Troubleshooting PERC

Scenario 1: A student was dropped from a course via a Drop Request on the PERC Roster, but was given permission by the instructor to re-enroll. The student continues to be dropped on each subsequent enrollment attempt.

Once the “Drop Request” is set on the PERC roster, it must be manually changed, or the student will be dropped on each subsequent enrollment attempt. To change, navigate to the PERC roster in PAWS (Curriculum Management > Enrollment Requirements > Post Enroll Req Checking > Enrollment Requirement Roster), and change the Drop/Approved Indicator to “Approved.”

Best practice suggestion: Make sure that instructors know that PERC is active on their class sections, and that they should notify you if they give a student permission to re-enroll.

Scenario 2: Upon viewing the grade roster, you see that all of the students that are registered conditionally have a grade of IP.

Rather than continually updating the grades on the PERC roster for the duration of the grading period, grades will be pushed over to the PERC Rosters the day after the grading Final Call Deadline. The rationale is that since most grades tend to come in toward the deadline and running the process to check for grades nightly creates a confusing audit trail, a one-time process run would be sufficient. If you know that grades have been entered and posted for a prerequisite course and would like to get started on dropping students that have not met the prerequisite grade, you may run the check manually.

Manual PERC Run

Scenario 3: A student still appears on the conditional roster after grades have been posted. Upon further investigation, you see that they still have an IP (in progress) grade.

More than likely, this is a transfer student whose grades have not yet been entered into PAWS. You can check to see a student’s transfer credit grades in the Student Services Center in PAWS. There is also a chance that the grade is just not showing on the PERC roster and you will see it posted in their transfer record. If it is posted in the transfer record, the Drop/Approved indicator should be set to “Approve” to move the student off of the conditional list.

If that student does not have any transfer credits listed, there’s a chance that the student is attempting to take the class for the third time (second-repeat). To verify that this is the case, run the student’s transcript in PAWS (pdf). If the student has permission from their advisor, a transcript text note should appear. If it does, the Drop/Approve Indicator can be set to “Approve” for that student.

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