Finding Classes

It’s important to plan your classes out ahead of time so that each semester builds on the last. Your Academic Advisor can help answer any questions you have regarding your classes.

Course Catalog
The Course Catalog lists all courses for each UWM program. The Catalog is broken down by School or College, then program. Each program will include some or all of the following information:

  • Program Description and Information
  • Major and Minor Requirements
  • Requirements for Honors in the Major
  • Course Name and Number
  • Course Credits, Level, Description, and Prerequisites
  • Recommended Schedule by Semester
  • Program Faculty
Schedule of Classes
The Schedule of Classes is a list of classes offered by term. You can browse terms in advance so that you can discuss your next semester with your Academic Advisor. Each course will have the following information:

  • GER: Whether or not the course satisfies GER Requirements
  • Units: The number of credits you can receive for the course
  • Section: The individual components of the course (some have more than one)
  • Class#: The five-digit class number you use to add that section in PAWS
  • Hours/Days/Dates: Choose a section that best fits your schedule
  • Instructor/Room: Further details on the class

Classes numbered 700-999 are labeled with a “G” and are for graduate students only. Both graduate and undergraduate students can take classes numbered 300-699. These are labeled with a “U/G.” Some graduate students may not earn credit for “U/G” classes.

Classes numbered 299 and lower are labeled with a “U” and are for undergraduates only. Undergraduate students can take classes numbered up to 699, but some may require special permission. Contact your Academic Advisor for more information.

Use the Course Abbreviations & Symbols to understand the class details.

Online Classes
The Schedule of Classes includes classes that are 100% online or blended. Blended, or hybrid classes, combine online and in person instruction. You can enroll for these classes in PAWS just like any other on-campus course.

Online classes use D2L, Desire to Learn, as the main tool of instruction. If you’ve never taken an online class before, talk to your Academic Advisor for tips and suggestions, or browse the Online Student D2L resources for first-time users.

Off-Campus and Study Abroad Classes
The Schedule of Classes includes off-campus and Study Abroad classes.

You can enroll for off-campus classes in PAWS just like any other on-campus course. Off-campus classes are typically scheduled for on-site education, fieldwork, and training. Off-campus classes can cost additional fees, so read the class information carefully.

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to travel internationally as part of a for-credit educational experience. You need to complete an application and have a current passport before you can be considered. Contact the Center for International Education to apply.

Final Exams
Each student is responsible for arranging a schedule that will permit satisfactory progress towards degree requirements and a class schedule that avoids both class and final exam scheduling conflicts as well as an excessively demanding exam schedule. When a combined final exam conflicts with a student’s individual final exam, it is the responsibility of the department giving the combined final exam to offer it at another time.

One-hour final exams in one-credit courses may be given during the last class period; two-hour final exams in all other courses shall be given during the regular examination period.

Spring Final Exam Schedule

Fall Final Exam Schedule

UWM Final Exam Policies