Publishing Articles: What, Where, When, and How

Gordon Hutner is Professor of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and founding editor of the journal American Literary History. He is author or editor of five books, on Hawthorne, American cultural criticism, Jewish American writing, and immigration, among other topics.

Hutner is be visiting UWM on Friday, February 27 and is offering a special workshop on publication for graduate students in the humanities in Curtin Hall 388, at noon.

This workshop describes the process through which entry-level scholars can secure publication of their research. The workshop will examine the kinds of work graduate students do and how to convert that research into publishable articles and further trace the flow of an essay through the choice of venue and the stages of revision it might encounter. The kinds of resistance an essay might face and ways of corresponding with editors will also be discussed. This interactive workshop is appropriate for graduate students in a variety of fields and disciplines.