Dean’s Honors

Students listed below have earned the Dean’s Honors for the Fall 2022 term as of January 31st, 2023. Students who have placed a FERPA hold on their record will not be included on the list below.

Fall 2022

First NameLast NameAcademic Program
YasmeneAbdallahLubar College of Business
TamerAbdelhamidPathway Advising
NourAbdeljaberLubar College of Business
DinaAbdeljawadCollege of Letters and Science
HildaAbdellatifEngineering & Applied Science
SumayaAbdiCollege of Nursing
YasirAbdiLubar College of Business
Johannes Georgio KevinAbdulahadPathway Advising
NadaAbduljalilCollege of Letters and Science
HawoAbdullahiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
OluwatimilehinAbeCollege of Nursing
AlisonAbeltLubar College of Business
SetayeshAbiazi ShalmaniCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaAbiolCollege of Nursing
BriannaAbrahamsCollege of Nursing
GraceAbrahamsCollege of Nursing
GrantAbrahamsonEngineering & Applied Science
RossAbramsEngineering & Applied Science
MayleAburtoLubar College of Business
AleciaAcevedoLubar College of Business
AlexisAcevedoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JosephAckeretLubar College of Business
LuzAcostaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
WilfredoAcostaLubar College of Business
TaylorAdamek FlowersPathway Advising
CalebAdamsPeck School of the Arts
ConnellAdamsEngineering & Applied Science
LamyraAdamsPeck School of the Arts
DavidAdashekEngineering & Applied Science
ChristineAddyCollege of Letters and Science
David GboluwagaAdegbamiEngineering & Applied Science
PatrickAdelmanEngineering & Applied Science
FatimaAdenLubar College of Business
TeniolaAdenijiCollege of Health Sciences
AndreaAfuakwahCollege of Nursing
AnneAgerLubar College of Business
NicoloAgnelloLubar College of Business
MikaelaAgolliLubar College of Business
MoisesAguila-RojoCollege of Nursing
AnaAguileraCollege of Letters and Science
AnnabelleAhlersCollege of Letters and Science
ArefAhmadPathway Advising
NoorAhmadSchool of Education
SabrinaAhmadCollege of Health Sciences
AliaAhmedCollege of Health Sciences
MustafaAhmedCollege of Health Sciences
JacksonAhrensLubar College of Business
MuskanAhujaCollege of Nursing
AbigailAikenLubar College of Business
IsabellaAinsworthCollege of General Studies
AyeshaAkbarSchool of Information Studies
DanielleAkeySchool of Education
SamawiaAkhterCollege of Letters and Science
ReiamAl AbdulhaiPeck School of the Arts
Walaa Abdulaziz HamedAl AjmiLubar College of Business
Al Azhar Saleem SaidAl BadriEngineering & Applied Science
Bushra Hamed AbdullahAl BusaidiLubar College of Business
Nibras Amur HamedAl HabsiLubar College of Business
Taif Rashid MubarakAl MaqbaliLubar College of Business
Yusra Mohammed HamedAl SulaimaniLubar College of Business
RaniaAl-ZubeidiCollege of Letters and Science
Labib TahmidAlamEngineering & Applied Science
ColinAlbaLubar College of Business
VivianAlbeaCollege of Health Sciences
ThomasAlbeeLubar College of Business
JosephAlberthCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaAlberthPeck School of the Arts
EmilyAlbertiSchool of Education
IsaacAlbrechtCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonAlbrechtPathway Advising
MalikaAlbulushiCollege of Nursing
ZairaAlcarazLubar College of Business
DavidiAlepembweLubar College of Business
JamesAlessiaEngineering & Applied Science
EdenAlexanderCollege of Letters and Science
AidanAlforsCollege of Letters and Science
BatoolAliCollege of Letters and Science
MajidAliSchool of Information Studies
MalahatAliCollege of Letters and Science
MashkuraAliCollege of General Studies
WajahatAli ShahEngineering & Applied Science
AdamAlkhatibSchool of Information Studies
AlexandraAllenCollege of Health Sciences
DesiraeAllenCollege of Nursing
EliseAllenCollege of Nursing
JacobAllenLubar College of Business
KelseyAllenSchool of Education
ThomasAllenPeck School of the Arts
TyAllenSchool of Education
WadeAllenCollege of Letters and Science
OrionAllexiCollege of Letters and Science
JohnAllisonCollege of Letters and Science
LeslieAlmendarezCollege of Letters and Science
AlaAlmousaLubar College of Business
AseelaAlmousaCollege of Letters and Science
AndreaAlonsoEngineering & Applied Science
LeenAlqadadhahCollege of Nursing
Yasmean Hussain AAlrashidEngineering & Applied Science
ArielAltPeck School of the Arts
AliAltahatCollege of Letters and Science
BryanAlvarezEngineering & Applied Science
Le'anaAlvarezSchool of Education
MelissaAlvarezCollege of Letters and Science
GilAmadorCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailAmbrosePeck School of the Arts
MichaelAmenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
Marcus-AnthonyAmenechiPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethAminiSchool of Education
MariyanaAmirianCollege of Nursing
JennaAndersCollege of Letters and Science
BradenAndersenCollege of Letters and Science
JosephineAndersenEngineering & Applied Science
AubreyAndersonCollege of Health Sciences
CassandraAndersonCollege of Letters and Science
DevinAndersonLubar College of Business
HolliAndersonCollege of Health Sciences
JacobAndersonPeck School of the Arts
MelissaAndersonCollege of Health Sciences
RoyceAndersonCollege of Letters and Science
SilveyAndersonSchool of Education
SamanthaAndrewsLubar College of Business
CathrinaAngelesCollege of Health Sciences
CollinAngleseEngineering & Applied Science
KoltonAnklamPathway Advising
ParkerAnnanCollege of Letters and Science
DevinAnnisPathway Advising
LibertyAnsorgeCollege of Letters and Science
AdamAntonneauCollege of Letters and Science
RachelAntonsonCollege of Letters and Science
JacobApazellerCollege of Nursing
AliceApfelbachCollege of Letters and Science
NickolasApollonLubar College of Business
AshotApresyanLubar College of Business
JamilahArabiyatCollege of Nursing
TawfeegArabiyatLubar College of Business
LitzyArcosSchool of Information Studies
IselaArellanoSchool of Education
DevinArfstromEngineering & Applied Science
JillianArgersingerLubar College of Business
AprilAriasCollege of Nursing
MariaArmaniousCollege of Letters and Science
BrendaArmsSchool of Education
ElizabethArmstrongLubar College of Business
KendalArmstrong-JonesCollege of Health Sciences
AshleyArndtCollege of Health Sciences
MackenzieArndtSchool of Education
LaurenArnholtLubar College of Business
.Arshdeep KaurLubar College of Business
SydneyArthurCollege of Letters and Science
TaliaArvaiCollege of Nursing
NemanjaAsaninEngineering & Applied Science
HannahAshlandLubar College of Business
CassidyAskinLubar College of Business
AdrianaAstraCollege of Letters and Science
AbrahamAtariLubar College of Business
NajwaAtasiLubar College of Business
AmeenAttaLubar College of Business
MacyAttallaPeck School of the Arts
ShelbyAtwoodSchool of Education
MadisonAubryCollege of Nursing
Gurlal SinghAulakhCollege of Letters and Science
CarolineAustinCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasAustinPeck School of the Arts
EthanAveryPeck School of the Arts
EmeliaAyersCollege of Health Sciences
MohammedAzeezCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyBachinskiLubar College of Business
KendraBaconSchool of Education
MaramBadadSchool of Information Studies
EmilyBaginLubar College of Business
AubreeBahrSchool of Education
BrandieBaierCollege of Letters and Science
AmyBaileyCollege of Letters and Science
ErinBaileyLubar College of Business
EllaBairdPeck School of the Arts
MargaretBaisleyPeck School of the Arts
AlexandraBalanCollege of Health Sciences
SierraBalderasCollege of Letters and Science
WisperBalderasHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JamesBaldusCollege of General Studies
DamianBaldwinSchool of Information Studies
JeremyBalloniSchool of Education
OliviaBanachCollege of Health Sciences
BrodyBanePeck School of the Arts
AlexisBaniaCollege of Nursing
SydneyBannachPeck School of the Arts
ZoeyBannenbergCollege of Letters and Science
JelenaBanovicLubar College of Business
ThomasBanuelos-CavanaughPathway Advising
RoselaBanushiCollege of Health Sciences
AmayaBarkerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ColeBarkerEngineering & Applied Science
ZacharyBarkerSchool of Information Studies
EvanBarkmanCollege of Letters and Science
KelsieBarlowPeck School of the Arts
AmandaBarnesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CarlyBaroneCollege of Nursing
SamuelBaronePeck School of the Arts
OwenBarrLubar College of Business
SandersBarrettLubar College of Business
CasandraBarronSchool of Education
MedaBartkutePathway Advising
LucyBartonCollege of Letters and Science
DanielleBarzowskiLubar College of Business
CollinBasgallLubar College of Business
BenjaminBaslerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KimberlyBasslerCollege of Health Sciences
KaylaBatesEngineering & Applied Science
JosephBattermanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
OllieBattistaPeck School of the Arts
MichaelaBaudryCollege of Nursing
AlexanderBauerCollege of Letters and Science
AricaBauerCollege of Letters and Science
GraceBauerLubar College of Business
GradyBauerLubar College of Business
KalystaBauerCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyBauerCollege of General Studies
JacksonBaumannCollege of General Studies
ChandlerBauresEngineering & Applied Science
JoshuaBauschPeck School of the Arts
IngridBayerPeck School of the Arts
SonnetBayerCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonBaynesCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyBaynhamLubar College of Business
PharedaBeLubar College of Business
ShakiraBeLubar College of Business
JoshuaBeamsleyEngineering & Applied Science
DanielBecerra AvilaLubar College of Business
AlainaBechardPeck School of the Arts
EthanBeckEngineering & Applied Science
RachelBeckCollege of Letters and Science
BiancaBeckerCollege of Nursing
EmmaBeckerPeck School of the Arts
MatthewBeckerEngineering & Applied Science
AmberBeckmanSchool of Education
LarissaBeckmanPeck School of the Arts
AhmedBeheirySchool of Information Studies
RobertBehlLubar College of Business
IsabelBehlingPathway Advising
ElenaBehnkePeck School of the Arts
GrantBehnkeLubar College of Business
MaxwellBehnkePeck School of the Arts
HaleeBehrensCollege of Nursing
DanielleBeierschmittEngineering & Applied Science
VincentBeilkeEngineering & Applied Science
AminahBektesiCollege of Letters and Science
CaliBelangerSchool of Education
WilliamBelangerLubar College of Business
AnthonyBellanteCollege of General Studies
CloeBelongiaCollege of Health Sciences
PalomaBeltranCollege of Nursing
SabrinaBenaliLubar College of Business
EmmettBenckEngineering & Applied Science
AustinBencsLubar College of Business
JaidaBenderCollege of Nursing
LilianaBenedictoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DeniceBenitezSchool of Public Health
NicholasBenkertLubar College of Business
MackenzieBennettSchool of Education
NevaehBenningPeck School of the Arts
SamuelBensemannSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ErinBensonSchool of Education
JakeBerenzLubar College of Business
HannahBergPeck School of the Arts
JosephBergCollege of Letters and Science
MackenzieBergemannCollege of Letters and Science
HenryBergerCollege of Letters and Science
HannaBergesonCollege of Nursing
JackBergumSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DallasBerkaCollege of Letters and Science
KadenBerkhahnCollege of Letters and Science
NathanBerlinEngineering & Applied Science
AydenBermanPathway Advising
KoleBernerCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaBernhardCollege of Nursing
BradleyBernklauEngineering & Applied Science
BlueBernsteinPeck School of the Arts
GabriellaBerryCollege of Nursing
CharmaineBertieCollege of Letters and Science
KayleeBertrandSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RennyBertunHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BrielleBeschtaPathway Advising
KayleBetancourtCollege of Health Sciences
IsabellaBetlejeskiCollege of Health Sciences
GwynnBeversdorfCollege of Nursing
AndreasBeyer-BowdenPeck School of the Arts
AliciaBiedrzyckiCollege of Health Sciences
NicholasBieganskiEngineering & Applied Science
AlexandraBieseLubar College of Business
JamesBilhornLubar College of Business
MarcusBilkyPeck School of the Arts
KellyBilotasLubar College of Business
SaishaBirrCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasBirschbachEngineering & Applied Science
HelenBisharaCollege of General Studies
DreBishopCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelBishtonLubar College of Business
RyanBisswurmPathway Advising
MaryamBiyabaniCollege of Letters and Science
ClaireBjorgoPeck School of the Arts
CameronBlahaLubar College of Business
WilderBlakeEngineering & Applied Science
EllynBlakemanCollege of Letters and Science
GabrielleBlakeyCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaBlanchetteCollege of Letters and Science
BraidenBlankLubar College of Business
ZacharyBlankLubar College of Business
LexisBlaserCollege of Health Sciences
GraceBlaskowskiPathway Advising
VivienBleckingCollege of Letters and Science
EleanorBleksleyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BenjaminBlitzCollege of Letters and Science
JordanBlitzCollege of Letters and Science
MaxwellBlockPathway Advising
NatalieBlockCollege of Health Sciences
TrevorBlockEngineering & Applied Science
AnnaBlohmSchool of Education
MitchellBlohmPeck School of the Arts
AlexBloodLubar College of Business
KhadejahBloomfieldCollege of Nursing
HannahBloorCollege of Health Sciences
CadenBoamanCollege of Letters and Science
HarrisonBoardmanLubar College of Business
TaylorBobberCollege of Health Sciences
ChristianBocikCollege of Nursing
ChaseBockCollege of Letters and Science
CassandraBodartCollege of Nursing
RyanBoehmHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
OliviaBoesenCollege of Letters and Science
AllieBoettcherCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyBoettcherCollege of Nursing
OliviaBogieCollege of General Studies
FloraBogyayCollege of Letters and Science
LauraBogyayPeck School of the Arts
KallistaBohlHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AndreaBohnCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineBohnSchool of Education
AshleyBohnePeck School of the Arts
AarilynBoireCollege of Letters and Science
HannahBojarskiSchool of Education
BiljanaBojovicLubar College of Business
ClaireBoldaCollege of Letters and Science
NinaBollmusCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaBonackLubar College of Business
ElijahBondsCollege of Letters and Science
KellyBongratzCollege of Health Sciences
QuinnBonierLubar College of Business
AndrewBonkLubar College of Business
JacksonBoottLubar College of Business
AlyssaBorinPeck School of the Arts
RandallBorkhuisCollege of Letters and Science
Lucy Anna JaneBorlasePeck School of the Arts
JacobBorreCollege of Letters and Science
GabrielleBorstSchool of Education
StevenBortaLubar College of Business
SamuelBosmanLubar College of Business
SaydeyBosmansSchool of Education
NoelleBougieCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeBoulwareCollege of Health Sciences
ColeBourassaSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DejaBowensCollege of Letters and Science
ZenaBowermanSchool of Education
MikaelaBowersPeck School of the Arts
ColetteBowmanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DevonBoyerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JuliaBradfishPeck School of the Arts
KitaraBradleySchool of Education
RowanBradleyCollege of Letters and Science
CarsonBraggSchool of Information Studies
KyleBrahmEngineering & Applied Science
HarleenBraichLubar College of Business
HunterBrameLubar College of Business
AaronBrandnerEngineering & Applied Science
GraceBrandnerCollege of Nursing
SamanthaBrandtLubar College of Business
KayleeBranshawPeck School of the Arts
JPBranskiEngineering & Applied Science
ReeceBrantleyCollege of Letters and Science
JakeBratelCollege of General Studies
NatalieBrauerCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyBraunCollege of Letters and Science
RachelBraunCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyBraunLubar College of Business
ChristopherBravataPeck School of the Arts
MarissaBrayCollege of Health Sciences
KristynBreckenridgeSchool of Education
SenecaBreeCollege of Letters and Science
AlissaBreenSchool of Education
ParkerBreeneEngineering & Applied Science
ThomasBrefkaEngineering & Applied Science
MackenzieBreidelCollege of Letters and Science
JohnBreitenfeldtPathway Advising
MadelineBreitzman-EllershawHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JustinBrennerCollege of Letters and Science
AnthonyBretallSchool of Education
LaurenBreunigCollege of Letters and Science
SammanthaBriccoLubar College of Business
AlexanderBridichLubar College of Business
IsabelleBrightCollege of Letters and Science
KanyaBrimleyLubar College of Business
HaileyBrincePeck School of the Arts
EricaBrinckaCollege of Health Sciences
KatrinaBrinkmanSchool of Education
AdamBristolCollege of Letters and Science
SimeonBritzPathway Advising
BenjaminBrochhausenCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyBrochhausenPeck School of the Arts
SydneyBrockHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ErinBrockmanCollege of General Studies
AlisonBrodieCollege of Letters and Science
KaydenceBrodyCollege of Letters and Science
ClaraBroeckerEngineering & Applied Science
GavinBroehmCollege of Nursing
KallieBrostCollege of Letters and Science
HeatherBrothersCollege of Health Sciences
IsaiahBrotzmanCollege of Letters and Science
CedricBrownSchool of Information Studies
DanteBrownEngineering & Applied Science
ElizabethBrownCollege of Health Sciences
NathanBrownCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaBrownPeck School of the Arts
PaulineBrownCollege of Letters and Science
RobertBrownHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SamuelBrownLubar College of Business
SophiaBrownHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaylorBrownSchool of Education
TerrianaBrownPeck School of the Arts
ZoeBrownCollege of Letters and Science
DanielBrowneLubar College of Business
HannahBruecknerCollege of Letters and Science
IsabellaBrundagePeck School of the Arts
CarlyBruskewitzCollege of Nursing
AbbyBruynCollege of Health Sciences
MatthewBrzackLubar College of Business
BrynnBuchholzCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamBuchholzLubar College of Business
MatthewBucholtzSchool of Education
BrandonBucknerEngineering & Applied Science
EveBudaCollege of Letters and Science
JamesBudelierPathway Advising
JacobBudkeCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaBudneyCollege of Health Sciences
BreannaBudnickHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaylorBudzienCollege of General Studies
ChristinaBuehnerCollege of Letters and Science
AdamBuergerEngineering & Applied Science
IsabellaBuettnerCollege of Health Sciences
ReissBuettnerLubar College of Business
HalleBuhrPeck School of the Arts
AdamBuhrandtCollege of Letters and Science
BaoBuiEngineering & Applied Science
LauraBuiCollege of Health Sciences
AndreaBullarPeck School of the Arts
JasmineBumillerCollege of Letters and Science
AnsleeBunchLubar College of Business
EmilyBurantLubar College of Business
JeremyBurantLubar College of Business
PrestonBurdettCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaBurgardLubar College of Business
MelissaBurgerCollege of Letters and Science
Babette DanielleBurgersdijkLubar College of Business
NicoleBurianPeck School of the Arts
FranziskaBurkardSchool Arch & Urban Planning
IsabellaBurkardHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SarahBurkardCollege of Letters and Science
TanishaBurksCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonBurmeschSchool of Education
EmilyBurnsSchool of Education
JasonBurrPeck School of the Arts
MichaelBurrowsSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AdrienneBurtonCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaBuschSchool of Education
SydneyBuscheCollege of Nursing
QuadeBuskaSchool of Education
DylanBussLubar College of Business
PeterButargabeCollege of Nursing
AdamButlerCollege of Health Sciences
GraceButscherPeck School of the Arts
Shahrukh AhmedButtCollege of Nursing
CamrynButtkeCollege of Letters and Science
JesseButtnerLubar College of Business
ChristopherButzenCollege of Letters and Science
KatelinBuytendorpLubar College of Business
MaxwellBuzeckyPeck School of the Arts
AdriannaBuzuloiuCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaBuzzardCollege of Health Sciences
MatthewByersCollege of Letters and Science
MakaylaBynumCollege of Nursing
LaraineByzewskiCollege of Nursing
RogelioCabralLubar College of Business
AliciaCabreraCollege of Letters and Science
AshtonCadmanSchool of Education
EugenioCalderon Rodriguez
ElijahCalhounLubar College of Business
GeorgeCallEngineering & Applied Science
RobertCall IIILubar College of Business
AnnaCallahanSchool of Education
SeanCallenLubar College of Business
StellaCallesenCollege of Letters and Science
JordanCallowaySchool of Education
StevenCamachoLubar College of Business
AmyaCamberosEngineering & Applied Science
JaidenCampbellCollege of Letters and Science
MicheleCanfieldSchool of Education
MikaelaCarbajalSchool of Education
MaxCardelliLubar College of Business
LilianaCardenasCollege of Letters and Science
AlonzoCardosoEngineering & Applied Science
LucasCareyLubar College of Business
SophiaCareyCollege of Letters and Science
Anna MarieCariniPathway Advising
MaggieCarleySchool of Education
JacklynCarlinPathway Advising
MatthewCarlsenLubar College of Business
DelaneyCarlsonPathway Advising
MilesCarlsonCollege of General Studies
NicoleCarlsonSchool of Education
RenaCarltonCollege of General Studies
RonanCarpenterCollege of Letters and Science
AlexisCarrCollege of Nursing
HaidenCarrSchool of Education
JoneahCarrSchool of Education
AudreyCarrilloCollege of Nursing
RyleighCarrollCollege of Letters and Science
CrystalCarterHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GrayciaCarterHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JaniyaCarterPeck School of the Arts
ChloeCarverCollege of Health Sciences
CruzCasasHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HailieCashHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnamarieCasperCollege of Letters and Science
LandonCasperLubar College of Business
OliviaCasperCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasCasperLubar College of Business
OwenCassEngineering & Applied Science
DevinCassoLubar College of Business
JoshuaCasticPeck School of the Arts
AdrianaCastilloCollege of Health Sciences
EduardoCastillo HernandezLubar College of Business
HunterCastonguayCollege of Letters and Science
AlexisCastroLubar College of Business
CeciliaCastroHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JuanCastro LunaLubar College of Business
TatumCatalanoEngineering & Applied Science
JordanCataneseCollege of Letters and Science
TeresaCavaCollege of Nursing
NicholasCavalieroCollege of Letters and Science
GiorgiaCavestroLubar College of Business
MadelineCawkinsPeck School of the Arts
ShannonCecilSchool of Education
EdenCelsorCollege of Letters and Science
AngelaCeraLubar College of Business
DelaneyCerevicSchool of Education
JohnCernySchool Arch & Urban Planning
RobertCerratoLubar College of Business
NicholasCervacLubar College of Business
JillianCervantesCollege of Letters and Science
StacyChaCollege of Nursing
ToriChampLubar College of Business
MeganChaneyPathway Advising
ChamenouChangPeck School of the Arts
Chee IaChangCollege of Nursing
DamonChangSchool of Education
NaomiChangLubar College of Business
PaoChangEngineering & Applied Science
TiffanyChangCollege of Letters and Science
NehaChangotraLubar College of Business
BenjaminChapinPeck School of the Arts
MadisonChapleauSchool of Education
CrystalChapmanPathway Advising
KatherineCharlesPeck School of the Arts
ReeceCharlesCollege of Letters and Science
PaigeCharlestonSchool of Education
JordiChavez SernaSchool of Information Studies
ZakareyaChehimeCollege of Letters and Science
JayChenLubar College of Business
JiahuiChenPeck School of the Arts
CollinChesakPeck School of the Arts
DanielaChiappettaPathway Advising
TaylorChiapuzioLubar College of Business
PaulChikosPeck School of the Arts
IsabelChiriboga-PinedaCollege of Letters and Science
NateChiroffLubar College of Business
OliviaChmielnickiCollege of Letters and Science
JaeyoungChoPathway Advising
SooaChoPathway Advising
YoonjooChoPathway Advising
MelanieChoeun-LaCollege of Letters and Science
EunseoChoiCollege of Letters and Science
JenaChoiSchool of Freshwater Sciences
ChloeChontosSchool of Education
AlexChopLubar College of Business
HaitamChouiekhEngineering & Applied Science
HannahChristPeck School of the Arts
AaronChristensenLubar College of Business
AustinChristensenPeck School of the Arts
JasonChristensenPeck School of the Arts
RaymondChristensenCollege of Letters and Science
AbbieChristiansenCollege of Letters and Science
KamiChristiansonSchool of Education
Rory-MichaelChristliebEngineering & Applied Science
CassidyChristmanCollege of Health Sciences
TeaghanChristophCollege of Health Sciences
EvanChristophersonEngineering & Applied Science
YoungjooChunJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
MckinleyChungCollege of Health Sciences
AudreyChurchillCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyChurchilllHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AbigailCiaccioLubar College of Business
NicholasCiarlettaPathway Advising
RaineCichHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HugoCimbalnikLubar College of Business
EuxhenaCinaEngineering & Applied Science
JoshCisnerosLubar College of Business
MarisaCisnerosSchool of Education
AlexisClancySchool of Education
HaleyClarkPeck School of the Arts
HazelClarkLubar College of Business
IsaiahClarkCollege of Letters and Science
JohnClarkPeck School of the Arts
KadenClarkLubar College of Business
MargaretClarkSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SethClarkCollege of Letters and Science
MadalynClarkeSchool of Education
BrodyClasenPeck School of the Arts
ShemClaybornLubar College of Business
DeAmayiahClayhiggsPathway Advising
JohnClaytonCollege of Letters and Science
TaiClazmerCollege of Letters and Science
CarolineClemensHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AmayaClementsCollege of Nursing
JessicaClementsLubar College of Business
JustinCliffordLubar College of Business
AbbyClineCollege of Letters and Science
McKennaCoartneyPeck School of the Arts
MargaretCodyCollege of Letters and Science
VivianCoenenCollege of Letters and Science
MakenzieColeSchool of Education
MichaelColeLubar College of Business
MicahColemanCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaColemanPeck School of the Arts
JamesColesCollege of Letters and Science
MaddieColettaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CalistaCollerCollege of Nursing
JacobCollinsCollege of Letters and Science
LydiaCollinsSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AngelinaColluraCollege of Letters and Science
AntonioColluraLubar College of Business
CiannaColonCollege of Health Sciences
RachelComandeCollege of Letters and Science
RivkaComrovSchool of Education
MaeveCondonCollege of Letters and Science
DylanConklinCollege of Letters and Science
MorganConnaughtonEngineering & Applied Science
VirginiaConnellPeck School of the Arts
SunshineConnerSchool of Education
BriesaConnersSchool of Education
BennettConnollyLubar College of Business
SamuelConradLubar College of Business
JohnConrardyCollege of Letters and Science
VanityConroy-MunozCollege of Health Sciences
ThomasConsolazioneLubar College of Business
CarsonCookSchool Arch & Urban Planning
CharlieCookCollege of Letters and Science
ChristopherCookLubar College of Business
AidanCooleyPeck School of the Arts
IsabelCoolingPeck School of the Arts
BarbaraCooperLubar College of Business
DavidCooperEngineering & Applied Science
TrystaCooperSchool of Education
ZacharyCopeland WiseCollege of Health Sciences
SeanCoppinEngineering & Applied Science
MyahCopusCollege of Letters and Science
EyleeCorcoranLubar College of Business
JordannCornettCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaCoronCollege of Health Sciences
RachelCorwinHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JesseCosmanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JuliaCostiganSchool of Education
LeslieCotiangcoCollege of Nursing
AriyannaCouillardCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaCourtSchool of Information Studies
LaurenCourterPeck School of the Arts
ZackaryCowellPeck School of the Arts
AlexCoxLubar College of Business
AngelaCoxCollege of Letters and Science
ErynCoxSchool of Education
FaithCraftHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DanielCramerEngineering & Applied Science
JennieCrandallSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ArisCraneSchool of Education
CodyCrangleLubar College of Business
SamuelCrawfordCollege of General Studies
CassandraCrenshawSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ReaganCristSchool of Education
OliviaCrockerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BenCrosbyEngineering & Applied Science
BrookeCrosbySchool of Education
SpencerCrouchCollege of Letters and Science
MiaCrowellCollege of Letters and Science
GraceCrowleyLubar College of Business
PhilipCrownoverEngineering & Applied Science
MarkCruz MarquezPathway Advising
BreannaCulverSchool of Education
HalieCulverCollege of Letters and Science
ZechariahCummingsCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaCunninghamCollege of Health Sciences
IsaacCunninghamEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaCunninghamCollege of Letters and Science
DominicCuomoSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AlaskaCurreyPeck School of the Arts
MadisonCurtisPeck School of the Arts
HannahCurtyLubar College of Business
JennaCusackHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JuliaCushingHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadisonCusterSchool of Education
GabriellaCutie RodriguezEngineering & Applied Science
JackCyganiakLubar College of Business
StephanieCzajkaCollege of Letters and Science
MeganCzerwinskiPeck School of the Arts
KathrynD'AmatoPeck School of the Arts
KatrinaD'AmicoSchool of Education
JonathanD'auriaPathway Advising
SeanDaadouchaSchool of Information Studies
AdrennDacanayCollege of Letters and Science
AbbyDachelLubar College of Business
SemraDadevskiCollege of Health Sciences
AubreeDaebelPeck School of the Arts
HaneenDaherCollege of Nursing
ZaiedDahirCollege of Health Sciences
ToriDahlPeck School of the Arts
MaxDahmsSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TaliyahDaisHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CollinDal SantoLubar College of Business
GraceDaleyPeck School of the Arts
RobertDaleyCollege of Letters and Science
KaleighDallmanLubar College of Business
SamanthaDallyCollege of Letters and Science
AvarieDalyCollege of Letters and Science
IvanaDamjanicHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AndrewDanculovichCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaDanczykCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasDangEngineering & Applied Science
RyanDanielCollege of Health Sciences
WillDanielsonLubar College of Business
BiancaDankersCollege of Nursing
JohnDankwardtLubar College of Business
KendraDantoinCollege of Health Sciences
RayneDantzmanCollege of Nursing
IsabellaDauerPathway Advising
BlakeDaulCollege of Letters and Science
MaryDavenportCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewDavenportSchool of Education
JonathanDavidLubar College of Business
CassidyDavidsonCollege of Nursing
Kasper OveDavidssonLubar College of Business
IvannaDavies MejiaPeck School of the Arts
AlexisDavisLubar College of Business
BobbyDavisLubar College of Business
MeganDavisCollege of Letters and Science
SophiaDavisCollege of Letters and Science
TeresaDavisCollege of Health Sciences
TraytonDavisCollege of Health Sciences
LukeDavitzEngineering & Applied Science
CarolineDawleyCollege of Letters and Science
ThurstonDawsonCollege of Letters and Science
FernandoDe Carvalho DiasCollege of Letters and Science
Gabriellede GailCollege of Letters and Science
JenniferDe Jesus ReyesSchool of Education
AlbertoDe La O GarciaLubar College of Business
FrancescaDe La PasquaCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasDe La PazLubar College of Business
BiancaDe LarwelleCollege of Letters and Science
JazminDe LeonCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewDeaconEngineering & Applied Science
AllysaDeatesCollege of Nursing
HannahDebelakSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KirstiDeBenedettoSchool of Education
KayleeDeBeukelarSchool of Education
LeoDebrulerEngineering & Applied Science
JacksonDeckerCollege of Letters and Science
RileyDederingSchool of Education
KylieDegnerSchool of Public Health
NoahDeGrootLubar College of Business
CarolineDegrootHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AudreyDeGuzmanCollege of Letters and Science
AmyDeibertSchool of Education
AlyciaDeJesusSchool of Education
Ashriel GraceDel RosarioSchool of Education
GiovannaDel SantoCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaDelainSchool of Education
DelaneyDeLeskeCollege of Letters and Science
TylerDeleskiewiczLubar College of Business
CarlosDelgadilloLubar College of Business
LeilaniDelkCollege of Nursing
SageDeLongCollege of Letters and Science
SimonDembiecCollege of Letters and Science
KarissaDemottoPeck School of the Arts
JuliaDempskiCollege of Letters and Science
JackDenamurLubar College of Business
TylerDenmarkCollege of Letters and Science
KaelieDentSchool of Education
JaydenDeOcampoSchool of Education
EmmaDeppenPeck School of the Arts
FaithDerengowskiCollege of Health Sciences
ConnorDerenneLubar College of Business
ArdenDeRuyterCollege of Health Sciences
UrielDesantiagoEngineering & Applied Science
SaraDesingCollege of Letters and Science
SidonieDessoubretCollege of Letters and Science
EdenDestacheCollege of Health Sciences
BraedenDetertLubar College of Business
EmilyDettingerSchool of Education
MackenzieDeuelCollege of Health Sciences
LydiaDeutschCollege of Nursing
AnnaliseDevallCollege of Nursing
DeanDeVoeLubar College of Business
BradyDeVriesCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaDeVriesLubar College of Business
RyanDevriesEngineering & Applied Science
AlisonDewersCollege of Letters and Science
JohnDeweyPeck School of the Arts
SaraDharaniSchool of Education
IleanaDiazCollege of Health Sciences
NatalieDibertPeck School of the Arts
BradenDickasEngineering & Applied Science
BrockDickelmanPathway Advising
GeorgiaDidierPeck School of the Arts
NeolaDietrichCollege of Letters and Science
JacobDietzLubar College of Business
HayleyDillowPeck School of the Arts
NathanDimockEngineering & Applied Science
SeanDingleSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LaurenDinnelSchool of Education
MatthewDiorioLubar College of Business
MohamudDiriyeSchool of Information Studies
HunterDischHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MollyDiskeCollege of Nursing
AubriannaDiStefanoLubar College of Business
MatthewDittbrenderEngineering & Applied Science
LucianaDivitoPeck School of the Arts
JovanaDjukicCollege of Health Sciences
JohnDoLubar College of Business
Trieu-ViDoEngineering & Applied Science
RebekahDoakSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MaggieDobbsCollege of Letters and Science
KleidaDociCollege of Letters and Science
SarahDockterPeck School of the Arts
LainieDodulikCollege of Health Sciences
SamuelDoebertLubar College of Business
EllieDoerrPeck School of the Arts
KristyDolinacCollege of Letters and Science
AvaDomagalskiCollege of Letters and Science
GisselleDominquezPeck School of the Arts
LynseyDomiterSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EvanDomnieLubar College of Business
SeanDonaghyEngineering & Applied Science
JuliaDonahuePeck School of the Arts
ParkerDonahughCollege of Health Sciences
LeahDonnellyCollege of Letters and Science
SarahDonofrioPeck School of the Arts
LiamDooleyCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaDorcyCollege of Letters and Science
NoahDornLubar College of Business
JordanDoroLubar College of Business
JonathanDorowCollege of General Studies
GraceDorschelCollege of Letters and Science
DylanDorschnerCollege of General Studies
AnthonyDorshakLubar College of Business
AlexisDorySchool of Education
AlexDoteCollege of Letters and Science
DanielleDouvilleLubar College of Business
MadelineDoveCollege of Nursing
KatieDowlingCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelDowlingCollege of Letters and Science
CeciliaDowneyPeck School of the Arts
AustinDowningSchool of Education
RebekahDownsEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewDoxtaterSchool of Education
DarbyDoyleLubar College of Business
AbigailDrakeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JJDraperCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaDraySchool Arch & Urban Planning
WalterDrefahlLubar College of Business
ClareDrefcinskiPeck School of the Arts
NicholasDreierLubar College of Business
JosephDreikosenLubar College of Business
RachelDremelLubar College of Business
KatelynDrenzekLubar College of Business
LaurenDresangSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RickiDretzkaPeck School of the Arts
DanielDrewLubar College of Business
EliDrewsPeck School of the Arts
MelanieDrewsPeck School of the Arts
MattDrobnikSchool of Education
MollyDrosenCollege of Letters and Science
AsheDrydenCollege of Letters and Science
RonitaDuaCollege of Letters and Science
CadeDublinPeck School of the Arts
AllisonDuboisCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamDucettLubar College of Business
KathrynDudzicPeck School of the Arts
JackDueEngineering & Applied Science
EmilyDuelgeSchool of Education
MadelynDuhigSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ZacharyDunnEngineering & Applied Science
ThomasDurbinEngineering & Applied Science
KalonDvorakLubar College of Business
AvaDworskyLubar College of Business
GenevieveDwyerCollege of Letters and Science
KirkDyeLubar College of Business
LaurynDyeSchool of Education
TannerDykstraLubar College of Business
MaraDziengeleskiPathway Advising
ClaireEadeLubar College of Business
AlyshaEarnshawCollege of Health Sciences
KiranEarnshawEngineering & Applied Science
KyleEastEngineering & Applied Science
JordanEasterlinCollege of Letters and Science
DeonaEastersonCollege of Letters and Science
RyanEastmanPathway Advising
OliviaEberhardtCollege of Health Sciences
NathanEbersoleCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonEbertLubar College of Business
JackEckerdtCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyEckertSchool of Education
KaseyEckhardtPeck School of the Arts
EthanEckhausCollege of Nursing
AshleeEckholmCollege of Health Sciences
MadelynEdenPeck School of the Arts
CodyEdmondEngineering & Applied Science
ElijahEdwardsLubar College of Business
NathanEdwardsEngineering & Applied Science
SabrinaEdwardsonEngineering & Applied Science
DrewEganPeck School of the Arts
KathrynEganPathway Advising
ClaireEgerstromSchool of Education
KyleEggersLubar College of Business
GwenEggertPeck School of the Arts
JuliaEglyCollege of Letters and Science
JennaEhlenbeckCollege of General Studies
MaggieEilbesCollege of General Studies
AnnikaEinertsonCollege of Letters and Science
GenaveveEisertCollege of Letters and Science
CarsonEjzakLubar College of Business
MatthewElichLubar College of Business
MiltiadesEliopoulosEngineering & Applied Science
MeganEliszewskiCollege of Letters and Science
FletcherEllenbeckerEngineering & Applied Science
JackElliottSchool of Information Studies
SydneyElliottSchool of Education
GabrielleEllisHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NatalieEllisCollege of Letters and Science
SavannaElmSchool of Education
SamueleElmudesiPathway Advising
MadelynEmerSchool of Public Health
LawrenceEmmerEngineering & Applied Science
SaraEndriesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
FinnEngelbartPeck School of the Arts
KeseanEnglishCollege of Health Sciences
KateEnriquezSchool of Public Health
AlexandriaEnsorCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewEpplerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KatelynErathPeck School of the Arts
JackErdmanLubar College of Business
MarissaErdmanCollege of General Studies
KaraErdmannLubar College of Business
PeteErdmannPeck School of the Arts
DidenurErgulPeck School of the Arts
AutumnEricksonCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminEricksonCollege of Letters and Science
CariEricksonCollege of Letters and Science
ClaraEricksonCollege of Nursing
DallasEricksonLubar College of Business
EmmaEricksonPeck School of the Arts
JadaEricksonPeck School of the Arts
KinseyErnstPathway Advising
DonaldEruchaluSchool of Information Studies
KrystalEruchaluCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyErwinHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JuanEscutia-ArreolaPeck School of the Arts
PaolaEspadasLubar College of Business
YamiletEspinozaCollege of Health Sciences
JoseEspinoza MartinezLubar College of Business
ThomasEsslingerEngineering & Applied Science
BennettEstacioLubar College of Business
ElijahEttenEngineering & Applied Science
MiriamEubankCollege of Nursing
Francisco IgnacioEujenin CamposLubar College of Business
WillEvansLubar College of Business
BrandonEvensCollege of Nursing
EllaEvensonSchool of Education
GraceEvensonLubar College of Business
ElijahEversLubar College of Business
AlexisEvertSchool of Education
NicoleEvicaLubar College of Business
JakeEwaldLubar College of Business
AmeerEweisiCollege of Letters and Science
DinaEyersCollege of Letters and Science
AngelinaFailingPeck School of the Arts
MadelineFalkenbergLubar College of Business
OliviaFallaheeCollege of Letters and Science
NickFaltinowskiPathway Advising
LeaFanellaCollege of Letters and Science
LilianaFanninCollege of Letters and Science
LiamFarinCollege of Letters and Science
AmandaFarnsworthCollege of Letters and Science
MacyFarnsworthCollege of Nursing
AidanFarrCollege of Letters and Science
LoganFarringtonLubar College of Business
KyleFarrisCollege of Health Sciences
GraceFauerbachSchool of Education
EmmaFaulstichSchool of Education
MaygenFayCollege of Letters and Science
BaileyFederspielCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyFedewaCollege of Letters and Science
AinsleyFeiglesCollege of Letters and Science
AvaFeilbachSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EstellaFelauerCollege of Nursing
YolandaFelipeCollege of Health Sciences
OliviaFellSchool of Education
MaryFelliCollege of Letters and Science
FaithFenendaelCollege of Health Sciences
MariahFennerCollege of Nursing
JacobFergusonEngineering & Applied Science
OliviaFergusonPeck School of the Arts
NicholasFerranteJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
EleriFesterPeck School of the Arts
SethFetroCollege of Letters and Science
CassidyFeyenSchool of Education
HannahFickSchool of Education
AlexzanderFiebigCollege of Letters and Science
JulianaFilippoPeck School of the Arts
EmilyFinkHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HailieFinkeCollege of Nursing
DanielFinnSchool of Education
JuliaFinnCollege of Letters and Science
EllenFinnelCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewFioritaLubar College of Business
AndrewFischerLubar College of Business
EvanFischerCollege of Health Sciences
FrancescaFischerLubar College of Business
MorganFischerCollege of Letters and Science
ZoeFischerLubar College of Business
AudraFishEngineering & Applied Science
LiamFishLubar College of Business
BradleyFisherLubar College of Business
JenniferFisherCollege of General Studies
SamanthaFishmanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RyanFittePeck School of the Arts
ErinFitzgibbonSchool of Public Health
KaitlynnFlaggePeck School of the Arts
LoriAnneFlahertySchool Arch & Urban Planning
SophiaFlaminioCollege of Nursing
PaigeFlanneryHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KathleenFlatleyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NoorFleifelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexanderFlemingLubar College of Business
CassidyFleurantPeck School of the Arts
AnyaFlickingerEngineering & Applied Science
CassidyFlintropCollege of General Studies
KatelynFlitcroftCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaFloodCollege of Letters and Science
AdrianFloresEngineering & Applied Science
NataliaFloresPeck School of the Arts
SaulFloresSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BridgerFloryLubar College of Business
CollinFlueggeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KevinFlynnEngineering & Applied Science
MckennaFlynnPeck School of the Arts
KatlynFoglepoleCollege of General Studies
MaxwellFolbrickSchool of Education
JohnFolenaCollege of Letters and Science
BenFolksCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaForbesPeck School of the Arts
EthanForbesLubar College of Business
NoraFordCollege of Letters and Science
TommyFordCollege of Health Sciences
WilliamFormanEngineering & Applied Science
NatalieForrestSchool of Education
ReubenFortierCollege of Letters and Science
SelaFossumSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EthanFosterEngineering & Applied Science
MoniqueFosterPeck School of the Arts
ArielFountainCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyFountainSchool of Education
BrittanyFournCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenFoustCollege of Letters and Science
ConnerFoxHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HaileyFoxCollege of Letters and Science
LydiaFoxCollege of Letters and Science
ElijahFoyLubar College of Business
EmmaFrainCollege of Letters and Science
DanielleFrankSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EthanFrankCollege of Letters and Science
JonathanFrankPeck School of the Arts
LillianFrankPeck School of the Arts
ToriFrankPathway Advising
GracieFranklin-BungertHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SydneyFranksCollege of Health Sciences
MollyFraserCollege of Letters and Science
MaraFreemanLubar College of Business
NickFreemanLubar College of Business
AlexFregosoLubar College of Business
SamanthaFreimundCollege of Health Sciences
SydneyFreitagCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonFreyJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
BenjaminFreyerPeck School of the Arts
LisetteFriasPeck School of the Arts
StuartFribergLubar College of Business
NathanFrickLubar College of Business
AshFriedenbergPeck School of the Arts
GiannaFriedlPeck School of the Arts
KylieFriedrichSchool of Public Health
AvalynnFriedrichsCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaFrischEngineering & Applied Science
AlyssaFritzCollege of Health Sciences
AndrewFritzLubar College of Business
BrandonFritzLubar College of Business
CarlyFritzPathway Advising
MeganFritzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NoahFritzEngineering & Applied Science
KendylFrobergCollege of Health Sciences
AnnaFronkEngineering & Applied Science
OrionFryeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AbigailFuchsPeck School of the Arts
JennaFullerCollege of Letters and Science
EdrikFunkHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GraysonFunkCollege of Letters and Science
ShawnFunmakerLubar College of Business
JillianGabrielLubar College of Business
FatmaGaddourLubar College of Business
AndrewGaetaLubar College of Business
SkylarGageEngineering & Applied Science
KitGagnonCollege of Letters and Science
ShelbyGainEngineering & Applied Science
AndrewGajdzikSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AidenGajewskiCollege of Letters and Science
AudreyGalassiSchool of Education
LeahGallCollege of General Studies
EleazarGallegosPeck School of the Arts
MaryleeGallegosLubar College of Business
RyanGallertCollege of General Studies
NicholasGambleCollege of Letters and Science
HageoGamezSchool of Information Studies
LejlaGanijaSchool of Education
RidhwanGaniyuLubar College of Business
ElizabethGantzCollege of General Studies
SonjaGapinskiSchool of Education
ChristopherGarciaSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DiegoGarciaEngineering & Applied Science
GeorgiaGarciaCollege of Letters and Science
JenniferGarciaSchool of Education
DamenGardipeeCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelGargulakPathway Advising
MorganGarlockSchool of Education
CarleyGarofaloSchool of Education
CaityGarrisCollege of Letters and Science
AdamGarskiLubar College of Business
MercyGarsombkeCollege of Nursing
MeganGartlandCollege of Health Sciences
AlexanderGarvensEngineering & Applied Science
JosefinaGarzaCollege of Nursing
AnnaGaskellSchool of Education
JessicaGaskeyPeck School of the Arts
SamuelGastHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TatumGatesSchool of Education
JustisGatsonLubar College of Business
BradleyGaydovchikCollege of Letters and Science
KaylaGebhardt-BrooksSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TeressaGebhartCollege of Health Sciences
GraceGeigerCollege of Letters and Science
MaximillianGeisCollege of Letters and Science
CalebGeislerEngineering & Applied Science
MaisieGelharLubar College of Business
JamiesonGenrichSchool of Education
ErikGenskowLubar College of Business
GraceGentzCollege of General Studies
ColinGeorgPathway Advising
AvalonGerdmanLubar College of Business
FelixGerlachLubar College of Business
QuindlynGerritsLubar College of Business
BriannaGeurtsEngineering & Applied Science
OwenGeurtsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DonyaGhasemi VagharCollege of Letters and Science
AngeloGiampetroniEngineering & Applied Science
KatelynGibbonsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EvanGibsonSchool of Information Studies
KatieGiebelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JoshuaGiesePathway Advising
MasonGieskeLubar College of Business
MarcoGilardiPeck School of the Arts
TaylorGilbertSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NicholasGilhausEngineering & Applied Science
KylaGillCollege of Letters and Science
ShawndeepGillSchool of Information Studies
AnikaGingleSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EmmaGingrasCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeGintherCollege of Letters and Science
PavonisGironPeck School of the Arts
PaulinGjikaLubar College of Business
TeganGlammEngineering & Applied Science
MariaGlassCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyGlavinEngineering & Applied Science
LoganGlembinCollege of Letters and Science
CoraGloedeCollege of Health Sciences
TylerGlorPeck School of the Arts
MahoganyGloverLubar College of Business
MitchellGnadtLubar College of Business
Tibo Quentin Luc Georges ATMPGobetLubar College of Business
SkylurGodfroyLubar College of Business
DylanGodlewskiEngineering & Applied Science
NicoleGoebelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AndersGoetzLubar College of Business
McKennaGoetzLubar College of Business
JordanGogginsCollege of Letters and Science
LoganGoldCollege of Health Sciences
FlynnGoldenSchool of Education
CaseyGoldingCollege of Nursing
NathenGoldsboroughSchool of Information Studies
ArjunGoliEngineering & Applied Science
KaileeGollaCollege of Nursing
VanessaGoltzCollege of Letters and Science
LucasGomesEngineering & Applied Science
AnthonyGomezPathway Advising
NalaniGomezPeck School of the Arts
NoelleGomezCollege of Letters and Science
PamelaGomezPathway Advising
TeiganGomezPathway Advising
DominicGomez-TagleSchool Arch & Urban Planning
McKennaGonyerSchool of Education
VictoriaGonzalesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlejandraGonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
IsabelGonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
JoseGonzalezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JulioGonzalezLubar College of Business
KatherineGonzalezSchool of Education
SorelleGonzalezSchool of Education
JasmineGonzalez SandovalCollege of Letters and Science
VicGonzalez-RodriguezLubar College of Business
RachelGoocheySchool of Public Health
ArissaGoodmanPeck School of the Arts
TylerGoodnoEngineering & Applied Science
TalithaGoomeySchool of Education
ChanceGordonPeck School of the Arts
NinaGordonSchool of Education
IsabellaGoreckiCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethGorneyPeck School of the Arts
AubrieGorskiCollege of Letters and Science
CarterGosseJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
KintressaGoszSchool of Education
JustinGottfredsenCollege of Letters and Science
AlexisGouldCollege of Nursing
AriannaGoyCollege of Letters and Science
BraydenGoymeracLubar College of Business
GradenGrabowskiLubar College of Business
JosephGrabowskiLubar College of Business
ChrisGraceHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ArkayaGrafLubar College of Business
BeccaGraftonCollege of Health Sciences
GiovanniGrahamLubar College of Business
WhitneyGrahamCollege of Letters and Science
JosephGrainerLubar College of Business
SydneyGrajkowskiCollege of Letters and Science
BrianneGrandtCollege of Letters and Science
BaileyGrangerCollege of Letters and Science
AddisonGrantPathway Advising
CalvinGrantPeck School of the Arts
TeresaGravelCollege of Letters and Science
JackGravesCollege of General Studies
LakynGravesCollege of Letters and Science
EleanaGrayPeck School of the Arts
ElijahGreenPeck School of the Arts
KristenGreenSchool of Education
SamGreenCollege of Letters and Science
SarahGreenCollege of General Studies
SonyaGreenCollege of Letters and Science
MorganGreeneSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MeganGreenleyCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasGregersonEngineering & Applied Science
EvanGregoryLubar College of Business
AshleyGrenzSchool of Education
KaitlynGreupinkSchool of Education
MadisonGriebelCollege of Nursing
NateGriepentrogEngineering & Applied Science
ConnorGriesemerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
CameronGriffithsLubar College of Business
MaraGriggPeck School of the Arts
BeatrizGrimaldoSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BenjaminGrimmLubar College of Business
SamuelGroblewskiLubar College of Business
NicholasGrodeCollege of Letters and Science
JustinGrohallLubar College of Business
KaidenceGromowskiPathway Advising
ShaunaGroppEngineering & Applied Science
BrianGrossLubar College of Business
EmilyGrossCollege of General Studies
MeghanGrossCollege of Health Sciences
VedaGrossCollege of Letters and Science
KylaGrossenbachSchool of Education
TaylorGrossmanPeck School of the Arts
AriGrothEngineering & Applied Science
OwenGrothPeck School of the Arts
LukasGrotjahnLubar College of Business
DevynnGruenderCollege of Nursing
JackGrummerCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaGrundlCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewGrunzeCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewGrzegorskiLubar College of Business
CarolannGrzybowskiPeck School of the Arts
CaseyGuayCollege of Letters and Science
CollinGudgeonLubar College of Business
EmmaGueldeSchool of Education
OceanaGuerreroPeck School of the Arts
BrillanGugelPeck School of the Arts
MichaelGuggSchool of Information Studies
AdamGuineePeck School of the Arts
HannahGulledgeCollege of Letters and Science
CarlyGumienyPathway Advising
Patricia DorotheaGunawanCollege of Letters and Science
JulieGunkelEngineering & Applied Science
DenisGusevSchool of Information Studies
MorganGuyderLubar College of Business
AlondraGuzmanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
Victoria-RoseGwanyallaLubar College of Business
DylanHaagenLubar College of Business
ChloeHaapalaCollege of Letters and Science
JacobHaapalaLubar College of Business
ClaireHaasCollege of General Studies
ReeseHaasLubar College of Business
RileyHaasLubar College of Business
TylerHaaschCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonHaaseSchool of Education
ZellaHaaseCollege of Letters and Science
HaleyHaaslEngineering & Applied Science
AlexHabashLubar College of Business
DominicHabhabLubar College of Business
AlyssaHackbarth-WeberPeck School of the Arts
ReeseHadzimaPeck School of the Arts
MadisonHafemeisterLubar College of Business
TylerHagemeierEngineering & Applied Science
LaurenHagerPathway Advising
MikaelHagerstrandPeck School of the Arts
DaneHagertHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ArianaHahnCollege of Health Sciences
RyanHainlinePeck School of the Arts
JannatulHakimEngineering & Applied Science
AshleyHaleCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeHallCollege of Letters and Science
NateHallLubar College of Business
MakenzieHallaSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DanielleHalversonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SeungheeHamCollege of Letters and Science
BaselHamadSchool of Information Studies
FridaroseHamadCollege of Letters and Science
SeanHamannLubar College of Business
TrenaHamblyCollege of General Studies
SophiaHamdanCollege of Letters and Science
AishaHameedCollege of Letters and Science
AhnikkaHamiltonEngineering & Applied Science
DominiqueHamiltonCollege of Letters and Science
JarodHamleyPeck School of the Arts
CarissaHammelCollege of Nursing
JacquelineHammondEngineering & Applied Science
MadelineHammondCollege of Health Sciences
CarterHamrinCollege of Letters and Science
MorganHancockLubar College of Business
ChaykaHandlerCollege of Letters and Science
HunterHanegmonEngineering & Applied Science
EliHanelSchool of Education
AlannaHangPathway Advising
GeorgeHannaPeck School of the Arts
KyleeHannonCollege of Nursing
CarolineHansenLubar College of Business
ErikHansenEngineering & Applied Science
KyleHansenLubar College of Business
WilliamHansenLubar College of Business
HelixHansonCollege of Letters and Science
JacobHansonEngineering & Applied Science
JohnHarbEngineering & Applied Science
RaiannaHardersCollege of Nursing
LillianHardyCollege of Letters and Science
JonahHarenLubar College of Business
NiaHarenLubar College of Business
JennaHarendaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CameronHarmonPathway Advising
AnnaliseHarmsEngineering & Applied Science
JoshuaHarmsEngineering & Applied Science
JimenaHaroCollege of General Studies
OurayHarperLubar College of Business
ShaunHarringtonCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaHarrisPathway Advising
JosephHarrisPeck School of the Arts
CassidyHarrisonSchool of Education
KellyHarrisonCollege of Letters and Science
ElijahHartSchool Arch & Urban Planning
IsabellaHartCollege of Health Sciences
JackHartzheimLubar College of Business
MorganHarwinCollege of Health Sciences
FaresHasanCollege of Letters and Science
LillianHassan-ThomasCollege of Letters and Science
JamesHatlenJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
StavrosHatzopoulosPeck School of the Arts
KendalHaubrichLubar College of Business
SamuelHaukeEngineering & Applied Science
MargaretHauserCollege of Nursing
ScotlynHaverkornPeck School of the Arts
ElaineHawkSchool of Education
ZackHawkinsEngineering & Applied Science
WilliamHayesLubar College of Business
LillianHaywardPeck School of the Arts
CeliniaHeCollege of Letters and Science
KileyHeadLubar College of Business
EmmaHeaneyCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelHeckPeck School of the Arts
LaurenHedtkeCollege of Nursing
EmmyHeesackerCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaHegelPeck School of the Arts
SerenaHegleCollege of Letters and Science
CoulterHeibergerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LilyHeidornCollege of Letters and Science
AlixHeightCollege of Letters and Science
MayHeiliPeck School of the Arts
QuintinHeilmanCollege of Letters and Science
LoganHeimannLubar College of Business
MadelynHeimschCollege of Letters and Science
KaitlynHeinCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewHeinzLubar College of Business
AbigailHeinzeLubar College of Business
MattHeinzeSchool of Information Studies
SarahHeldmanCollege of Letters and Science
GenevaHellandCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaHeller-CavenerSchool of Education
BrittanyHelmCollege of Nursing
AbbyHelminkCollege of Health Sciences
BritnyHelmrichSchool of Education
MarieHelserSchool of Education
EmilyHemmerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexanderHendersonPeck School of the Arts
GrantHendersonCollege of Letters and Science
ShermoneHendersonLubar College of Business
ThomasHendricksPeck School of the Arts
JustinHendrikseCollege of Health Sciences
SamHendrikseSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DevinHenkeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EmmaHenkhausCollege of Letters and Science
NatalyaHenningLubar College of Business
TerrikaHenningHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DamionHenrichsLubar College of Business
CalebHenryCollege of Health Sciences
GavinHenrySchool of Information Studies
NicoleHentzellCollege of Letters and Science
PeytonHepnerCollege of Letters and Science
Ka FruitHerLubar College of Business
MargaretHerSchool of Information Studies
MelodyHerCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelHerbeckLubar College of Business
AnthonyHerbstSchool of Information Studies
ThomasHerbstCollege of Letters and Science
DanaHermanSchool of Education
MadelynHermesSchool of Education
MaggieHermsEngineering & Applied Science
EmmaHermsenPeck School of the Arts
AndrickHernandezEngineering & Applied Science
BryanHernandezEngineering & Applied Science
CristianHernandezPeck School of the Arts
CynthiaHernandezLubar College of Business
DiamondHernandezLubar College of Business
JesusHernandezPeck School of the Arts
JonathanHernandezSchool of Information Studies
JoseHernandezPathway Advising
MatianaHernandezPeck School of the Arts
MelissaHernandezPeck School of the Arts
MiguelangelHernandezPeck School of the Arts
SamuelHernandezSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JovannyHernandez CaballeroPeck School of the Arts
YudithHernandez RuizCollege of Health Sciences
EdithHernandez TorresLubar College of Business
CarlosHernandez-EnriquezCollege of Letters and Science
JacobHerrboldCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminHerrenbruckCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewHerreraSchool of Information Studies
HunterHerrigesLubar College of Business
DesireeHerronCollege of Nursing
RobertHerseyLubar College of Business
JesseHertzkeCollege of Health Sciences
MicahHeskethJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
AbbyHeslopCollege of Letters and Science
HaydenHessCollege of Letters and Science
CalebHesterSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LeahHetzelPathway Advising
KaylinHeusdensCollege of Letters and Science
RyanHewittPathway Advising
NatalieHeyCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaHickeyCollege of Health Sciences
RachelHickeyCollege of Nursing
AndrewHickokCollege of Letters and Science
CaitlinHicksLubar College of Business
ColtonHicksCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyHietpasLubar College of Business
LaineyHigginsCollege of Health Sciences
EthanHightirePeck School of the Arts
NicholasHigleyCollege of Letters and Science
NoahHilaridesLubar College of Business
GabrielleHildebrandCollege of Letters and Science
CaraHilerEngineering & Applied Science
AmandaHillCollege of Letters and Science
DaltonHillCollege of Health Sciences
MadelynnHillSchool of Public Health
AlexHillmerEngineering & Applied Science
CollinHinceEngineering & Applied Science
JoshuaHindmanEngineering & Applied Science
HaleyHinterlongCollege of Nursing
BaileyHintzCollege of Letters and Science
ForesterHippLubar College of Business
ArthurHjertstedtEngineering & Applied Science
ElleHluchnikCollege of Health Sciences
JacksonHodekSchool of Education
AndrewHodermannLubar College of Business
ThomasHodkiewiczHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnthonyHoeflichLubar College of Business
VanessaHoeneCollege of Letters and Science
AlexyHoffCollege of Letters and Science
AdamHoffmanCollege of Letters and Science
KadonHoffmanCollege of Letters and Science
NickHoffmanLubar College of Business
AbigailHoffmannLubar College of Business
JuliaHoffmannLubar College of Business
LukeHoffnerLubar College of Business
ElizabethHoganPeck School of the Arts
JordynHollandPeck School of the Arts
PatrickHollenbachEngineering & Applied Science
RezinaHollisHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadysonHollisterPeck School of the Arts
MaiaHolmSchool of Information Studies
CourtneyHolmanCollege of Letters and Science
MeliaHolmesPeck School of the Arts
NicholasHolmesEngineering & Applied Science
ScottHolmesLubar College of Business
LeahHoltermanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TrentonHolzLubar College of Business
AmandaHolzerCollege of Letters and Science
MeganHolzhauerPeck School of the Arts
SaeyoungHongCollege of Nursing
SpencerHongCollege of Letters and Science
DesiraeHoodCollege of Letters and Science
EllieHooverSchool of Education
AbrielHooymanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JuliaHopfingerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AmandaHoppeSchool of Education
CourtneyHoppeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MaryHopperCollege of Nursing
HenryHoptonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AllisonHorganLubar College of Business
AidanHornPathway Advising
AveryHornCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailHorwatichCollege of Letters and Science
AngelaHoskoteLubar College of Business
SamirHossainLubar College of Business
MarissaHotchkissSchool of Education
EvanHottmannLubar College of Business
AbagailHouckCollege of Letters and Science
CadenHoulihanLubar College of Business
ShanellHousenCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonHovenCollege of Letters and Science
CalistaHowardCollege of Letters and Science
JadanHowardCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewHowardEngineering & Applied Science
HaileyHoweSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RonneekaHowellLubar College of Business
ZachHowellPathway Advising
CalebHoyerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
IanHoyerCollege of Health Sciences
ShayHtooLubar College of Business
AnnikaHuberPeck School of the Arts
EthanHuberLubar College of Business
EvanHuberLubar College of Business
WilliamHubleyCollege of Letters and Science
KristinHuelsbeckCollege of Letters and Science
RebekaHufenCollege of Health Sciences
CoreyHuffmanEngineering & Applied Science
MadisonHughesCollege of Health Sciences
HanulHuhEngineering & Applied Science
MichaelHullinEngineering & Applied Science
RebeccaHumburgCollege of Letters and Science
LukeHummelLubar College of Business
McAuleyHumphreyCollege of Letters and Science
EthanHundtPathway Advising
AmeliaHunterPathway Advising
ThaneHurleyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AvivaHurwitzPeck School of the Arts
LaurenHuskinsLubar College of Business
EllaHussHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HaseebHussainiLubar College of Business
AdamHutterSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AustinHuttonCollege of Letters and Science
SemiHyeongPathway Advising
MaryIannitelloCollege of Letters and Science
ZavierIdarragaCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasIglEngineering & Applied Science
BriannaIhrkeLubar College of Business
BradyImmelCollege of Letters and Science
KirbyImmelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
PatrickIngenitoCollege of Nursing
WestonInghamCollege of Health Sciences
KyleIngramLubar College of Business
EmmaInjeskiPeck School of the Arts
AndrewInnerebnerEngineering & Applied Science
IsabellaIppolitoPeck School of the Arts
KeaganIrvineLubar College of Business
JessicaIsaacsPeck School of the Arts
LisaIsaevaEngineering & Applied Science
CalvinIsmailLubar College of Business
JeninIsmailCollege of Health Sciences
AutumnItzenSchool of Education
MatthewIvesLubar College of Business
WilliamIvesLubar College of Business
MiahIwanowskiLubar College of Business
TracyIzardCollege of Health Sciences
AlexJackowskiPeck School of the Arts
AlandaJacksonCollege of Letters and Science
KaylaJacksonCollege of Letters and Science
CollinJacobiLubar College of Business
MichaelJacobiLubar College of Business
MadelineJacobsCollege of Letters and Science
VanJaegerLubar College of Business
AshleyJaeschkeSchool of Education
MeghanJagdfeldCollege of Letters and Science
BradyJagerCollege of Letters and Science
LillianJagodzinskiPathway Advising
AyaanJahangirCollege of Health Sciences
EthanJahnkePathway Advising
EvanJahnkeLubar College of Business
MatisonJakschtCollege of Health Sciences
DavidJakubekCollege of Health Sciences
KateJakubowskiPeck School of the Arts
MitchellJakubowskiPeck School of the Arts
JuliaJakuszCollege of Health Sciences
SharefJamaleddinPathway Advising
CedellaJanczakCollege of Letters and Science
BrandonJanczewskiLubar College of Business
SaraJaneshekSchool of Education
JaydenJangEngineering & Applied Science
CooperJanickiSchool of Education
NaithanJanickiPathway Advising
KariJanikowskiCollege of Nursing
BrodyJanisseCollege of General Studies
DanielleJansLubar College of Business
BriannaJanssenLubar College of Business
CaseyJanuszLubar College of Business
EdwinJara ReynosoSchool of Information Studies
IsabelleJardasSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BrockJasinskiEngineering & Applied Science
TasneemJassarCollege of Letters and Science
AngelJassoSchool of Information Studies
JamalJayCollege of Letters and Science
JonathonJendraszakLubar College of Business
KiwaniJenningsLubar College of Business
ChristianJensenCollege of Letters and Science
DavidJensenCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyJensenLubar College of Business
MariaJensenCollege of Letters and Science
MeghanJensenSchool of Education
MichaelJensenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SophiaJensenCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasJesseCollege of Letters and Science
ZakariahJessupLubar College of Business
IsaacJiardiniSchool of Education
AdamJindraCollege of Letters and Science
EvanJno-BaptisteCollege of Letters and Science
JosieJoanisCollege of Letters and Science
SaraJochimsLubar College of Business
NicholasJoersEngineering & Applied Science
AlexanderJohnsonLubar College of Business
BryceJohnsonEngineering & Applied Science
EstherJohnsonCollege of Health Sciences
GiavanniJohnsonCollege of Nursing
HaileyJohnsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IlseJohnsonPeck School of the Arts
JosieJohnsonPathway Advising
KaraJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
KatherineJohnsonLubar College of Business
KeelyJohnsonCollege of Health Sciences
MelissaJohnsonCollege of Nursing
PaulJohnsonPeck School of the Arts
PeytonJohnsonPeck School of the Arts
Sara GraceJohnsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaraJohnsonCollege of Letters and Science
UniquecaJohnsonSchool of Education
AshleyJohnstonCollege of Letters and Science
EleanorJohnstonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ReeseJohnstonPathway Advising
IanJolesCollege of Letters and Science
AbbyJonesPathway Advising
CalebJonesLubar College of Business
DylanJonesCollege of General Studies
ElijahJonesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SheaJonesLubar College of Business
ZaVeonJonesCollege of Letters and Science
JavonteJones WarrenerCollege of Health Sciences
HannahJordanCollege of Nursing
TheresaJordanCollege of Letters and Science
JonathanJosephCollege of Letters and Science
RanjakJoshiCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelJuddEngineering & Applied Science
HelenJudgePeck School of the Arts
JakobJuedesLubar College of Business
KevinJuhantHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Gracien Matthew GabrielJulesCollege of Health Sciences
AbigailJuliusLubar College of Business
CaylaJuliusLubar College of Business
EetaeJungPeck School of the Arts
LexieJuopperiCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyJurekEngineering & Applied Science
DianaJusino-FuentesLubar College of Business
OliveJustmanCollege of Letters and Science
JenniferJustusEngineering & Applied Science
MaelynKaczmarekCollege of Letters and Science
SethKaderabekSchool of Information Studies
AmandaKadlecekCollege of Letters and Science
ElsaKaehnyPeck School of the Arts
JosephKahounEngineering & Applied Science
AvaKahutPeck School of the Arts
SigurdsKakulisSchool Arch & Urban Planning
WyattKalmerEngineering & Applied Science
DinaKamalPeck School of the Arts
MollyKaneCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamKanelPeck School of the Arts
JessicaKaniaCollege of Letters and Science
JackKannenbergPeck School of the Arts
SierraKanvikSchool of Education
SethKaplanSchool of Education
Aleyna IremKaracanLubar College of Business
NikolasKaravidasLubar College of Business
DinaKarimCollege of Letters and Science
NolanKarklusEngineering & Applied Science
OliviaKarkoska-WosmekSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DanielKarlCollege of Letters and Science
Kristina HodnesdalKarloefPathway Advising
ElyseKarpfingerCollege of General Studies
KendallKarpinskiCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethKarpowitzCollege of Letters and Science
EmmittKarrelsCollege of General Studies
MakaylaKartzSchool of Education
Annette NgoyKasongoLubar College of Business
HaydenKasperCollege of Health Sciences
JohnKassLubar College of Business
KatelynKastenholzSchool of Education
AbigailKastnerPeck School of the Arts
JerrodKauCollege of Letters and Science
KeagonKaufmannLubar College of Business
KirandeepKaurCollege of Letters and Science
MahakpreetKaurCollege of Nursing
RavneetKaurLubar College of Business
KennedieKautzerSchool of Education
YashKavchaleSchool of Information Studies
SofiaKayeEngineering & Applied Science
BrendenKazukewiczCollege of Letters and Science
ZoeKearneyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TimothyKeatingCollege of Letters and Science
JoeKebisEngineering & Applied Science
KathrynKeckeisenPathway Advising
HaileyKeeferSchool of Education
AllisonKeenanCollege of Letters and Science
GageKeeneLubar College of Business
JosiahKeeneCollege of Letters and Science
ShannonKeilwitzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DylanKellerLubar College of Business
JacquelynKelleyCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaKelleyCollege of Letters and Science
JohnKelliherEngineering & Applied Science
AbigailKellnPeck School of the Arts
JosephKelloggLubar College of Business
CiaraKellyPathway Advising
KendallKempLubar College of Business
ReeseKendallPeck School of the Arts
AidanKennedyCollege of General Studies
FionaKennedyCollege of Letters and Science
RileyKenneyLubar College of Business
JoelleKenyonCollege of Health Sciences
RachelKerkhoffEngineering & Applied Science
EmilyKernCollege of Letters and Science
LillianKesslerPeck School of the Arts
JordanKetterPeck School of the Arts
NathanKeupCollege of Letters and Science
NadeemKhairEngineering & Applied Science
AlidzKhaligianEngineering & Applied Science
JaydenKhammyvongLubar College of Business
AzraKhanCollege of Health Sciences
HamzaKhanPathway Advising
EthanKhangPeck School of the Arts
MaichaKhangSchool of Education
MarwaKharbatSchool of Education
DeepakKhasSchool of Information Studies
AfnanKhatibCollege of Letters and Science
ShawnKhouvongLubar College of Business
SadeeKiddCollege of Letters and Science
DavidKienitzLubar College of Business
KellyKiiskilaSchool of Education
KevinKijowskiCollege of Health Sciences
JayneKilanderCollege of Letters and Science
MarissaKildowCollege of Nursing
LoganKilkennyLubar College of Business
AlexanderKimCollege of General Studies
AndrewKimCollege of Letters and Science
CheongminKimSchool Arch & Urban Planning
Da HyeKimCollege of Letters and Science
DohoonKimPathway Advising
GinaKimCollege of Letters and Science
HyokyungKimLubar College of Business
KeonwooKimCollege of Letters and Science
NaeunKimPathway Advising
SkyKimEngineering & Applied Science
TaehunKimLubar College of Business
YebomKimJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
KymoraKimbroughCollege of Letters and Science
CailinKinasCollege of Health Sciences
SamuelKindEngineering & Applied Science
VenusKindraiLubar College of Business
AbigailKingCollege of Health Sciences
DanielleKingCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethKingSchool of Education
EmmaKingPeck School of the Arts
MayaKingLubar College of Business
NicholasKingEngineering & Applied Science
SophiaKingHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TerinKingHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RachelKinleyCollege of Letters and Science
ArielKinneyCollege of Letters and Science
SethKinneyEngineering & Applied Science
TylerKinneyLubar College of Business
LibbeyKirchnerPeck School of the Arts
BaileyKlabundeCollege of Letters and Science
TiffanyKlattCollege of Health Sciences
CambrynKlausCollege of Letters and Science
LeanneKlawienSchool of Public Health
JaredKleczkaLubar College of Business
BradleyKleinSchool of Education
EliseKleinCollege of Letters and Science
TaelorKleinLubar College of Business
AlexanderKlempLubar College of Business
AshleyKlibowitzCollege of Nursing
LanaKlingCollege of Health Sciences
MatthewKlingerEngineering & Applied Science
KylieKlismithLubar College of Business
JoeKlockenkemperPeck School of the Arts
KevinKlockoEngineering & Applied Science
KrystalKlossCollege of Health Sciences
LaurynKluetzmanCollege of Letters and Science
AlexanderKlugCollege of Letters and Science
MorganKlugSchool of Education
ZakKlugLubar College of Business
NolanKlugeCollege of Health Sciences
GeorgiaKlumkerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
VinceKlundPathway Advising
DanielKluzJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
NicoleKnasinskiCollege of General Studies
MatthewKnepperPeck School of the Arts
DanielleKnezicCollege of Health Sciences
GabrielleKnezicLubar College of Business
JonathanKniechLubar College of Business
MaxwellKnodlLubar College of Business
KheanKnoernschildCollege of Letters and Science
StevenKnoppEngineering & Applied Science
EmmaKnoxHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SophiaKnoxSchool of Education
KaylaKnudtsonEngineering & Applied Science
AbigailKnueppelPeck School of the Arts
MasonKnueppelLubar College of Business
KailynnKnuthCollege of Nursing
GwenKnutsonPeck School of the Arts
FelixKochPathway Advising
MichaelKochLubar College of Business
DakotaKockenPeck School of the Arts
ClaytonKoehlerCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaKoehnCollege of Health Sciences
LukeKoelschSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LeviKohlmannPeck School of the Arts
CassidyKohlsLubar College of Business
JovicaKojicEngineering & Applied Science
DanielKojisLubar College of Business
AnyaKolanoCollege of Health Sciences
JulianaKolis-BowlerCollege of Letters and Science
JonathanKollenLubar College of Business
JamieKollmanPeck School of the Arts
HudsonKolowratEngineering & Applied Science
ElsaKomesSchool of Education
HunterKomorCollege of Nursing
TaylorKonczalLubar College of Business
NadiiaKonievaPathway Advising
MacyKonopaCollege of Nursing
AbbyKopfhammerCollege of Letters and Science
AngelaKordikCollege of Health Sciences
SimonKornackiPeck School of the Arts
Nicholas WilliamKortesPathway Advising
LydiaKorthalsSchool of Public Health
BridgetKoserPeck School of the Arts
MayaKosiarekPeck School of the Arts
ZacharyKosidowskiLubar College of Business
JoshuaKoskyEngineering & Applied Science
StephanieKosloskeSchool of Education
AlexiaKossowLubar College of Business
BryceKostelynaLubar College of Business
KarolineKothLubar College of Business
KorbenKottkeCollege of Letters and Science
KaceyKotvisSchool of Education
KyleKotzSchool of Public Health
AlexandraKovacsCollege of Letters and Science
KateKowalczykPeck School of the Arts
AnnaliseKozarSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GraceKozelekPeck School of the Arts
KathleenKozlowskiCollege of Letters and Science
LayKpawCollege of Letters and Science
JosiahKraftcheckCollege of Letters and Science
JosephKraimerEngineering & Applied Science
LukasKrajewskiSchool of Information Studies
EmmaKrajnikPeck School of the Arts
MadalineKrallLubar College of Business
BenjaminKramerLubar College of Business
KirstenKrantzCollege of Health Sciences
JacobKranzLubar College of Business
ErikKrausEngineering & Applied Science
ZacharyKrausLubar College of Business
MelissaKrauseCollege of Letters and Science
IlyaKravtsovEngineering & Applied Science
Sean MichaelKreamCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonKreftCollege of Health Sciences
SelaKreilingSchool of Public Health
LilyKreitzCollege of Letters and Science
CodyKremerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BrittanyKrenciszCollege of Health Sciences
AndjelaKresanovicLubar College of Business
NikolaKresanovicLubar College of Business
ClaytonKressCollege of Letters and Science
GraceKreuserCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaKrillCollege of Nursing
CoenKriofske MainellaPeck School of the Arts
AvaKrohnCollege of Nursing
ThaddeusKrolEngineering & Applied Science
IanKromerPeck School of the Arts
DavidKronckeCollege of General Studies
AdriannaKruegerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EthanKruegerLubar College of Business
EvanKruegerCollege of Letters and Science
HaleyKruegerCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenKruegerCollege of Letters and Science
MargaretKruegerSchool of Education
MarissaKruegerCollege of Nursing
RileyKruegerEngineering & Applied Science
KalyanKrueger-OlsonCollege of Health Sciences
MaxKrugEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaKrukCollege of Health Sciences
TenleyKruseCollege of Letters and Science
MckennaKublyPeck School of the Arts
HenryKuchaLubar College of Business
RobertKucikSchool of Freshwater Sciences
ChristopherKudlataEngineering & Applied Science
GenevaKuepperLubar College of Business
TylerKuglitschLubar College of Business
ElizabethKuhlmannCollege of Letters and Science
EvanKuhnPeck School of the Arts
ShaeKuhnkeEngineering & Applied Science
OliviaKukurichPathway Advising
AllisonKulaLubar College of Business
MicahKulasCollege of General Studies
NoahKulasSchool of Freshwater Sciences
BryceKultgenLubar College of Business
MargaritaKulyapinaLubar College of Business
RutuKumbhaniCollege of Letters and Science
RyanKummerPeck School of the Arts
ReaganKuneshCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminKunstmanSchool of Information Studies
JosefKupferCollege of Letters and Science
ShaneKupferLubar College of Business
GabriellaKupkeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BraydenKuptzCollege of Letters and Science
KirkKurerCollege of Health Sciences
PeterKurerLubar College of Business
EthanKurtzLubar College of Business
SteffenKurtzEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewKuschLubar College of Business
MatthewKusserowHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AndrewKuznetsovSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EmmieKuzulkaPeck School of the Arts
MadisonKwakCollege of Letters and Science
RyleeKwiatkowskiSchool of Education
JeffreyKwiecinskiSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DohyeongKwonJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
PrestonKylesEngineering & Applied Science
SammiLa FleurHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LauraLabergePeck School of the Arts
HayleeLabiszakCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaLaBouveEngineering & Applied Science
JackLaBrackeLubar College of Business
JessicaLaCombeLubar College of Business
SawyerLaddCollege of Health Sciences
AvaLadkyCollege of Letters and Science
MaxwellLakatosSchool of Education
CaterinaLaMacchiaCollege of Letters and Science
MaxwellLambertPeck School of the Arts
EmeryLamkeSchool of Information Studies
KarisaLamonLubar College of Business
EssieLamottPeck School of the Arts
DelaneyLampLubar College of Business
ReidLancasterCollege of Letters and Science
SarahLancioniCollege of Health Sciences
SeasarLandeauPeck School of the Arts
KaylaLaneSchool of Public Health
AaronLangEngineering & Applied Science
GriffinLangLubar College of Business
NicklasLangeLubar College of Business
PeytonLangePeck School of the Arts
LoraLangowskiPeck School of the Arts
JustinLangwinskiEngineering & Applied Science
AlexisLannoyeCollege of Health Sciences
AshontaeLantroCollege of Nursing
MeyshiaLantzCollege of Letters and Science
LydiaLanzelCollege of Health Sciences
JoannaLaraHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JulianaLaraCollege of Letters and Science
PaolaLaraLubar College of Business
XiomaraLaraHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EfrainLara-OsorioLubar College of Business
DevinLarmayPeck School of the Arts
Andrew-ArielLarsonCollege of Letters and Science
ChristinaLarsonSchool of Education
DallasLarsonSchool of Education
EliseLarsonCollege of Nursing
EmilyLarsonLubar College of Business
JosephineLarsonCollege of Nursing
RaymondLarsonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SaraLarsonCollege of Letters and Science
VanessaLarsonPathway Advising
BrianaLaskaCollege of General Studies
IsabellaLaSpisaSchool of Education
JennaLassiterPathway Advising
ClaireLassouedLubar College of Business
OliviaLatusLubar College of Business
EthanLaufenbergLubar College of Business
NickLaufenbergEngineering & Applied Science
EllaLaughbaumCollege of Nursing
VanessaLaundrieCollege of Letters and Science
SebastianLaverdeLubar College of Business
MaxwellLavinLubar College of Business
JessicaLawrenceSchool of Education
MatthewLawrenceEngineering & Applied Science
IsaacLawsonJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
FionaLawtonPeck School of the Arts
KayleeLazarskiLubar College of Business
MadisonLazarskiCollege of Nursing
LeeanLeCollege of Letters and Science
LeenaLeSchool of Public Health
Trinh Hoan PhuongLeLubar College of Business
ZenithLeEngineering & Applied Science
EmmaLe ClouxCollege of Letters and Science
BeatrixLeachPeck School of the Arts
KatherineLeachPathway Advising
EmilyLeahySchool Arch & Urban Planning
JenniferLeberSchool of Education
SarahLechtenbergCollege of Nursing
JasmineLeclairCollege of Letters and Science
TylerLedzianLubar College of Business
AndreaLeeLubar College of Business
BenjaminLeeEngineering & Applied Science
CathyLeeCollege of Letters and Science
CheyenneLeeLubar College of Business
DiamondLeePeck School of the Arts
DooheeLeeCollege of Health Sciences
ElizabethLeeCollege of Nursing
FengLeeLubar College of Business
HoseungLeeLubar College of Business
JadeLeeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JetrinLeeSchool of Information Studies
JustinLeeCollege of Health Sciences
LengLeeLubar College of Business
Pa ZongLeeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SierraLeeLubar College of Business
VangthyLeeEngineering & Applied Science
BriannaLeederCollege of Nursing
TeerisLeelasitornLubar College of Business
JackLeesonCollege of Letters and Science
OliverLefebvreLubar College of Business
DrewLehmanSchool of Education
JohannaLehmanCollege of Letters and Science
KyleLehmanLubar College of Business
KenzyLehmannSchool of Education
IsabellaLehrPeck School of the Arts
JackLehtinenPeck School of the Arts
ColeLehtoPeck School of the Arts
BrookeLeibmanLubar College of Business
HannahLeightonSchool of Education
AshleyLeipskiCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminLeipzigLubar College of Business
LydiaLeipzigCollege of Nursing
GabrielLeistekowPeck School of the Arts
ZlataLekicLubar College of Business
RobertLeMenseHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BethLemerandPeck School of the Arts
ColleenLemkeCollege of Health Sciences
MakennaLemkePeck School of the Arts
KaraLemmerLubar College of Business
AbrielleLeniusSchool of Education
ErikLeonCollege of Letters and Science
BrendaLeon-AlbiterLubar College of Business
KeannaLeonardLubar College of Business
GraceLeoneCollege of Health Sciences
MeganLeppertSchool of Education
MitchellLesieckiCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaLeskoSchool of Education
MaggieLeskoPeck School of the Arts
JennaLeslieLubar College of Business
LaurenLessilaLubar College of Business
SarahLessilaLubar College of Business
JonnyLestonEngineering & Applied Science
NicholasLetserLubar College of Business
DylanLevinLubar College of Business
IsaacLevinPeck School of the Arts
LilyLevraultJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
MeganLevyLubar College of Business
DavidLewandowskiLubar College of Business
MiltonLewisHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MitchellLewisLubar College of Business
NeenaLewisCollege of Letters and Science
RachaelLewisSchool of Education
CarsonLeyerLubar College of Business
ChengtaoLiPeck School of the Arts
JonahLianLubar College of Business
TinLianLubar College of Business
RaymondLiangLubar College of Business
KatherineLiapisPeck School of the Arts
JoshuaLibrizziPeck School of the Arts
EmiliaLicarySchool of Education
JessicaLiddell-CollierCollege of Letters and Science
BrianLiebauEngineering & Applied Science
MariaLiegelSchool of Education
JannaLieunghCollege of Letters and Science
CjLightSchool of Education
HanahLigmanEngineering & Applied Science
AmyLilaCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaLillegardHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JaewonLimCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaLimmexLubar College of Business
SamuelLimoniLubar College of Business
BrittneyLimosethPeck School of the Arts
JackyLinCollege of General Studies
QiningLinLubar College of Business
SkylarLincolnCollege of Letters and Science
RyanLindquistEngineering & Applied Science
TabithaLindstromCollege of Letters and Science
JackLindstrumLubar College of Business
JackLingeLubar College of Business
EmilyLinnHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JackLinzmeyerPeck School of the Arts
AnnaLiporPathway Advising
SethLiporEngineering & Applied Science
SkyeListonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AngelaLivermorePeck School of the Arts
MarieLivingstonCollege of Letters and Science
LuisLizardi-RodriguezSchool of Education
AndrianaLjubicCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaLlanasSchool of Education
Khate EdnieLlanilloCollege of Letters and Science
TsimmengLoSchool of Information Studies
JennaLockwoodCollege of Letters and Science
RubyLoeffelholzLubar College of Business
DavidLoezaEngineering & Applied Science
TalyaLokenCollege of Health Sciences
KaylaLokkerLubar College of Business
CalebLollisPeck School of the Arts
CamrynLongLubar College of Business
AlexisLonzoPathway Advising
AlexanderLopezLubar College of Business
DarianaLopezLubar College of Business
JuanLopezLubar College of Business
OscarLopezCollege of Letters and Science
JayLopez-AvilaLubar College of Business
ChinouLorSchool of Information Studies
LukeLorbachPeck School of the Arts
KatherineLorenLubar College of Business
BenLorenzCollege of Letters and Science
ReeseLosieczkaCollege of Letters and Science
SarahLothianPeck School of the Arts
CameronLottCollege of Letters and Science
MeganLoubrielHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SeanLoughneyLubar College of Business
BrockLouisLubar College of Business
AlyanaLovanCollege of Health Sciences
JordanLoveCollege of Health Sciences
DanaLowCollege of Letters and Science
AllyssiaLoweCollege of Health Sciences
XiayouLoweryCollege of Letters and Science
GraceLubinskiPeck School of the Arts
VanLucianoLubar College of Business
JaclynLuckowLubar College of Business
HannahLudwigSchool of Education
LindseyLuebkeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Jeremi RegiLukosSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RileyLumpkinHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GustavoLunaLubar College of Business
EllaLundieEngineering & Applied Science
AlexaLuquinPathway Advising
ZoeLuriHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmilyLussoCollege of General Studies
AidenLutoSchool of Information Studies
MaryLuttonCollege of Letters and Science
AnnaLutzEngineering & Applied Science
KatieLybertSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AlexandraLynchHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ChaseLynchCollege of Letters and Science
JacobLynchPathway Advising
MaxwellLyonPeck School of the Arts
AirmeatheaLyonsLubar College of Business
GraceLyonsCollege of Letters and Science
JuliaMaasLubar College of Business
TaylorMacakCollege of Letters and Science
HannahMachonSchool of Education
McKennaMackCollege of Nursing
JohnathanMacKenzieSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AmberMacklinSchool of Education
GabijaMackonyteSchool Arch & Urban Planning
GarrettMaddexLubar College of Business
ReidMadeckyPeck School of the Arts
AvaMaderHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MatthewMadiaSchool of Information Studies
AnthonyMadrigranoSchool of Information Studies
SierraMadsonPathway Advising
EduardoMagallanesLubar College of Business
MeganMaguireLubar College of Business
EvannMagyarCollege of Health Sciences
FrancesscaMagyarLubar College of Business
WilliamMaherCollege of Letters and Science
NoorMahmoudCollege of Letters and Science
SaharMahmoudSchool of Information Studies
TimothyMaidmentCollege of Letters and Science
SarahMajHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DuaaMajeedCollege of Letters and Science
GabrielleMajinskiLubar College of Business
HallieMajorosLubar College of Business
DavisMakiLubar College of Business
BothinaMakkiLubar College of Business
SavannahMakowskiCollege of Letters and Science
BoMalamesCollege of Letters and Science
MadelynMalcheskiSchool of Education
Mitra DelshadMalekghasemiPeck School of the Arts
YadwinderMalhiCollege of Health Sciences
SuhaMalikCollege of Letters and Science
JohnMalinowskiSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MadisonMalmCollege of Letters and Science
LukeMammenLubar College of Business
AbdullahMamunEngineering & Applied Science
JanaeMancheskiCollege of Letters and Science
AzayhManclLubar College of Business
AllisonManeyPeck School of the Arts
ArianaMangheraPeck School of the Arts
MirandaMangheraPeck School of the Arts
GiannaManiaciLubar College of Business
ThayaManitkul-DavisPeck School of the Arts
BendikMannEngineering & Applied Science
GraceMannenbachPeck School of the Arts
VedaMannetterCollege of Health Sciences
MarinaManskeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EllaManssenLubar College of Business
StevenMantheyEngineering & Applied Science
Rosuel AdrianManuntagLubar College of Business
LoganManzSchool of Education
TylerManzardoCollege of Letters and Science
MacyMapesLubar College of Business
AlyssaMarceauLubar College of Business
AnnaliseMarchessaultCollege of Letters and Science
KevinMarchewkaLubar College of Business
NinaMarchigianiEngineering & Applied Science
SaraMarcinkusPathway Advising
GarrettMarcksPeck School of the Arts
EvanMarekCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineMarfoeSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ChloeMarichalCollege of Nursing
NicolasMarinoLubar College of Business
AllisonMarionSchool of Education
AlexMarkoutsisEngineering & Applied Science
MilanMarkovicJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
MaxMarkowskiSchool of Public Health
MatthewMarkusonCollege of Letters and Science
MichelleMarkusonPeck School of the Arts
DannyMarkwardtLubar College of Business
AlexisMarraSchool of Education
EvanMarrsEngineering & Applied Science
GwynythMartinCollege of Health Sciences
MadeleineMartinLubar College of Business
MarvinMartinEngineering & Applied Science
NancyMartinSchool of Education
AlejandraMartinezCollege of Nursing
EsmeraldaMartinezCollege of Letters and Science
JenniferMartinezCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaMartinezEngineering & Applied Science
LeoMartinezLubar College of Business
LiamMartinezHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NicoleMartinezCollege of Letters and Science
FlorencioMartinez-GonzalezLubar College of Business
KarimeMartinez-PonceCollege of Nursing
Mari-KathleenMarzanoCollege of Nursing
ConnorMasanzCollege of Health Sciences
EmilyMasmelaCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewMasonPeck School of the Arts
AhmadMasoudCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonMassekCollege of General Studies
DylanMassieLubar College of Business
ClareMastersonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JacobMatakovicSchool of Information Studies
KylieMateerLubar College of Business
GabrielMatenaerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JacobMathiasenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MariahMathusekCollege of Health Sciences
AvaMatrangaLubar College of Business
LucyMatternPeck School of the Arts
EleanorMattheisPathway Advising
DanielMatthewsCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyMattmillerPeck School of the Arts
AndrewMattsonLubar College of Business
SamMattsonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JacobMaurerCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaMaurerEngineering & Applied Science
NajeebMavrakisLubar College of Business
HaileyMaxwellHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
GrantMayPathway Advising
HaleyMayCollege of Health Sciences
JillianMaySchool of Education
SidneyMaySchool of Education
JackMaybrunLubar College of Business
GraceMayesEngineering & Applied Science
BarbaraMayoCollege of Health Sciences
MarcosMayorgaLubar College of Business
NyiaMaysSchool of Education
RyleeMazurCollege of Letters and Science
VictoriaMazurkiewiczCollege of Letters and Science
GillianMcadamsCollege of General Studies
KaileyMcadamsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
PeterMcAllisterSchool of Information Studies
AbigailMcBeePeck School of the Arts
EanMcBrideCollege of Letters and Science
MaddieMcbrideCollege of Letters and Science
OwenMcbrideLubar College of Business
AmandaMccabeCollege of Health Sciences
CassidyMccallumCollege of General Studies
DeandriaMcClainLubar College of Business
LilyMcClutchyCollege of Health Sciences
MadelineMccormickLubar College of Business
MarcMccoyLubar College of Business
JaynaMccrackenSchool of Education
AzaanMcCrayCollege of Letters and Science
ErinMccullochSchool of Information Studies
BlakeMcCurdyLubar College of Business
LivMccurdyCollege of Letters and Science
Ras MauriceMccutcheonPeck School of the Arts
MasonMcdermitCollege of Letters and Science
AleighMcDermottPeck School of the Arts
ChristinaMcDermottPeck School of the Arts
HarrisonMcFaddenCollege of Letters and Science
AaronMcGarryEngineering & Applied Science
KarenMcGilvrayCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamMcGinleyCollege of Letters and Science
MaddieMcgrawLubar College of Business
MarianMcguinePathway Advising
LuciaMcGuireHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JosephMcKenzieCollege of Letters and Science
HoustonMckenzieCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelMcKnightPeck School of the Arts
AlexaMcLainSchool of Education
PeterMcLaneSchool of Information Studies
SarahMcLaughlinLubar College of Business
MichaelMclaughlinEngineering & Applied Science
HannahMcmartinSchool of Education
KevinMcMeansLubar College of Business
AudreyMcMillanCollege of Letters and Science
KyleeMcNamaraCollege of Nursing
SarahMeadowsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
YosefMeadowsSchool of Public Health
JeanMedenblikCollege of Letters and Science
RenaMedowCollege of Letters and Science
MaximMedvedevSchool of Information Studies
BarbodMehrbodCollege of Nursing
BrianMeiCollege of Letters and Science
AmandaMeiersSchool of Education
BrookeMeifertHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JordannMeinhardtCollege of Letters and Science
ClaudiaMejiaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MollyMelandCollege of Nursing
RileyMelendyEngineering & Applied Science
DavidMellCollege of Letters and Science
MadelynMellenthinCollege of Letters and Science
OlegMelnykEngineering & Applied Science
CatherineMelotikPeck School of the Arts
GiannaMeltonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ArielleMendozaSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MaceyMentinkSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SeanMenzelLubar College of Business
AlondraMercadoSchool of Education
GabrielMercado GonzalezLubar College of Business
MichaelMercuriSchool of Education
AlyssaMeronekCollege of General Studies
DaelynnMerrellCollege of Nursing
AstridMerrittPeck School of the Arts
AidricMertensLubar College of Business
SaynaMertensCollege of Nursing
EmilyMesserCollege of Health Sciences
NathanMetzSchool of Information Studies
AustinMetzgerLubar College of Business
KatelinMeulemansPeck School of the Arts
SenyaMeurerCollege of Health Sciences
JefferyMeverdenEngineering & Applied Science
BrettMeyerCollege of Letters and Science
EdwardMeyerCollege of Letters and Science
JacksonMeyerSchool of Education
MaggieMeyerLubar College of Business
MasonMeyerCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewMeyerEngineering & Applied Science
SeanMeyerSchool of Information Studies
EmilyMeyersCollege of Letters and Science
GeorgiaMeysembourgCollege of Letters and Science
AlmadaiMeza MarinCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminMichalakLubar College of Business
KendalMichalakSchool Arch & Urban Planning
RaeganMichalakCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelMichalakPeck School of the Arts
QuintonMichalskiCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyMichalskiCollege of Letters and Science
AlexandriaMichellLubar College of Business
LexisMichelsCollege of Nursing
SamuelMickaPeck School of the Arts
ZacharyMickaPeck School of the Arts
MasonMiddaughSchool of Information Studies
CandaceMielcarekSchool of Education
DanielleMielkePeck School of the Arts
KadenMierowSchool of Information Studies
RebMigletzLubar College of Business
JosephMiliosLubar College of Business
RomaMiliotoLubar College of Business
ElainaMilkieCollege of Letters and Science
AbrahamMillerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AdriaMillerPeck School of the Arts
AlexanderMillerLubar College of Business
ArianaMillerCollege of Health Sciences
AshleyMillerLubar College of Business
BenMillerEngineering & Applied Science
BrodieMillerEngineering & Applied Science
BrookMillerSchool of Public Health
ConnorMillerLubar College of Business
DanielMillerCollege of Letters and Science
EvanMillerCollege of Letters and Science
JacobMillerCollege of Letters and Science
JaxonMillerLubar College of Business
JuliannaMillerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KyleMillerCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenMillerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LucasMillerSchool of Information Studies
MadelynMillerCollege of Letters and Science
MaxwellMillerEngineering & Applied Science
MikaelaMillerCollege of Letters and Science
NolanMillerLubar College of Business
RaessaMillerSchool of Education
RebeccaMillerCollege of Health Sciences
SammyMillerSchool of Education
WyattMillerPeck School of the Arts
ZhaneMillerCollege of Letters and Science
BrynMillettePeck School of the Arts
HannaMilosPeck School of the Arts
AbigailMindyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexandraMineauCollege of Letters and Science
DrewMinerCollege of Health Sciences
DanielleMinnetiCollege of Nursing
MairaMiranda de MacedoLubar College of Business
JackMiskyCollege of Health Sciences
AlecsanderMissallPathway Advising
ThereseMissiaenCollege of Health Sciences
VincentMiszkiewiczCollege of Letters and Science
MakaylaMitalaCollege of Nursing
AllisonMitchellCollege of Letters and Science
MichaelMitchellPeck School of the Arts
CohenMlezivaEngineering & Applied Science
CatherineModdesCollege of Letters and Science
IraModyLubar College of Business
MakaylaMoeCollege of Nursing
RichardMogilkaEngineering & Applied Science
IlhanMohamedEngineering & Applied Science
AamnaMohammadCollege of Letters and Science
BilalMohammadEngineering & Applied Science
MuazMohammedLubar College of Business
CaitlynMohrSchool of Education
JacobMolfenterCollege of Letters and Science
JessicaMolina GarciaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmilyMoloneyCollege of Letters and Science
ChristopherMonahanLubar College of Business
KevinMonahanEngineering & Applied Science
IsaacMondayLubar College of Business
NathanMondaySchool of Information Studies
EthanMonkaEngineering & Applied Science
KylieMonroePeck School of the Arts
ChristopherMonroyCollege of General Studies
YasmineMonsivais-RuizCollege of General Studies
TonyMontaltoCollege of Letters and Science
JorgeMontanezEngineering & Applied Science
HunterMontgomeryEngineering & Applied Science
MilesMoodyPeck School of the Arts
AnnabelleMoonSchool of Education
SienaMoonEngineering & Applied Science
AaronMooreHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
IanMooreLubar College of Business
IvyMoorePeck School of the Arts
KaitlynMooreHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MyaliMooreSchool of Education
TiernanMooreEngineering & Applied Science
GloriaMoraHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JenniferMoraHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
VictoriaMoraPeck School of the Arts
HannahMoralSchool of Education
MarisolMoralesHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
DavidMorales ChavezCollege of Health Sciences
CristianMorales-FragosoCollege of Letters and Science
CharlesMoranCollege of Letters and Science
MeganMoranCollege of Health Sciences
EmilianoMorenoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AaronMoreno-PadillaCollege of Letters and Science
BethMorganCollege of Letters and Science
KianaMorganCollege of Health Sciences
SamMorganCollege of Letters and Science
RebekahMoriciCollege of Letters and Science
BradenMorkEngineering & Applied Science
RyanMorrillLubar College of Business
JasmineMorrisLubar College of Business
JasonMorrisonEngineering & Applied Science
MeghanMorrisonCollege of Nursing
RobertaMorrobelSchool of Education
EmilyMoscinskiCollege of Letters and Science
BrynnMoseleyCollege of Letters and Science
LeahMoserCollege of General Studies
ArdenMosessonPathway Advising
ElianaMosleyCollege of Letters and Science
CalebMouaEngineering & Applied Science
NadaMoubarakCollege of Letters and Science
MaddyMoushonCollege of Letters and Science
IsaacMowbrayCollege of Letters and Science
NathanielMoweryCollege of Letters and Science
JamesMoyerEngineering & Applied Science
EmmaMrazCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyMrochekLubar College of Business
Mrina EliseusMtengaJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
AlexisMuellerSchool of Education
AlyssaMuellerCollege of Nursing
ColetonMuellerLubar College of Business
EmmalineMuellerSchool of Education
JosephMuellerCollege of General Studies
LucyMuellerPathway Advising
MarkMuellerCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasMuellerEngineering & Applied Science
TheodoreMuellerCollege of Letters and Science
DannyMuellnerLubar College of Business
JocelynMuelverSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LaurenMuetzelLubar College of Business
EmanMuhammadCollege of Health Sciences
ZacharyMuiEngineering & Applied Science
ColinMullenLubar College of Business
JayMulliganSchool of Information Studies
KatelinMummaLubar College of Business
AmirMunaCollege of Letters and Science
KateyMundorfPeck School of the Arts
ChristinaMundschauCollege of Letters and Science
EllieMungoPeck School of the Arts
Rashidah BibiMunir AhmadPathway Advising
LilianaMunozLubar College of Business
UlisesMunozLubar College of Business
DanielMuntzPeck School of the Arts
GlebMurashkaPeck School of the Arts
ErinMuraszewskiLubar College of Business
NicholasMurawskiPeck School of the Arts
AnupamMurikurthyEngineering & Applied Science
LucyMurphyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MarkMurphyLubar College of Business
MeganMurrayPeck School of the Arts
SamanthaMurraySchool of Education
YousufMusaCollege of Letters and Science
KyraMushallCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasMusielskiSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MakaylaMustasLubar College of Business
MariaMutoCollege of Letters and Science
KarlyMutranowskiSchool of Education
AlexanderMyersSchool of Education
JohnMyersPeck School of the Arts
AvaMyhreCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewMysliwskiCollege of General Studies
BrookeNadeauLubar College of Business
BraydenNaefLubar College of Business
CadenNahfPeck School of the Arts
CamillaNamuyombaLubar College of Business
Pradnya PravinNarvekarEngineering & Applied Science
OmarNasefPathway Advising
TimothyNaultLubar College of Business
ReidNaumanLubar College of Business
Ciara RosesNavarroLubar College of Business
RickNavarroCollege of Letters and Science
HaqNawazCollege of General Studies
TessaNaylorCollege of Letters and Science
AdrianNazario-ValdezEngineering & Applied Science
CassandraNdoumbe-KongCollege of General Studies
RebeccaNebratCollege of Nursing
CaseyNeedhamLubar College of Business
KathleenNeedhamCollege of Nursing
CassidyNeelyCollege of Letters and Science
MeaganNefsteadHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HannahNehlsSchool of Information Studies
HannahNelsenPeck School of the Arts
KaraNelsenCollege of Letters and Science
AlexNelsonPeck School of the Arts
AlexNelsonCollege of Letters and Science
AnnikaNelsonPeck School of the Arts
BenjaminNelsonCollege of Health Sciences
CarolineNelsonSchool of Education
SamanthaNelsonJoint Programs L&S and CEAS
TaylorNelsonCollege of Letters and Science
ZahraNemati NajafabadiLubar College of Business
Jacque PearlNemecekPeck School of the Arts
JosieNemethCollege of Health Sciences
AlexandraNemkovichLubar College of Business
AralNenPeck School of the Arts
GenyaNenaydykhLubar College of Business
JacobNeperudSchool Arch & Urban Planning
FrancesNeslerEngineering & Applied Science
KittNettesheimPeck School of the Arts
AndrewNeuLubar College of Business
CameronNeubauerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JosephineNeubauerPathway Advising
HollyNeubertSchool of Education
EthanNeuensLubar College of Business
JordanNeumannEngineering & Applied Science
IsabelleNevilleCollege of Health Sciences
MarilynNewtonSchool of Education
ClaraNeyCollege of Health Sciences
BrandonNguyenLubar College of Business
EllaNguyenLubar College of Business
HaoNguyenCollege of Nursing
Hoai ThiNguyenLubar College of Business
Nghia TrongNguyenPeck School of the Arts
QuangdatNguyenLubar College of Business
ZacharyNguyenLubar College of Business
WilliamNicholasPeck School of the Arts
ErickNiciaSchool of Public Health
JamesNickolaouLubar College of Business
DylanNicosiaEngineering & Applied Science
EmmaNicosonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
CodyNicponLubar College of Business
JennaNielsenCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelNiemiSchool of Information Studies
CarsonNiemiecLubar College of Business
AlexNienhausEngineering & Applied Science
CourtneyNienhausCollege of Health Sciences
EthanNienhausEngineering & Applied Science
IzacNienhausEngineering & Applied Science
ElizabethNievesLubar College of Business
GianniNievesPathway Advising
CeceliaNiggemeierSchool of Education
AnnaNimmowCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasNobleLubar College of Business
GraceNoePeck School of the Arts
HyunjunNohPathway Advising
SydneyNoldenLubar College of Business
AshleyNollLubar College of Business
LeahNoltePeck School of the Arts
BrookeNorbergCollege of Nursing
KadenNorbyEngineering & Applied Science
IvoryNordengPeck School of the Arts
JuliaNordlohLubar College of Business
NoahNordnessSchool of Information Studies
KatherineNoreikaSchool of Education
MackenzieNoremCollege of Nursing
EliNorlanderCollege of Letters and Science
NatalieNorrisCollege of Letters and Science
KuroshNouriEngineering & Applied Science
KarliNovakCollege of Nursing
ConnorNovitskiLubar College of Business
JadenNowaczykCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewNowickiLubar College of Business
MitchellNoyesEngineering & Applied Science
TessNoyesCollege of Health Sciences
MichaelNullCollege of Letters and Science
NelsonNunezSchool of Information Studies
GabrielNurajLubar College of Business
AbigailNutiniCollege of Health Sciences
OliviaNwachukwuHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Chew KhatNweCollege of Nursing
EdwardNwokoCollege of Nursing
KayleeNybergSchool of Education
PeterNyczSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LilyNymanCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailO'BrienLubar College of Business
SarahO'BrienCollege of Letters and Science
FinnO'ConnellPeck School of the Arts
KatherineO'DonnellCollege of Letters and Science
SeanO'DwyerCollege of Letters and Science
JoeO'KeefePeck School of the Arts
MichaelO'LearySchool of Information Studies
SidheO'naughtonPeck School of the Arts
ErinO'NeillCollege of Letters and Science
TeganO'ReillyCollege of Letters and Science
MossObenaufPeck School of the Arts
GraysonObenbergerLubar College of Business
GregOberbroecklingEngineering & Applied Science
LydiaOberdorfCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeObermanCollege of Health Sciences
EricaOberoiCollege of Health Sciences
JessicaOberoiCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewObradovichCollege of General Studies
SeamusObrienPathway Advising
HannahObstCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewOcasioLubar College of Business
GraceOddisEngineering & Applied Science
AmirahOdehCollege of Nursing
NawalOdehCollege of Nursing
EmersonOdejaCollege of Letters and Science
ButoyiOdettaLubar College of Business
CalvinOechlerLubar College of Business
JosefOechsnerLubar College of Business
RhyannaOefflingCollege of Letters and Science
WillOelkePeck School of the Arts
RachelOelsnerCollege of Letters and Science
Onyinyechukwuka Faithful GraceOgwuCollege of Health Sciences
AnnaOhdeCollege of Nursing
AgustaOlafssonLubar College of Business
MarcusOleksakSchool of Information Studies
HannahOlenchekCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyOlesonLubar College of Business
JordanOlinskiCollege of Letters and Science
DanelleOliver-FultzLubar College of Business
MollyOlkCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminOlsenEngineering & Applied Science
JosephOlsenLubar College of Business
NatalieOlsenCollege of Health Sciences
BrittanyOlsonSchool of Education
GraceOlsonLubar College of Business
JulieOlsonCollege of Letters and Science
LauraOlsonPeck School of the Arts
MadelynnOlsonLubar College of Business
MariaOlvera FonsecaCollege of Letters and Science
PaonyOmanCollege of Health Sciences
SamarOmarCollege of Health Sciences
RawanOmariSchool of Information Studies
NyaOoLubar College of Business
SivanOrgadPeck School of the Arts
IzaelOrnelasPathway Advising
AveryOroszCollege of Nursing
ArianaOrtizSchool of Education
DayanaraOrtizCollege of Letters and Science
FernandoOrtizLubar College of Business
OliviaOrtizCollege of Letters and Science
JakobOrtonLubar College of Business
EllaOsterlundLubar College of Business
EmilyOstrowskiCollege of Letters and Science
KylieOttCollege of Letters and Science
KaileeOttmanEngineering & Applied Science
EzraOttoSchool of Public Health
GeriOttoLubar College of Business
LoganOttoCollege of Letters and Science
ZavenOuzounianCollege of Letters and Science
RyaneOverlienCollege of General Studies
AlexaOviedoCollege of Letters and Science
JacobOwenEngineering & Applied Science
JeremyOwenCollege of Letters and Science
CaitlynnOwensEngineering & Applied Science
OwenPaarLubar College of Business
MatthewPabelickEngineering & Applied Science
SpencerPabonPeck School of the Arts
AlexanderPaceCollege of Nursing
CalebPachecoCollege of Letters and Science
KenyaPadillaLubar College of Business
MorganPadillaSchool of Education
AshleyPaganSchool of Information Studies
IanPagan MartinezSchool of Public Health
MalloriePageSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AndrewPagelCollege of Letters and Science
EmmyPagelCollege of Letters and Science
MargaretPagelsCollege of Health Sciences
LaurenPahlHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SeunghunPaikLubar College of Business
MyahPalechekCollege of Nursing
AustinPaliafitoCollege of Letters and Science
Maria PaulinaPallasiguiSchool of Information Studies
Rafael LukasPallasiguiSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SidneyPalmerSchool of Education
JatinPandeyCollege of Letters and Science
AdrianaPanellaLubar College of Business
JazminePanganibanCollege of Letters and Science
ColbyPangercCollege of General Studies
Juan CarlosPantoja MaganaCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewPapadorSchool of Information Studies
SarahPaquetteSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SofiaPardinasEngineering & Applied Science
KateParisiCollege of Health Sciences
GisooParkCollege of Letters and Science
HyeonhaParkSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MichelleParkLubar College of Business
SehwanParkPathway Advising
AaronParkerEngineering & Applied Science
HeavenlParkerSchool of Information Studies
MirandaParkerPeck School of the Arts
JosephParlierCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeParnelloHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MadisonParolaSchool of Education
JaquelineParraSchool of Public Health
SalvadorParraLubar College of Business
CharlesParrillaLubar College of Business
AbriellePartingtonCollege of Nursing
AlexandraPascarellaCollege of Letters and Science
MeganPaschkePeck School of the Arts
LilianaPassarelliPeck School of the Arts
NicholasPatchCollege of Letters and Science
ChandniPatelCollege of Nursing
DeepPatelLubar College of Business
HarshPatelSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JitenPatelCollege of Letters and Science
KailanPatelLubar College of Business
KhushiPatelCollege of Nursing
KrishnaPatelLubar College of Business
KyanPatelLubar College of Business
NandiPatelLubar College of Business
RahilPatelLubar College of Business
JosephPatnodeEngineering & Applied Science
AmyPattersonCollege of Nursing
KendraPattersonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TatianaPattersonSchool of Education
KaylaPaulsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SophiaPautzCollege of Health Sciences
AllisonPaysonLubar College of Business
DominicPediconeCollege of Letters and Science
KevinPedleyEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaPeetzCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaPeirceSchool of Public Health
ColtonPembleCollege of Letters and Science
PaolaPenaPeck School of the Arts
EvanPennauSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KrystenPeplinskiSchool of Education
KamrynPepplerPathway Advising
CayleePerezCollege of General Studies
ConradPerezLubar College of Business
ElliottPerezCollege of Health Sciences
KaraPerezLubar College of Business
MichaelPerezEngineering & Applied Science
StephaniePerezCollege of Letters and Science
BrendaPerez HernandezSchool of Education
AshleyPerez SantiagoLubar College of Business
IsabellaPerez-KuczaLubar College of Business
DouglasPeroutkaEngineering & Applied Science
WilliamPerryEngineering & Applied Science
KatePesaventoPeck School of the Arts
RichardPetariusCollege of Letters and Science
TristanPetashnickSchool of Education
EllaPeterLubar College of Business
MaxwellPeterSchool of Information Studies
ZacharyPetersSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ElizabethPetersenCollege of Letters and Science
MyaPetersenCollege of Letters and Science
SarahPetersenCollege of Letters and Science
StephaniePetersenLubar College of Business
AlexisPetersonCollege of Health Sciences
JamesPetersonEngineering & Applied Science
JayneePetersonCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenPetersonPeck School of the Arts
NiklasPetersonEngineering & Applied Science
SarahPetersonSchool of Education
ZacharyPetersonLubar College of Business
MichaelPetropoulosPathway Advising
JacobPezewskiPathway Advising
ReidPezewskiLubar College of Business
KatelynPfeiferPathway Advising
CodyPfisterLubar College of Business
JustinPflanzerCollege of Letters and Science
DakotaPhalinCollege of Letters and Science
PhuongPhanPeck School of the Arts
EllaPhelpsSchool of Education
EmmaPhillipsSchool of Education
HunterPhillipsLubar College of Business
MeganPhillipsSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NelsonPhillipsLubar College of Business
PaigePhillipsCollege of Letters and Science
AnhPhungCollege of Letters and Science
DawsonPicardCollege of General Studies
GabrielPicatoEngineering & Applied Science
KatherinePicazoSchool of Education
RyanPicciurroSchool of Information Studies
TessaPichotta-LeTourneauCollege of Letters and Science
KristiPiciSchool of Information Studies
JakePickettPeck School of the Arts
RachelPiehlPeck School of the Arts
CarterPiepenburgEngineering & Applied Science
DylanPierceCollege of Letters and Science
JeffreyPierceSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SamanthaPierceHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EmmaPierquetCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyPietraszewskiCollege of Letters and Science
KatrinaPikeCollege of Letters and Science
KayleePikulaPeck School of the Arts
BenjiPinckneyCollege of Letters and Science
CharlesPingelLubar College of Business
GretaPingelHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JackPingelLubar College of Business
HugoPinkPeck School of the Arts
MaxPiperCollege of Letters and Science
NoahPisonCollege of Letters and Science
KeanaPitelCollege of Letters and Science
SkyPittaCollege of Letters and Science
JodelinePizarroLubar College of Business
OlliverPlankCollege of Letters and Science
NataliePlantCollege of Letters and Science
ZulyPlascencia ArciniegaPathway Advising
JohnPlataisLubar College of Business
AddelynPlaymanPathway Advising
DzenaPlesacCollege of Letters and Science
RyanPlybonSchool of Information Studies
JessicaPodemskiPeck School of the Arts
WilliamPoellotEngineering & Applied Science
VictoriaPojeLubar College of Business
AdamPolakPathway Advising
CarriePolaskyCollege of General Studies
Keerthika SaiPolavarapuSchool of Information Studies
LondonPolcynSchool of Education
JoellePolitoskiCollege of Nursing
WilliamPollackLubar College of Business
JacobPollnowPeck School of the Arts
SamanthaPollockCollege of Nursing
JohnPolsterLubar College of Business
AvaPonceSchool of Education
LeoPonteriLubar College of Business
JackPontowEngineering & Applied Science
EllenPooleCollege of Letters and Science
JerzeyPoppPeck School of the Arts
MorganPoppSchool of Information Studies
JohnPoppeEngineering & Applied Science
GabrielPoppertHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LuisPortilloCollege of Letters and Science
KatherinePossingPeck School of the Arts
CaleighPotockiCollege of Health Sciences
NathanPotterCollege of Letters and Science
ArmonPourheidarianCollege of Letters and Science
AnniePovichEngineering & Applied Science
DylanPowaliszEngineering & Applied Science
AdalinePowellCollege of Letters and Science
CatiePowellCollege of Health Sciences
EricaPowellLubar College of Business
OliviaPowellLubar College of Business
CollinPowersSchool of Education
NataliePowersSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JosephPraschLubar College of Business
KellyPratherHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BaileyPrestonPeck School of the Arts
JoelPrestonLubar College of Business
HarrisonPrewettCollege of Letters and Science
AlexanderPriceLubar College of Business
AllisonPriceCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminPriceLubar College of Business
ElizabethPriceCollege of Nursing
SkylarPriceCollege of Nursing
MarkPrihodaCollege of Letters and Science
EmilyProchaskaCollege of Letters and Science
MadelineProdoehlPeck School of the Arts
JelenaPrpaSchool of Education
SamuelPruhsCollege of Letters and Science
CeridwenPruittCollege of Letters and Science
JeremyPrzybylaLubar College of Business
ColtenPucekLubar College of Business
HazlePurvisLubar College of Business
AdrijanaPusnikCollege of Nursing
BrittneyPuttermanCollege of Letters and Science
AsmaQadadhaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
YiwenQinEngineering & Applied Science
KaliQuadeCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyQuadracciSchool of Information Studies
NicholasQuaneyCollege of Letters and Science
MasonQuartanaLubar College of Business
AnaQuastCollege of Letters and Science
RaquelQuevedoCollege of Letters and Science
JacobQuickSchool of Education
TrudyQuidzinskiSchool of Education
DanielQuilesEngineering & Applied Science
AbigailQuinnellCollege of Health Sciences
MayaQuinteroPeck School of the Arts
AimeRabadanSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KamRabonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KyleeRadiganSchool Arch & Urban Planning
PeytonRadloffCollege of Letters and Science
MollyRadtkeSchool of Education
AshleyRaeLubar College of Business
MakaylaRaeckSchool of Education
BradyRaetherLubar College of Business
ElijahRaflikEngineering & Applied Science
CaseyRafnLubar College of Business
AlisonRagethLubar College of Business
AfrahRagheLubar College of Business
NaomiRaicuCollege of Letters and Science
RheaRajePeck School of the Arts
JustinRamcheckHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
PatrickRameshCollege of Health Sciences
AngelicaRamirezLubar College of Business
IvanRamirezLubar College of Business
JenniferRamirezLubar College of Business
AlexaRamosSchool of Education
HazelRamosCollege of Letters and Science
KylieRamosEngineering & Applied Science
LaterricaRamseySchool of Education
SamuelRamstackSchool of Information Studies
ChristianRanickePeck School of the Arts
AmnaRaoCollege of Letters and Science
MadalynRappCollege of General Studies
CarolineRashidSchool of Education
JaredRasmussenEngineering & Applied Science
SavannahRasmussenCollege of Letters and Science
DanielRasperCollege of Letters and Science
SamanthaRaszejaSchool of Education
ZoeRathsackSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AngelaRattinSchool of Education
KylerRaubeLubar College of Business
GenevieveRauchCollege of Nursing
EllaRauenLubar College of Business
DelRaumPeck School of the Arts
OliviaRavetHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JulieRawaCollege of Nursing
CheritaRayfordSchool of Education
TaylynnRazoPeck School of the Arts
JulieRebekCollege of Letters and Science
DanielReddinCollege of Letters and Science
MarieReddingCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethReeceCollege of Letters and Science
JeremyReedCollege of Letters and Science
KevinReedSchool of Information Studies
ShannonReedCollege of Letters and Science
BreannaReeseCollege of Health Sciences
KimberlyReesePeck School of the Arts
JamieRegnierCollege of Letters and Science
KarlRehbergerLubar College of Business
RachelReichardCollege of Letters and Science
IsabellaReichertCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenReillyCollege of Nursing
StephanieReiterSchool of Education
GrantRenkenSchool of Information Studies
ElizabethRensCollege of Nursing
TylerRetlichCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminRettigCollege of Letters and Science
CaydenRetzkiCollege of Letters and Science
FelipeReyPeck School of the Arts
AmyReyesCollege of Letters and Science
JuanReyna MarquezPeck School of the Arts
CharlotteReynoldsPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethRhinehartPeck School of the Arts
KaitlynRhynerCollege of Letters and Science
CourtneyRibarLubar College of Business
DanielleRiceCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewRichEngineering & Applied Science
BridgetRichCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasRichardsHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HassanRichardsonCollege of Letters and Science
KaitlynRichardsonCollege of Letters and Science
SierraRichardsonSchool of Education
OwenRichmondLubar College of Business
AutumnRickCollege of Nursing
MakaylaRickardPeck School of the Arts
MadelineRickertCollege of Letters and Science
VioletRicoLubar College of Business
JamieRiddlePeck School of the Arts
JessicaRiederSchool of Education
HeatherRieferSchool of Education
MadelineRiehleLubar College of Business
FaithRiestererPathway Advising
GabrielleRiestraHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlexanderRileyEngineering & Applied Science
TaylorRileyCollege of General Studies
MatthewRimkusLubar College of Business
TristaRippCollege of Health Sciences
GraceRisseCollege of Letters and Science
HannahRitterEngineering & Applied Science
AlyssaRiveraCollege of Nursing
AnahliaRiveraCollege of Letters and Science
KlaudiaRixmannCollege of Letters and Science
IshmaRizviSchool of Public Health
JacquelineRizzoCollege of Letters and Science
AlexRoachSchool of Information Studies
EllieRoachCollege of Health Sciences
CharlesRobbinsCollege of Letters and Science
DezaraeRobbinsCollege of Health Sciences
ThomasRobertsonCollege of General Studies
EricaRobinsonHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
FaithRobinsonCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyRobinsonSchool of Education
MikaylaRobleeLubar College of Business
EstherRochaCollege of Health Sciences
IsabellaRockCollege of Health Sciences
AmayaRockettPeck School of the Arts
AminahRockettPeck School of the Arts
TimothyRoddEngineering & Applied Science
McKenzieRodeSchool of Education
RebeccaRodeferLubar College of Business
DakotaRodmanEngineering & Applied Science
AlexandraRodriguezCollege of Health Sciences
DannyRodriguezLubar College of Business
LaurenRodriguezSchool of Information Studies
XanderRodriguezCollege of Letters and Science
GuadalupeRodriguez SanchezSchool of Education
MeaganRoelligCollege of Letters and Science
JennaRoemerLubar College of Business
JoshuaRoeselCollege of Letters and Science
SarahRoeslerPathway Advising
KristaRoessgerSchool of Education
ThomasRoesslerCollege of Letters and Science
MckenziRogallaCollege of Letters and Science
GraceRogersPeck School of the Arts
HunterRogersCollege of Letters and Science
KoriRogersCollege of Letters and Science
JacksonRohLubar College of Business
TatumRohdeLubar College of Business
EllaRohlCollege of Letters and Science
GraceRolandCollege of Letters and Science
SarahRolfsCollege of Health Sciences
KalistaRolingPeck School of the Arts
IsabelRoloffLubar College of Business
TimothyRomangLubar College of Business
CalistaRomanoLubar College of Business
AbrahamRomeroLubar College of Business
CaleighRoseSchool of Education
GraceRoseCollege of Nursing
MeganRoseCollege of Letters and Science
TatianaRoseHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnnaliseRossCollege of Letters and Science
MichaelRossCollege of Health Sciences
SamuelRossCollege of Letters and Science
TaliaRossSchool of Education
SophiaRothPeck School of the Arts
JohnRotterCollege of Letters and Science
WilliamRowdenLubar College of Business
ManishaRoyCollege of Health Sciences
PranavRoyEngineering & Applied Science
BrodyRoystonLubar College of Business
MelissaRubuschCollege of Letters and Science
JenniferRuddSchool of Education
AnilaRudiSchool of Information Studies
LilaRudisillEngineering & Applied Science
AlexandraRudnitskySchool of Information Studies
AshleyRudserCollege of Letters and Science
EricRuettenLubar College of Business
PrestonRuhCollege of Letters and Science
AllisonRuizSchool of Education
JosueRuizLubar College of Business
KayleeRukampSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DanielRunnellsLubar College of Business
DrewRunningSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KaylaRuplingerCollege of Nursing
DanielRuschPeck School of the Arts
JackRuschCollege of Letters and Science
RichardRushCollege of Letters and Science
JoshuaRusniakLubar College of Business
ZacharyRussellLubar College of Business
BrandonRussoPeck School of the Arts
LeviRutledgeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LillianRutowskiPeck School of the Arts
HannahRyanPeck School of the Arts
JaxsonRyanLubar College of Business
RyenRybaLubar College of Business
MadisonRybackSchool of Education
FionaRydell-SchultzPeck School of the Arts
JungwooRyuEngineering & Applied Science
JenevieveSaalsaaSchool of Education
KierstenSabbareseCollege of Letters and Science
MadisonSabelSchool Arch & Urban Planning
LailaSabhaCollege of Letters and Science
CatSadlerPeck School of the Arts
FarisSaeedPeck School of the Arts
AddisonSagatSchool of Education
AlaynaSageCollege of Letters and Science
SogolSaghatchiPeck School of the Arts
MasonSagiCollege of Letters and Science
LukeSagoneLubar College of Business
AmeliaSagvoldCollege of Letters and Science
MonaSaidEngineering & Applied Science
AdenaSaighPathway Advising
BrookeSaint Louis-HargravesCollege of Nursing
FlorinSaitisCollege of Letters and Science
JessieSalajaCollege of Health Sciences
ChristianSalcidoCollege of Letters and Science
MaramSalehEngineering & Applied Science
KareemSalemEngineering & Applied Science
AnnaSalferCollege of Health Sciences
OsamahSalhiSchool of Education
StevenSalleLubar College of Business
AvaSalmLubar College of Business
SalamSalousCollege of Letters and Science
KlaudiaSalversonLubar College of Business
KourtneySalversonLubar College of Business
JoeSamaraSchool of Information Studies
NoraSammonsPeck School of the Arts
AaliyahSampsonSchool of Education
SydneySampson-WebbLubar College of Business
NathanSamuelsenEngineering & Applied Science
AlejandraSanchezCollege of Health Sciences
JustinSanchezCollege of Letters and Science
NoahSanchezPathway Advising
SandraSanchezSchool of Education
RosaSanchez HernandezCollege of Health Sciences
MonicaSanchez LopezLubar College of Business
VanessaSanchez MoraLubar College of Business
KevinSanchez SanchezPeck School of the Arts
GraceSandemanCollege of Letters and Science
JustinSandersSchool of Information Studies
SerenaSandersPeck School of the Arts
AvaSandersenPeck School of the Arts
LaurenSandlerSchool of Education
GisselleSandovalSchool of Education
NicholasSanfelippoSchool of Information Studies
MariaSanfilippoPeck School of the Arts
JohnSangerCollege of Letters and Science
ErinSankeyCollege of Letters and Science
AliciaSantanaPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethSantanaCollege of Nursing
CodySantasCollege of Letters and Science
RachelSantellanoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
YanelisSantiagoCollege of Letters and Science
JosephSantoroLubar College of Business
MayrinSantosPathway Advising
EmanuelSarbuEngineering & Applied Science
JohnSardoLubar College of Business
MohammadSarsourCollege of Letters and Science
JennaSarvisHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KeizanSatoEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaSatterfieldCollege of Letters and Science
LauraSauerCollege of Nursing
KeringtonSauserCollege of Letters and Science
NinaSavaglioCollege of Letters and Science
MackenzieSavinPeck School of the Arts
Kyew DohSayPathway Advising
GavinSayrsCollege of Letters and Science
KatieScaffidiPeck School of the Arts
GarrettScapellatoCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaScardinaSchool of Education
SiciliaScardinaHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MartinSchabelLubar College of Business
KayceeSchaeferHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SkylynSchaeferCollege of Letters and Science
AlexandriaSchafferSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BenjaminSchalkLubar College of Business
CarolynScharnickEngineering & Applied Science
NeveSchauerCollege of Letters and Science
NiahSchauerCollege of Letters and Science
PaytonSchauerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ClaytonSchaveEngineering & Applied Science
MakailaScheibleinSchool of Education
LydiaScheidlerSchool of Public Health
KyleSchellingerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
TannerSchererLubar College of Business
RubySchieldtPathway Advising
AyshaSchillerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JacobSchimkeEngineering & Applied Science
DanielSchimpEngineering & Applied Science
HannahSchiresPathway Advising
AaronSchliesmannLubar College of Business
NickSchlotzCollege of Health Sciences
MarySchmidbauerEngineering & Applied Science
BradySchmidtEngineering & Applied Science
BrookeSchmidtHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ChloeSchmidtCollege of Letters and Science
ColeSchmidtCollege of Letters and Science
DylanSchmidtEngineering & Applied Science
HaleySchmidtCollege of Health Sciences
JosephSchmidtPeck School of the Arts
MorganSchmidtCollege of Letters and Science
QuinnSchmidtEngineering & Applied Science
ZoeSchmidtCollege of Letters and Science
AaronSchmittEngineering & Applied Science
AllisonSchmitzCollege of Health Sciences
NatalieSchmitzPathway Advising
GretchenSchmookLubar College of Business
EmilySchnaareLubar College of Business
AllisonSchneiderLubar College of Business
AnnaSchneiderLubar College of Business
BryceSchneiderLubar College of Business
CarlySchneiderSchool of Education
EllaSchneiderPeck School of the Arts
JSchneiderCollege of Letters and Science
JoshuaSchneigerEngineering & Applied Science
AlexisSchnitzlerCollege of Letters and Science
BrettSchnurEngineering & Applied Science
EmilySchoenfeldtSchool of Education
MyaScholzCollege of Letters and Science
ThomasScholzPeck School of the Arts
JoshuaScholzeLubar College of Business
PaigeSchommerCollege of Health Sciences
MasonSchoofEngineering & Applied Science
RubySchoofsSchool of Education
ElliotSchoolPathway Advising
ChantelleSchoolcraftCollege of Nursing
AbigailSchottCollege of Letters and Science
SarahSchraderCollege of Health Sciences
AniSchraufnagelCollege of Health Sciences
KeeganSchregardusLubar College of Business
SamuelSchreiberLubar College of Business
AbbySchroderCollege of Letters and Science
AmandaSchroederCollege of General Studies
AydanSchroederCollege of General Studies
ColeSchroederLubar College of Business
MollySchroederSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MadelineSchuchHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JessicaSchuellerSchool of Education
JuliaSchuesslerSchool of Education
JacksonSchuhCollege of Letters and Science
JadaSchuhCollege of Health Sciences
ZacherySchuhEngineering & Applied Science
AmeliaSchultePeck School of the Arts
AaronSchultzLubar College of Business
AidenSchultzCollege of General Studies
AreenaSchultzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ElenaSchultzCollege of Health Sciences
LateishahSchultzCollege of Letters and Science
NathanSchultzLubar College of Business
SavannahSchultzCollege of Health Sciences
JoshSchultzeEngineering & Applied Science
AntoninaSchumacherCollege of Letters and Science
LucasSchurichtPathway Advising
MatthewSchuttEngineering & Applied Science
MichalSchwabPeck School of the Arts
AlexandraSchwabeCollege of Letters and Science
JillianSchwakeLubar College of Business
AbbySchwalbeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
PiperSchwantesPeck School of the Arts
CaraSchwartzCollege of Letters and Science
BrookeSchwederskySchool of Education
AdrienSchweitzerPeck School of the Arts
NicholasSchwichtenbergPeck School of the Arts
AshlynScintoLubar College of Business
ArielScottPeck School of the Arts
BrookeScottPathway Advising
JazmineScottCollege of Letters and Science
NeysaScottCollege of Health Sciences
RachelScottLubar College of Business
TristanScrantonCollege of Letters and Science
MaiaScurryLubar College of Business
EllaSeagerLubar College of Business
EmersonSeagrenSchool of Education
MadisonSealeCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminSeamanLubar College of Business
PaulSeamanEngineering & Applied Science
MasonSecoraLubar College of Business
SierraSecrestCollege of Letters and Science
AmberSecristLubar College of Business
HudsonSeeEngineering & Applied Science
SydneySeebachPeck School of the Arts
BradleySeebruchPeck School of the Arts
EmilySeegerCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewSeemanLubar College of Business
ChristianSeesEngineering & Applied Science
GavinSeeverLubar College of Business
KathrynSeewaldSchool of Education
SukhvirSehraLubar College of Business
R.E.SeibelCollege of Letters and Science
GusSeidlLubar College of Business
TaylorSeitzPathway Advising
JessicaSelphPeck School of the Arts
KathrynSemberCollege of Letters and Science
AdenSengsouvanhEngineering & Applied Science
DhivyashreeSenthil MuruganCollege of Letters and Science
HaneulSeoPeck School of the Arts
NatalieSepicCollege of Nursing
AlexanderSeptSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MollySeraLubar College of Business
IsabelSernaSchool of Education
PaolaSerranoSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SophiaSerranoPeck School of the Arts
AndrewSetterPathway Advising
IsabellaSevenichHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RyanSeversonEngineering & Applied Science
SamanthaSeversonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
KatharineSewartCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaSeymerCollege of General Studies
CamrynSeymourCollege of Letters and Science
ErikSeymourLubar College of Business
KatherineSeymourPeck School of the Arts
GinaSfasciottiCollege of Letters and Science
KeinanaShahCollege of Letters and Science
MohsinShahEngineering & Applied Science
HalleShamrockCollege of Letters and Science
AidanShankSchool Arch & Urban Planning
JakeShanovichLubar College of Business
HudayfaSharifEngineering & Applied Science
AdhamSharqawiCollege of Health Sciences
DavidShawCollege of Letters and Science
HaileyShawHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
SophiaShawCollege of Letters and Science
AverySheafferLubar College of Business
HannahSheedyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MasonShefchikPeck School of the Arts
LorenShehuLubar College of Business
SamanthaSheldonCollege of Health Sciences
SopheeShellEngineering & Applied Science
YuhaoShenCollege of Letters and Science
JarredShepardPeck School of the Arts
KennedyShepardPathway Advising
NolandShepardEngineering & Applied Science
AmandaSheppardCollege of General Studies
AnnaSheproCollege of Letters and Science
MattSherlockLubar College of Business
GitaShiltzEngineering & Applied Science
KatelynnShirleyCollege of Health Sciences
IanShoppachCollege of Letters and Science
KaitlynShoresSchool of Education
SrijanShresthaEngineering & Applied Science
RoniShrier-RadeamacherCollege of Letters and Science
NatalieShrinerSchool of Education
SeanShtivelbergLubar College of Business
KyleShultSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AllisonSickmannPathway Advising
HumzaSiddiqiSchool of Public Health
ShaheerSiddiqiCollege of Letters and Science
JaskiratSidhuCollege of Health Sciences
JacquelineSiedenburg-SisPeck School of the Arts
KirstenSiedenburg-SisPeck School of the Arts
AdamSiegelLubar College of Business
AaronSiegristLubar College of Business
SavannahSievertLubar College of Business
ChandlerSievewrightPathway Advising
CassandraSievwrightPeck School of the Arts
Eva FrancescaSikichCollege of Letters and Science
BrittanySilasSchool of Education
TarynSillanpaaCollege of Letters and Science
JackSilverbergLubar College of Business
BowmanSimonPeck School of the Arts
BrendanSimonCollege of Letters and Science
EricSimonPeck School of the Arts
SaraSimonovaCollege of Letters and Science
AlexanderSinaniLubar College of Business
DavidSincereEngineering & Applied Science
HayleySingerCollege of Health Sciences
AjeetSinghEngineering & Applied Science
AkshSinghLubar College of Business
BaljotSinghEngineering & Applied Science
GurpreetSinghLubar College of Business
JagroopSinghLubar College of Business
SimranjeetSinghCollege of Letters and Science
SonyaSinkulaLubar College of Business
SheridanSinnenCollege of Nursing
TessaSiresLubar College of Business
SkylerSitzbergerCollege of Health Sciences
ColeSivakLubar College of Business
JoshuaSkardaCollege of Letters and Science
HoldenSkeelsCollege of Letters and Science
ChloeSkinnerCollege of Letters and Science
CassidySkoweraCollege of Letters and Science
JadeSkoweraCollege of General Studies
ChloeSkroberLubar College of Business
AndrewSkybergLubar College of Business
AlexiaSlaglePeck School of the Arts
AllisonSlamannCollege of Health Sciences
AllenSlangLubar College of Business
ChrisSlaterCollege of Letters and Science
AndersSlatteryCollege of Letters and Science
RachelSlavicEngineering & Applied Science
MarinaSlawinskiEngineering & Applied Science
LauraSlickmanLubar College of Business
HelenaSlipperCollege of Health Sciences
HannahSmejkalPathway Advising
CatherineSmithLubar College of Business
ColtonSmithEngineering & Applied Science
IanSmithEngineering & Applied Science
JustinSmithSchool of Information Studies
KaileighSmithHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
KimberlySmithCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenSmithSchool of Public Health
LiaSmithPeck School of the Arts
LiamSmithPeck School of the Arts
MichaelSmithCollege of Letters and Science
NathanielSmithCollege of Letters and Science
RichardSmithCollege of Nursing
RyanSmithEngineering & Applied Science
RyanSmithLubar College of Business
ShantaleSmithLubar College of Business
TaylorSmithHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TiffaniSmithHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MariaSmitsPeck School of the Arts
LukeSmockPathway Advising
ColtSmolenCollege of Health Sciences
SpencerSmolenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SamSmulyanLubar College of Business
AnnaSniadachCollege of Letters and Science
AilieSnyderPeck School of the Arts
DestinSnyderLubar College of Business
KelseySnyderPeck School of the Arts
ChristianSobczakPathway Advising
GraisynSobczakHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JackSobczakLubar College of Business
LeslieSobczakHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
OliviaSobczakLubar College of Business
TylerSoensCollege of General Studies
ErikSohldenLubar College of Business
AustinSokoloskyCollege of Health Sciences
JakeSokolowskiCollege of General Studies
IsabellaSolanoLubar College of Business
JacobSolisPeck School of the Arts
KaylaSolomonSchool of Education
LukeSomersLubar College of Business
MalyrenSomervilleHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaySondelskiCollege of Letters and Science
EnnisSonnenEngineering & Applied Science
KaitlynSonnenbergCollege of Health Sciences
LaurenSonnenbergPathway Advising
KaileeSonsthagenLubar College of Business
ZacharySoomroEngineering & Applied Science
ArianaSorciCollege of Health Sciences
RileySorgenEngineering & Applied Science
SaulSoriano VeraCollege of Letters and Science
NataliaSoteloEngineering & Applied Science
MitchellSotoPathway Advising
ArthurSouzaLubar College of Business
NathanaelSovitzkyEngineering & Applied Science
AlexanderSowaSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ElleeSpaldingPeck School of the Arts
ThomasSpallaLubar College of Business
ErynnSpanbauerCollege of Letters and Science
VincentSparacinoEngineering & Applied Science
LauraSpearCollege of Letters and Science
KaySpeidelPeck School of the Arts
LindsaySpellmanLubar College of Business
ZachSpellmanPathway Advising
KatherineSpeltzPeck School of the Arts
AlexanderSpencerLubar College of Business
KaylieSpencerCollege of Letters and Science
TroySpielbauerEngineering & Applied Science
SoniaSpitzCollege of Letters and Science
HannahSportielloCollege of Health Sciences
BrockSprecherLubar College of Business
JacobSpristerLubar College of Business
PanagiotisSpyropoulosCollege of General Studies
AnvithaSriramCollege of Letters and Science
AdamSt JohnCollege of Letters and Science
JuliaStaceyPeck School of the Arts
AnnaStachnikPeck School of the Arts
MichaelStachowiakLubar College of Business
EllaStadelCollege of General Studies
HopeStadelSchool of Education
AngelaStadelmanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MorganStaerkelLubar College of Business
StephanieStaffordLubar College of Business
TylerStairLubar College of Business
EmilyStangeCollege of Letters and Science
AshleyStanischCollege of Letters and Science
JovanaStankovicCollege of Letters and Science
RachelStantonPeck School of the Arts
KellenStarkPeck School of the Arts
NatalieStarksPeck School of the Arts
AbigailStarrCollege of Nursing
CadenStarrPathway Advising
AllisonStatzCollege of Letters and Science
TylerStauffacherPeck School of the Arts
EstherStaufferPeck School of the Arts
AnneStearnsSchool of Education
AbigailStebbinsLubar College of Business
KatarinaSteberlCollege of Letters and Science
JacquelineSteckerLubar College of Business
LibbySteckmesserPeck School of the Arts
KarissaSteffenPeck School of the Arts
RyanSteffenLubar College of Business
SamanthaSteffenPeck School of the Arts
AudreySteffesCollege of Nursing
MelenaSteffesCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaSteidtmanCollege of Letters and Science
KaylaSteigerwaltCollege of General Studies
MarkSteinbrennerLubar College of Business
KillianSteinerPeck School of the Arts
SashaSteinlePeck School of the Arts
MaxwellSteitzLubar College of Business
IvaStejskalovaCollege of Health Sciences
MargaretStelmacherSchool of Education
ElizabethStemwellSchool of Information Studies
AbbyStenborgCollege of Letters and Science
LiamStephensEngineering & Applied Science
QuinnStephensPeck School of the Arts
ReganStephensHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Isaiah LeroyStepterLubar College of Business
GabrielSternEngineering & Applied Science
MaxSternPeck School of the Arts
NatalieStettnerLubar College of Business
CollinStewartPeck School of the Arts
JadenStewartPathway Advising
NatalieStewartCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasStewartPathway Advising
RachelStewartCollege of Letters and Science
SerenaStewartSchool of Information Studies
MaxStiegCollege of Letters and Science
MeghanStielowLubar College of Business
AnnaStieningCollege of Nursing
SydneyStiglerCollege of Letters and Science
NoahStilesLubar College of Business
JosephStillingCollege of Letters and Science
MollyStillingCollege of Letters and Science
ZoeyStiltjesPeck School of the Arts
MilesStimacPeck School of the Arts
CarsonStitzLubar College of Business
ChristianStiyerCollege of Letters and Science
CatcherStodolaPeck School of the Arts
AbigailStoeckCollege of Letters and Science
BrettStoffelsPeck School of the Arts
SophieStofielPeck School of the Arts
HenryStollenwerkPeck School of the Arts
JonathanStoneEngineering & Applied Science
MatthewStonerLubar College of Business
NathanielStoutEngineering & Applied Science
BreckinStrandLubar College of Business
JonathanStrangeLubar College of Business
GabrielleStrasserSchool of Education
CarterStraubSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SophieStraubCollege of Health Sciences
ChloeStrickCollege of General Studies
TylerStricklenLubar College of Business
NoahStromingPathway Advising
WolfgangStrubbeEngineering & Applied Science
MadelyneStrunseeLubar College of Business
MarnieStruveHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ThomasStubbsLubar College of Business
EmmaStutlerCollege of Letters and Science
NatalieSubohCollege of Letters and Science
CarlySukkertCollege of Nursing
GraceSullivanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MichaelSullivanCollege of Letters and Science
QuinnSullivanLubar College of Business
TaheraSultaniPathway Advising
AlessaSumbryPathway Advising
ChenxinSunPeck School of the Arts
CatherineSundayCollege of General Studies
LeonalynSungaCollege of Nursing
KayleeSutfinLubar College of Business
NathanSuttonCollege of Letters and Science
NataliaSuwajEngineering & Applied Science
MadisonSveumCollege of Letters and Science
EmileeSwansonPathway Advising
SethSwansonPathway Advising
HelenaSwartwoutCollege of General Studies
SarahSwartwoutCollege of Letters and Science
VincentSwartzEngineering & Applied Science
GabrielleSweeneyCollege of Letters and Science
LiliannaSweeneyCollege of Letters and Science
MarcoSweetiLubar College of Business
SamanthaSwenskiSchool of Education
KathrynSwensonCollege of Health Sciences
AlinaSwiderLubar College of Business
SavannahSwiderskiLubar College of Business
AshleySwitalaPeck School of the Arts
FatimaSyed AkramCollege of Nursing
MadelynSyltieCollege of Letters and Science
JosephineSynovicCollege of Health Sciences
EllaSyth IvensCollege of Letters and Science
DylanSzajkovicsLubar College of Business
KaylaSzechHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
ChristinaSzopinskiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
StephanieSzwedaCollege of General Studies
JosephTabbertLubar College of Business
JohnTaborEngineering & Applied Science
MorganTaddyLubar College of Business
LuisjanoTafiliLubar College of Business
BrendanTanEngineering & Applied Science
MonicaTapia GutierrezCollege of Letters and Science
TriciaTarwaterCollege of General Studies
EthanTatajeCollege of Letters and Science
PatrickTateSchool of Information Studies
Paw Hser HserTawLubar College of Business
MaryamTawabuddinCollege of Nursing
EmilyTaylorPeck School of the Arts
TrentonTaylorCollege of Letters and Science
SydneyTeareLubar College of Business
ParkerTeasdaleLubar College of Business
JosephTeggeCollege of Letters and Science
NicholasTenagliaPeck School of the Arts
HunterTenientePeck School of the Arts
AshlynTerasakiEngineering & Applied Science
TylerTerbietenSchool Arch & Urban Planning
HaileyTerminiSchool of Education
OliviaTerwilligerCollege of General Studies
HannahTeschLubar College of Business
AlexisTessmerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BraydenTetzlaffPeck School of the Arts
SophiaTeubertPeck School of the Arts
DarbyTevlinCollege of Nursing
MargaretTewsCollege of Letters and Science
MorganTewsCollege of Health Sciences
JoshuaThaisananikoneEngineering & Applied Science
BreannaThaoCollege of Letters and Science
Chi SingThaoEngineering & Applied Science
HunterThaoLubar College of Business
NengThaoEngineering & Applied Science
SaiyukThaoCollege of Letters and Science
PaigeThaysSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NathanielTheamaEngineering & Applied Science
JosephTheisenPathway Advising
LucasThibertEngineering & Applied Science
JaredThierfelderEngineering & Applied Science
JustinThimmeschLubar College of Business
ConnorThissenPeck School of the Arts
DominiqueThomasCollege of Nursing
EmilyThomasCollege of Letters and Science
EmmaThomasCollege of General Studies
GrantThomasCollege of Letters and Science
JosieThomasLubar College of Business
JosieThomasPathway Advising
JustinThomasSchool of Information Studies
AaronThompsonLubar College of Business
AndrewThompsonLubar College of Business
EzraThompsonLubar College of Business
HaileyThompsonCollege of Letters and Science
JuliaThompsonCollege of Letters and Science
KassandraThompsonCollege of Letters and Science
McKennaThompsonSchool of Education
TannarThompsonSchool of Education
TannisThompson-CatlettSchool of Public Health
JadonThorntonCollege of General Studies
EmmaThuecksPeck School of the Arts
JacksonThurmondCollege of Letters and Science
AviannaThyssenCollege of Nursing
SydneyTidlerSchool of Education
NateTiemanCollege of Letters and Science
SamuelTillsPeck School of the Arts
RockwellTimmermanCollege of Letters and Science
SapnilTiwariSchool of Information Studies
MeghanTodzyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Abhi Roop ReddyTokalaEngineering & Applied Science
LaurenTollaksenLubar College of Business
BrandonTollefsonCollege of Nursing
Peace Pact AyomikunToluhiCollege of Health Sciences
ChristopherTomesPathway Advising
EmilyTomkoCollege of Health Sciences
AlexanderTongEngineering & Applied Science
SaraTongusiCollege of Letters and Science
EllisTonozziSchool of Information Studies
HarmaanToorLubar College of Business
WyattTopelLubar College of Business
JennaTorbeckCollege of Letters and Science
AnthonyTorciviaEngineering & Applied Science
SamuelTorhorstPathway Advising
TimothyTorkelsonLubar College of Business
SaraTorosianCollege of Nursing
AnnaTorresHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
FranchescaTorres-CastroLubar College of Business
AshtonTorrezEngineering & Applied Science
JoaquinToscano JrLubar College of Business
DanicaTosicSchool Arch & Urban Planning
DrewTothLubar College of Business
ElsieTouchstoneCollege of Letters and Science
HannahTouseyCollege of Letters and Science
TaylorTouseyLubar College of Business
HaleyTovarSchool of Education
MackenzieTozerLubar College of Business
LaurenTracySchool of Education
MatthewTracyEngineering & Applied Science
MitchellTragerCollege of Letters and Science
AbigailTranPeck School of the Arts
Dat TienTranLubar College of Business
TaylorTranelCollege of Health Sciences
TylerTrautnerCollege of Nursing
DanielleTravisCollege of Letters and Science
EleanoreTrederLubar College of Business
LiliaTregoningCollege of Health Sciences
KabreaTrelevenCollege of Health Sciences
JordanTresemerCollege of Nursing
CoraTrexellPeck School of the Arts
VaiTriggianoCollege of Letters and Science
ElizabethTrilkSchool of Education
GarrettTrimbornSchool of Information Studies
VivianTrippPathway Advising
BentonTroehlerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MichaelTrommaterSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MitchellTrotterLubar College of Business
AnnaTruebenbachCollege of Nursing
LindseyTruesdaleHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AndrewTruittCollege of Letters and Science
GraysonTrzcinkoCollege of Letters and Science
AustinTrzebiatowskiLubar College of Business
UriahTrzebiatowskiCollege of Letters and Science
RachelTubic-DesardenCollege of Nursing
SamuelTuckerEngineering & Applied Science
SommerTuescherCollege of Letters and Science
MathewTullochPeck School of the Arts
MonicabrettTulodCollege of Letters and Science
GeorgeTurecekCollege of Letters and Science
NashTurnerCollege of Letters and Science
KaidenTurnquistEngineering & Applied Science
KyleeTurzinskiPeck School of the Arts
NicholasTuscanyLubar College of Business
AmyTylinskiCollege of Health Sciences
MaxwellTysonPeck School of the Arts
TaylorUdelhofenSchool of Education
EthanUdlisLubar College of Business
KristenUherkaPeck School of the Arts
MelissaUlatePeck School of the Arts
JoriUllrichCollege of Nursing
JacobUllrickEngineering & Applied Science
JakobUlmanEngineering & Applied Science
ChloeUphoffCollege of Health Sciences
DestinyUrbaniakHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RebeccaUrsoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
Olalla MicaelaUsamaLubar College of Business
JackUslabarCollege of Health Sciences
DavidUtrieLubar College of Business
MatthewUtterEngineering & Applied Science
ParnianVakiliCollege of Letters and Science
EdgardoValdes GonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
GlendalysValdes GonzalezCollege of Letters and Science
JolissaValdezLubar College of Business
AlexanderValenzuela CasiquezLubar College of Business
JessaValiquetteHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BradenVallafskeyCollege of Health Sciences
JefferyValodineSchool of Information Studies
RachaelVan BeekCollege of Health Sciences
EmmaVan DaeleCollege of Health Sciences
EveVan De HeyCollege of Health Sciences
KadenVan De LooPeck School of the Arts
AngVan Den EedenPeck School of the Arts
LindsayVan Der WegenLubar College of Business
CassandraVan DusenHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AliseVan DykeSchool of Education
AlainaVan EgerenPathway Advising
SophiaVan HornePeck School of the Arts
KristinaVan PattenEngineering & Applied Science
Gijs Luukvan SchoutenLubar College of Business
JordanVan TatenhoveEngineering & Applied Science
StevenVan UtrechtPeck School of the Arts
MackenzieVan VorousLubar College of Business
EmmaVanderbiltCollege of Letters and Science
MorganVanderMissenLubar College of Business
LiamVandezandeLubar College of Business
ShaneVanDommelenLubar College of Business
EmilyVanDykeCollege of Health Sciences
JoshuaVanEgerenEngineering & Applied Science
AlexVangSchool of Information Studies
AlphaVangLubar College of Business
ChasidyVangLubar College of Business
DouaVangLubar College of Business
FinessaVangCollege of Letters and Science
GraceVangLubar College of Business
HouaVangPeck School of the Arts
LexusVangPathway Advising
MaidouaVangSchool of Public Health
YingVangCollege of Nursing
YokoVangLubar College of Business
EdwardVannoyCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaVanzeelandCollege of Health Sciences
AshleyVargasHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
EduardoVargasLubar College of Business
ElizabethVargasCollege of Nursing
GuadalupeVargasEngineering & Applied Science
HarrisonVarlineLubar College of Business
KaleiVasquezPeck School of the Arts
ElizabethVathPeck School of the Arts
MeganVavrinaSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MarielaVazquez-SanchezCollege of Letters and Science
JesseVegaCollege of Letters and Science
IgnacioVega RiveraEngineering & Applied Science
AbbyVeitCollege of Letters and Science
JesusVelarde-MoctezumaCollege of Letters and Science
MarisaVentoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AnaVerhagenSchool of Education
MadisonVershCollege of General Studies
StephenVescheLubar College of Business
ColeVetterCollege of Letters and Science
KatharineVetuschiHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CandyViayraCollege of Letters and Science
JaggerVicenteEngineering & Applied Science
John PaulVictoryEngineering & Applied Science
DaniellaViirreCollege of Nursing
MelissaVillagranHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AngelVillalobosSchool of Information Studies
MichaelVillanuevaLubar College of Business
MadalynVillwockLubar College of Business
EllieVincentCollege of Letters and Science
SavannaVinePeck School of the Arts
JamesViningPeck School of the Arts
JuliaVinohradskyCollege of General Studies
GabrielleVitranoPeck School of the Arts
FayViveritoLubar College of Business
CassandraViverosCollege of Letters and Science
MorganVlajLubar College of Business
ArabellaVoegeliCollege of Letters and Science
AnnikaVoelzSchool of Education
CarlyVogelsangCollege of Nursing
RaidenVoghtPeck School of the Arts
SiaraVolbrechtCollege of Health Sciences
AustinVoldenEngineering & Applied Science
KortnieVolkCollege of Health Sciences
GarvinVolquardsenSchool of Information Studies
TaylorVolzLubar College of Business
ElderizeVon-Schilling WorthCollege of Letters and Science
NicoleVongkingkeoLubar College of Business
MeganVosLubar College of Business
ZacharyVosbergLubar College of Business
DannyVueSchool of Information Studies
PhongVuePathway Advising
JacobVukobratEngineering & Applied Science
AndersWaagePeck School of the Arts
HeatherWachalCollege of Letters and Science
AshleyWachtendonkSchool Arch & Urban Planning
BrookeWadePeck School of the Arts
BreannaWagnerCollege of Health Sciences
ElizabethWagnerCollege of Letters and Science
JaimeWagnerSchool of Education
Katherine ZoeWagnerEngineering & Applied Science
VivianWagnerPeck School of the Arts
KaelinWagner-Vander WerffCollege of Letters and Science
HayleyWagnitzHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
FranklinWahlstromPeck School of the Arts
BrittanyWaitePeck School of the Arts
DavidWaiteSchool of Information Studies
JennaWaligoraSchool of Education
HayleyWalkerPathway Advising
MadelineWalkerLubar College of Business
SydneyWalkerCollege of Letters and Science
GraceWallaceHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
JordynWalshCollege of Health Sciences
SamuelWalshPathway Advising
StephenWaltersEngineering & Applied Science
Jenzy Hannah NkiinziWalugembeSchool of Public Health
RachelWandPathway Advising
NicalasWankerLubar College of Business
LylaWarankaCollege of Letters and Science
MeganWarcholLubar College of Business
ChaseWardHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
MorganWardSchool of Public Health
RileyWardEngineering & Applied Science
StephanieWardLubar College of Business
TrinityWardCollege of Letters and Science
BradleyWardaSchool Arch & Urban Planning
ZoeWardleCollege of Letters and Science
GracieWargoSchool of Education
JinelleWarnerPeck School of the Arts
WiktoriaWasikCollege of Letters and Science
CassandraWasniewskiCollege of Letters and Science
VeronicaWaszakCollege of Letters and Science
KatherineWaterburyCollege of Letters and Science
KaleyWatersPeck School of the Arts
NathanielWatterPeck School of the Arts
JamesWawrzyniakowskiSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SarahWawrzyniakowskiCollege of Letters and Science
ClaraWaynePeck School of the Arts
JacquelynWeatherbeeSchool of Education
SeanWeaverCollege of Letters and Science
DominicWebbPeck School of the Arts
KristinaWebbCollege of Letters and Science
MacyWebbLubar College of Business
NicholasWebberHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BlairWeberPeck School of the Arts
ConnorWeberEngineering & Applied Science
EanWeberLubar College of Business
EmilyWeberPeck School of the Arts
JonathonWeberSchool of Information Studies
MatthewWeberEngineering & Applied Science
StefanWeberSchool Arch & Urban Planning
WilliamWeberPeck School of the Arts
OliviaWebersLubar College of Business
TabithaWechloSchool of Education
MiaWedelLubar College of Business
EliseWegnerLubar College of Business
JadaWegnerCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaWegnerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
AllisonWehnerSchool Arch & Urban Planning
OliviaWehnerCollege of Health Sciences
HenryWehrsCollege of Letters and Science
DylanWeickardtLubar College of Business
PaigeWeimerLubar College of Business
MadelainaWeinhardtPeck School of the Arts
MadelineWeinstockCollege of Letters and Science
SethWeisEngineering & Applied Science
JacobWeisbardEngineering & Applied Science
CarsonWeisgerberCollege of Health Sciences
NathanWeitzmanLubar College of Business
AnnaWelterPeck School of the Arts
ErikaWendtSchool of Education
EthanWendtLubar College of Business
BenjaminWensingEngineering & Applied Science
EmilyWenslaffCollege of Health Sciences
RileyWenzlaffCollege of General Studies
CedricWernerCollege of Letters and Science
HannahWescherHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BridgetWesolowskiLubar College of Business
JennaWesolowskiLubar College of Business
CodyWestLubar College of Business
JacobWestallEngineering & Applied Science
BenWestermanPeck School of the Arts
AlanWesternCollege of Letters and Science
TimothyWesternSchool of Education
SamuelWestfallEngineering & Applied Science
AnnaWesthoffSchool of Education
LukeWesthoffEngineering & Applied Science
LukeWetherallLubar College of Business
AnthonyWheelerLubar College of Business
MatthewWheelerLubar College of Business
RebeccaWheelerPathway Advising
AlexisWhiteCollege of Health Sciences
SamanthaWhiteCollege of Health Sciences
ZacharyWhitePeck School of the Arts
DevanWhiteheadSchool Arch & Urban Planning
NoahWhitehillLubar College of Business
KaonnieWhitleyHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
AlainaWhitsonLubar College of Business
SophieWiarekLubar College of Business
SavannahWicinskiLubar College of Business
NathanWickerEngineering & Applied Science
GeorgeWiedemannEngineering & Applied Science
HenryWiedemannEngineering & Applied Science
NicholasWielgoszSchool of Public Health
DevinWiemannPeck School of the Arts
MadisonWienekeCollege of Nursing
AlexanderWilcoxPeck School of the Arts
LaurenWilcoxHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
TaylorWilcoxCollege of Letters and Science
OliviaWilderCollege of Nursing
TheodoreWilderCollege of Letters and Science
ZacharyWilfongLubar College of Business
ElizabethWilhelmCollege of Letters and Science
BrittneyWilkeSchool of Education
JonahWilkeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
LorrynWilkinsonEngineering & Applied Science
ClariceWilleSchool of Education
KaileyWilleCollege of Health Sciences
OliviaWillettCollege of Health Sciences
BriarWilliamsCollege of Letters and Science
CharlettaWilliamsEngineering & Applied Science
ColinWilliamsSchool of Education
DashawnWilliamsCollege of General Studies
FaithWilliamsCollege of Health Sciences
FelipeWilliamsCollege of Letters and Science
JadaWilliamsPathway Advising
MariWilliamsLubar College of Business
MasonWilliamsSchool of Information Studies
NicholeWilliamsCollege of Letters and Science
AustinWilliamsonLubar College of Business
RyanWilliamsonSchool of Information Studies
JoshuaWilliquetteCollege of General Studies
EmmaWillisCollege of Letters and Science
EricaWillisCollege of Health Sciences
PaytonWillisPeck School of the Arts
Patrick ThomasWIllowPeck School of the Arts
LaurenWillsLubar College of Business
TeannaWillsPeck School of the Arts
AbbyWilsonSchool of Education
GavynWilsonSchool Arch & Urban Planning
IsabelleWilsonCollege of Letters and Science
JillianWilsonLubar College of Business
PaigeWilsonCollege of Nursing
KavinduWimalaratneEngineering & Applied Science
JohnWimmerCollege of Letters and Science
AlyssaWindauSchool Arch & Urban Planning
StephanieWindauCollege of Nursing
AutumnWineckeCollege of Letters and Science
IsabellaWinekeCollege of Letters and Science
AveryWinkelmanHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
NatalieWinkelmannPeck School of the Arts
BretWinkerLubar College of Business
PaulWinklerSchool of Education
NatalieWinnLubar College of Business
KimberlyWinstonSchool of Education
MikaylaWinterSchool Arch & Urban Planning
SashaWinterPeck School of the Arts
LydiaWirkkulaCollege of General Studies
EthanWiseLubar College of Business
MarenWiseCollege of Letters and Science
AshleyWisnefskeCollege of Letters and Science
AndrewWisniewskiCollege of Letters and Science
JoshuaWitteEngineering & Applied Science
TaylorWitteckSchool Arch & Urban Planning
EricWittigCollege of Health Sciences
GraceWodillCollege of Letters and Science
KrischanWoehrerEngineering & Applied Science
NolanWoehrerEngineering & Applied Science
LydiaWojcieszakPeck School of the Arts
EmilyWolfSchool of Information Studies
IsaacWolfEngineering & Applied Science
LindseyWolfCollege of Letters and Science
EveWolf-BrownPathway Advising
SadieWolfeHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
CharlesWollerCollege of Letters and Science
CollinWollersheimSchool of Freshwater Sciences
JacobWoloszykCollege of Letters and Science
BrennanWoltersEngineering & Applied Science
AnnaWoodSchool of Education
MaryWoodPeck School of the Arts
SierraWoodfordPathway Advising
GrantWoodruffEngineering & Applied Science
AidenWoodsLubar College of Business
KarinaWoodwardCollege of Letters and Science
MacyWoodwardPathway Advising
MarleyWozniakLubar College of Business
MatthewWranovskyCollege of Letters and Science
KaitlineWrightCollege of Letters and Science
LaurenWrightPeck School of the Arts
JacobWroblewskiLubar College of Business
NicoleWrukHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
RavenWrukLubar College of Business
FaithWrychaPeck School of the Arts
ValerieWrynnCollege of Letters and Science
HaileyWurzPeck School of the Arts
MarieWycklendtSchool of Education
GyllianWyderkaPathway Advising
WeilingXiaEngineering & Applied Science
AngelinaXiongLubar College of Business
BeckyXiongLubar College of Business
DerXiongHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HopeXiongLubar College of Business
KaXiongSchool of Information Studies
MeeXiongSchool of Education
MonicaXiongLubar College of Business
PlaikouXiongCollege of Health Sciences
SengXiongSchool of Education
SunshineXiongSchool of Information Studies
ThleeXiongLubar College of Business
TouKouaXiongEngineering & Applied Science
YunnanXiongCollege of Health Sciences
XiaoyaoXuPeck School of the Arts
AfrahYafaiSchool of Public Health
KellerYandowLubar College of Business
BruceYangCollege of Letters and Science
Cheng YengYangSchool of Information Studies
JennieYangCollege of Health Sciences
JiahuiYangEngineering & Applied Science
KhueYangCollege of Letters and Science
MatthewYangSchool of Information Studies
NancyYangPeck School of the Arts
SolomonYangEngineering & Applied Science
TimothyYangPathway Advising
XayYangSchool of Education
YulinYaoLubar College of Business
WesleyYarochPeck School of the Arts
SeongwooYiPathway Advising
TroyYilmazPeck School of the Arts
JiwanYoonPathway Advising
AlexisYoungSchool of Public Health
ColinYoungEngineering & Applied Science
JustinYoungHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
BenjaminYoungloveLubar College of Business
EmilyYourichLubar College of Business
Abdel Rahman YaYoussefPathway Advising
SophiaYudsPathway Advising
AllisonYundtCollege of Letters and Science
Abdullah Mohammed HabudZaabanootLubar College of Business
LoganZabkowiczPeck School of the Arts
BrianaZablockiLubar College of Business
TravisZachCollege of Letters and Science
HannahZahngennerCollege of Letters and Science
JannaZaibakCollege of Letters and Science
ShayZajakowskiLubar College of Business
RadeZakulaCollege of Letters and Science
JordynZalewskiCollege of Health Sciences
SkylarZamzowPeck School of the Arts
SamanthaZanderSchool of Education
ArianaZarateEngineering & Applied Science
AnthonyZarembaCollege of Letters and Science
DrewZarembaLubar College of Business
AnissaZaskeCollege of Letters and Science
IsabellaZeimetPeck School of the Arts
MadisonZeiskeSchool of Education
LindsayZeitlerCollege of Letters and Science
JosephZeitounyPeck School of the Arts
AnthonyZelazoskiPeck School of the Arts
SebastianZensCollege of Letters and Science
KristianZenzCollege of Letters and Science
SibelaZeqiriLubar College of Business
GenevieveZerniaCollege of Letters and Science
EdumakonoZethoHelen Bader School Soc Welfare
HeleneZeznanskiLubar College of Business
BaronZhangLubar College of Business
XinZhaoSchool of Education
GracieZhongCollege of Letters and Science
BenjaminZibtonLubar College of Business
ColtonZickSchool Arch & Urban Planning
MariaZiegelbauerPeck School of the Arts
EvanZielskiEngineering & Applied Science
TarenZietlowPeck School of the Arts
EmilyZimmerLubar College of Business
AllysonZimmerleeLubar College of Business
RachelZimmerliPeck School of the Arts
ArianaZimmermanCollege of Letters and Science
GraceZimmermannPeck School of the Arts
NoahZimmermannSchool of Information Studies
MichelleZittelSchool of Education
TessaZocherCollege of Letters and Science
GunnarZoernerEngineering & Applied Science
RubyZoggPathway Advising
SophieZoggCollege of Letters and Science
SayedaZoriLubar College of Business
DanielZoromskiCollege of Health Sciences
JennaZuberCollege of Letters and Science
TheodoreZuniga-MeyerHelen Bader School Soc Welfare