieBartonSchool of Education
AmadeuszBartoszLubar School of Business
AlecBartzSchool Arch & Urban Planning
HaileeBartzCollege of Letters and Science
AnthonyBaruffiEngineering & Applied Science
KimberlyBasslerCollege of Health Sciences
DanicaBastaCollege of Letters and Science
BaileyBasterashCollege of General Studies
EmmalineBatemanSchool of Information Studies
MarvinBatemanLubar School of Business
GavinBatkerPeck School of the Arts
AricaBauerCollege of Letters and Science
KaitlynnBaukusCollege of Health Sciences
EthanBaumSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MarinaBaumannLubar School of Business
HannahBaumeisterLubar School of Business
JoshuaBauschPeck School of the Arts
EvelynBautistaCollege of Letters and Science
BrandonBaxterPeck School of the Arts
MaryJaneBaxterSchool of Education
MarcailBayerGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
PharedaBeLubar School of Business
ErinBeachkofskiEngineering & Applied Science
NikkoBeachkofskiCollege of Nursing
DakotaBealSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JoshuaBeamsleyEngineering & Applied Science
AlainaBechardPeck School of the Arts
LaurenBecherCollege of Nursing
AndreaBeckCollege of Letters and Science
BradyBeckLubar School of Business
EthanBeckEngineering & Applied Science
BiancaBeckerCollege of Nursing
EmilyBeckerCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewBeckerEngineering & Applied Science
RachelBednarowskiPeck School of the Arts
CatherineBeemanCollege of Letters and Science
JosephBeesonPeck School of the Arts
RobertBehlLubar School of Business
BrookeBehmSchool of Information Studies
ParisBehmCollege of Health Sciences
BrockBehnkeEngineering & Applied Science
ElenaBehnkePeck School of the Arts
GrantBehnkeLubar School of Business
HalieBehnkeSchool of Education
MaxwellBehnkePeck School of the Arts
EmilyBehrendtCollege of Letters and Science
BrentBeiderwiedenCollege of Nursing
DanielleBeierschmittEngineering & Applied Science
BrendenBeilfussPeck School of the Arts
MariaBeilkePeck School of the Arts
VincentBeilkeEngineering & Applied Science
MargaretBejnaCollege of Health Sciences
MahmoudBekdashLubar School of Business
ChanaBekkerLubar School of Business
EmilyBelcherCollege of Health Sciences
ZacharyBellHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JadeBellairsGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
NancyBellandCollege of Letters and Science
GinaBellantiSchool of Education
MelissaBellantiCollege of Health Sciences
JacobBellinCollege of Letters and Science
CordeliaBelloc LowndesSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MayaBelmasCollege of Letters and Science
AliciaBelowCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineBelshawCollege of Letters and Science
IsabellaBenceCollege of Letters and Science
AustinBencsLubar School of Business
EmilyBenderCollege of Letters and Science
MaryBenderCollege of Health Sciences
TessBenderCollege of General Studies
LaTreseBenfordSchool of Education
EliseBenkleyLubar School of Business
CaseyBenkowskiLubar School of Business
AndreaBennageCollege of Letters and Science
DominiqueBennettLubar School of Business
LaurenBennettCollege of Nursing
MackenzieBennettSchool of Education
MollyBennettSchool of Education
JonBensemannLubar School of Business
SamuelBensemannSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ErinBensonSchool of Education
MarnieBenzCollege of General Studies
VivianBepplerEngineering & Applied Science
MiraBeranekCollege of Letters and Science
HannahBergPeck School of the Arts
KassideeBergdollCollege of Letters and Science
TravisBergeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RachelBergelinSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MeghanBergerPeck School of the Arts
MeganBerginCollege of Letters and Science
HannahBergmannCollege of Nursing
MeganBergmannLubar School of Business
HannahBergrudEngineering & Applied Science
AlysaBerhardtCollege of Letters and Science
TashaBerilloCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailBermanCollege of Nursing
ElanBermanCollege of Health Sciences
BlueBernsteinPeck School of the Arts
TylerBerrayEngineering & Applied Science
HalleBerresCollege of Letters and Science
CassidyBertagnoliCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelBertherLubar School of Business
BenjaminBertjensEngineering & Applied Science
JackBertramSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KayleeBertrandSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BenjaminBerwegerCollege of Nursing
GabriellaBestulLubar School of Business
AndrewBeszhakCollege of Letters and Science
MorganBetchkalCollege of Letters and Science
DerekBetzEngineering & Applied Science
StephenBetzLubar School of Business
TaylorBeyerPeck School of the Arts
AndreasBeyer-BowdenPeck School of the Arts
NathanielBezierEngineering & Applied Science
KashifBhimaniLubar School of Business
EmiliaBiasonEngineering & Applied Science
MakennaBieberitzSchool of Education
NicholasBieganskiEngineering & Applied Science
EmilyBienemanCollege of Nursing
SofiaBieniakCollege of Letters and Science
JosephBieselLubar School of Business
NinaBieserCollege of Health Sciences
MeganBiesmannCollege of Letters and Science
HannahBillerPeck School of the Arts
HannahBinderLubar School of Business
JosefBinderSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RebeccaBirdLubar School of Business
EmilyBirkholzLubar School of Business
ShawnBirkholzLubar School of Business
GabrielleBiscegliaCollege of Nursing
NicoleBishopLubar School of Business
KendraBispingCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaBittnerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KaylieBittnerCollege of Nursing
KeiraBittnerCollege of Health Sciences
ChynaBivensCollege of Letters and Science
AidanBlackPeck School of the Arts
PrentissBlackCollege of Letters and Science
SarahBlackCollege of Letters and Science
KaleyBlakeLubar School of Business
OliviaBlakeCollege of Health Sciences
LexisBlaserCollege of Health Sciences
CharlesBlaskowskiLubar School of Business
GabriellaBlatt PrevattCollege of General Studies
CamronBlauSchool of Education
VivienBleckingCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelBlessingCollege of Letters and Science
ShawnBlindauerEngineering & Applied Science
BenjaminBlitzCollege of Letters and Science
JordanBlitzCollege of Letters and Science
LisaBlockCollege of Nursing
SydneyBlockEngineering & Applied Science
SydneyBloedelLubar School of Business
LeahBlohmCollege of Letters and Science
EvaBloomHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
WyattBobbLubar School of Business
ChaseBockCollege of Letters and Science
CassandraBodartCollege of Nursing
ChristianBoehlefeldSchool of Education
AmandaBoehmLubar School of Business
JanelleBoehmLubar School of Business
NatalieBoelterLubar School of Business
CameronBoeshaarCollege of Letters and Science
AllieBoettcherCollege of Letters and Science
SophiaBoettcherGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
OliviaBoganLubar School of Business
JaydenBognerLubar School of Business
LauraBogyayPeck School of the Arts
JoshuaBohnCollege of General Studies
MadelineBohnSchool of Education
AshleyBohnePeck School of the Arts
KlairissaBoisvertEngineering & Applied Science
ClaireBoldaCollege of Letters and Science
TrentBoldinCollege of Letters and Science
AshleyBonestrooCollege of General Studies
AndrewBonkLubar School of Business
LaurenBonofiglioCollege of Nursing
EdwardBoothCollege of Letters and Science
CarlyBorchardtCollege of Letters and Science
SiennaBorchardtPeck School of the Arts
HannahBorchertCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailBorckSchool of Education
ShaniaBorekPeck School of the Arts
AlyssaBorinPeck School of the Arts
AlyssaBorowskiCollege of Health Sciences
DevinBorringLubar School of Business
GabrielleBorstSchool of Education
JosephBosmanLubar School of Business
NawalBouamerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NoelleBougieCollege of Letters and Science
JacobBousleyEngineering & Applied Science
MaimoonaBowcockCollege of Health Sciences
JohnBowenEngineering & Applied Science
CourtneyBowlingPeck School of the Arts
WilliamBowmanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TeresaBoyceLubar School of Business
HannahBoydCollege of Letters and Science
KathrynBoydCollege of Nursing
SkylerBrackobHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DestinyBradySchool Arch & Urban Planning
ShannonBradySchool of Education
KyleBrahmEngineering & Applied Science
RossBrandolinoPathway Advising
BrianBrandtLubar School of Business
HayleyBraniaSchool of Education
LisdonBrannonPeck School of the Arts
KaylaBranstedCollege of Nursing
TahlliaBranstiterCollege of Health Sciences
SkylarBrantEngineering & Applied Science
JakeBratelCollege of General Studies
NatalieBrauerPathway Advising
JordanBraultLubar School of Business
EmilyBraunCollege of Letters and Science
KaylaBraunCollege of Health Sciences
RachelBraunCollege of General Studies
ChristopherBravataPeck School of the Arts
NathanBrayshawEngineering & Applied Science
KristynBreckenridgeSchool of Education
AlissaBreenSchool of Education
ZacharyBreiderEngineering & Applied Science
HawaBremaLubar School of Business
AidanBrennanLubar School of Business
RachelBrennerCollege of Letters and Science
AnthonyBretallPeck School of the Arts
MasonBrethouwerLubar School of Business
LaurenBreunigCollege of Letters and Science
TrentBriggsCollege of Nursing
EmilyBriscoeCollege of Letters and Science
AdamBristolCollege of Letters and Science
BrennaBristowLubar School of Business
TaylorBrittainCollege of Letters and Science
KevinBrodaEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewBroderickLubar School of Business
ClaraBroeckerPathway Advising
EmilyBromleyEngineering & Applied Science
MadisonBrosigCollege of Nursing
LillyBrostHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LyleBrotkowskiSchool of Information Studies
DanteBrownEngineering & Applied Science
MaryBrownCollege of Letters and Science
MitchellBrownCollege of Letters and Science
RobertBrownHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SophiaBrownHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaylorBrownSchool of Education
ZoeBrownPeck School of the Arts
DanielBrowneLubar School of Business
JonathanBrowneCollege of Letters and Science
ClaireBruderCollege of Letters and Science
MorganBruggerCollege of Health Sciences
AdamBrugginkLubar School of Business
IsaacBruleyPeck School of the Arts
ThomasBruneauLubar School of Business
LindseyBrunettePeck School of the Arts
LyndseyBrunnerCollege of Letters and Science
StephanieBrunoCollege of Nursing
EmmaBrunzellePeck School of the Arts
AnnabelleBrusacoramCollege of General Studies
WilliamBrushCollege of General Studies
SamanthaBruskySchool Arch & Urban Planning
CharlieBrussLubar School of Business
MadelineBrussCollege of Letters and Science
AbbyBruynCollege of Health Sciences
KarinaBruzonSchool of Education
EmilyBryanPathway Advising
JennaBrydenLubar School of Business
TabithaBryzekCollege of Letters and Science
CalebBubackPathway Advising
MitchellBubanCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewBucholtzSchool of Education
BrandonBuckCollege of Nursing
SydneyBuckCollege of Health Sciences
MaggieBuckhamSchool of Education
LaurenBuckiCollege of Health Sciences
IsabelBuckleyLubar School of Business
RyanBuckleyLubar School of Business
SydneyBudelierCollege of Health Sciences
BreannaBudnickPathway Advising
EricaBuechelLubar School of Business
IsabellaBuettnerCollege of Letters and Science
ReissBuettnerLubar School of Business
CassidyBuffoniLubar School of Business
JordanBuiCollege of Health Sciences
DamonBukourasLubar School of Business
EmilyBurantLubar School of Business
JasonBurczykPeck School of the Arts
FranziskaBurkardSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GarrettBurkeCollege of Letters and Science
EssenceBurks-BurtinCollege of Letters and Science
AshleyBurleyPeck School of the Arts
SavannaBurmeisterPathway Advising
EmilyBurnsSchool of Education
KristinaBurnsCollege of Letters and Science
MollyBurnsideCollege of Letters and Science
SabrinaBurrieCollege of Nursing
BenjaminBurroughsLubar School of Business
JenaBurtonCollege of Health Sciences
OliviaBuschSchool of Education
KristyBuschmanLubar School of Business
DanielBushPathway Advising
QuadeBuskaSchool of Education
JenniferBussieCollege of Nursing
JuancarlosBustosCollege of Letters and Science
KennethBustosLubar School of Business
MaggieButzCollege of Letters and Science
MaxwellBuzeckyPeck School of the Arts
TannerBykowskiLubar School of Business
LaurenceByrneCollege of Letters and Science
DanielByrne-SzafoniPeck School of the Arts
LeilaniCabanLubar School of Business
NestorCaban HernandezSchool of Information Studies
MariahCabreraCollege of Letters and Science
AshtonCadmanSchool of Education
MichaelCadyLubar School of Business
BrianCalabreseCollege of Letters and Science
AshnaCalabroCollege of Letters and Science
EugenioCalderon RodriguezGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
MaryCalhounSchool of Education
GeorgeCallEngineering & Applied Science
ClaireCallaghanCollege of Nursing
AnnaCallahanSchool of Education
DanielleCallahanCollege of Letters and Science
StevenCamachoLubar School of Business
LaurenCampbellCollege of Letters and Science
IsaacCamposLubar School of Business
AbbigailCanaceSchool of Education
MicheleCanfieldSchool of Education
NicoleCanfieldLubar School of Business
DinahCannCollege of Letters and Science
JohanyyCansecoCollege of Letters and Science
LauraCantoralSchool of Education
MaryCapponLubar School of Business
MikaelaCarbajalPathway Advising
GretaCarbonePathway Advising
SophiaCareyCollege of Letters and Science
VennCariagaCollege of Nursing
CeciliaCarlLubar School of Business
WilliamCarlLubar School of Business
MatthewCarlsenCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaCarlsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NathanCarlsonEngineering & Applied Science
NicoleCarlsonSchool of Education
ParkerCarlsonEngineering & Applied Science
SaraCarlsonCollege of Health Sciences
BenjaminCarlson LauxPathway Advising
JessicaCarpenterEngineering & Applied Science
RonanCarpenterCollege of Letters and Science
HaidenCarrSchool of Education
JohnCarranEngineering & Applied Science
ElisaCarranza AndradeEngineering & Applied Science
EvaCarraraCollege of Health Sciences
MarcusCarriagaLubar School of Business
IsabelCarrilloPathway Advising
BenjaminCarterPeck School of the Arts
GracieCarterLubar School of Business
GrayciaCarterHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SamanthaCarterCollege of Letters and Science
KimberlyCarverCollege of Letters and Science
ShawnCarwardineCollege of Health Sciences
KailaCasalinoPeck School of the Arts
CruzCasasHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
FinnCaseyGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
OliviaCashCollege of Letters and Science
BrisaCasiqueHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnthonyCasperLubar School of Business
DevonCasperLubar School of Business
ElizabethCasperCollege of Health Sciences
StephanyCastaneda-ReyesSchool of Public Health
ArezaCastilloCollege of Letters and Science
JuanCastilloHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IsabelCastroSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EthanCaugheyCollege of Letters and Science
TeresaCavaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MeganCavanaughCollege of Nursing
RileyCavanaughLubar School of Business
NicoleCaveLubar School of Business
BradyCawthonCollege of Health Sciences
MatthewCecchiniLubar School of Business
AliciaCeraCollege of Nursing
AngelaCeraPeck School of the Arts
NatalyaCerdaSchool of Education
DelaneyCerevicCollege of Health Sciences
AndrewCerezoPeck School of the Arts
KlejaCerniauskaiteLubar School of Business
RyanCesarzPeck School of the Arts
ThibaultCeulemansLubar School of Business
ThomasChamberlainLubar School of Business
EmilyChanCollege of Letters and Science
BrandonChangCollege of Letters and Science
ChristinaChangLubar School of Business
EmmaChangPeck School of the Arts
In-YoungChangPathway Advising
KarinaChangPathway Advising
MichaelChangSchool of Information Studies
PasuaChangCollege of Health Sciences
ShouaChangPathway Advising
TiffanyChangCollege of Letters and Science
NehaChangotraCollege of Health Sciences
MitchellChanterLubar School of Business
AlyssaChaoLubar School of Business
TaisungChaoCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminChapinPeck School of the Arts
FaithCharbonneauPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethCharneyCollege of Letters and Science
MaraCharpentierEngineering & Applied Science
AlyssaChartierCollege of General Studies
RobertChartierLubar School of Business
AmandaChasePathway Advising
LilyChaseCollege of Letters and Science
NicoleChavezCollege of Letters and Science
JordiChavez SernaSchool of Information Studies
FelixChavez-AlmedaEngineering & Applied Science
SebastianChecaPathway Advising
LydiaChechowitzCollege of Letters and Science
ChristineChenCollege of Letters and Science
JayChenLubar School of Business
JustinaChengCollege of Letters and Science
IsabellaChiappettaPeck School of the Arts
VincentChiesaLubar School of Business
AbigailChildsCollege of Letters and Science
Sai KeerthanaChittajalluSchool of Information Studies
VictorChiuSchool of Information Studies
TimothyChmielLubar School of Business
TenzinChoenyiCollege of Nursing
SeohyeChoiEngineering & Applied Science
KennethChowLubar School of Business
MularChrisSchool of Education
DanielleChristensenSchool of Education
MatthewChristensenEngineering & Applied Science
SamuelChristensenEngineering & Applied Science
JoshuaChristianCollege of Letters and Science
SkylerChristiansonEngineering & Applied Science
EvanChristophersonEngineering & Applied Science
ClaireChuckaCollege of Letters and Science
SophieChudnowCollege of Health Sciences
VeronicaChurchCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailCiaccioLubar School of Business
TylerCicigoiLubar School of Business
BriannaCieslakCollege of Health Sciences
AlexanderCiskeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmmaCiskePathway Advising
LauraCiskeCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminCisnerosCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeCisnerosHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JonnileeClapperCollege of Nursing
ShannonClareySchool of Education
AmandaClarkSchool of Education
AndrewClarkLubar School of Business
HaleyClarkPeck School of the Arts
HazelClarkCollege of General Studies
KadenClarkLubar School of Business
RobertClarkLubar School of Business
SethClarkPathway Advising
GiovanniClaudioSchool of Information Studies
MadisonClausingPeck School of the Arts
ShemClaybornLubar School of Business
CahreClayburnCollege of Letters and Science
DeAmayiahClayhiggsPathway Advising
TylerClazmerCollege of Letters and Science
ToryClearwaterCollege of Letters and Science
CarolineClemensHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EleanorClementCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailClementsLubar School of Business
TaylorClementzCollege of Nursing
AustinCleminsLubar School of Business
SyllishaClendenenSchool of Education
CaleClinkertPathway Advising
MadisonClopperCollege of Health Sciences
McKennaCoartneyPeck School of the Arts
SamanthaCobbCollege of Health Sciences
IsmaelCoello RamirezEngineering & Applied Science
VivianCoenenLubar School of Business
ElizabethColdenSchool of Education
IsabelColeLubar School of Business
NakyaColemanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MatthewColgrovePeck School of the Arts
RenaCollaCollege of Letters and Science
AnnCollinsLubar School of Business
BridgetCollinsLubar School of Business
CamilleCollinsPeck School of the Arts
MadalynnCollinsCollege of Letters and Science
CaseyColognaLubar School of Business
WilliamColonySchool Arch & Urban Planning
PatrickColquhounPeck School of the Arts
HannahComanCollege of Health Sciences
RachelComandeCollege of Letters and Science
AlexandraComerPeck School of the Arts
BenCommerPeck School of the Arts
CaitlinConcannonPeck School of the Arts
RyanConferEngineering & Applied Science
JennaConfortiCollege of Health Sciences
TrevorConnaherPeck School of the Arts
MorganConnaughtonEngineering & Applied Science
RileyConnellCollege of Health Sciences
VirginiaConnellPeck School of the Arts
GeorgeConnellySchool of Education
AmandaConnollyLubar School of Business
SarahConnonLubar School of Business
AnjanaConnorsCollege of Health Sciences
SamuelConradLubar School of Business
AnneConroySchool of Education
VanityConroy-MunozCollege of Health Sciences
Luz AreliContrerasCollege of Letters and Science
MadysonContreras-PerrinCollege of Letters and Science
CavanaughConwayLubar School of Business
AmandaCookCollege of Health Sciences
AnnetteCooleySchool of Education
JonathanCoonenCollege of General Studies
AudreyCooperPeck School of the Arts
BarbaraCooperLubar School of Business
SeanCoppinEngineering & Applied Science
HazzemCordashEngineering & Applied Science
MiaCornaleSchool of Education
ElyseCornellHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AllisonCorraoCollege of Nursing
LeticiaCortesSchool of Education
AaronCotterLubar School of Business
LaurenCourterPeck School of the Arts
JaydenCourtneyCollege of General Studies
AngelaCoxCollege of Letters and Science
AleksaCraigPeck School of the Arts
EllisaCraigSchool of Education
DanielCramerEngineering & Applied Science
HayleyCrandallCollege of Letters and Science
KalebCravillionSchool of Information Studies
KaelyCraysPeck School of the Arts
IsabelCrespoCollege of Letters and Science
ReaganCristSchool of Education
NicholasCrivelloCollege of Letters and Science
MyKennaCrockerLubar School of Business
AndreaCrooksLubar School of Business
AmandaCrosbyCollege of Letters and Science
SkyeCrossLubar School of Business
AdamCrouseCollege of General Studies
PhilipCrownoverEngineering & Applied Science
IvyCrudenCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyCruzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GabriellaCruzCollege of Letters and Science
MarcCruzPeck School of the Arts
YazminCruzSchool of Education
IrisCruz CruzCollege of Nursing
AristeoCruz JacintoCollege of Letters and Science
CristianCuevasCollege of Letters and Science
MiguelCuevasLubar School of Business
AlondraCuevas QuevedoPathway Advising
TessaCulletonCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineCulpCollege of Health Sciences
JosephCulverLubar School of Business
AaronCumminsLubar School of Business
KiaraCunninghamCollege of Nursing
AbbyCurtisSchool of Education
AndrewCurzonSchool of Information Studies
MadisonCusterSchool of Education
SpencerCzarnezkiEngineering & Applied Science
AlicjaCzyzCollege of Letters and Science
AnthonyD'AcquistoCollege of Health Sciences
KathrynD'AmatoPeck School of the Arts
NawelDaadouchaPathway Advising
AdrennDacanayPathway Advising
TimothyDacheletEngineering & Applied Science
SemraDadevskiCollege of Health Sciences
HaneenDaherCollege of Nursing
ToriDahlPeck School of the Arts
ConnorDahlkeCollege of Letters and Science
AhmadDaisCollege of Letters and Science
LorDakwarLubar School of Business
OnishaDaleLubar School of Business
QuintinDaleyCollege of General Studies
KaleighDallmanLubar School of Business
KathrynDallmannLubar School of Business
SamanthaDallyCollege of Health Sciences
JadziaDaneauSchool of Information Studies
Quynh Nguyen MaiDangCollege of Nursing
MaliqueDanielCollege of Health Sciences
AustinDanielewiczSchool of Information Studies
LukeDanielsPeck School of the Arts
MalikDanielsSchool of Information Studies
NikhilDanielsEngineering & Applied Science
AlisonDanisonEngineering & Applied Science
JohnDankwardtLubar School of Business
CarolineDanneckerGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
KendraDantoinPathway Advising
JosephDardisLubar School of Business
AkankshaDasariCollege of Letters and Science
ValerieDaumCollege of Nursing
AaronDaviesCollege of Nursing
AshaDaviesCollege of Nursing
HaileyDavisCollege of Letters and Science
LorenzoDavisLubar School of Business
PrincessDavisLubar School of Business
SonyaDavisCollege of Letters and Science
LukeDavitzEngineering & Applied Science
MiaDavoodiCollege of Letters and Science
CarolineDawleyCollege of General Studies
TieganDawleyCollege of Health Sciences
Deja EliseDawsonPathway Advising
NicholasDawsonLubar School of Business
ThurstonDawsonCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasDaytonSchool of Education
JacobDe HartPeck School of the Arts
NancyDe JesusEngineering & Applied Science
NicholasDe La PazLubar School of Business
JazminDe LeonPathway Advising
LindsieDe ValkLubar School of Business
MatthewDeaconEngineering & Applied Science
AllysaDeatesPathway Advising
KayleeDeBeukelarSchool of Education
AveryDeBoerLubar School of Business
BryceDeBoucheLubar School of Business
CameronDebrouxLubar School of Business
KiannaDeByleSchool of Information Studies
ZaneDeClarkLubar School of Business
MichaelDeCleeneEngineering & Applied Science
IsabellaDecleeneSchool of Education
SullivanDeCramerLubar School of Business
NoahDedrickLubar School of Business
DanieldeFreesePeck School of the Arts
CarolineDeGrootHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JordanDeGrootLubar School of Business
NoahDeGrootLubar School of Business
KameyaDeHaanCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewDeHartPeck School of the Arts
AlyciaDeJesusSchool of Education
AngelDeJesus OrtizEngineering & Applied Science
RichardDeJongPeck School of the Arts
MatthewDekkerEngineering & Applied Science
GemmaDel FrateSchool of Education
Ashriel GraceDel RosarioPathway Advising
JennaDelatteLubar School of Business
JossielDelgado ReyesLubar School of Business
JuliaDelvalleLubar School of Business
MaxDemarioLubar School of Business
BenjaminDeMuriEngineering & Applied Science
PaulDeMuthEngineering & Applied Science
ChristinaDenschCollege of Letters and Science
JaydenDeOcampoPathway Advising
TyDepiesLubar School of Business
ConnorDerenneLubar School of Business
SophieDernCollege of General Studies
AlyssaDerpinghausLubar School of Business
NatalieDerrPeck School of the Arts
ArdenDeRuyterCollege of Health Sciences
DavidDeshpandeCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineDeSmetCollege of Nursing
KlaireDesorcyCollege of Nursing
JacobDetampelSchool of Information Studies
ErikDeterdingSchool of Public Health
EmilyDettingerSchool of Education
SophiaDetweilerCollege of General Studies
LydiaDeutschCollege of Nursing
EmmaDeValkenaereHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnnaliseDevallCollege of Nursing
AddisonDevineCollege of Nursing
BenjaminDewaneLubar School of Business
AlisonDewersCollege of General Studies
BethanyDeyoCollege of Letters and Science
NathanDeYoungLubar School of Business
JaymeeDheinCollege of Letters and Science
Sean BenedictDichosoSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RyanDickeCollege of Letters and Science
GeorgiaDidierCollege of General Studies
RachelDieckmannCollege of Letters and Science
ErikDiedrichCollege of Letters and Science
MaiaDiedrichGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
JorianDietlmeierCollege of General Studies
KatlynnDietzenCollege of Letters and Science
LatrinaDiggsLubar School of Business
JoshuaDilbeckLubar School of Business
CailinDildayCollege of Letters and Science
ClareDillonSchool of Education
HannahDillonCollege of Letters and Science
ReillyDillonCollege of Letters and Science
HoustonDiMaggioLubar School of Business
OliviaDimmerCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailDineenLubar School of Business
MonroeDinhEngineering & Applied Science
KaitlynDiskinPeck School of the Arts
ZacharyDixEngineering & Applied Science
LaurenDixonPathway Advising
Patricia AnneDizonCollege of Health Sciences
NatalieDjilasLubar School of Business
RebekahDoakCollege of General Studies
EvelynDoanCollege of Letters and Science
MaggieDobbsCollege of Letters and Science
ClaireDobovskyLubar School of Business
JacobDobratzEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaDoddCollege of Health Sciences
SamuelDoebertLubar School of Business
SeanDoegeLubar School of Business
DelaneyDoeringCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaDoeringCollege of Letters and Science
DelaneyDoerschPeck School of the Arts
TyDoffekCollege of Letters and Science
AlexanderDoineLubar School of Business
MichaelDoineLubar School of Business
KristyDolinacPathway Advising
KaylaDollSchool of Education
IsabellaDoll JaycoxPeck School of the Arts
DarianDomekCollege of Letters and Science
ValentinaDominguez GonzalezEngineering & Applied Science
DiegoDominguez-RamirezEngineering & Applied Science
RyanDonaldEngineering & Applied Science
LeahDonnellyPathway Advising
MadeleineDorcyCollege of Nursing
TenzinDorjiLubar School of Business
NoahDornLubar School of Business
HunterDorowLubar School of Business
GraceDorschelCollege of Letters and Science
AnthonyDorshakLubar School of Business
KyraDoschPathway Advising
Emma FaeDostalekHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TylerDotterweichCollege of Letters and Science
AlexandraDoughertyPeck School of the Arts
AustinDowningSchool of Education
SydneyDownsCollege of Health Sciences
TiannaDoyleSchool of Education
ZacareyDraegerEngineering & Applied Science
ErinDraganPathway Advising
JovanaDragicevicLubar School of Business
MarijaDragicevicLubar School of Business
JessicaDraySchool Arch & Urban Planning
MiaDreherPeck School of the Arts
NicholasDreierLubar School of Business
RachelDremelLubar School of Business
StephenDrenaSchool of Education
DanielDrenskiCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyDrewesSchool of Education
MaxDriftmierSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DavidDroesslerLubar School of Business
TaylorDroverHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadalynDruktenisLubar School of Business
AshleyDrzewieckiEngineering & Applied Science
IlisiaDu MezCollege of Letters and Science
MitchellDuaEngineering & Applied Science
RonitaDuaCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonDuBoisCollege of Letters and Science
KateDuchenyCollege of Nursing
SundanceDuchowCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailDudaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmilyDuelgeSchool of Education
SethDuellmanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MeganDuerlingerPeck School of the Arts
KileyDufekPeck School of the Arts
TannerDuffneyCollege of Letters and Science
MadelynDuhigSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JordanDumasSchool of Information Studies
KaitlynDumsCollege of Letters and Science
MorganDunbarLubar School of Business
DavidDuncanCollege of Letters and Science
JohnDunnLubar School of Business
ZacharyDunnEngineering & Applied Science
AlanaDunneSchool Arch & Urban Planning
PaulaDuran GarzonLubar School of Business
ErayDursunSchool of Information Studies
BrianDutkowskiLubar School of Business
AvaDworskyLubar School of Business
GenevieveDwyerCollege of Letters and Science
EthanDybingEngineering & Applied Science
LaurieDybulCollege of Nursing
MicahDykemaLubar School of Business
KatelynDziengelLubar School of Business
ClaireEadeLubar School of Business
AlyshaEarnshawCollege of Health Sciences
AlessandraEbbenEngineering & Applied Science
BescentEbeidSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EllisEberhardtLubar School of Business
RyannEberlePeck School of the Arts
JordanEcklCollege of Letters and Science
DanielEckoldtCollege of Health Sciences
SouadEddahiouiSchool of Education
TyEderesingheLubar School of Business
AdamEderleLubar School of Business
ValerieEdgingtonCollege of Letters and Science
CodyEdmondCollege of Health Sciences
AsiaEdwardsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CheriseEdwardsCollege of Nursing
HunterEdwardsEngineering & Applied Science
KendallEdwardsCollege of Health Sciences
MakenzieEdwardsPeck School of the Arts
SabrinaEdwardsonEngineering & Applied Science
BrendaEgbe-OsibeEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaEgelseerCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaEggertLubar School of Business
JuliaEglyCollege of Health Sciences
TannerEhlersLubar School of Business
CallaEhlertPeck School of the Arts
JaeEhlingerCollege of Letters and Science
SebastianEhlkePathway Advising
ElizaEidenSchool of Education
AlyssaEidenbergerCollege of Letters and Science
AlexisEilenfeldtSchool of Education
GenaveveEisertCollege of General Studies
HannahEismanCollege of Letters and Science
CarsonEjzakLubar School of Business
YassineEl BerkiSchool of Information Studies
AbdelouhabEl hmainiSchool of Information Studies
CharlieEllenbeckerEngineering & Applied Science
NikolausElliehausenLubar School of Business
MollyElliotCollege of Nursing
SarahElliottSchool of Education
SophieEllisCollege of Health Sciences
CalvinElmoreLubar School of Business
ClarissaElmoreSchool of Education
LayanElqaqSchool of Education
DeimaElshakraSchool of Information Studies
JacobElstonSchool of Education
SavannahElyCollege of Nursing
AnnaEmersonPeck School of the Arts
MarieEnderleSchool of Education
ElliotEndresLubar School of Business
ThomasEngelCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenEngelbrethGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
MaxEnghEngineering & Applied Science
AustinEnglerLubar School of Business
MeganEnglerSchool of Education
KateEnriquezSchool of Public Health
ViktorEpifanovLubar School of Business
PeteErdmannPeck School of the Arts
BenjaminEricksonCollege of Letters and Science
DesryeEricksonSchool of Education
EmmaEricksonPeck School of the Arts
SilviaErnerLubar School of Business
JennaErnstHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CallaEschLubar School of Business
FalihaEshaiCollege of Health Sciences
FranciscoEsparzaPeck School of the Arts
JenniferEsparzaSchool of Education
JoselimEspinosa GarciaCollege of Nursing
Adiyna-EdenEspinosa-ByrdCollege of Letters and Science
MeganEsserCollege of Health Sciences
LoganEssersEngineering & Applied Science
AbbieEsterlinePeck School of the Arts
KirstinEvansEngineering & Applied Science
TyEvansLubar School of Business
BrandonEvensCollege of General Studies
SydneyEverettPathway Advising
NicoleEvicaLubar School of Business
BrookeEwerCollege of General Studies
BrettEwigEngineering & Applied Science
JoshuahEwingLubar School of Business
WasihunEwnetuEngineering & Applied Science
HarrisonFabianLubar School of Business
HarrisonFairbanksPeck School of the Arts
JosephineFalencikLubar School of Business
OliviaahokatoangaFaletaCollege of Letters and Science
RobertFalkowskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmmaFamulakCollege of Health Sciences
JinweiFangEngineering & Applied Science
SeanFanningCollege of Letters and Science
PanagiotisFanopoulosLubar School of Business
SarenaFarberHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
OmarFarisLubar School of Business
MacyFarnsworthCollege of Nursing
ConradFarrellEngineering & Applied Science
ZoeFarrellCollege of Letters and Science
LoganFarringtonLubar School of Business
AudreyFassbenderLubar School of Business
GraceFauerbachSchool of Education
LeenaFayyadEngineering & Applied Science
KelseyFeaselCollege of Health Sciences
DiannaFedchukCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyFedewaCollege of Letters and Science
OwenFehlerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JericaFehrSchool of Education
AlyssaFehrmanGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
ShelleyFeilSchool of Information Studies
ZacharyFeldbrueggeCollege of Letters and Science
TeaganFelerskiSchool of Education
EloyFelizSchool of Information Studies
KieranFendtCollege of Letters and Science
FaithFenendaelCollege of Health Sciences
Henrik HitschkeFennefossLubar School of Business
ValeryFenningerCollege of Letters and Science
MarkFerenziPeck School of the Arts
HaleyFergusonSchool of Education
IsaacFergusonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JocelynFergusonPathway Advising
KatherineFergusonCollege of Letters and Science
TomasFernandezEngineering & Applied Science
NicholasFerranteCollege of Letters and Science
AvaFerrierPeck School of the Arts
DanielFeyLubar School of Business
CassidyFeyenSchool of Education
CadeFialaLubar School of Business
HannahFickSchool of Education
AlexzanderFiebigCollege of Health Sciences
KaysieFielCollege of Nursing
RyanFieldsCollege of Letters and Science
ErickFigueroaLubar School of Business
JulianaFilippoPeck School of the Arts
ClaudiaFinkHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ShaylaFinleyPeck School of the Arts
KyleFinstadEngineering & Applied Science
BryceFischerCollege of Letters and Science
CalebFischerEngineering & Applied Science
DanielleFischerCollege of Health Sciences
NolanFischerSchool of Education
ToddFischerPeck School of the Arts
AlexanderFisherCollege of Letters and Science
JaneFisherSchool of Education
StephenFisherCollege of Letters and Science
AbbyFitchPathway Advising
LeilaFitchettSchool of Education
JackFitzgeraldCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethFixCollege of Letters and Science
AriannaFjelstadCollege of Letters and Science
MeganFlaaPathway Advising
LoriAnneFlahertySchool Arch & Urban Planning
SophiaFlaminioCollege of Nursing
MadelineFlannerCollege of Letters and Science
PaigeFlanneryCollege of Letters and Science
KathleenFlatleyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NoorFleifelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ZainabFleifelLubar School of Business
BeauFleischmannLubar School of Business
CarmenFlenoryCollege of Letters and Science
AaronFlierlLubar School of Business
HaydnFloresCollege of Letters and Science
IrmaFloresHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IsabelleFloresPeck School of the Arts
IsaiahFloresSchool of Information Studies
AlbertFlottmeyerCollege of Health Sciences
CollinFlueggeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
CameronFlynnLubar School of Business
ErinFlynnCollege of Letters and Science
KatherineFlynnSchool of Education
SamanthaFobairCollege of Nursing
CharlesFogleSchool of Education
KatlynFoglepoleCollege of General Studies
JasonFogtSchool of Information Studies
LarissaFoleyCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeFollansbeeCollege of Health Sciences
SzuyannFongLubar School of Business
CollinFooteSchool of Education
ReubenFortierCollege of Letters and Science
MoniqueFosterPeck School of the Arts
RachelFosterPeck School of the Arts
TiaraFountainCollege of Letters and Science
SarahFowlerCollege of Letters and Science
GraceFoxCollege of Letters and Science
MikaylaFoxCollege of Health Sciences
MischaFoxSchool of Information Studies
MckenaFrahmCollege of Letters and Science
ShawnFrahmanLubar School of Business
CourtneyFraleyEngineering & Applied Science
AddyFrancoisLubar School of Business
BennettFrankSchool of Education
EliFrankCollege of Letters and Science
KaileyFrankCollege of Letters and Science
AlaynaFransonCollege of Health Sciences
JharrellFrazierHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SarahFrazierCollege of Letters and Science
KatrinaFrederickPeck School of the Arts
JustinFredricksonLubar School of Business
AngelaFreemanPeck School of the Arts
NoemiFregoso GonzalezPathway Advising
AustinFreibothLubar School of Business
JoshuaFreitagHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SydniFrenchCollege of Letters and Science
JenaFrettLubar School of Business
Anna MarieFricanoCollege of Nursing
NathanFrickLubar School of Business
PaigeFrickCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamFrickLubar School of Business
KaitlynFrickensmithSchool of Information Studies
AshFriedenbergPeck School of the Arts
AnnieFriedlCollege of Letters and Science
KylieFriedrichSchool of Public Health
GraceFrielloCollege of Nursing
SydneyFriessSchool of Education
LaurenFrigerioCollege of Letters and Science
NicoleFrisonCollege of Letters and Science
ClanceyFritschEngineering & Applied Science
AlainaFritzLubar School of Business
AnnabelleFritzEngineering & Applied Science
KerriganFritzLubar School of Business
KendylFrobergCollege of Health Sciences
GretchenFroelichPeck School of the Arts
KyleFryeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MakalahFryrearCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailFuchsPeck School of the Arts
JanaiaFudallyCollege of Letters and Science
KoraFuerstenbergHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JennaFullerCollege of Letters and Science
CameronFursethEngineering & Applied Science
AlexaFurutaPeck School of the Arts
TannerGabelEngineering & Applied Science
NicoleGabrielPeck School of the Arts
FatmaGaddourLubar School of Business
AndrewGaetaLubar School of Business
DevinGagnonCollege of Letters and Science
CarrieGagnon-PalickSchool of Education
ShelbyGainEngineering & Applied Science
EmilijanGajicCollege of Health Sciences
ShannonGallagherCollege of Health Sciences
MaryleeGallegosLubar School of Business
NolanGallimoreSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AugustGallmeyerPeck School of the Arts
NicoleGamrothPeck School of the Arts
LejlaGanijaPathway Advising
SarahGannonCollege of Nursing
AnnaGanserSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BrookeGantzCollege of Nursing
ElizabethGantzCollege of General Studies
SamanthaGarbersLubar School of Business
AdrianGarciaPeck School of the Arts
AshleyGarciaPeck School of the Arts
DiegoGarciaEngineering & Applied Science
JenniferGarciaPathway Advising
LaurenGarciaCollege of Letters and Science
SalvadorGarciaLubar School of Business
IsaiahGarcia MortonCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaGarcia-MarroquinSchool of Education
AlexaGardnerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MalachiGardnerSchool of Information Studies
MorganGarlockSchool of Education
NicholasGarniEngineering & Applied Science
KeyeraGarrettHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HeidiGarridoCollege of Letters and Science
CaityGarrisCollege of General Studies
AdamGarskiSchool of Education
HunterGarskyCollege of Letters and Science
MyaGartlandHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexandraGarvensPeck School of the Arts
MeghanGarvinLubar School of Business
JosefinaGarzaCollege of Nursing
AnnaGaskellLubar School of Business
JasmineGaugerCollege of Letters and Science
MarissaGavinCollege of Letters and Science
HunterGayanCollege of Letters and Science
JoshuaGayleCollege of Health Sciences
CaliGdaniecHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaylorGeanLubar School of Business
MeganGedemerSchool of Information Studies
AlexGehringEngineering & Applied Science
GraceGeigerCollege of Letters and Science
RichardGeigerLubar School of Business
MaisieGelharLubar School of Business
AviannaGenglerPathway Advising
GraceGenglerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IsabellaGenovaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JamiesonGenrichSchool of Education
ErikGenskowLubar School of Business
EleanorGentilliCollege of Nursing
CodyGeracieCollege of General Studies
TylerGerdsLubar School of Business
SophiaGerhardsLubar School of Business
NicholasGeringerJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
SarahGersonCollege of Health Sciences
KurtGetchellCollege of Letters and Science
KatelynGibbonsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EvanGibsonSchool of Information Studies
DelaneyGierachSchool of Education
EmilyGierlichCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminGieseLubar School of Business
KristianGigovLubar School of Business
ChaseGilbertsonPeck School of the Arts
KatelinGilchristPeck School of the Arts
CassandraGillCollege of Letters and Science
JenGilmoreCollege of Health Sciences
AnikaGingleSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EmmaGingrasCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeGintherCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaGippleCollege of Letters and Science
CalleeGissalLubar School of Business
JuliaGiuffreLubar School of Business
PaulinGjikaLubar School of Business
TrevorGlammEngineering & Applied Science
LeahGlaserCollege of Health Sciences
HopeGlasselLubar School of Business
TaylorGlassfordLubar School of Business
AllisonGleesingPeck School of the Arts
JustinGleesingCollege of Letters and Science
LoganGlembinCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaGlendenningCollege of Letters and Science
BrynGlennonEngineering & Applied Science
ZoeGlisePeck School of the Arts
TylerGlorPeck School of the Arts
MahoganyGloverLubar School of Business
MitchellGnadtLubar School of Business
TzipiGnattCollege of Nursing
LibbyGnatzigCollege of General Studies
HannahGoadSchool of Education
TrishaGobleSchool of Education
MorganGoebelLubar School of Business
NicoleGoebelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GrantGoehrigCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaGoelzLubar School of Business
CaitlynGoetschCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethGoetschCollege of Nursing
NicholeGoetschSchool of Education
AnnikaGoganLubar School of Business
KaileeGollaCollege of Nursing
ZoeyGollingerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexanderGoltzCollege of Letters and Science
GriffinGoltzLubar School of Business
VanessaGoltzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BrandonGonzalesEngineering & Applied Science
GabriellaGonzalesLubar School of Business
AlejandraGonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
BreeGonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
DanteGonzalezSchool of Education
EdwinGonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
KatherineGonzalezPathway Advising
MiguelGonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
PatriciaGonzalezSchool of Education
RachelGonzalezEngineering & Applied Science
StephenGonzalezCollege of Nursing
JoseGonzalez CruzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TylerGoodnoEngineering & Applied Science
ChanceGordonPeck School of the Arts
NinaGordonCollege of Letters and Science
TerranceGordonPeck School of the Arts
LeslieGorhamCollege of Letters and Science
MonicaGorkoSchool of Education
AubrieGorskiCollege of Health Sciences
KintressaGoszSchool of Education
LukeGotschLubar School of Business
ZachGottfreidLubar School of Business
KaylaGottoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadisonGoukerCollege of Nursing
JasmineGouldSchool of Education
SophiaGovernatoriEngineering & Applied Science
JessicaGrabowskiLubar School of Business
ColeGradyCollege of Letters and Science
JasmineGrahamCollege of Letters and Science
HalleyGramsSchool of Education
LuisGranadosPathway Advising
AlexaGrandlichCollege of Nursing
KaiyaGrassCollege of Letters and Science
PaoloGrattonEngineering & Applied Science
BaileyGraunkePeck School of the Arts
EleanoreGravesCollege of Letters and Science
EleanaGrayPeck School of the Arts
JoshuaGraybowLubar School of Business
SsanyuGraysonPeck School of the Arts
AnthonyGrecoCollege of Nursing
ChrisGreenCollege of Letters and Science
KristenGreenSchool of Education
SamGreenCollege of General Studies
MeganGreenleySchool Arch & Urban Planning
AbigaleGreenwaldCollege of Nursing
BradyGreenwaltSchool of Education
BenjaminGreenwoodPeck School of the Arts
EthanGregorLubar School of Business
OliviaGregoriouCollege of General Studies
EvanGregoryCollege of General Studies
EricaGremmingerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KennethGrenkeSchool of Education
NathanielGresbachSchool of Information Studies
PaigeGresensCollege of Health Sciences
KaylaGreslCollege of Nursing
KaitlynGreupinkSchool of Education
YuvrajGrewalLubar School of Business
SydnieGribbleCollege of Nursing
CharlotteGriderPeck School of the Arts
MadisonGriebelCollege of Nursing
AbigailGriepentrogPathway Advising
NateGriepentrogEngineering & Applied Science
LukeGriesemerEngineering & Applied Science
FaithGriffinCollege of Health Sciences
DwightGriffithSchool of Education
CameronGriffithsLubar School of Business
HaleyGrimmSchool of Education
WilliamGrimsrudPeck School of the Arts
MalikGrissettSchool of Information Studies
PatrickGrohSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JustinGrohallCollege of General Studies
TrevorGrohallEngineering & Applied Science
KeithGronkeEngineering & Applied Science
DylanGroshekSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MeghanGrossCollege of Health Sciences
KylaGrossenbachSchool of Education
TaylorGrossmanPeck School of the Arts
JoshuaGrothPeck School of the Arts
OwenGrothPeck School of the Arts
CarlyGroverCollege of Health Sciences
SkylerGrulkeEngineering & Applied Science
JackGrummerPathway Advising
CarolannGrzybowskiPeck School of the Arts
SydneyGucCollege of Health Sciences
NatalieGuedetLubar School of Business
ReganGuellerCollege of Health Sciences
GiuliaGuerra MontesLubar School of Business
FernandaGuerreroCollege of Nursing
JesusGuerreroHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DanielGuggCollege of Letters and Science
JonathanGuggenmosCollege of General Studies
KolinGuillienCollege of Letters and Science
ChristinaGuirauCollege of General Studies
AnitaGuizarCollege of Letters and Science
JosephGulottaCollege of Letters and Science
NevanGumienyEngineering & Applied Science
JulieGunkelEngineering & Applied Science
LoganGuoPeck School of the Arts
PrasunGuragainEngineering & Applied Science
MorganGurkaSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KyleGurskiSchool of Information Studies
NatalieGustafsonCollege of Health Sciences
AustinGuzmanSchool of Information Studies
WalkerGuzowskiSchool of Education
Victoria-RoseGwanyallaLubar School of Business
SophiaHaagensenCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasHaakensonEngineering & Applied Science
AllisonHaasePeck School of the Arts
AllieHabeckCollege of Letters and Science
AlexysHaberkornPeck School of the Arts
OmarHabibLubar School of Business
ZacharyHackbarthSchool of Information Studies
AlexaHackneyCollege of Health Sciences
MarisaHackneySchool of Education
BrandonHacksteinCollege of General Studies
StevenHaderCollege of General Studies
JohnHaertlLubar School of Business
BridgetHaesslyPeck School of the Arts
SavannahHagenCollege of Letters and Science
AvaHagerPeck School of the Arts
JaredHaginsLubar School of Business
DerrickHahnLubar School of Business
JacobHahnCollege of Nursing
ZaherHaidarLubar School of Business
JuliannaHalbrooksHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AshleyHalePathway Advising
Lior HadasHaleviLubar School of Business
DylanHaleySchool of Information Studies
EmilyHallCollege of Health Sciences
JadeHallPathway Advising
JessicaHallLubar School of Business
OliviaHaltermanPeck School of the Arts
EmilyHaluzakSchool of Education
IvyHamblenCollege of Letters and Science
LeenaHamdanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SophiaHamdanPathway Advising
BrandonHamiltonCollege of Letters and Science
KaelynHamiltonPathway Advising
MahmoudHammadEngineering & Applied Science
OmarHammadEngineering & Applied Science
MadelineHammondCollege of Health Sciences
AbigailHammondsLubar School of Business
CarterHamrinSchool of Education
JaehwanHanCollege of Letters and Science
MinheeHanCollege of Nursing
EliHanelCollege of Letters and Science
EthanHaniskoLubar School of Business
IsabelleHanleySchool Arch & Urban Planning
JuliaHanleyCollege of Letters and Science
AllenHannaCollege of Letters and Science
KevinHanrahanPeck School of the Arts
BrianHansenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CarolineHansenLubar School of Business
ErikHansenEngineering & Applied Science
MollyHansenLubar School of Business
PatriciaHansenLubar School of Business
RileyHansenLubar School of Business
DavidHansonEngineering & Applied Science
JacobHansonCollege of General Studies
MikaylaHansonLubar School of Business
KristinHanson-CorcoranCollege of Letters and Science
AlisonHanusSchool of Education
RaiannaHardersCollege of Nursing
GwendolynHardyCollege of Letters and Science
JennaHareSchool of Education
JennaHarendaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LaurenHarknessPeck School of the Arts
Ashley-LaurenHarmonLubar School of Business
MarlenaHarmonSchool of Information Studies
KristinaHarmsSchool of Education
GenevieveHarperCollege of Letters and Science
BriannaHarrellCollege of Letters and Science
EllisonHarrisCollege of Nursing
KendallHarrisSchool of Education
MeganHarrisCollege of Health Sciences
AlexiaHarrisonCollege of Nursing
NoraHarrymanPeck School of the Arts
IsabellaHartCollege of Health Sciences
OliviaHarterPathway Advising
GrahamHartlaubPeck School of the Arts
MaximillianHartounianLubar School of Business
JosephHartungLubar School of Business
NinaHartwigCollege of Letters and Science
MarissaHartzellHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JosephHarvatEngineering & Applied Science
MohammadHasanLubar School of Business
GabrielleHaskinsCollege of Letters and Science
EdmondHatemEngineering & Applied Science
JamesHatlenJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
SabrinaHauckLubar School of Business
MadelineHauckeCollege of Nursing
EvanHaugenLubar School of Business
AdamHaukeEngineering & Applied Science
JarodHaukeLubar School of Business
SamuelHaukeEngineering & Applied Science
AlexisHauserSchool of Education
MichaelHauserSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ScotlynHaverkornPeck School of the Arts
ChelseaHavlikCollege of Nursing
MatthewHawkCollege of Letters and Science
JaheedHayderLubar School of Business
MadisynHayesLubar School of Business
NicholosHayesSchool of Information Studies
WilliamHayesSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DouglasHaynesEngineering & Applied Science
KaylaHazenPeck School of the Arts
WilliamHealLubar School of Business
EmmaHeaneyCollege of Health Sciences
KathrynHeasterCollege of Letters and Science
StephanieHeatherSchool of Education
KiraHeckPathway Advising
NicholasHedlundSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LaurenHeegLubar School of Business
IanHeegaardLubar School of Business
CheriHegwoodHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SarahHeiderscheidtSchool of Education
KianaHeimannLubar School of Business
KaitlynHeinCollege of Letters and Science
BethanyHeineCollege of Letters and Science
IsaiahHeinemeyerLubar School of Business
LaurenHeinenPeck School of the Arts
SamanthaHeinitzCollege of Letters and Science
KaylaHeinzeCollege of Nursing
DennisHeipelSchool of Information Studies
CorbinHeiselPeck School of the Arts
AmberHellmuthHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlyssaHelmsPeck School of the Arts
JosephHemaidanPeck School of the Arts
MorganHemmingSchool of Education
NathanaelHemzeCollege of Letters and Science
KaitlynHendersonCollege of Letters and Science
DorianHendricksCollege of General Studies
KristenHendricksLubar School of Business
ThomasHendricksPeck School of the Arts
ZacharyHendricksonCollege of Nursing
BreannaHenesSchool of Education
NicholasHenkensPeck School of the Arts
HannahHennessySchool of Education
SarahHennessyLubar School of Business
ElainaHenrichsPathway Advising
CalebHenryCollege of Health Sciences
NathanHenrySchool of Information Studies
EvaHenselCollege of Nursing
RheannaHensenSchool of Education
JihyeHeoLubar School of Business
AnneHerCollege of Nursing
ChingHerSchool of Information Studies
GaokonmongHerLubar School of Business
JimmyHerCollege of Health Sciences
KristinHerCollege of Health Sciences
NancyHerPathway Advising
VueHerCollege of Health Sciences
JessicaHeralyEngineering & Applied Science
WyattHerbertSchool of Information Studies
CailynHerbrandCollege of Nursing
MathewHermanLubar School of Business
SydneyHermanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MaxHermannCollege of Letters and Science
MadelynHermesSchool of Education
EmmaHermsenPeck School of the Arts
ChantalHernandezCollege of Nursing
CynthiaHernandezLubar School of Business
JesusHernandezPeck School of the Arts
JoseHernandezPeck School of the Arts
SamuelHernandezSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TylerHernandezLubar School of Business
JefferyHernsheimCollege of Nursing
JuliaHerodCollege of Letters and Science
JacobHerrPeck School of the Arts
JerryHerrSchool of Information Studies
EmilyHerrenbruckPeck School of the Arts
ChristianeHerrmannPeck School of the Arts
DylanHertelSchool of Information Studies
JesseHertzkeCollege of Health Sciences
AdamHessLubar School of Business
KatieHesseniusCollege of Nursing
LindsayHetzelCollege of Letters and Science
McKaylaHeuerPeck School of the Arts
AbigailHeyrothSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MatthewHibbardEngineering & Applied Science
HollyHicksCollege of Letters and Science
MaryHicksCollege of Letters and Science
JacobHiebingLubar School of Business
ZacharyHietpasLubar School of Business
ToriHigginsCollege of Nursing
ZacharyHigginsPeck School of the Arts
NicholasHigleyCollege of General Studies
KristenHilbertCollege of Nursing
NatalieHillLubar School of Business
SinyettaHillCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailHincheyCollege of Letters and Science
GabrielleHindermanSchool of Education
SylviaHindsLubar School of Business
WesleyHinesCollege of Letters and Science
CourtneyHinrichsPathway Advising
EvelynHintonCollege of Letters and Science
HeidiHintzCollege of Nursing
WilliamHippertLubar School of Business
EmmaHirschyCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaHitchcockPeck School of the Arts
MeaganHitneyCollege of Letters and Science
GiancarloHochleutnerCollege of Nursing
CeceliaHockerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RieleyHockingLubar School of Business
BlakeHodgesLubar School of Business
TylerHodkiewiczCollege of Letters and Science
McKaylaHoefertHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnthonyHoeflichLubar School of Business
BennettHoeftEngineering & Applied Science
SarahHoehnkeLubar School of Business
KyleHoenLubar School of Business
RayanaHoeneLubar School of Business
VanessaHoeneSchool of Education
ElijahHoenshelLubar School of Business
StevenHoernemannSchool Arch & Urban Planning
CallieHoerningCollege of Nursing
AlexyHoffCollege of Letters and Science
CourtneyHoffellerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DanielleHoffmanPeck School of the Arts
DylanHoffmanLubar School of Business
LeynaHoffmanSchool of Education
LauraHofstadCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethHoganPeck School of the Arts
MadelineHogueSchool of Education
NathanielHogueLubar School of Business
AbigailHohLubar School of Business
AshleyHohnsteinPeck School of the Arts
AndrewHoisingtonLubar School of Business
AustinHoisingtonLubar School of Business
AdamHolbusPeck School of the Arts
MarikaHolbusPeck School of the Arts
JenniferHolckCollege of Letters and Science
AhmariaHollowellLubar School of Business
FrankHolmesPeck School of the Arts
LydiaHoltCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelHoltePeck School of the Arts
AbigailHolterPeck School of the Arts
AnthonyHolubeckiLubar School of Business
HaleyHolzCollege of Letters and Science
TrentonHolzLubar School of Business
AmandaHolzerCollege of Letters and Science
LoganHombergCollege of General Studies
CedricHongPathway Advising
RachelHonishLubar School of Business
RylieHonnoldLubar School of Business
SarahHoodHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MackenzieHopfaufPeck School of the Arts
JennaHopferCollege of General Studies
KevinHopkinsEngineering & Applied Science
CourtneyHoppeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MadelineHorinekEngineering & Applied Science
MeganHorinekCollege of Health Sciences
RoseHorkyPeck School of the Arts
AveryHornPathway Advising
TaylorHornerCollege of Health Sciences
ShaniaHornischerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MitchellHornungLubar School of Business
JayHortonCollege of Letters and Science
RonneikaHortonCollege of Nursing
EmmaHorvathLubar School of Business
BlakeHoskinsEngineering & Applied Science
AngelaHoskoteLubar School of Business
GraeHosmanekSchool of Education
EvanHottmannLubar School of Business
JennaHotvedtLubar School of Business
AbagailHouckCollege of Letters and Science
HollyHoughCollege of Nursing
MaggieHoughHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
VincentHoughtalingEngineering & Applied Science
ElenHovhannisyanLubar School of Business
JadanHowardCollege of Letters and Science
MariahHowardCollege of Letters and Science
JacobHoweEngineering & Applied Science
AllisonHowellCollege of Health Sciences
ChaseHowertonCollege of Nursing
Saw BlessingHtooSchool of Information Studies
LusiHuangPathway Advising
AnnikaHuberPeck School of the Arts
EthanHuberCollege of Health Sciences
JacobHuberHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TylorHuberPeck School of the Arts
MorganHuckstorfPeck School of the Arts
SamuelHudsonLubar School of Business
AngelicaHueblerCollege of Health Sciences
BenjaminHuegelLubar School of Business
KristinHuelsbeckCollege of Letters and Science
CaseyHuertaCollege of General Studies
MadisonHuettlCollege of Nursing
LaurenHuettnerCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaHugLubar School of Business
KalinaHugPeck School of the Arts
AndrewHughesEngineering & Applied Science
AvaHughesCollege of Letters and Science
MichaelHughesSchool of Information Studies
HaileyHuismanCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelHunsbergerCollege of Letters and Science
MasonHunt-OlkowskiLubar School of Business
ChaseHuntingtonLubar School of Business
WilliamHuntingtonLubar School of Business
JackHurbanisPeck School of the Arts
AdrianHurdCollege of Letters and Science
AlexandraHurleyCollege of Letters and Science
BridgetHurleyCollege of Nursing
EthanHurvitzCollege of Letters and Science
EllaHussPathway Advising
VanessaHussCollege of Letters and Science
AveryHutchinsSchool of Information Studies
KylerHutchinsLubar School of Business
BradenHutterLubar School of Business
BenjamenHuynhEngineering & Applied Science
HyunwooHwangLubar School of Business
SaifIbraheemCollege of Letters and Science
SandraIbraheemCollege of Letters and Science
ZavierIdarragaCollege of Letters and Science
LukeIdingLubar School of Business
Sok MeiIeongSchool of Education
NicholasIglEngineering & Applied Science
JessicaIkanihCollege of Nursing
AdelioIkonomiCollege of Letters and Science
DianaIllencikCollege of Letters and Science
ChelseaInchaurreguiCollege of Letters and Science
VedaInchaurreguiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexisIngebretsenCollege of Health Sciences
GraceInghamGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
KyleIngramCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethInkmannCollege of Letters and Science
BenyaminIoffeSchool of Information Studies
RoseIrwinSchool of Education
VictoriaIsaacPeck School of the Arts
ZalenIsaacson-CoppsCollege of Letters and Science
CimoneIsabellPeck School of the Arts
LisaIsaevaEngineering & Applied Science
FionaIsakuCollege of Letters and Science
DennisIseinEngineering & Applied Science
SilbiIseinSchool of Education
CollinIsettsLubar School of Business
IyadIsmailCollege of Health Sciences
AshleyIvesSchool of Education
TracyIzardCollege of Health Sciences
NicholasIzuLubar School of Business
GiannaIzzoLubar School of Business
MahdiJaberEngineering & Applied Science
HopeJacksonPeck School of the Arts
KyleJacksonCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewJacksonPeck School of the Arts
CollinJacobiLubar School of Business
MollyJacobsPeck School of the Arts
NathanielJacobsPeck School of the Arts
AlexaJacobsonCollege of Letters and Science
KaitlynJacobsonCollege of Nursing
MayaJacquesCollege of Letters and Science
MichaelJaegerEngineering & Applied Science
MichaelJaekelsLubar School of Business
SinaJafariEngineering & Applied Science
MeghanJagdfeldCollege of Letters and Science
EvanJagemannLubar School of Business
BradyJagerCollege of Letters and Science
MadeleineJagerPeck School of the Arts
MatisonJakschtCollege of Letters and Science
MitchellJakubowskiPeck School of the Arts
JonahJamrozPeck School of the Arts
Hassan MahmoudJanaSchool of Information Studies
BrandonJanczewskiCollege of General Studies
HunterJandreSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SaraJaneshekSchool of Education
Jae WonJangEngineering & Applied Science
KaitlynJankowskiEngineering & Applied Science
LoganJankowskiLubar School of Business
ZacharyJankowskiEngineering & Applied Science
ScottJanoskaLubar School of Business
JacobJansettCollege of Letters and Science
ErinJanssenPeck School of the Arts
IzabelJanzPeck School of the Arts
BriannaJaramilloPathway Advising
IsabelleJardasSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TristanJarveyCollege of Letters and Science
CloeJaschobLubar School of Business
HayleyJasinskiCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaJastrowCollege of Letters and Science
AlejandraJaureguiLubar School of Business
MojtabaJavidEngineering & Applied Science
IfadhaJayahSchool of Public Health
IsabelleJelinekEngineering & Applied Science
HannaleighJenningsCollege of Letters and Science
KasheahJenningsSchool of Education
ChristianJensenCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyJensenLubar School of Business
MaxwellJensenCollege of Letters and Science
MeganJensenLubar School of Business
SarahJensenLubar School of Business
HailieJeskaCollege of Nursing
HaileeJeskeCollege of Letters and Science
LauraJeskeCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasJesseCollege of Letters and Science
CeciliaJewellPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethJewellCollege of Health Sciences
ChloeJimenezSchool of Education
SijianJinCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailJischkeCollege of Health Sciences
ElizabethJoachimCollege of Nursing
AbbyJochimsenCollege of Nursing
MyaJohannesCollege of Letters and Science
ErikaJohansenCollege of Health Sciences
MorganJohnsenPeck School of the Arts
AlexJohnsonPeck School of the Arts
AlexanderJohnsonSchool of Information Studies
AlexiaJohnsonLubar School of Business
BryceJohnsonEngineering & Applied Science
DaejaJohnsonSchool of Education
ElainaJohnsonCollege of Nursing
EllenJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
EstherJohnsonCollege of Health Sciences
HaileyJohnsonPathway Advising
HaleyJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
HunterJohnsonEngineering & Applied Science
IeshiaJohnsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IlseJohnsonPeck School of the Arts
JackJohnsonEngineering & Applied Science
JenniferJohnsonSchool of Education
KaitlynJohnsonCollege of Health Sciences
KalkidanJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
KeithJohnsonLubar School of Business
LindsayJohnsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
McKennaJohnsonLubar School of Business
SakoiyaJohnsonPeck School of the Arts
SamanthaJohnsonSchool of Education
SamuelJohnsonPeck School of the Arts
SaragraceJohnsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SelenaJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
SpencerJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
StephanieJohnsonLubar School of Business
TaraJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamJohnsonLubar School of Business
WyattJohnsonLubar School of Business
ZacharyJohnsonLubar School of Business
EleanorJohnstonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LaineyJohnstonLubar School of Business
JosephJonasSchool of Public Health
BaileeJonesCollege of Health Sciences
KyleJonesLubar School of Business
JavonteJones-WarrenerCollege of Health Sciences
ColtonJordanCollege of General Studies
MasonJordanPeck School of the Arts
JillianJornsCollege of Nursing
RanjakJoshiCollege of Letters and Science
JosephineJoskiCollege of Health Sciences
CarolineJudnicSchool of Education
ElizabethJuliusCollege of Letters and Science
JaesungJungCollege of Letters and Science
TylerJunkLubar School of Business
AgataJurczakCollege of Health Sciences
DianaJusino-FuentesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ZacharyJustPeck School of the Arts
OliveJustmanCollege of Letters and Science
MirkoJusufSchool of Information Studies
JillKachmarPeck School of the Arts
JordanKaczorowskiEngineering & Applied Science
AmandaKadlecekCollege of Letters and Science
NoahKaehneCollege of General Studies
DennisKaestnerEngineering & Applied Science
BarbaraKaftanCollege of Letters and Science
JulieKaisLubar School of Business
JoanKaiserCollege of Letters and Science
KaitlynKaiserSchool of Education
MagdalenaKaleckiPeck School of the Arts
GageKalkowskiLubar School of Business
BrandonKallasCollege of Letters and Science
MohammadKalotiLubar School of Business
AbdolghaforKamalCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaKaminskiCollege of Letters and Science
Hailey MarieKanderskiPeck School of the Arts
Ki MinKangCollege of Letters and Science
SoojiKangSchool of Education
MirandaKaniaSchool of Education
JackKannenbergPeck School of the Arts
KayleeKannenbergCollege of Letters and Science
AvaKanthackPeck School of the Arts
SierraKanvikSchool of Education
HaydenKapalinEngineering & Applied Science
RahulKapilaCollege of Letters and Science
SanjaKaracLubar School of Business
Aleyna IremKaracanLubar School of Business
SammiraKaramalegosCollege of Letters and Science
DinaKarimCollege of Letters and Science
MohamadKarimCollege of Letters and Science
DanielKarlEngineering & Applied Science
DaphneKarlinHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MeganKarlsPathway Advising
RichaKarmarkarCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewKarnoppCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeKarpinskeCollege of Health Sciences
ClaireKarrPeck School of the Arts
RakeshKarriLubar School of Business
EvanKarstenEngineering & Applied Science
CeceliaKartzPeck School of the Arts
ClaireKartzSchool of Education
PatrycjaKarwowskiCollege of Health Sciences
ChristianKassaSchool of Information Studies
LilianaKastaCollege of Letters and Science
DorisKaticicCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewKatzPeck School of the Arts
KirandeepKaurHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MahakpreetKaurCollege of Nursing
ParmeetKaurLubar School of Business
PamelaKauthLubar School of Business
BreallyKautzerLubar School of Business
TaylorKawczynskiLubar School of Business
AshleyKaySchool of Education
RichardKearnsCollege of Letters and Science
StrykerKeatingPeck School of the Arts
TimothyKeatingPathway Advising
SophiaKeayPeck School of the Arts
AlexandraKeckPeck School of the Arts
JohnKeefeLubar School of Business
HaileyKeeferSchool of Education
SamKeehanLubar School of Business
ElizabethKeenCollege of Nursing
StevenKehoeLubar School of Business
TrentonKehrmeyerLubar School of Business
DylanKellerLubar School of Business
JeffKellingLubar School of Business
AutumnKellyCollege of Nursing
SarahKellyCollege of Letters and Science
MargaretKelnhoferCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeKennedyCollege of Nursing
DanielKennedyCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyKennowEngineering & Applied Science
CiaraKenyonPeck School of the Arts
JoelleKenyonCollege of Health Sciences
SophiaKepplerPeck School of the Arts
Nia GeorgievaKeranovaPeck School of the Arts
JaliseKerkenbushPeck School of the Arts
EmilyKernCollege of Letters and Science
DavidKernsLubar School of Business
AlexKerntopPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethKervinLubar School of Business
RayKetchmanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
YunusKevalLubar School of Business
MichaelKeyesLubar School of Business
ReeseKeyserPeck School of the Arts
NadeemKhairEngineering & Applied Science
Burhan UddinKhanSchool of Information Studies
Hasaan AhmedKhanLubar School of Business
MinhaKhanCollege of Letters and Science
MaichaKhangSchool of Education
AfnanKhatibCollege of Letters and Science
HosseinKhatibiCollege of Letters and Science
InderpreetKheraCollege of Health Sciences
ParmjitKheraCollege of Nursing
HassanKhokharCollege of Letters and Science
ShawnKhouvongPathway Advising
CassandraKienastSchool of Education
JessicaKienastCollege of General Studies
LesleyKieslingLubar School of Business
CingKiimCollege of Letters and Science
KellyKiiskilaSchool of Education
AndrewKimCollege of Letters and Science
ChaehyunKimLubar School of Business
DohyeongKimPeck School of the Arts
Jong HyunKimEngineering & Applied Science
Seo HyunKimCollege of Letters and Science
Seung YunKimPathway Advising
YeoeunKimCollege of Health Sciences
Young HyunKimLubar School of Business
AbigailKingCollege of Health Sciences
AbigailKingCollege of Nursing
AlexanderKingSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ElizabethKingSchool of Education
ElizabethKingSchool of Education
EzraKingEngineering & Applied Science
KimberlyKingHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TerinKingHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SethKinneyEngineering & Applied Science
TylerKinneyLubar School of Business
ZoeKinstlerPathway Advising
SamuelKirbyPeck School of the Arts
LibbeyKirchnerPeck School of the Arts
HaileyKirschsieperCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaKiskunasLubar School of Business
BrandonKistingLubar School of Business
ErikaKistingSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SamanthaKittilstadCollege of Nursing
GretaKittoCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaKlaskeCollege of Health Sciences
TiffanyKlattCollege of Health Sciences
AllisonKlauckLubar School of Business
JoshuaKlauerEngineering & Applied Science
LeanneKlawienSchool of Public Health
JaredKleczkaLubar School of Business
AnthonyKleinPeck School of the Arts
EliseKleinCollege of Letters and Science
McKennaKleinCollege of Letters and Science
NathanKleinLubar School of Business
JenaKleindlCollege of Letters and Science
JosephKleistLubar School of Business
AlexanderKlempLubar School of Business
RhettKligerEngineering & Applied Science
WilliamKlingbeilPeck School of the Arts
MatthewKlingerEngineering & Applied Science
ChristianKlitzkeCollege of Nursing
GraceKlitzkePathway Advising
AbbyKloiberLubar School of Business
BrittanyKlomanCollege of Letters and Science
TeresaKloppSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KaylaKlossCollege of Nursing
KrystalKlossCollege of General Studies
KateKlosterCollege of Health Sciences
AlexKluesnerLubar School of Business
SamanthaKlueverCollege of Letters and Science
LoganKlugGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
MorganKlugCollege of Letters and Science
CarlyKlugiewiczPathway Advising
MatthewKnepperPeck School of the Arts
DanielleKnezicCollege of Health Sciences
DraganaKnezicCollege of Letters and Science
GabrielleKnezicLubar School of Business
VladoKnezicEngineering & Applied Science
KeziahKnibbsCollege of Letters and Science
KheanKnoernschildCollege of General Studies
JuliaKnollHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LauraKnoppPeck School of the Arts
MackenzieKnotenCollege of Health Sciences
JayaKnuthLubar School of Business
BryceKochEngineering & Applied Science
SethKochheiserCollege of Letters and Science
DakotaKockenPeck School of the Arts
GarrettKocourekEngineering & Applied Science
ClaytonKoehlerGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
ShyaneKoehlerEngineering & Applied Science
AnnaKoehnCollege of Health Sciences
LukeKoelschSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JonathanKoeneCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailKoenenLubar School of Business
FrancisKoenenLubar School of Business
AmberKoeppPathway Advising
MorganKoerberCollege of Nursing
ThomasKohlCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasKohlerLubar School of Business
LeviKohlmannPeck School of the Arts
CassidyKohlsLubar School of Business
JadaKohnCollege of Health Sciences
BrianKohrCollege of General Studies
JenniferKoierLubar School of Business
TrentKolasaPeck School of the Arts
CassidyKolbeckCollege of Nursing
KimberlyKoleskeCollege of Health Sciences
KyleKolhouseLubar School of Business
JonathanKollenLubar School of Business
TravisKollmansbergerCollege of Health Sciences
KatherineKolpinCollege of Letters and Science
LukeKoltunSchool of Information Studies
TaylorKonczalLubar School of Business
BenjaminKongSchool of Information Studies
LianneKonijnenburgSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EstaKonkolCollege of Letters and Science
OwenKonkolPeck School of the Arts
MacyKonopaCollege of Nursing
AbbyKonschakeCollege of Health Sciences
TheofaniaKonstantakisLubar School of Business
GabrielKornackiPeck School of the Arts
RyanKoromLubar School of Business
IsabelleKorpelaCollege of Letters and Science
MackennaKorpelaPathway Advising
LaurenKortbeinCollege of Nursing
CassidyKortendickSchool of Education
ZacharyKosidowskiLubar School of Business
JoshuaKoskyEngineering & Applied Science
IsabellaKosoglazCollege of Letters and Science
SarahKostermanCollege of Health Sciences
GunnarKostkaLubar School of Business
KarolineKothLubar School of Business
LoganKotkeEngineering & Applied Science
KyleKotzSchool of Public Health
JackKovneskyCollege of Letters and Science
KateKowalczykPeck School of the Arts
BaileyKowalkowskiSchool of Education
BryceKowalkowskiCollege of Nursing
AmberKozelekCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyKraftCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasKrajnaPeck School of the Arts
KrystalKrakowskiCollege of Letters and Science
AnnakahKramerPathway Advising
SamanthaKranzCollege of Letters and Science
IvanaKrasicHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JarrettKrausSchool of Information Studies
DavidKrauseLubar School of Business
DrewKrauseCollege of Nursing
JessicaKrauseSchool of Education
TylerKrauseLubar School of Business
EmilyKravishCollege of Letters and Science
JanKrawczykLubar School of Business
SethKrebsPathway Advising
AdamKrecakLubar School of Business
DanielKreisLubar School of Business
AndjelaKresanovicCollege of Letters and Science
MacKenzieKressinPeck School of the Arts
AnthonyKretzschmarPeck School of the Arts
ErinKreulPeck School of the Arts
ErikaKreuserHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GraceKreuserCollege of Letters and Science
LilianKreuserCollege of General Studies
BrentKreutzerLubar School of Business
JenniferKreuzerEngineering & Applied Science
AlyssaKriegSchool of Education
AbigailKrierPathway Advising
EmmaKrillCollege of Nursing
NoahKristensenLubar School of Business
AvaKrohnCollege of Nursing
MeganKrolskiCollege of General Studies
IanKromerPeck School of the Arts
KatherineKronckeCollege of General Studies
TylerKronerLubar School of Business
CorinneKronschnabelCollege of Letters and Science
EvanKrookLubar School of Business
EmmaKropidlowskiPeck School of the Arts
KendraKrouthPeck School of the Arts
HannahKruckmanCollege of Nursing
AlexanderKruegerLubar School of Business
EvanKruegerGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
HaleyKruegerCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenKruegerLubar School of Business
MackenzieKruegerLubar School of Business
MarissaKruegerPeck School of the Arts
MaxKruegerPeck School of the Arts
RileyKruegerEngineering & Applied Science
JackKrugmanPeck School of the Arts
BenjaminKruiswykCollege of Letters and Science
YongchengKuangPeck School of the Arts
CallieKubiakCollege of Health Sciences
HenryKuchaLubar School of Business
SarahKucharSchool of Education
RobertKucikEngineering & Applied Science
NatalieKueCollege of General Studies
NatalieKuehlSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KevinKuehnLubar School of Business
CadeKufahlPathway Advising
CarliKugelCollege of Letters and Science
FrankKugelLubar School of Business
CaitlinKugiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RaffertyKuglerCollege of Letters and Science
KyleKuhfussLubar School of Business
ElizabethKuhlmannCollege of Letters and Science
Eliza SimoneKuhn BuleboshLubar School of Business
LukasKuhrtLubar School of Business
SamanthaKukCollege of Health Sciences
AllisonKulaLubar School of Business
MargaritaKulyapinaCollege of Letters and Science
HollyKumlinLubar School of Business
SonyaKummerCollege of Letters and Science
HannahKuncePeck School of the Arts
GeorgiaKundratCollege of Letters and Science
AileenKungPeck School of the Arts
MadelineKurillaCollege of Health Sciences
AhmetKurterCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewKurttiSchool of Information Studies
GraceKuschSchool of Education
ValeriyaKushnirCollege of Nursing
LoganKustLubar School of Business
AbdulhameedKutubiEngineering & Applied Science
SophiaKvalheimCollege of Letters and Science
HyeongrokKwonCollege of Letters and Science
MinKwonCollege of Letters and Science
NicoloLa LoggiaLubar School of Business
AshleyLaabsCollege of Letters and Science
JustinLaabsPeck School of the Arts
OliviaLaBarberaCollege of Nursing
KimberlyLabergePeck School of the Arts
LauraLabergePeck School of the Arts
MadelineLaBissoniereCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaLaBouveEngineering & Applied Science
IsabelaLabovicSchool of Education
PeytonLaCaeysePeck School of the Arts
LukeLaCroixLubar School of Business
MichelleLacsonCollege of Health Sciences
SawyerLaddCollege of Health Sciences
SpencerLaddEngineering & Applied Science
ConnorLaehnLubar School of Business
RebekkaLafferty-GebauerCollege of Letters and Science
EvanLaffinEngineering & Applied Science
MakinaLaFleurPeck School of the Arts
LaurenLafondPeck School of the Arts
HazaelLagunaSchool of Information Studies
WaheedaLaiqCollege of Letters and Science
MeredithLakariSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MaxwellLakatosSchool of Education
MatthewLalorLubar School of Business
CaterinaLaMacchiaPeck School of the Arts
ElainaLaMacchiaSchool of Education
GavinLaMarLubar School of Business
AlyssaLambertCollege of Letters and Science
AllysonLamkinCollege of Letters and Science
KarisaLamonLubar School of Business
ScottLaMothePathway Advising
DylanLampertCollege of Letters and Science
NatalieLandPathway Advising
AnnieLandeauPeck School of the Arts
JenniferLandeta VidalCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonLandwehrSchool of Education
ChloeLangeCollege of Letters and Science
GeorgeanneLangerSchool of Education
SarahLangerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SasamiLangfordPathway Advising
LoraLangowskiPeck School of the Arts
AlexisLannoyeCollege of Health Sciences
AshontaeLantroCollege of Nursing
PangLaoLubar School of Business
MeganLappeLubar School of Business
JulianaLaraCollege of Letters and Science
GraceLarkinCollege of Health Sciences
AdamLaRockSchool of Education
AllisonLarsenPeck School of the Arts
CordeliaLarsenLubar School of Business
JadenLarsenPeck School of the Arts
KristinaLarsenCollege of Health Sciences
VictoriaLarsenCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailLarsonPathway Advising
AmandaLarsonCollege of Nursing
AustinLarsonLubar School of Business
NicholeLarsonSchool of Education
AndrewLascelleEngineering & Applied Science
JulianLaSchiavaPeck School of the Arts
KristenLastineCollege of Letters and Science
BrandonLauberEngineering & Applied Science
EthanLaufenbergSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KaitlynLaufenbergHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
VanessaLaundrieCollege of Health Sciences
DrewLauterbornLubar School of Business
HenryLawniczakLubar School of Business
JessicaLawrenceLubar School of Business
JoshLawryLubar School of Business
FionaLawtonPeck School of the Arts
RoseLawtonPeck School of the Arts
DanhLeEngineering & Applied Science
QuocvietLeEngineering & Applied Science
Trinh Hoan PhuongLeLubar School of Business
EmmaLe ClouxCollege of Letters and Science
NoreneLearyCollege of Letters and Science
HollyLebeckSchool of Education
JessicaLebronCollege of Health Sciences
DerekLeClairSchool of Education
ChelseyLecusCollege of Letters and Science
KatieLederhausCollege of Letters and Science
MadelaineLedwitchLubar School of Business
BaoLeePathway Advising
ChacheeLeeCollege of Letters and Science
GavinLeeLubar School of Business
Jin HyeokLeeLubar School of Business
Khang HeLeeEngineering & Applied Science
MaiyerLeeLubar School of Business
MinseoLeePathway Advising
MinwooLeeEngineering & Applied Science
PanouLeeCollege of Nursing
SamuelLeeEngineering & Applied Science
TaekyuLeeCollege of Letters and Science
WatLeeCollege of Letters and Science
MasonLeedleEngineering & Applied Science
NathanLeGreveLubar School of Business
EmmaLehkerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DrewLehmanCollege of Letters and Science
KyleLehmanLubar School of Business
SierraLehmanSchool of Education
BenteLehrkeCollege of Letters and Science
ColeLehtoPathway Advising
DanielleLeiderCollege of Letters and Science
GabrielLeistekowPeck School of the Arts
MaryLelkoCollege of Letters and Science
FaithLeMayCollege of Letters and Science
MalloryLembckeCollege of Letters and Science
RobertLeMenseHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BethLemerandPeck School of the Arts
ColleenLemkeCollege of Health Sciences
MaizyLemkeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LaurenLemorandeLubar School of Business
NicoleLendvayLubar School of Business
SamuelLenkartSchool of Information Studies
MatthewLensingLubar School of Business
EmmettLentzLubar School of Business
JosephLentzEngineering & Applied Science
LilithLenzPeck School of the Arts
EdgarLeon GomezCollege of Letters and Science
AdysonLeonardCollege of Health Sciences
LexiLeonardPeck School of the Arts
MadelineLeonardPathway Advising
NathanLeonardsonPeck School of the Arts
ChristopherLeopoldSchool of Information Studies
KaliLepistoCollege of Letters and Science
KaitlynLeppiahoCollege of Nursing
AlexysLeRoyCollege of Nursing
SarahLessilaLubar School of Business
DrewLessiterLubar School of Business
DanielleLetkewiczLubar School of Business
HowardLeuPeck School of the Arts
MarcoLeungCollege of Letters and Science
MichaelLevandoskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
PaigeLevineLubar School of Business
LilyLevraultJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
AngelinaLeWandLubar School of Business
DavidLewandowskiLubar School of Business
JesseLewandowskiLubar School of Business
RachaelLewisSchool of Education
SamanthaLewisSchool of Education
SamuelLewisLubar School of Business
SavannaLewisLubar School of Business
AllisonLeyerCollege of Letters and Science
JuanadrianLezamaCollege of Letters and Science
MiaoLiLubar School of Business
BrynnLiaBraatenCollege of Letters and Science
GraceLiacopoulosEngineering & Applied Science
KatherineLiapisPeck School of the Arts
BrianLiebauEngineering & Applied Science
PaulineLiebchenCollege of Nursing
AndrewLienCollege of General Studies
LaurenLietzkeEngineering & Applied Science
SaraeLighthartCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaLillegardHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
VictoriaLillyCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenLimbeckLubar School of Business
BrianLinSchool of Information Studies
CarnitaLincolnCollege of Letters and Science
JohnLindemannLubar School of Business
RebeccaLindgrenCollege of Nursing
KendraLindlCollege of Nursing
TabithaLindstromCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaLinharesCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyLinnPathway Advising
KevinLinnLubar School of Business
GracenLinnemanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BrinaLinningCollege of Health Sciences
HaileyLippoldLubar School of Business
IrinaLishanskayaPeck School of the Arts
BennettLiskaLubar School of Business
SkyeListonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GraceLitscherCollege of Nursing
DominicLittletonLubar School of Business
JenniferLitzauCollege of Health Sciences
LuisLizardi-RodriguezSchool of Education
AndrianaLjubicHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadelynLlorcaPeck School of the Arts
ChamongLoSchool of Information Studies
MichelleLoLubar School of Business
SamanthaLoBiancoCollege of Letters and Science
SharonLocherCollege of Letters and Science
CeceiliaLoeschmannPeck School of the Arts
JackLoeweSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NicholeLoganCollege of Nursing
TalyaLokenPathway Advising
CamrynLongLubar School of Business
AshleyLookerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MartaLopaloCollege of Nursing
BriannaLopezLubar School of Business
JaimeLopezEngineering & Applied Science
JonathanLopezLubar School of Business
MarkosLopezSchool of Information Studies
LilianaLopez FernandezLubar School of Business
AgnesLopez FloresCollege of Letters and Science
LuisLopez-BarbosaLubar School of Business
KevinLopezCustodioLubar School of Business
HliLorCollege of Health Sciences
JaiLorCollege of Health Sciences
KrabokLorSchool of Information Studies
LohmongLorEngineering & Applied Science
LueLorEngineering & Applied Science
MongLorCollege of Health Sciences
VincentLorCollege of Letters and Science
YerLorSchool of Education
MichaelLordenLubar School of Business
MorganLouchart-InchesSchool of Education
PaigeLouwSchool of Education
EmmaLoveallEngineering & Applied Science
AlexaLovoCollege of Health Sciences
JacindaLuangkhotLubar School of Business
AshiraLubinPathway Advising
ZoeLucasPeck School of the Arts
JonathanLuceroCollege of Letters and Science
JaclynLuckowCollege of Letters and Science
QuintinLudtkeEngineering & Applied Science
HannahLudwigSchool of Education
HeidiLudwigPathway Advising
RachelLudwigPathway Advising
MalaLueHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SarahLuebkeSchool of Education
ChristopherLueckCollege of General Studies
JessicaLueckPeck School of the Arts
NicholasLuedtkeEngineering & Applied Science
MicaelaLuehringCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaLugoCollege of Nursing
PaulLukaszewiczEngineering & Applied Science
CourtneyLundeanSchool of Education
JosephLundellSchool of Information Studies
HannahLundwallCollege of Letters and Science
SarahLunowSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AlexisLuriCollege of Nursing
SamanthaLustekSchool of Education
KyraLuxSchool of Education
AustinLyPeck School of the Arts
ConnorLynchCollege of Letters and Science
ForrestLynnLubar School of Business
GraceLyonsCollege of Letters and Science
AngelaMaLubar School of Business
YiMaEngineering & Applied Science
JuliaMaasPathway Advising
NatalieMaasLubar School of Business
TaylorMacakCollege of Letters and Science
IvonaMacanCollege of Health Sciences
MeghanMacFarlaneCollege of Nursing
KeelynMacGregorPeck School of the Arts
BrittanyMachakSchool of Education
DouglasMachkovechEngineering & Applied Science
HannahMachonSchool of Education
JordanMachucaLubar School of Business
DanielMaciejewskiCollege of Letters and Science
DeanMacKenzieSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GabijaMackonyteSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SierraMadausHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
PaitynMaderHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LaneMadisenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnthonyMadrigranoEngineering & Applied Science
AlexisMadsonCollege of Letters and Science
NathanMageeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JulieMagieraSchool of Education
AaronMagillCollege of Letters and Science
AksharaMaheshLubar School of Business
MarissaMahlikCollege of Letters and Science
HaneenMahmoudSchool of Information Studies
NoorMahmoudEngineering & Applied Science
SaharMahmoudEngineering & Applied Science
WalidMahmoudCollege of Nursing
PatrickMahonyLubar School of Business
TomaszMajEngineering & Applied Science
JessicaMajcanCollege of Nursing
VictoriaMajeskiLubar School of Business
GabrielleMajinskiLubar School of Business
HaleyMakiCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaMakowskiCollege of Letters and Science
MadelynMalcheskiSchool of Education
SkylerMalcolmLubar School of Business
JenniferMaldonadoCollege of Health Sciences
ErinMalecCollege of Health Sciences
RachelMalehornPeck School of the Arts
YadwinderMalhiCollege of Letters and Science
LyibaMalikCollege of Letters and Science
MoniqueMalitzCollege of Health Sciences
SydneyMallonCollege of Health Sciences
IanMalmbergLubar School of Business
AlyssaMaloneyCollege of Health Sciences
LukeMammenCollege of Letters and Science
TriciaManalansanCollege of Letters and Science
ThaliaManansalaEngineering & Applied Science
IsabelManclPeck School of the Arts
HaydenMandLubar School of Business
KameronMandLubar School of Business
DominicMandellaCollege of Health Sciences
ArianaMandernackLubar School of Business
EmaleeMane-HerreraCollege of Health Sciences
SamuelMangelsenCollege of Letters and Science
ArianaMangheraPeck School of the Arts
BrittneyMangoldSchool of Education
VaishnaviManikondaEngineering & Applied Science
SalvatoreManiscalcoLubar School of Business
ThayaManitkul-DavisPeck School of the Arts
PaulManleyPeck School of the Arts
JaskarnMannLubar School of Business
KuldeepMannEngineering & Applied Science
GraceMannenbachPeck School of the Arts
MarinaManskeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
StevenMantheyEngineering & Applied Science
AllysonManthyPeck School of the Arts
Tiahn Wiremu TaiaroaManuelCollege of Letters and Science
Rosuel AdrianManuntagLubar School of Business
LoganManzPeck School of the Arts
MacyMapesLubar School of Business
MariaMarSchool of Public Health
MaxxMarbachLubar School of Business
MelissaMarbanCollege of Letters and Science
FrancisMargraffLubar School of Business
ChloeMarichalCollege of Nursing
JustinMarinCollege of Letters and Science
MerariMarinLubar School of Business
WilliamMarinoSchool of Information Studies
AllisonMarionSchool of Education
BradyMarkeeLubar School of Business
MadisenMarksCollege of Health Sciences
KamMarksteinerCollege of Letters and Science
MichelleMarkusonPeck School of the Arts
KonstantinaMarlisCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaMarlowCollege of Nursing
HaleyMarmanLubar School of Business
LaurenMarowskyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AdrianaMarquardtCollege of General Studies
IsabellaMarreroLubar School of Business
MaxwellMarsalliLubar School of Business
JacksonMarsdenLubar School of Business
SeanMarshallEngineering & Applied Science
DylanMartillaroLubar School of Business
ClayMartinCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethMartinHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmilyMartinSchool of Education
LaurenMartinCollege of Letters and Science
MadelynMartinCollege of Nursing
MilesMartinEngineering & Applied Science
NicholasMartinSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NicoleMartinCollege of Nursing
AlmaMartinezCollege of Letters and Science
GloriaMartinezCollege of General Studies
JocelynMartinezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LiamMartinezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MariaMartinezCollege of Letters and Science
NicoleMartinezCollege of Letters and Science
NancyMartinez RamirezCollege of Letters and Science
LizbethMartinez-PerezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexanderMartinichPeck School of the Arts
AndrewMartirosyanLubar School of Business
DanielMarxenLubar School of Business
ConnorMasanzCollege of Health Sciences
PolaMasoadCollege of Letters and Science
AnthonyMasonCollege of Letters and Science
LillyMasonCollege of Letters and Science
AhmadMasoudCollege of Letters and Science
FarahMasriEngineering & Applied Science
MirandaMassmanCollege of Letters and Science
MarleaMastropoloLubar School of Business
VeronicaMataLubar School of Business
JohannaMata-BenitezPathway Advising
DanielMatamorosCollege of Nursing
MarkoMatejicLubar School of Business
NikolaiMatejicLubar School of Business
TroyMatenaerLubar School of Business
PeterMathuPathway Advising
LukaMatkovicEngineering & Applied Science
AvaMatrangaLubar School of Business
KristinMatsonCollege of Health Sciences
KatelynMattSchool of Education
HayleyMatterHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LucyMatternPeck School of the Arts
EdwardMatthewsEngineering & Applied Science
TateMattinglyLubar School of Business
JaretMattmillerCollege of Letters and Science
NatalieMattmillerLubar School of Business
AndrewMattsonLubar School of Business
SofiaMattsonCollege of Letters and Science
AlexandriaMatulaLubar School of Business
IsabelleMatuszewskiLubar School of Business
LuceroMaury-AlvaradoLubar School of Business
VasiliaMavraganisHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HaileyMaxwellHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AndrewMayLubar School of Business
CorumMayEngineering & Applied Science
KylaMayCollege of Letters and Science
AmberMaydaniukCollege of Nursing
JenniferMayerCollege of Nursing
CassidyMayhallPeck School of the Arts
IsabelMayorga-HerreraCollege of Nursing
LeslieMazaba RuizPathway Advising
RyleeMazurCollege of Health Sciences
John PaulMcAllisterLubar School of Business
SamuelMcAllisterLubar School of Business
MaighreadMcAvoyCollege of Nursing
EmmaMcBrideCollege of Letters and Science
AubreyMcCallumCollege of Health Sciences
JadynnMcCannLubar School of Business
KathrynMcCannaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MizuleykaMcCarthyPeck School of the Arts
HannahMcCloudCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewMcClureCollege of Health Sciences
VatriciaMcClurgCollege of Letters and Science
LilyMcClutchyCollege of Health Sciences
JacobMcComisEngineering & Applied Science
ConnorMcCormickLubar School of Business
DrewMcCormickLubar School of Business
BlakeMcCurdyLubar School of Business
KelenMcDanielsCollege of Nursing
AleighMcDermottPeck School of the Arts
ChristinaMcDermottPeck School of the Arts
ShelbyMcDougaldPeck School of the Arts
ChristineMcElligottPeck School of the Arts
KellyMcElvainEngineering & Applied Science
KylieMcFaddenCollege of Letters and Science
KellyMcGavockCollege of Health Sciences
CollinMcGovernHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JackMcGowanPathway Advising
KathyMcGrawSchool of Education
MollyMcGuirePathway Advising
MorganMcIlweeCollege of Letters and Science
LiamMcIntyreLubar School of Business
MadisonMcIntyreLubar School of Business
AlyssaMcKinnonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AlexaMcLainSchool of Education
SarahMcLaughlinLubar School of Business
KevinMcMeansLubar School of Business
ChristianMcMillerCollege of Letters and Science
MarissaMcMillerCollege of Letters and Science
BrittanyMcMillianPathway Advising
Amber RoseMcNeillPeck School of the Arts
LaurenMcNultyGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
DarrellMcQuayCollege of Letters and Science
JenniferMeadSchool of Education
MeiraMeadowsCollege of Letters and Science
SarahMeadowsSchool of Education
SimaMeadowsLubar School of Business
YosefMeadowsSchool of Public Health
JuanMedinaLubar School of Business
RaulMedina CastelloEngineering & Applied Science
JagritiMehraCollege of General Studies
JuuMeiPeck School of the Arts
MorganMeicherSchool of Education
JohnMeidenbauerEngineering & Applied Science
AmandaMeiersSchool of Education
BrookeMeifertHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JordannMeinhardtCollege of Letters and Science
NathanMeisnerEngineering & Applied Science
NoahMeisterPeck School of the Arts
WestonMeisterLubar School of Business
JackMeixelspergerCollege of Nursing
RachaelMeixenspergerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JulioMejiaPathway Advising
JonMekaCollege of Letters and Science
MollyMelandCollege of Nursing
SarahMelcherPeck School of the Arts
McKenzieMelchoirCollege of Letters and Science
RileyMelendyEngineering & Applied Science
DavidMellCollege of Letters and Science
GeenaMeloneCollege of Letters and Science
KellyMeltonSchool of Education
JingyiMenCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewMenchalLubar School of Business
JasmineMendezSchool of Information Studies
NohelyMendozaPathway Advising
ReganMengelSchool of Education
KyleighMenkeCollege of Nursing
AlondraMercadoSchool of Education
BryanMercadoPeck School of the Arts
RobertMercerPeck School of the Arts
ClarissaMerchanSchool of Education
PaytonMericleHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ElizabethMerkelCollege of Letters and Science
AstridMerrittPeck School of the Arts
JohnMerrittCollege of Letters and Science
AleahMerriwetherCollege of Letters and Science
CraigMertenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JacobMetzerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AustinMetzgerLubar School of Business
TayaMetzgerLubar School of Business
JefferyMeverdenEngineering & Applied Science
ChristinaMeyerSchool of Public Health
MaggieMeyerSchool of Education
MichelleMeyerCollege of Letters and Science
ShannonMeyerCollege of Letters and Science
ToriMeyerSchool of Education
NatalieMeyersCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamMeyersSchool of Information Studies
GeorgiaMeysembourgCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelMeysembourgLubar School of Business
EmmaMeznarichPeck School of the Arts
AfiaMianLubar School of Business
MemoonaMianCollege of Letters and Science
Umme AimenMianCollege of Letters and Science
MeganMichaelchuckCollege of General Studies
KyleMichaelsenCollege of Letters and Science
JosephMichalskiCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyMichalskiCollege of Nursing
EleanoraMichels FrankSchool of Education
NoahMidthunEngineering & Applied Science
AndrewMielkeCollege of Letters and Science
DanielleMielkePeck School of the Arts
HaileyMiglianoCollege of Nursing
DanielleMikeskaSchool of Education
JaredMikkelsonPeck School of the Arts
CaitlynMikulaSchool of Education
AnnaMikuloEngineering & Applied Science
ThereseMilanowskiCollege of Nursing
AnthonyMilesCollege of Nursing
WilliamMilesPeck School of the Arts
ElainaMilkieCollege of Letters and Science
ArianaMillerCollege of Health Sciences
BrandonMillerPeck School of the Arts
CassandraMillerLubar School of Business
DominiqueMillerPeck School of the Arts
EmilyMillerCollege of Letters and Science
EvanMillerPathway Advising
GeorgeMillerLubar School of Business
HannahMillerCollege of Letters and Science
HollyMillerSchool of Education
JackMillerLubar School of Business
JessicaMillerCollege of Health Sciences
KatelynMillerSchool of Education
LaurenMillerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadelynMillerCollege of Letters and Science
MargaretMillerPeck School of the Arts
MarieMillerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MichaelMillerLubar School of Business
MikaelaMillerCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasMillerLubar School of Business
PamelaMillerCollege of Health Sciences
PeytonMillerCollege of Health Sciences
RaessaMillerSchool of Education
RurikMillerLubar School of Business
SamanthaMillerCollege of Health Sciences
SamanthaMillerCollege of Health Sciences
SarahMillerLubar School of Business
EdwinMillianCollege of Letters and Science
GriffinMillirenEngineering & Applied Science
ElisaMillisCollege of Health Sciences
Nikki JayeMilnerLubar School of Business
CarlyMinorCollege of Letters and Science
LiyaMintzCollege of Letters and Science
AntoniaMiracolaLubar School of Business
RachelMiskowskiSchool of Education
AllisonMitchellLubar School of Business
AndreaMitchellCollege of Letters and Science
AlexandraMitchlerLubar School of Business
JackMobleyLubar School of Business
SophiaMobleyCollege of Letters and Science
CatherineModdesPathway Advising
EmilyMoenPeck School of the Arts
NimoMohamedCollege of Health Sciences
MuazMohammedPathway Advising
CaitlynMohrSchool of Education
MichaelMolekCollege of Letters and Science
NicoMolekCollege of Letters and Science
JacobMolfenterCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaMolina GarciaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JohnathanMolinskiCollege of General Studies
HannahMolitorSchool of Education
NicholasMollLubar School of Business
JensenMolletHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KatherineMolloyCollege of Nursing
OliviaMolterPeck School of the Arts
EricMomouCollege of Letters and Science
KevinMonahanEngineering & Applied Science
DeniseMonarrezCollege of Health Sciences
IsaacMondayLubar School of Business
KailynnMonganCollege of Health Sciences
KatelynMongersonCollege of Letters and Science
EthanMonkaEngineering & Applied Science
KristenMonsonCollege of Letters and Science
TonyMontaltoCollege of Letters and Science
IsabellaMontemurroPeck School of the Arts
DanielaMontes De OcaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MeganMontgomeryCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyMontgomeryCollege of Nursing
KarinaMontotoCollege of Letters and Science
MorganMooreCollege of Letters and Science
MyaliMooreSchool of Education
NilijahMooreCollege of Nursing
SarahMooreCollege of Letters and Science
Alejandro IIIMoraLubar School of Business
JenniferMoraHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
VictoriaMoraPeck School of the Arts
EvausMoradLubar School of Business
HannahMoralSchool of Education
JoselyneMoralesPeck School of the Arts
KryssiMoralesCollege of Health Sciences
NaamanMoralesEngineering & Applied Science
NinaMoralesLubar School of Business
TheresaMoreciCollege of Nursing
GabrielaMorenoPeck School of the Arts
JadaMorganCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyMoriarityCollege of Letters and Science
LeonaMoriartiCollege of Letters and Science
BradenMorkEngineering & Applied Science
JessicaMorrellSchool of Education
JosephMorrisSchool of Education
BrandonMorrisonEngineering & Applied Science
JasonMorrisonEngineering & Applied Science
MeghanMorrisonCollege of Nursing
RobertaMorrobelSchool of Education
ErikMortensenSchool of Information Studies
KaiaMortensenCollege of General Studies
LaurenMortimerCollege of Health Sciences
MatthewMoscarelliLubar School of Business
AdamMoscinskiCollege of Letters and Science
ClaireMosesSchool of Education
LisaMouaLubar School of Business
NengMouaSchool of Information Studies
Paaj TshabMouaLubar School of Business
ShannenMouaCollege of Health Sciences
NadaMoubarakCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewMoumblowCollege of Letters and Science
MadelynMoushonCollege of Letters and Science
ChaytonMousseauPathway Advising
AmeliaMowersLubar School of Business
NathanielMoweryPathway Advising
AndrewMoyerLubar School of Business
MakenzieMroczenskiCollege of Letters and Science
RyanMroczenskiGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
KariMrotekCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaMrotekCollege of General Studies
EmmaMrozinskiCollege of Nursing
KahlenMudgePeck School of the Arts
AdamMuellerLubar School of Business
EmmalineMuellerSchool of Education
GaryMuellerCollege of General Studies
ShannanMuellerCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamMuellerPeck School of the Arts
NathanMuhonenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BrittanyMuldowneySchool of Information Studies
KatelinMummaLubar School of Business
ZaraMunawarEngineering & Applied Science
KateyMundorfPeck School of the Arts
EliannahMungoPeck School of the Arts
DanielMunozLubar School of Business
OctavioMunozCollege of Letters and Science
UlisesMunozLubar School of Business
AlexanderMuraskiLubar School of Business
FilumenaMuroLubar School of Business
IanMurphyLubar School of Business
MatthewMurphyEngineering & Applied Science
MitchellMurphyCollege of Letters and Science
PatrickMurphyEngineering & Applied Science
SkylahrMurphySchool Arch & Urban Planning
AislingMurrayPathway Advising
CatherineMurrayPeck School of the Arts
MitchellMurrayEngineering & Applied Science
Abd-AlrahmanMusaitifCollege of Letters and Science
GraceMussellCollege of Letters and Science
GehadMustafaCollege of Letters and Science
MariamMustafaCollege of Nursing
YasmineMustafaLubar School of Business
EmilyMutzPathway Advising
JohnMyersPeck School of the Arts
BrookeNadeauCollege of Letters and Science
PhoebeNaderLubar School of Business
AshleenNagraPathway Advising
TadayoshiNakayamaPeck School of the Arts
GiselleNamboHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KaylaNaranjoPathway Advising
NikoleNardiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
OmarNasefPathway Advising
SydniNassSchool of Education
PaigeNaumanSchool of Education
ReidNaumanLubar School of Business
Ciara RosesNavarroLubar School of Business
MelissaNavarro-GonzalesCollege of Nursing
WilliamNavisLubar School of Business
TessaNaylorCollege of Letters and Science
LindseyNazeCollege of Letters and Science
IjeomaNchekwaramCollege of Nursing
MercyNdonSchool of Education
RebeccaNebratCollege of Nursing
McKenzieNeckarCollege of Letters and Science
CaseyNeedhamPathway Advising
KendallNeedhamSchool of Public Health
LindseyNeedhamCollege of Letters and Science
ConnorNekichPeck School of the Arts
KaraNelsenPathway Advising
AndersNelsonCollege of Letters and Science
CaitlinNelsonCollege of Letters and Science
ElainaNelsonCollege of Letters and Science
KaitlynNelsonLubar School of Business
KaylaNelsonLubar School of Business
LaurenNelsonCollege of Nursing
SamanthaNelsonJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
ZacharyNelsonPeck School of the Arts
RawanNemerLubar School of Business
JosieNemethCollege of Health Sciences
LaurynNerenhausenCollege of Nursing
LoganNettesheimCollege of General Studies
NoahNettesheimEngineering & Applied Science
SabrieNetzelEngineering & Applied Science
KaylaNeuburgCollege of General Studies
SamuelNeumannCollege of Letters and Science
EricNeustifterCollege of General Studies
PaulNewcombCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaNewcomerSchool of Education
EllieNewmanSchool of Education
MeghanNewmanLubar School of Business
ConnorNeyhartLubar School of Business
AshleyNguyenLubar School of Business
BrandonNguyenLubar School of Business
ChinhNguyenCollege of Letters and Science
HanhNguyenCollege of Nursing
Hoai ThiNguyenLubar School of Business
QuangdatNguyenLubar School of Business
ThomasNguyenSchool of Education
TinNguyenEngineering & Applied Science
ToanNguyenLubar School of Business
Uyen Thi NgocNguyenEngineering & Applied Science
KrystaNicholsLubar School of Business
ZacharyNicholsPeck School of the Arts
AbigailNichols-JensenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NoahNichterLubar School of Business
AustinNickelLubar School of Business
JonathanNicoEngineering & Applied Science
AnthonyNicoliniEngineering & Applied Science
DylanNicosiaEngineering & Applied Science
AustinNideaPeck School of the Arts
AmandaNiebauerCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaNiebuhrCollege of Health Sciences
ClaraNielsenCollege of Health Sciences
KileyNiemeyerLubar School of Business
BrandonNiemiecLubar School of Business
ZakoryNiemierowiczLubar School of Business
AlexNienhausEngineering & Applied Science
GonzaloNietoSchool of Information Studies
CeceliaNiggemeierSchool of Education
NicholasNimtzLubar School of Business
MadeleneNitschkeCollege of General Studies
HannaNitzkeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
HannahNoel-SieberCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelNolinskeEngineering & Applied Science
KaylaNollerLubar School of Business
ChristinaNoltingCollege of Letters and Science
NuzhatNoorLubar School of Business
LaraNordli-SheridanCollege of Nursing
ColeNordnessSchool of Information Studies
MackenzieNoremPathway Advising
CoraNorrbomCollege of Health Sciences
CatherineNortonLubar School of Business
EmilyNortonPeck School of the Arts
BryttneyNorton-MooreCollege of Nursing
LilyNorvoldSchool of Education
SierraNoskowiakPathway Advising
MoneebNouriCollege of Nursing
JacobNovakLubar School of Business
PabloNovelli UrdanetaPeck School of the Arts
BriantNovinska-LoisSchool of Education
AlieceNovitskiCollege of Letters and Science
JenniferNovotnyCollege of Nursing
MatthewNowakSchool of Information Studies
MitchellNowakLubar School of Business
HeatherNowatskeCollege of Nursing
MatthewNowickiLubar School of Business
RidaaNowmanEngineering & Applied Science
HannaNoyceCollege of Health Sciences
OliviaNuechterleinCollege of Nursing
AnnNuedlingSchool of Education
ReganNugentCollege of General Studies
GordanaNuhnSchool of Public Health
AlexandroNunezLubar School of Business
EveliaNunezCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelNunezSchool of Information Studies
SamuelNunezLubar School of Business
GabrielNurajEngineering & Applied Science
OliviaNwachukwuHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SidneyNwachukwuHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BryanNyeLubar School of Business
PaigeNyiriPathway Advising
AbigailO'BrienLubar School of Business
DanielO'BrienLubar School of Business
EmilyO'BrienCollege of Health Sciences
ReceO'BrienSchool Arch & Urban Planning
IanO'ConnorEngineering & Applied Science
RyanO'DayEngineering & Applied Science
LiamO'DonnellCollege of Letters and Science
JosephO'HaraEngineering & Applied Science
CollanO'NeillHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JohnO'SheaPeck School of the Arts
KenzieOakesLubar School of Business
JakeOaklandLubar School of Business
ShawnObarskiCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeObermanCollege of Health Sciences
EricaOberoiCollege of Health Sciences
AlexanderOcampoEngineering & Applied Science
RachelOelsnerCollege of Letters and Science
MayaOezerCollege of Nursing
CaitlynOfilovaCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineOfori-MattmullerLubar School of Business
AleksaOgnjanovicEngineering & Applied Science
Onyinyechukwuka Faithful GraceOgwuCollege of Health Sciences
SeungahOhCollege of Letters and Science
Sun KeunOhPathway Advising
AnnaOhdeCollege of Nursing
AndrewOjaEngineering & Applied Science
JonathanOlahEngineering & Applied Science
MarcusOleksakEngineering & Applied Science
NataliaOlguinCollege of Letters and Science
JordanOlinskiCollege of Letters and Science
RebekahOliverLubar School of Business
MaKenzieOlivottiLubar School of Business
MatthewOlsemCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewOlsenPathway Advising
BenjaminOlsenEngineering & Applied Science
JohnOlsenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NatalieOlsenCollege of Health Sciences
AimeeOlsonCollege of Letters and Science
AleiaOlsonSchool of Education
AlexanderOlsonEngineering & Applied Science
BrittanyOlsonSchool of Education
BrittneyOlsonSchool of Education
CourtneyOlsonSchool of Education
JenniferOlsonGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
JessicaOlsonCollege of Health Sciences
JoshuaOlsonEngineering & Applied Science
LeahOlsonCollege of Nursing
MitchelOlsonCollege of Health Sciences
TaliaOlsonCollege of Letters and Science
AmberOlszewskiSchool of Education
JenniferOlszewskiCollege of Nursing
EbunoluwaOluwatosinLubar School of Business
RawanOmariCollege of Health Sciences
KennedyOnellCollege of Letters and Science
JulianOntiverosLubar School of Business
JeremyOommenEngineering & Applied Science
ChaseOpgenorthSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KristenOpielaLubar School of Business
AvaOppermannLubar School of Business
OleksandrOpryshchenkoCollege of Letters and Science
MorganOrcholskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Patricia HeatherOrdonezLubar School of Business
JacobOrlichSchool of Information Studies
JacobOrlowskiSchool of Education
MichaelOrlowskiCollege of Letters and Science
MaryOrnelasPathway Advising
AveryOroszCollege of Nursing
JessicaOrozcoPeck School of the Arts
TaniaOrtegaCollege of Health Sciences
LindseyOrthmannLubar School of Business
MorganneOrtliebCollege of Letters and Science
MacyOrtnerPeck School of the Arts
KyraOrvisSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KathrynOsinskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SierraOsowskiCollege of Letters and Science
LuisOsuna-LeonLubar School of Business
LukeOsvaticEngineering & Applied Science
KaileeOttmanEngineering & Applied Science
ChloeOttoLubar School of Business
OliviaOttoCollege of Nursing
OliviaOverendPeck School of the Arts
AlexaOviedoCollege of Letters and Science
CaitlynnOwensEngineering & Applied Science
RobertOwensCollege of General Studies
MelissaOxtobyCollege of Health Sciences
OwenPaarCollege of General Studies
GenesaPabianSchool of Education
SydneyPacerSchool of Education
AshleyPachCollege of Nursing
CalebPachecoCollege of Letters and Science
LillianPachnerCollege of Letters and Science
NataliePadovanoPathway Advising
AshleyPaganSchool of Information Studies
EmmyPagelCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorPagliaroCollege of Health Sciences
AlexanderPakyzCollege of General Studies
RebeccaPaliwodaSchool of Information Studies
WilliamPalmerLubar School of Business
ZacharyPaltzerCollege of Letters and Science
BreannahPalubiskiPeck School of the Arts
AdrianaPanellaLubar School of Business
IsabellaPanelliSchool of Education
ReannaPanlilioPeck School of the Arts
ShadikaPantaCollege of Letters and Science
AlexandraPapadulakisHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AdamPapeEngineering & Applied Science
AlexandraPapeCollege of Letters and Science
ShelbyParadowskiLubar School of Business
ReganParbsLubar School of Business
ZaneParchemEngineering & Applied Science
Seung HyeonParkSchool of Education
ShihyunParkPathway Advising
GarrettParkerPeck School of the Arts
JennaParkerCollege of Health Sciences
MirandaParkerPeck School of the Arts
OliviaParkerSchool of Education
JacquelynnParmleySchool of Education
BrookeParnelloHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadisonParolaSchool of Education
SalvadorParraCollege of Letters and Science
AbriellePartingtonCollege of Letters and Science
LilianaPassarelliCollege of Letters and Science
JoshuaPassonPeck School of the Arts
JatinPatelLubar School of Business
JigarPatelLubar School of Business
KairaviPatelCollege of Health Sciences
MeetPatelEngineering & Applied Science
ParthPatelEngineering & Applied Science
RahilPatelLubar School of Business
ShivPatelLubar School of Business
YashPatelCollege of Nursing
OwenPattiLubar School of Business
KaylaPaulSchool of Education
MadysenPaulLubar School of Business
BaileyPaulsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EllePaveglioCollege of Letters and Science
JacobPavletichEngineering & Applied Science
NoellePawelskiSchool of Education
LoganPawlinskiCollege of Health Sciences
CayleePearsonLubar School of Business
MatthewPearsonLubar School of Business
LindsayPeckPathway Advising
MorganPehrsonCollege of Letters and Science
AaronPeiferPeck School of the Arts
RyanPeilSchool of Information Studies
DouglasPellockPeck School of the Arts
DekkerPellonariCollege of Letters and Science
PaolaPenaPeck School of the Arts
MelaniePennerSchool of Education
DerekPennycuffLubar School of Business
AllisonPeoplesCollege of Letters and Science
KrystenPeplinskiSchool of Education
WesleyPeppersPeck School of the Arts
ElliottPerezCollege of Health Sciences
EunicePerezCollege of Letters and Science
HannahPerezPeck School of the Arts
JessicaPerezCollege of Letters and Science
IsabellaPerez-KuczaLubar School of Business
JessicaPerez-MartinezCollege of Nursing
DanielaPerez-RamirezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IvanaPericCollege of Letters and Science
GracePerinovicCollege of Nursing
EtalyPerkinsCollege of Letters and Science
LillyPerkinsCollege of Letters and Science
BrianPerlowskiEngineering & Applied Science
MadisonPermannCollege of Health Sciences
RossPerockLubar School of Business
AlaynaPerryPeck School of the Arts
DanettaPerrySchool of Public Health
BiancaPersickettiCollege of Letters and Science
DanielPersinoPeck School of the Arts
NicholasPescheckLubar School of Business
JustinPeschmanCollege of Letters and Science
SerinaPestanaSchool of Education
EllaPeterLubar School of Business
MaxwellPeterSchool of Information Studies
AnnabellaPetersGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
EricaPetersCollege of Health Sciences
JustinPetersLubar School of Business
AlexisPetersonCollege of Health Sciences
AndrewPetersonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ElisaPetersonSchool of Education
HaileyPetersonSchool of Education
JamesPetersonPathway Advising
LaurenPetersonPeck School of the Arts
OliviaPetersonCollege of Letters and Science
ReannaPetersonCollege of General Studies
SamanthaPetersonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaylorPeterson-PhillipsCollege of Letters and Science
MelaniePetgesCollege of Nursing
BradyPetrieLubar School of Business
RyanPetroEngineering & Applied Science
ReidPezewskiLubar School of Business
KaitlynPfeifferPeck School of the Arts
MeghanPfeifferSchool of Information Studies
TaylorPhamLubar School of Business
TriPhamLubar School of Business
KimPhanCollege of Nursing
FrederickPhelpsCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyPhilippiCollege of Letters and Science
EricaPhillipsCollege of Letters and Science
MeganPhillipsSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ZacharyPhillipsSchool of Education
RachelPhillpottsCollege of Health Sciences
AnhPhungPathway Advising
AngelaPiazzaCollege of Letters and Science
KatlynPiazzaPeck School of the Arts
GregoryPicardPeck School of the Arts
GabrielPicatoEngineering & Applied Science
JoeyPicioneCollege of Letters and Science
LilyPickartCollege of Letters and Science
PaigePickensCollege of Letters and Science
ClementPicouetSchool of Information Studies
JaredPieSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RachelPiehlCollege of General Studies
AveryPiepenburgSchool of Public Health
BriannaPierceCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelPikeEngineering & Applied Science
MiaPiljevicCollege of Nursing
ElenaPinchukCollege of Health Sciences
JackPingelLubar School of Business
EthanPinkhamPeck School of the Arts
AbbyPiphoPeck School of the Arts
IsabellaPippCollege of Letters and Science
AndreaPisarskiCollege of Health Sciences
SaraPisonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
FaithPissardHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MartinaPizzoCollege of Letters and Science
RosemaryPlakkalPathway Advising
NataliePlantCollege of Letters and Science
MadelinePlantikoSchool of Education
MasonPliskaCollege of Nursing
ChasePloetzEngineering & Applied Science
JessicaPlotkinCollege of Letters and Science
RebeccaPlourdPeck School of the Arts
MirandaPluffSchool of Education
CalebPlumleyEngineering & Applied Science
AnthonyPocoLubar School of Business
Raga MadhuriPoduguEngineering & Applied Science
WilliamPoellotEngineering & Applied Science
DaniellePoislSchool of Information Studies
HeatherPokorskiCollege of General Studies
EdwardPolacheckCollege of Health Sciences
ZacharyPolifkaCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyPolinskeSchool of Education
RyanPolkaLubar School of Business
SamanthaPollockCollege of Nursing
JohnPolsterLubar School of Business
TiffanyPolzinPeck School of the Arts
NicolePomaslSchool of Education
RobertPomerenkeLubar School of Business
ChristopherPomeroySchool of Information Studies
JacobPondEngineering & Applied Science
DanielPopeCollege of Letters and Science
JohnPoppeEngineering & Applied Science
GabrielPoppertHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LexiPorrasPeck School of the Arts
JosephPorthLubar School of Business
BlakePosewitzLubar School of Business
NicholasPostLubar School of Business
JacobPotterLubar School of Business
JuliePottingerPathway Advising
AdalinePowellCollege of Letters and Science
BrittanyPowellEngineering & Applied Science
HannahPowellHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JohnPowellLubar School of Business
MichaelaPowersSchool of Education
HannahPozezinskiPathway Advising
ScottPoznanskiSchool of Education
SabhyataPrakashCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaPreislerCollege of General Studies
HarrisonPrellwitzEngineering & Applied Science
SamuelPresserEngineering & Applied Science
BaileyPrestonPeck School of the Arts
AlexanderPriceLubar School of Business
BenjaminPricePathway Advising
MarkPrihodaCollege of Letters and Science
BrandonPrimCollege of Nursing
AlexaPristelskiLubar School of Business
EmilyProchaskaCollege of Letters and Science
JoyProchaskaPeck School of the Arts
JadaProctorSchool of Public Health
MadelineProdoehlPeck School of the Arts
MarissaProksaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BlakePrzesmickiCollege of Letters and Science
CarolynPtaszekCollege of Health Sciences
ColtenPucekLubar School of Business
RachelPucelCollege of Nursing
HalleyPuckerSchool of Education
KellyPudroskiPeck School of the Arts
TanyaPuebla IbarraPeck School of the Arts
AshliePurifoyCollege of Letters and Science
CelestePutalaPeck School of the Arts
BrittneyPuttermanCollege of Letters and Science
IsaacPutzierEngineering & Applied Science
AsmaQadadhaCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyQuadracciEngineering & Applied Science
AlissondraQuatsoeCollege of Letters and Science
DaisyQuezadaSchool of Education
BrehmeQuidzinskiCollege of Letters and Science
TrudyQuidzinskiSchool of Education
ChristianQuilesEngineering & Applied Science
DanielQuilesEngineering & Applied Science
AbigailQuinnellCollege of Health Sciences
DelaneyQuinteCollege of Health Sciences
MayaQuinteroPeck School of the Arts
AveryQuintonLubar School of Business
EveelidQuirinoCollege of Nursing
DanielQuirkLubar School of Business
DanielRaasch-BowsherLubar School of Business
AimeRabadanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BrandyRabalaisCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasRabasLubar School of Business
JesseRabayEngineering & Applied Science
MichaelRabbittCollege of Letters and Science
KrystineRabeSchool of Education
KlaidinaRabiCollege of Letters and Science
JaredRaczkaEngineering & Applied Science
MeganRaddatzCollege of General Studies
ColtonRaderLubar School of Business
LexiRadiesPathway Advising
JosephRadishHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NinaRadjenovichCollege of Health Sciences
TereseRadkeCollege of Letters and Science
AddisonRadliffCollege of Letters and Science
CharlesRadomskiEngineering & Applied Science
FaithRaePeck School of the Arts
MakaylaRaeckSchool of Education
BradyRaetherCollege of Letters and Science
HaileyRaetherLubar School of Business
TaylorRagsdalePeck School of the Arts
JustinRahmCollege of Letters and Science
NaomiRaicuCollege of Letters and Science
KatelynRakersCollege of Health Sciences
SydneyRakowskiLubar School of Business
JuliaRalenkotterCollege of Letters and Science
AlexRamirezCollege of Health Sciences
EliezerRamirezEngineering & Applied Science
IvanRamirezLubar School of Business
LilianaRamirezCollege of Health Sciences
LuisRamirezEngineering & Applied Science
CuauhtliRamirez CastroPeck School of the Arts
IsabellaRammingerLubar School of Business
JazminRamosCollege of Letters and Science
VaishnavRampureEngineering & Applied Science
LaurenRamsdellCollege of Letters and Science
ElaineRangel-DominguezPeck School of the Arts
ChristianRanickeCollege of General Studies
LeesaRanickeEngineering & Applied Science
JacobRankinCollege of Letters and Science
AmnaRaoCollege of Letters and Science
LukeRapisardaLubar School of Business
IsabelleRashkinPeck School of the Arts
JaredRasmussenEngineering & Applied Science
StevenRasmussenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
YasmineRasmussenCollege of Health Sciences
BrittRasnerLubar School of Business
SamanthaRaszejaPathway Advising
JackRathLubar School of Business
LaylaRathkePathway Advising
MarcusRathsackLubar School of Business
AngelinaRattanavongLubar School of Business
AngelaRattinSchool of Education
DawsonRauschLubar School of Business
RyanRauschLubar School of Business
OliviaRavetCollege of Letters and Science
Phani Ram TejaRavipatiEngineering & Applied Science
JulieRawaCollege of Nursing
ReganRaylCollege of Letters and Science
LilianaRePeck School of the Arts
ErickRecinosEngineering & Applied Science
EdieRedwineHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AllisonReedPeck School of the Arts
CheyenneReelLubar School of Business
BreannaReeseCollege of Health Sciences
JennaReetzCollege of Letters and Science
AnthonyReevesLubar School of Business
KarlRehbergerLubar School of Business
MatthewRehgEngineering & Applied Science
GinaReichSchool of Education
EricReicheltPeck School of the Arts
VanessaReichenbergerPeck School of the Arts
MarinaReifenrathPeck School of the Arts
CalvinReimerSchool of Information Studies
LoganReindlCollege of Letters and Science
JakeReinhoferLubar School of Business
LexReinholtzEngineering & Applied Science
DanielRemberCollege of Letters and Science
AlexRenierPeck School of the Arts
GrantRenkenJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
CarsonRennickeEngineering & Applied Science
ElizabethRensCollege of Nursing
EmilyReschkeCollege of Letters and Science
MasonRetkowskiCollege of Letters and Science
TylerRetlichCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelRetzlaffLubar School of Business
AmyReyesCollege of Letters and Science
BryanReyesPathway Advising
IlianaReyesPeck School of the Arts
Millicent JoanReyesCollege of Nursing
ElizabethRhinehartPeck School of the Arts
CarolineRhodaCollege of Health Sciences
StephanieRhodesPeck School of the Arts
CarleyRiasSchool of Education
BrandonRiceLubar School of Business
BrendenRiceCollege of General Studies
JuliaRiceCollege of Health Sciences
MylahRiceLubar School of Business
AndrewRichCollege of Letters and Science
JamesRichCollege of General Studies
TessRichardSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AnnRichardsSchool of Education
NicholasRichardsCollege of General Studies
DoraRichardsonEngineering & Applied Science
JennaRichardsonCollege of Letters and Science
SierraRichardsonSchool of Education
ZacharyRichardsonPathway Advising
BradyRichertLubar School of Business
IsabelRichlingHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HannaRichterSchool of Education
PaitonRichterLubar School of Business
SamanthaRichterLubar School of Business
LiselRickCollege of Nursing
CallieRickardCollege of Health Sciences
MadelineRickertCollege of Letters and Science
EleanorRickmanCollege of Letters and Science
KarenRico FloresCollege of Health Sciences
JamieRiddlePeck School of the Arts
MadisonRidleyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EricaRiebeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RachaelRiedijkCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaRiedlingerPeck School of the Arts
HopeRiestererPeck School of the Arts
AlexanderRileyEngineering & Applied Science
AndreaRileyCollege of Letters and Science
CasimirRileyPeck School of the Arts
CieraRippCollege of Health Sciences
CarlyRishelPeck School of the Arts
BronwenRisse-ConnollyGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
KellyRistowEngineering & Applied Science
HannahRitterEngineering & Applied Science
ElisabethRittmeyerSchool of Education
RocioRivas OsorioSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MarioRiveraCollege of Letters and Science
TiffanyRiveraCollege of Nursing
JefryRivera PradoSchool of Education
PaigeRiversSchool of Education
KlaudiaRixmannGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
JacquelineRizzoCollege of Letters and Science
EllieRoachCollege of Health Sciences
SophiaRoamerCollege of Letters and Science
ShannonRobbPathway Advising
DavidRobbinLubar School of Business
CalebRobbinsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmmaRobertsCollege of Letters and Science
IsabellaRobertsLubar School of Business
RachaelRobertsCollege of Health Sciences
ReisRobertsPeck School of the Arts
LaurenRobertsonPeck School of the Arts
MarissaRobertsonCollege of Nursing
GraceRobinsonCollege of Letters and Science
JasmineRobinsonLubar School of Business
JesseRobinsonCollege of Letters and Science
DominicRobsonCollege of General Studies
StephonRobyLubar School of Business
RamonRochaLubar School of Business
LuisRocheLubar School of Business
AmayaRockettPeck School of the Arts
AminahRockettPeck School of the Arts
AugieRodenbeckSchool of Education
KaitlynRodmanCollege of Health Sciences
ArianaRodriguezCollege of Letters and Science
AxelRodriguezEngineering & Applied Science
EliaRodriguezCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethRodriguezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JuanRodriguezEngineering & Applied Science
MarybellRodriguezCollege of Letters and Science
SophiaRodriguezCollege of Letters and Science
XavierRodriguezCollege of Nursing
RyanRoekleCollege of Letters and Science
AshleyRoemerCollege of Health Sciences
AmyRoeschCollege of Letters and Science
KristaRoessgerSchool of Education
ThomasRoesslerCollege of Letters and Science
MckenziRogallaCollege of Letters and Science
GraceRogersPeck School of the Arts
HunterRogersCollege of Letters and Science
LukeRognessLubar School of Business
AugusteRogstadHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JacksonRohLubar School of Business
AndrewRohdeEngineering & Applied Science
HaleyRohrHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JuliusRohwerCollege of Letters and Science
KalistaRolingPeck School of the Arts
AaronRoloffPeck School of the Arts
MitchellRoltgenLubar School of Business
YeseniaRomanPathway Advising
TimothyRomangLubar School of Business
EmmaRomantHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaylorRomanykSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ArellyRomeroPathway Advising
ValentinaRomero-MoranSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JackRongstadCollege of Letters and Science
TaniaRosaCollege of Nursing
FelipeRosas GomezSchool of Education
HaleyRoseSchool of Education
JamieRoseLubar School of Business
AmandaRosenbergCollege of General Studies
LydiaRosengrenCollege of Nursing
AlainaRosenthalLubar School of Business
TaliaRossSchool of Education
JustinRoszakPeck School of the Arts
JadeRothPeck School of the Arts
JohnRothCollege of Nursing
BraxtonRoubalLubar School of Business
LukeRoubikSchool of Information Studies
AutumnRoutsonCollege of Letters and Science
JacquelineRowleySchool of Education
ChandaRoyleLubar School of Business
StephanieRozanskeLubar School of Business
TyRoznowskiLubar School of Business
KathrynRozzoniCollege of Health Sciences
JohnRuanLubar School of Business
IanRubaschPeck School of the Arts
KaitlynRubeckSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DanielRucinskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmmaRucksCollege of Nursing
OliviaRuddPeck School of the Arts
AnilaRudiPathway Advising
AshleyRudserCollege of Letters and Science
LauraRuedigerSchool of Education
RyanRuferPeck School of the Arts
KatherineRuffloCollege of Letters and Science
RhiannonRuffnerPeck School of the Arts
NicoleRuhlCollege of Nursing
KadenRuizEngineering & Applied Science
MaryannRuizPeck School of the Arts
MatthewRuizCollege of Letters and Science
SandraRuiz MurilloCollege of Health Sciences
KaylaRuplingerCollege of Nursing
WilliamRupnickCollege of Letters and Science
DanielRuschPeck School of the Arts
OliviaRushEngineering & Applied Science
JoshuaRusniakLubar School of Business
NicoleRussoLubar School of Business
TylerRustLubar School of Business
DevonRuvalcabaCollege of Health Sciences
CamrynRyanCollege of Health Sciences
ReneRybaLubar School of Business
IsabellaRybakowiczCollege of Nursing
SofiaRyvkinLubar School of Business
MaysaSaadeddinPeck School of the Arts
JenevieveSaalsaaSchool of Education
LindsaySaariPeck School of the Arts
AnthonySabatinoCollege of Letters and Science
KierstenSabbareseCollege of Health Sciences
MunaSabhaCollege of Nursing
NoraSabolPeck School of the Arts
RebeccaSabourinCollege of Health Sciences
CatherineSadlerPeck School of the Arts
HaneenSaedCollege of Nursing
AlexaSaferCollege of Letters and Science
MeganSafranskiLubar School of Business
AddisonSagatSchool of Education
RayanSahraouiGlobal Studies Interdiscplnary
ZenSaiyedCollege of Letters and Science
IsraaSalahCollege of Health Sciences
SophiaSalasCollege of Letters and Science
AmayaSalekCollege of Nursing
AyaSalhabCollege of Health Sciences
SallySalkinPeck School of the Arts
LaurelSalmeronCollege of Letters and Science
JehanSalousCollege of Health Sciences
SalamSalousCollege of Letters and Science
JasmineSaltonSchool of Education
KaveriSalunkeEngineering & Applied Science
EllieSalzwedelSchool of Education
BrittanySamorajskiLubar School of Business
CaitlinSamplawskiCollege of Letters and Science
ShellySamponCollege of Letters and Science
SydneySampson-WebbLubar School of Business
NathanSamuelsenEngineering & Applied Science
AlejandroSanchezCollege of Nursing
LuisSanchezLubar School of Business
YesseniaSanchezCollege of Letters and Science
GraceSandemanCollege of Letters and Science
AliyahSandersSchool of Education
NicholasSanfelippoSchool of Information Studies
AustinSangerLubar School of Business
JacobSannerSchool of Education
MariaSantamariaLubar School of Business
RachelSantellanoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TahismariSantiagoLubar School of Business
Medalia DamarisSantosPeck School of the Arts
ThaddSapa-KotlarekCollege of Letters and Science
HudaSaqibCollege of Health Sciences
AytanaSarriaCollege of Letters and Science
OmarSarsourLubar School of Business
KeizanSatoEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaSatterfieldCollege of Letters and Science
CamiloSaucedaSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AngelSaucedo-PancoatlSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KeringtonSauserEngineering & Applied Science
GriffinSauterPeck School of the Arts
TreySavagePeck School of the Arts
NinaSavaglioPathway Advising
JohnSavignacLubar School of Business
MackenzieSavinPeck School of the Arts
NicholasSavoyCollege of Nursing
EmmaSawyerCollege of Health Sciences
EricSawyerLubar School of Business
AnnaSaxtonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TristonSayaovangSchool of Information Studies
AlyssandraScaffidiCollege of Letters and Science
ArikScapellatoCollege of Letters and Science
GarrettScapellatoCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaScardinaSchool of Education
SiciliaScardinaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IanScargillLubar School of Business
MartinSchabelLubar School of Business
McKinliSchacherlCollege of Health Sciences
BenjaminSchaeferCollege of Health Sciences
IsabellaSchaeferCollege of Letters and Science
SophiaSchaferLubar School of Business
AlexandriaSchafferSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SamuelSchaffhauserLubar School of Business
MadalynnSchalkLubar School of Business
JordanSchallerSchool of Education
NathanielSchardinPeck School of the Arts
CarolynScharnickEngineering & Applied Science
KadenSchauerLubar School of Business
JacobSchaumberg-DineenPeck School of the Arts
AbigailScheerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BlakeScheerSchool of Information Studies
AlSchefftCollege of Letters and Science
MackenzieScheibelCollege of Health Sciences
MakailaScheibleinSchool of Education
LaurenSchellinLubar School of Business
AnnaSchenkEngineering & Applied Science
LaurenSchenkPeck School of the Arts
JaimeScherrCollege of Nursing
SavannahScherrLubar School of Business
MayaSchiekPeck School of the Arts
PatrickSchildgenCollege of Letters and Science
MackenzieSchillLubar School of Business
MadisonSchillingerEngineering & Applied Science
ErikaSchimpCollege of General Studies
JosephSchimpCollege of Letters and Science
AnnamarieSchlechtPathway Advising
MeganSchlenderPathway Advising
SarahSchlenderCollege of Letters and Science
AlecSchleyEngineering & Applied Science
HannahSchleySchool of Education
AaronSchliesmannLubar School of Business
MirandaSchliseCollege of Letters and Science
CheriSchlottkeSchool of Information Studies
AlexanderSchlundtPathway Advising
NatalieSchmeichelPathway Advising
McKaelaSchmelzerEngineering & Applied Science
AdamSchmidtCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeSchmidtCollege of General Studies
CoreySchmidtEngineering & Applied Science
GabrielleSchmidtCollege of Letters and Science
JosephSchmidtPeck School of the Arts
MadelineSchmidtCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonSchmidtSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MorganSchmidtCollege of General Studies
KevinSchmidtkeCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonSchmittPeck School of the Arts
JacobSchmittEngineering & Applied Science
RyanSchmittLubar School of Business
IanSchmitt-ErnstCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewSchnaareSchool of Information Studies
AllisonSchneiderLubar School of Business
CarissaSchneiderSchool of Education
Chelcie SchneiderSchneiderCollege of Health Sciences
ChristinaSchneiderCollege of Letters and Science
ColinSchneiderLubar School of Business
JulieSchneiderPathway Advising
KathrynSchneiderPeck School of the Arts
LukeSchneiderEngineering & Applied Science
BrettSchnurEngineering & Applied Science
JennaSchoenfeldCollege of Nursing
MyaScholzCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasScholzenSchool of Information Studies
StevenSchomischCollege of Letters and Science
KelseySchommerCollege of General Studies
AbigailSchottCollege of Letters and Science
JoshuaSchowalterCollege of Nursing
NoahSchraderEngineering & Applied Science
SarahSchraderCollege of Health Sciences
MadelineSchreiberHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RobertSchreinerCollege of Letters and Science
AbbySchroderCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailSchroederCollege of Letters and Science
AlissaSchroederLubar School of Business
BriannaSchroederCollege of Letters and Science
CallieSchroederCollege of Health Sciences
HannahSchroederEngineering & Applied Science
ScottSchroederEngineering & Applied Science
BriannaSchubertCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaSchubkegelPeck School of the Arts
RudySchuebelSchool of Information Studies
JuliaSchuesslerSchool of Education
ZacharySchuettLubar School of Business
JadinSchuettpelzLubar School of Business
DanielSchuhLubar School of Business
JadaSchuhCollege of Health Sciences
ZacherySchuhEngineering & Applied Science
JessicaSchulerSchool of Education
BrandonSchultzCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethSchultzLubar School of Business
ErinSchultzLubar School of Business
ParkerSchultzLubar School of Business
SamanthaSchultzCollege of Letters and Science
TonySchultzCollege of Letters and Science
HannahSchulzLubar School of Business
OliviaSchulzPeck School of the Arts
PaigeSchulzeLubar School of Business
AnthonySchusterEngineering & Applied Science
BennettSchusterEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewSchusterLubar School of Business
MeganSchwabeCollege of Health Sciences
SydneySchwallerCollege of Letters and Science
PaigeSchwankCollege of Nursing
DanielSchwartzCollege of Letters and Science
GabrielleSchwartzLubar School of Business
EricaSchwebeSchool of Education
BrookeSchwederskySchool of Education
GwendolynSchwederskyLubar School of Business
AllieSchweinbergCollege of Nursing
VanessaSchweinerLubar School of Business
MaddieSchweitzerPeck School of the Arts
HaileySchwengelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LoganSchwenkerEngineering & Applied Science
NicholasSchwichtenbergPeck School of the Arts
CiaraSchwindtCollege of Health Sciences
AshlynScintoLubar School of Business
EmmaScottCollege of Letters and Science
Joe JoeScottCollege of Letters and Science
MiaScottSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TeresaScottPeck School of the Arts
CarrieScott-HaneyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
StephanieScovilleHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GiniScrantonCollege of Nursing
TimothyScruggsSchool of Information Studies
VictoriaScudderLubar School of Business
AlexandraSeagerPeck School of the Arts
MarissaSebanPeck School of the Arts
AmberSecristLubar School of Business
BradleySeebruchPeck School of the Arts
CelesteSeguraLubar School of Business
EthanSehmerLubar School of Business
TateSehrbrockHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
FrancineSeichterLubar School of Business
EmberSeidelLubar School of Business
LukeSeidelCollege of Letters and Science
DaneSellCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelSellarsCollege of Letters and Science
Massimiliano HanSellittoPathway Advising
BryanSelnerSchool of Education
HannahSeltzerLubar School of Business
ZacharySemancikCollege of Letters and Science
KathrynSemberCollege of Letters and Science
AlexanderSemrowLubar School of Business
MadisonSemtnerLubar School of Business
HayleySentzEngineering & Applied Science
Jung GyuSeoCollege of Nursing
NatalieSepicCollege of Nursing
AndreiSepperHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MollySeraLubar School of Business
JoshuaSerafinCollege of Letters and Science
IsabelSernaSchool of Education
SophiaSerranoPeck School of the Arts
JohnSetterEngineering & Applied Science
MeganSetterLubar School of Business
TylerSetzkeCollege of General Studies
IsabellaSevenichHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SamuelSeverinPeck School of the Arts
CameronSeversonLubar School of Business
GraysonSewellCollege of Letters and Science
UnaSewellCollege of Letters and Science
AustinSeyboldEngineering & Applied Science
Noor Fathi AShabaanCollege of Health Sciences
ElliotShagerLubar School of Business
AeliaShahPathway Advising
IqraShahCollege of Health Sciences
KeinanaShahPathway Advising
MahrookhShahLubar School of Business
RubabShahCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenShalabyCollege of Nursing
MichaelShambeauLubar School of Business
AidanShankSchool Arch & Urban Planning
PaigeShanovichCollege of Letters and Science
RajaaShaqourEngineering & Applied Science
NaimaShaqraSchool of Information Studies
KaileySharpeLubar School of Business
MargaretShaughnessyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CallenShawCollege of Letters and Science
SophiaShawPathway Advising
MatthewSheaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnneSheardCollege of Letters and Science
MasonShefchikPeck School of the Arts
YuhaoShenCollege of General Studies
OliviaShermanPeck School of the Arts
DerekSherveyLubar School of Business
JenniferSherwoodLubar School of Business
JustinSheteronLubar School of Business
LiangliangShiCollege of Letters and Science
LiviaShiLubar School of Business
FinneganShieldsLubar School of Business
ElizabethShihLubar School of Business
Sunshine Jamie MarieShimeallCollege of Nursing
MikaylaShipleyCollege of Letters and Science
JordynShippCollege of Nursing
LilyShiremanCollege of Health Sciences
KatelynnShirleyPathway Advising
AnikaShoppachCollege of General Studies
IanShoppachCollege of General Studies
JuliaShoppachCollege of General Studies
KelseyShoppachCollege of General Studies
NatalieShrinerSchool of Education
ElaineShroderCollege of Letters and Science
ElyssaShroderCollege of Letters and Science
KristjanaShtrepiCollege of Nursing
DanaShudyCollege of Letters and Science
CassandraShulferSchool of Education
AlexanderShumayLubar School of Business
HumzaSiddiqiSchool of Public Health
JaskiratSidhuCollege of Health Sciences
SidneySieczkowskiSchool of Education
JacquelineSiedenburg-SisPeck School of the Arts
EmilySiegelCollege of Letters and Science
DavanSiegfried-SchlosserEngineering & Applied Science
MaluhiaSiersHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AaronSiewertEngineering & Applied Science
BrittanySilasSchool of Education
MarkiaSilverman-RodriguezCollege of Letters and Science
MyaSimmsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexisSimonetPeck School of the Arts
EdwardSimpsonEngineering & Applied Science
AkshSinghLubar School of Business
BaljotSinghEngineering & Applied Science
BhramdyaalSinghLubar School of Business
HarkaranveerSinghLubar School of Business
HarmandeepSinghLubar School of Business
SheridanSinnenCollege of Nursing
ZacherySippleSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AbbigaelSitteCollege of Letters and Science
SandySitthidethLubar School of Business
JosephSiudzinskiEngineering & Applied Science
LydiaSkarivodaPeck School of the Arts
HoldenSkeelsCollege of Letters and Science
RachaelSkenandoreSchool of Education
EvanSkirrowLubar School of Business
AimeSkroberCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeSkroberLubar School of Business
HannahSkrochSchool of Education
NathanielSkutleyCollege of Letters and Science
CaitlynSlaastedLubar School of Business
KevinSladkyPeck School of the Arts
AlexiaSlaglePeck School of the Arts
AllisonSlamannCollege of Health Sciences
CarolineSlanaCollege of Letters and Science
ShannonSlatesCollege of Nursing
MarinaSlawinskiEngineering & Applied Science
BrittanySlichterCollege of Letters and Science
ThaddeusSloggyEngineering & Applied Science
EmmaSlutskyLubar School of Business
ZacharySmallCollege of Letters and Science
PoppySmallmanPeck School of the Arts
RileySmeatonEngineering & Applied Science
ChristopherSmeltzerEngineering & Applied Science
ClaraSmirnovEngineering & Applied Science
DmitriySmirnovEngineering & Applied Science
AdrianaSmithCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonSmithPeck School of the Arts
AmberSmithHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HannahSmithCollege of General Studies
JakobSmithEngineering & Applied Science
JordanSmithEngineering & Applied Science
JulieSmithPathway Advising
JustinSmithLubar School of Business
KatelynSmithSchool of Education
LiamSmithPeck School of the Arts
LindsaySmithPeck School of the Arts
NathanielSmithCollege of Letters and Science
TiffaniSmithPathway Advising
SummerSmith-HayesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KorySmitsEngineering & Applied Science
MariaSmitsPeck School of the Arts
AustinSnellLubar School of Business
AnnaSniadachCollege of Letters and Science
IolantaSnietSchool of Information Studies
EganSnopekCollege of General Studies
AndrewSnowdenSchool of Information Studies
Alexandra-AnnSnyderSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JosiahSnyderLubar School of Business
MeeganSnymanCollege of Letters and Science
IanSobojinskiEngineering & Applied Science
MadelineSobojinskiLubar School of Business
Andreas FriisSoerensenCollege of Letters and Science
MateoSoikLubar School of Business
BenjaminSolakLubar School of Business
AlejandroSolanoLubar School of Business
BrookeSolbergLubar School of Business
EthanSolbergCollege of Letters and Science
PhillipSolisCollege of Nursing
NoahSolomonCollege of Letters and Science
SavannaSomsakCollege of Nursing
TatyannaSomsakCollege of Health Sciences
MatthewSonnackPeck School of the Arts
AmandaSorceLubar School of Business
JessicaSorensenSchool of Education
LyndsaySorgPeck School of the Arts
MatthewSorgeEngineering & Applied Science
NataliaSoteloEngineering & Applied Science
NathanaelSovitzkyEngineering & Applied Science
IanSpaayLubar School of Business
ElleeSpaldingPeck School of the Arts
JackSpaltholzPeck School of the Arts
LaraSpanicCollege of Letters and Science
RileySpankowskiLubar School of Business
PaigeSpaudeLubar School of Business
LaurenSpauldingLubar School of Business
EmilySpearsCollege of Health Sciences
KaySpeidelPeck School of the Arts
LindsaySpellmanLubar School of Business
ChelsiSpencerSchool of Education
SebastianSpencerEngineering & Applied Science
SamuelSpendeLubar School of Business
AndrewSpenglerSchool of Education
JordynSpooCollege of Letters and Science
GillianSporsSchool of Education
HannahSportielloPeck School of the Arts
GeorgiaSpyropoulosSchool of Education
AnvithaSriramCollege of Letters and Science
CaseySrodaEngineering & Applied Science
AdamSt JohnCollege of Letters and Science
JuliaStaceyPeck School of the Arts
EvanStachnikLubar School of Business
EmilyStachuraCollege of Letters and Science
ZoeStackHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JeromeStadlerSchool of Information Studies
Jewelle AnneStaffordCollege of Letters and Science
MaclaineStahlCollege of Health Sciences
TylerStairPathway Advising
MatthewStammLubar School of Business
ShannonStanczakPeck School of the Arts
JordannStangeSchool of Education
AllieStanglLubar School of Business
GeorgijeStanisicEngineering & Applied Science
JenniferStanislawskiCollege of Letters and Science
KendraStaniszewskiCollege of Letters and Science
AlissaStanleyCollege of Letters and Science
BlakeStapletonCollege of Letters and Science
MelissaStapletonLubar School of Business
AlannaStarkLubar School of Business
MonaStarkSchool of Education
AndreaStasiewiczPeck School of the Arts
AlexisStauffacherCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyStaverCollege of Health Sciences
PaytonSteckertLubar School of Business
RileySteckertSchool Arch & Urban Planning
PaigeStederHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
WilSteebsCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaSteeleSchool of Education
DavidSteeleLubar School of Business
MeganSteensenSchool of Education
JosephStefanskiEngineering & Applied Science
RyanSteffenLubar School of Business
AubreySteidlPathway Advising
NicholasSteigerwaldtLubar School of Business
JoshuaSteilLubar School of Business
ElizabethSteinCollege of Letters and Science
GarrettSteinbrinkCollege of Health Sciences
DanielaSteinerSchool of Information Studies
KillianSteinerCollege of Letters and Science
SaigeSteinerCollege of Nursing
AndrewSteinkeCollege of Letters and Science
SashaSteinlePeck School of the Arts
CameronSteinmetzLubar School of Business
IvaStejskalovaCollege of Health Sciences
AndreaSteldtCollege of Letters and Science
MargaretStelmacherSchool of Education
SamuelStelterLubar School of Business
AlexStephanEngineering & Applied Science
EmmaStephensCollege of Nursing
QuinnStephensPeck School of the Arts
ReganStephensHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BreyleyStephensonSchool of Information Studies
BenjaminSternCollege of Letters and Science
DenaeSternCollege of Letters and Science
GabrielSternEngineering & Applied Science
NicoleSternardSchool of Education
IvaStevanovicLubar School of Business
BrittneyStevensCollege of Letters and Science
ChristopherStewartPathway Advising
LantrellStewartCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasStewartPeck School of the Arts
SerenaStewartSchool of Information Studies
BrycetonStiemsmaCollege of Letters and Science
NoahStilesLubar School of Business
JessieStillHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ZoeyStiltjesPeck School of the Arts
CeceliaStockerPeck School of the Arts
CoryStoddardLubar School of Business
ElizabethStoerzingerPeck School of the Arts
AndrewStoiberCollege of Letters and Science
ColinStolfaEngineering & Applied Science
HenryStollenwerkPeck School of the Arts
AbigailStoneLubar School of Business
AprilStoneLubar School of Business
MatthewStonerLubar School of Business
KyleStorandtEngineering & Applied Science
NoahStorchEngineering & Applied Science
Runa SteiroStorheilPeck School of the Arts
NicoleStorkPathway Advising
CatherineStraitCollege of Letters and Science
MichaelStrandSchool of Information Studies
LucasStrandellCollege of Letters and Science
ThereseStrandtPeck School of the Arts
CarsenStrangPathway Advising
ElizabethStrangePeck School of the Arts
GabrielleStrasserSchool of Education
McKennaStrattonCollege of Nursing
CallieStrayerLubar School of Business
LaurenStreiPeck School of the Arts
PaigeStrevelerPeck School of the Arts
EllieStrohLubar School of Business
McKenzieStrohwigSchool of Education
AlexisStrottmanCollege of Letters and Science
AveryStroudSchool of Information Studies
ArianaStruppCollege of Letters and Science
RobertStrzelczykPathway Advising
JustinStubbeEngineering & Applied Science
TylerStuhrEngineering & Applied Science
YaniSuLubar School of Business
JohannSuarezEngineering & Applied Science
EdgarSuarez BenitezLubar School of Business
LacheeSubbaCollege of Nursing
DanielSuchockiEngineering & Applied Science
JacobSuedbeckPathway Advising
ClaireSugrueLubar School of Business
EllenSuhrPeck School of the Arts
CourtneySullivanCollege of Letters and Science
GraceSullivanLubar School of Business
MeganSullivanCollege of Health Sciences
QuinnSullivanCollege of Health Sciences
MadelineSummersCollege of Nursing
ElizabethSundayPeck School of the Arts
AnnaSurprenantPathway Advising
HopeSuskiCollege of Health Sciences
MorganSutterPathway Advising
ZacharySutterSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JaimieSuttonCollege of Health Sciences
JustinaSviatoslavskyCollege of Nursing
AutumnSvoboda-LessardLubar School of Business
AvaSwansonEngineering & Applied Science
MitchellSwansonLubar School of Business
OliviaSwansonCollege of Nursing
TaylorSwartoutSchool of Public Health
SarahSwartwoutCollege of Letters and Science
CaitlinSweeneyLubar School of Business
AllisonSweereCollege of Letters and Science
SydneySweetSchool of Education
SuhaSweiEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaSwenskiSchool of Education
SavannahSwiderskiLubar School of Business
AmenahSyedEngineering & Applied Science
MadelynSyltieCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaSysePeck School of the Arts
AlexandraSyvertsenCollege of Letters and Science
DylanSzajkovicsLubar School of Business
ChristinaSzopinskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LeahSzymborskiCollege of Nursing
OwenSzymkowskiCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorTabbertEngineering & Applied Science
MajdaTabitCollege of Nursing
NadiaTabitCollege of Letters and Science
JohnTaborEngineering & Applied Science
LuisjanoTafiliLubar School of Business
ColleenTagatzLubar School of Business
NoahTagliapietraLubar School of Business
JacobTaitEngineering & Applied Science
PaytonTakerianCollege of Nursing
NicoleTaloffHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ConnorTanelLubar School of Business
MichaelTanelCollege of General Studies
RoshanTariqSchool of Information Studies
SaniaTariqCollege of Letters and Science
NoelTautgesEngineering & Applied Science
Paw Hser HserTawPathway Advising
EmilyTaylorPeck School of the Arts
GavinTaylorLubar School of Business
GinaTaylorCollege of Letters and Science
KaylaTaylorLubar School of Business
PeterTellEngineering & Applied Science
TrentonTellefsonLubar School of Business
SalvadorTello XochitecatlSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KyleTemplinPathway Advising
TeddyTemplinCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasTenagliaPeck School of the Arts
MarissaTenHakenPeck School of the Arts
KatherineTenneyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TuckerTeskeyLubar School of Business
AlexisTessmerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SaraTessmerCollege of Nursing
MarioTestolinLubar School of Business
BraydenTetzlaffPeck School of the Arts
CheyenneTetzlaffCollege of Letters and Science
KayTetzlaffCollege of Health Sciences
RileyTetzlaffLubar School of Business
SophiaTeubertPeck School of the Arts
ZingThaLubar School of Business
MatthewThalEngineering & Applied Science
NicholasThammavongsaEngineering & Applied Science
BreannaThaoCollege of Letters and Science
CarrieThaoSchool of Education
CelinaThaoPathway Advising
ChiaThaoSchool of Education
HunterThaoLubar School of Business
LongThaoPeck School of the Arts
NathanThaoSchool of Information Studies
Pang HouaThaoCollege of Health Sciences
PanhiaThaoPathway Advising
StaceyThaoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JohnThelenCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelThielCollege of General Studies
TrevorThiemerLubar School of Business
JaredThierfelderEngineering & Applied Science
JennaThiryPeck School of the Arts
ConnorThissenPeck School of the Arts
AleahaThomasCollege of Letters and Science
MarisaThomasCollege of Health Sciences
TerranceThomasSchool of Information Studies
AaronThompsonLubar School of Business
AlexanderThompsonCollege of Health Sciences
DarcyThompsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EzraThompsonPathway Advising
JuliaThompsonCollege of Letters and Science
KassandraThompsonSchool of Education
KristyThompsonJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
MollieThompsonCollege of Letters and Science
RyanThompsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TannarThompsonSchool of Education
JordanThomsonCollege of Letters and Science
SabrinaThorCollege of Health Sciences
HannahThorpeCollege of Health Sciences
JacobThorstensonLubar School of Business
PiperThurstonCollege of Health Sciences
EllieTilidetzkeLubar School of Business
HarrisonTillPathway Advising
AndrewTillmanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KaileaTimmermanPathway Advising
DarylTinambacanSchool of Information Studies
SadrionneTinnonCollege of Letters and Science
RayTippinCollege of Letters and Science
RebeccaTittleCollege of Letters and Science
EileenToccoCollege of Health Sciences
HeatherTolbertSchool of Public Health
BrandonTollefsonCollege of Nursing
ChristopherTomassettiPathway Advising
TrevorTomazEngineering & Applied Science
BryceTomeEngineering & Applied Science
PatrickTomfohrdeLubar School of Business
CarterTomkinsLubar School of Business
SaraTongusiCollege of Letters and Science
KevinTopelJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
WyattTopelLubar School of Business
MaheenToraniaCollege of Letters and Science
AleksandarTorbicaLubar School of Business
MileTorbicaLubar School of Business
AnthonyTordikLubar School of Business
TimothyTorkelsonSchool of Information Studies
AnnaTorresHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BryanTorresLubar School of Business
RaquelTorresPeck School of the Arts
TylerTorresCollege of Health Sciences
ArianaTorres GalvanLubar School of Business
FranchescaTorres-CastroLubar School of Business
VincentTotkaEngineering & Applied Science
HannahTouseyCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorTouseyLubar School of Business
IanToynePeck School of the Arts
JordanTraceyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HannahTracySchool Arch & Urban Planning
AlexandriaTrajkovskiCollege of Letters and Science
EthanTrampe-KonickeCollege of Letters and Science
Anh Thi TramTranEngineering & Applied Science
DianeTranCollege of Nursing
AlexanderTraubEngineering & Applied Science
AlexisTreadwayPeck School of the Arts
LucasTredeauEngineering & Applied Science
MiloTrederPeck School of the Arts
LukeTremmelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JordanTresemerCollege of Nursing
PaytonTrieglaffLubar School of Business
VaiTriggianoCollege of Letters and Science
TylerTrinhEngineering & Applied Science
MaxxTrippHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MaximilianTrippnerLubar School of Business
BentonTroehlerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
PhoebeTroellerSchool of Public Health
MichaelTrojanowskiCollege of Letters and Science
TessTroschukCollege of Letters and Science
MadelynTruccoSchool of Education
AnnaTruebenbachCollege of Nursing
LindseyTruesdaleHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GraysonTrzcinkoCollege of Letters and Science
DionisiosTsioutsiopoulosLubar School of Business
Butz LanskyTuazonPathway Advising
AnneliseTuckerEngineering & Applied Science
MaryTuckerSchool of Education
BroderickTuomiLubar School of Business
NoahTurksPeck School of the Arts
ZoeTurnbullCollege of Health Sciences
AlexTurnerEngineering & Applied Science
JasonTurnerLubar School of Business
NashTurnerCollege of Letters and Science
KaidenTurnquistEngineering & Applied Science
DanielTurpinSchool of Information Studies
HunterTurpinCollege of Letters and Science
RoseTuslerCollege of Letters and Science
EricTutkowskiEngineering & Applied Science
MarkTuttonCollege of Letters and Science
AmyTylinskiCollege of Health Sciences
DanielleTylman-GebhardCollege of Nursing
KayaTynisSchool of Education
KyleTysonEngineering & Applied Science
NicolasUeckerSchool of Information Studies
SarahUgoretzCollege of Letters and Science
KristenUherkaPeck School of the Arts
SarahUhrenCollege of Health Sciences
HannahUllbergEngineering & Applied Science
JakobUlmanEngineering & Applied Science
ElizabethUlrichCollege of Letters and Science
GraceUngerCollege of Nursing
TannerUrbanCollege of General Studies
NicoleUtechtPeck School of the Arts
MatthewUtterEngineering & Applied Science
MadelineVadnaisCollege of General Studies
WilliamValadezLubar School of Business
EdgardoValdes GonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
GlendalysValdes GonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
ColinValensaEngineering & Applied Science
BradenVallafskeyCollege of Health Sciences
DavidValleLubar School of Business
DomoniqueValleCollege of Letters and Science
RachelVan AllenCollege of General Studies
KarliVan CampEngineering & Applied Science
KadenVan De LooPeck School of the Arts
LindsayVan Der WegenLubar School of Business
KianaVan DornickPeck School of the Arts
JessicaVan DyckSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TrishaVan HandelPeck School of the Arts
JennaVan HoogstratenEngineering & Applied Science
SophiaVan HornePeck School of the Arts
IsabellaVan LanenCollege of Letters and Science
KristinaVan PattenEngineering & Applied Science
RyanVan PaySchool of Information Studies
AthenaVan RemortelPathway Advising
NathanielVan SchyndelLubar School of Business
MackenzieVan VorousCollege of General Studies
BennettVanceCollege of Letters and Science
RebekahVande HeyCollege of Nursing
KaylaVandeheySchool of Education
NicholasVander GrintenEngineering & Applied Science
KatherineVander VeldenPeck School of the Arts
ShaneVanDommelenLubar School of Business
EmilyVanDykeCollege of Health Sciences
JoshuaVanEgerenEngineering & Applied Science
LindsayVanEgerenPathway Advising
JamesVanevenhovenLubar School of Business
AdamVangCollege of Health Sciences
Bella NkaujzongVangPeck School of the Arts
ClareVangPeck School of the Arts
HouaVangSchool of Information Studies
JosiahVangEngineering & Applied Science
KaoxueVangPathway Advising
KongVangPeck School of the Arts
KouVangLubar School of Business
MitchellVangEngineering & Applied Science
NouceeVangPathway Advising
PakouVangSchool of Education
PengxueVangEngineering & Applied Science
ShangmengVangLubar School of Business
TiffanyVangCollege of Nursing
XengVangCollege of Letters and Science
XueVangCollege of Letters and Science
YingVangPathway Advising
YokoVangLubar School of Business
EmilyVanHandelCollege of Letters and Science
AlejandroVargasEngineering & Applied Science
RachelVargheseSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JacobVarickLubar School of Business
MichaelVasarellaLubar School of Business
MadisonVasquezSchool of Education
ElizabethVathPeck School of the Arts
AvaVaudreuilCollege of Nursing
EmmaVaughanSchool of Education
MadelynVavraCollege of Health Sciences
NicoleVavraCollege of Health Sciences
AleenaVayalilCollege of Health Sciences
JesseVegaCollege of Letters and Science
VeronicaVegaCollege of Letters and Science
JesusVelarde-MoctezumaCollege of Letters and Science
ErickVelazquezLubar School of Business
JoshuaVelazquezPeck School of the Arts
AnthonyVelezEngineering & Applied Science
DelilahVelezCollege of Letters and Science
LucyVelicerCollege of Nursing
JosephineVellaLubar School of Business
YanVenegas SosaPathway Advising
JackVentoPeck School of the Arts
Toni LynnVerhagenCollege of Letters and Science
AutumnVesperPeck School of the Arts
ChristopherVickHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CourtneyVieceliCollege of Health Sciences
AmandaViersSchool of Information Studies
DaniellaViirreCollege of Nursing
EnriqueVillanuevaLubar School of Business
CherishVillarrealHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MayaVilleneuveLubar School of Business
MichaelVineyCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyVinyardCollege of General Studies
GinaViolaPeck School of the Arts
PeterVirgilioLubar School of Business
JeffreyVitaleCollege of Letters and Science
NatashaVitasEngineering & Applied Science
GabrielleVitranoPeck School of the Arts
AaronVliesCollege of Letters and Science
LindaVoCollege of Nursing
NadiaVoCollege of Health Sciences
OliverVoegeliSchool of Education
AlexaVoelzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AbbyVogelLubar School of Business
SiaraVolbrechtCollege of Health Sciences
KortnieVolkPathway Advising
MaxwellVolkPeck School of the Arts
JordanVollmerCollege of Health Sciences
HaleyVolzLubar School of Business
NathanVon AllmenEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewVon OepenCollege of Health Sciences
JabeVonachenEngineering & Applied Science
HopeVoorhiesLubar School of Business
ClarissaVossekuilSchool of Education
ChelseaVostersCollege of Letters and Science
Linh Ba HongVuLubar School of Business
AliciaVueCollege of Health Sciences
DerVueLubar School of Business
JoeyVueSchool of Information Studies
PlaskiVuePathway Advising
MeganWaageCollege of Nursing
AmberWaalaSchool of Education
CaitlinWaddellLubar School of Business
MadelynWadeCollege of Nursing
SamuelWadeLubar School of Business
AlanisWagnerPeck School of the Arts
BarretWagnerCollege of Letters and Science
BradenWagnerSchool of Information Studies
DevinWagnerCollege of Health Sciences
MatthewWagnerCollege of Health Sciences
AmyWahlHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BrittanyWaitePeck School of the Arts
AbigailWajer-GuibordPeck School of the Arts
EmilyWalczakCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyWaldmanLubar School of Business
TessWaldochLubar School of Business
JakobWaldronPathway Advising
BrookeWaldvogelCollege of Health Sciences
JacobWaleshLubar School of Business
HaileyWalgenbachCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineWalkerPathway Advising
SarahWalkerCollege of General Studies
IsabellaWallCollege of Nursing
OliviaWallPeck School of the Arts
KennedyWallaceCollege of Letters and Science
MalloreyWallaceCollege of Letters and Science
MercedesWallaceSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NatalieWallacePeck School of the Arts
SavannahWallaceSchool of Education
EliseWallerCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewWallerCollege of Letters and Science
DerekWallisCollege of General Studies
ZacharyWalljasperLubar School of Business
BrookeWalloPeck School of the Arts
AlecWalnCollege of Letters and Science
AudreyWalnCollege of Letters and Science
CattleiaWalshEngineering & Applied Science
IsabelWalshEngineering & Applied Science
MeganWalstadLubar School of Business
NicolleWalterHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GavinWaltersLubar School of Business
EvanWaltzLubar School of Business
AndrewWamboldtLubar School of Business
AnastasiaWandSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JosephineWangerinCollege of Nursing
LillianWanlessCollege of Letters and Science
JulieWantaCollege of Nursing
TheranWantaLubar School of Business
JackWardLubar School of Business
MorganWardSchool of Public Health
RianWardCollege of Nursing
RileyWardEngineering & Applied Science
SophiaWardCollege of Letters and Science
BillyWarePeck School of the Arts
GracieWargoSchool of Education
MadelineWaringLubar School of Business
KerriWarnerLubar School of Business
CoreyWashingtonLubar School of Business
JamaalWashingtonSchool of Information Studies
YeleneWashingtonSchool of Education
GraceWastlickPathway Advising
KaleyWatersPeck School of the Arts
PatrickWatsonCollege of Letters and Science
SheriWatsonSchool of Education
StevenWatsonPeck School of the Arts
AndrewWattLubar School of Business
SamanthaWawronowiczSchool of Education
SeanWeaverCollege of Letters and Science
CaydenWebbLubar School of Business
DominicWebbPeck School of the Arts
NicholasWebberHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BlairWeberPeck School of the Arts
EmmaWeberCollege of Letters and Science
JacobWeberEngineering & Applied Science
MalloryWeberCollege of Letters and Science
NicoleWeberPeck School of the Arts
ParkerWeberSchool of Education
QuincieWeberHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
StefanWeberSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EmilyWebsterCollege of Letters and Science
TabithaWechloSchool of Education
TimothyWegehauptEngineering & Applied Science
AlexaWegenerCollege of Nursing
NicoleWegenerCollege of Nursing
NathanWegherCollege of General Studies
JadaWegnerCollege of Letters and Science
SaraWegnerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AllisonWehnerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
OliviaWehnerCollege of Health Sciences
HenryWehrsCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminWeigandPeck School of the Arts
SarahWeilandCollege of Letters and Science
DominickWeimanPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethWeinfurterCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineWeinstockCollege of Letters and Science
JacobWeiseSchool of Information Studies
GraceWeisenselCollege of Letters and Science
CarsonWeisgerberCollege of Health Sciences
ZacharyWeisgerberLubar School of Business
BrynnWeissCollege of Letters and Science
AmberWeissertPeck School of the Arts
EmilyWeixPeck School of the Arts
EmilyWelchCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethWellmanPathway Advising
MarieWelterPeck School of the Arts
ErikaWendtSchool of Education
ChristinaWenmanLubar School of Business
BenjaminWensingPathway Advising
DevonWensingEngineering & Applied Science
NatalieWentkerLubar School of Business
SophiaWentzLubar School of Business
TrevorWenzelEngineering & Applied Science
TroyWenzlaffCollege of Letters and Science
CedricWernerCollege of Letters and Science
JaredWescottLubar School of Business
BridgetWesolowskiLubar School of Business
LeslieWesselHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SarahWesselSchool of Education
SylviaWesselLubar School of Business
KatelynWesslerSchool of Education
SamuelWestfallEngineering & Applied Science
LukeWesthoffEngineering & Applied Science
JonathanWestoverSchool of Information Studies
PamelaWestphalPeck School of the Arts
MargaretWestraCollege of Health Sciences
AbigailWeydeCollege of Letters and Science
JacobWhalenPeck School of the Arts
GrantWheelerEngineering & Applied Science
TheodoreWhitakerCollege of Letters and Science
AlexisWhiteCollege of Health Sciences
AllisonWhitePeck School of the Arts
JulianWhiteEngineering & Applied Science
MirandaWhiteLubar School of Business
TylerWhiteLubar School of Business
DevanWhiteheadSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AvaWhitemanSchool of Education
QuinnWhitlowCollege of Letters and Science
AlainaWhitsonLubar School of Business
TylerWhitt WoyakLubar School of Business
SophieWiarekLubar School of Business
KellyWiaterLubar School of Business
JulianWiborgLubar School of Business
SavannahWicinskiLubar School of Business
NathanWickerEngineering & Applied Science
NicoleWickerCollege of Letters and Science
MaryWidenerPeck School of the Arts
BraydenWidowskiCollege of Letters and Science
HenryWiedemannEngineering & Applied Science
DevinWiemannPeck School of the Arts
MadisonWienekeCollege of Letters and Science
MadysonWienholzSchool of Education
JacobWienkeCollege of Letters and Science
MandyWierzbaLubar School of Business
SawyerWietzelPeck School of the Arts
SelinaWietzelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ChristianWilbournSchool of Information Studies
SavannahWilcoxSchool of Education
TaylorWilcoxCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaWildeLubar School of Business
TessWilderLubar School of Business
ShannonWildingSchool of Education
CassandraWilkeEngineering & Applied Science
KyleWilkinsonLubar School of Business
LorrynWilkinsonEngineering & Applied Science
JordanWilleLubar School of Business
SharonWillerCollege of Letters and Science
A.J.WilliamsLubar School of Business
FelipeWilliamsCollege of Letters and Science
GracieWilliamsCollege of Health Sciences
JamahlWilliamsLubar School of Business
MariWilliamsLubar School of Business
NicholeWilliamsCollege of Letters and Science
NicoleWilliamsCollege of Nursing
PeterWilliamsCollege of Letters and Science
SarahWilliamsCollege of General Studies
BrandonWillifordCollege of Letters and Science
BethanyWilsonLubar School of Business
IsabelleWilsonSchool of Education
LoreleiWilsonPathway Advising
MercedesWilsonLubar School of Business
OliviaWilsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MaxwellWiltmanLubar School of Business
AlyssaWindauSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DesireeWiniarskiCollege of Letters and Science
ElliottWinkEngineering & Applied Science
GraceWinkelPeck School of the Arts
PauletteWinkelsLubar School of Business
EmilyWinkleCollege of Health Sciences
PaulWinklerCollege of General Studies
BlazeWinkoskiEngineering & Applied Science
JamieWinstedCollege of Letters and Science
KimberlyWinstonSchool of Education
EthanWinterLubar School of Business
NicholasWinterCollege of Nursing
QuinnWiorekLubar School of Business
PaulineWirbickiCollege of Letters and Science
JennikaWirschingSchool of Education
JordynWirtzLubar School of Business
ZacharyWiseLubar School of Business
NicoleWiskeLubar School of Business
AnnaWisniewskiPeck School of the Arts
MadisonWithrowSchool of Education
ElissiahWittbrotCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorWitteckSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JoshuaWittenburgLubar School of Business
SamanthaWitthunCollege of Letters and Science
EricWittigCollege of Health Sciences
EmmaWittmershausCollege of Nursing
JacobWoelfelSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ZacharyWoelfelLubar School of Business
LydiaWojcieszakPeck School of the Arts
BenjaminWojcikEngineering & Applied Science
KorrieWolberCollege of Health Sciences
IsaacWolfEngineering & Applied Science
C.K.WolfeEngineering & Applied Science
NoahWolfeSchool of Education
AustinWolfgramCollege of Health Sciences
NoahWolfgramLubar School of Business
ZaneWolkeCollege of Letters and Science
JaydeWollenbergCollege of Nursing
EmilyWollnerPeck School of the Arts
JakeWolskiEngineering & Applied Science
CalleighWondraCollege of Letters and Science
AngelaWongSchool of Information Studies
CarleyWongCollege of Nursing
EleanorWongLubar School of Business
AnnaWoodSchool of Education
JamesWoodcockCollege of Letters and Science
GrantWoodruffEngineering & Applied Science
MagdalenaWoodsCollege of Health Sciences
MercedesWoodsCollege of Letters and Science
LoganWoodsonPathway Advising
MadelineWorgullLubar School of Business
NicoleWorkenaourSchool of Information Studies
BenjaminWorthEngineering & Applied Science
AgnieszkaWosPeck School of the Arts
MichaelWoyahnEngineering & Applied Science
VictoriaWozniakPeck School of the Arts
KyleWrasmanLubar School of Business
TylerWrasmanLubar School of Business
AaronWrightLubar School of Business
KatherineWrightSchool of Education
ParrisWrightSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MadelynWrobelCollege of Nursing
DanielWroblewskiPeck School of the Arts
NicoleWrukCollege of General Studies
FaithWrychaPeck School of the Arts
AnnaWuPathway Advising
ZhenfuWuLubar School of Business
JarredWuenschSchool of Public Health
GraceWynveenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ColtonWyskochilEngineering & Applied Science
MilesXavierSchool of Education
WeilingXiaEngineering & Applied Science
BingranXieLubar School of Business
AysiahXiongPeck School of the Arts
BeckyXiongLubar School of Business
CelinaXiongPathway Advising
CynthiaXiongCollege of Nursing
DengXiongPeck School of the Arts
FouyeeXiongPathway Advising
Gold AhXiongCollege of Health Sciences
KoomengXiongLubar School of Business
LeeXiongHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MeeXiongSchool of Education
NkaujouaXiongPeck School of the Arts
NouXiongSchool of Education
PafouaXiongCollege of Health Sciences
PangXiongCollege of Health Sciences
PayengXiongLubar School of Business
PeterXiongLubar School of Business
StacyXiongHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SummerXiongPathway Advising
TouKouaXiongEngineering & Applied Science
VincentXiongCollege of Letters and Science
XaXiongHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
YunnanXiongCollege of Nursing
KiaraXoloSchool of Education
QianziXuLubar School of Business
MichaelYabutLubar School of Business
AfrahYafaiSchool of Public Health
AleeYangSchool of Information Studies
BruceYangCollege of Letters and Science
CelinaYangPathway Advising
Chue YeeYangCollege of Letters and Science
ChueyeeYangSchool of Information Studies
ChueyingYangSchool of Information Studies
CynthiaYangCollege of Letters and Science
EvanYangCollege of Letters and Science
JiaqiYangLubar School of Business
KoumengYangSchool of Information Studies
LucyYangCollege of Letters and Science
MathewYangEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewYangSchool of Information Studies
MeganYangLubar School of Business
MeganYangLubar School of Business
NancyYangPeck School of the Arts
Pa ZongYangCollege of Health Sciences
PadeeYangPathway Advising
PantsaisYangLubar School of Business
PhongyueYangSchool of Information Studies
ThongsouYangEngineering & Applied Science
XayYangSchool of Education
ThereseYankSchool of Education
CarlyYanoffPeck School of the Arts
QuinnYeagerLubar School of Business
JessicaYeePathway Advising
TroyYilmazPeck School of the Arts
Luis CarlosYlizaliturri FernandezPathway Advising
KisangYooCollege of Letters and Science
HanibalYosiefPathway Advising
KiaraYoungCollege of General Studies
BenjaminYoungloveEngineering & Applied Science
NicholasYourichEngineering & Applied Science
DongminYunSchool Arch & Urban Planning
Abdullah Mohammed HabudZaabanootLubar School of Business
McKenzieZabelPathway Advising
RyanZabjekLubar School of Business
JackieZablockiLubar School of Business
JannaZaibakCollege of Letters and Science
JordynZalewskiCollege of Health Sciences
SkylarZamzowPeck School of the Arts
GabrielZanderHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ZoeZanglCollege of Letters and Science
KatieZanoniSchool of Information Studies
JessicaZaprzalkaLubar School of Business
KacperZaprzalkaEngineering & Applied Science
MarissaZardaCollege of Letters and Science
DrewZarembaLubar School of Business
TaylorZastrowHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Sahil VimalZaveriEngineering & Applied Science
CarterZawickiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IsabellaZeimetPeck School of the Arts
MadisonZeiskeSchool of Education
JosephZeitounyPeck School of the Arts
AnthonyZelazoskiPathway Advising
SergeyZelenyukLubar School of Business
SophiaZelenyukPathway Advising
HannahZelmsSchool of Public Health
MaddisonZeniSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MichaelZennerCollege of Health Sciences
BenjaminZerrienSchool Arch & Urban Planning
PabloZertuche FloresEngineering & Applied Science
AyenewZewudieEngineering & Applied Science
HeleneZeznanskiLubar School of Business
PaolaZhakaCollege of Letters and Science
ChengZhaoEngineering & Applied Science
RuiyuZhouCollege of Nursing
GeZhuEngineering & Applied Science
LaurenZidekPeck School of the Arts
SophiaZiebartCollege of Health Sciences
BrycenZiegelSchool of Information Studies
GraceZiehmCollege of Nursing
EvanZielskiEngineering & Applied Science
SavannahZiemannCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailZiesemannPeck School of the Arts
LinconZimaLubar School of Business
MackenzieZimdarsSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AllysonZimmerleeLubar School of Business
AlyssaZimmermanLubar School of Business
CasandraZimmermanCollege of Letters and Science
KaylaZimmermanCollege of Nursing
GraceZimmermannPathway Advising
TreytonZindaLubar School of Business
OliviaZirbelCollege of Letters and Science
IsabellaZizzoCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorZoephelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SophieZoggSchool of Education
JohnathanZorcEngineering & Applied Science
DanielZoromskiCollege of Health Sciences
AndrewZuckerLubar School of Business
MelissaZuenglerEngineering & Applied Science
SamuelZufeltEngineering & Applied Science
RumelaZulkiffiliCollege of Health Sciences
TheodoreZuniga-MeyerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RobertZupancichPeck School of the Arts
JonathanZweifelCollege of Letters and Science
SeraphinaZweifelPeck School of the Arts
EmmaZwiegCollege of Letters and Science
ShelbyZwintscherCollege of Letters and Science
JadynZywickeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MatthewZywickiLubar School of Business