Labor & Dignity: James Connolly in America

James Connolly, one of Ireland’s national icons, spent considerable time in the United States, where he was involved in the labor movement. These expereinces influenced his life back in Ireland, particularly during the Dublin Lockout (1913), and the Easter Rising (1961). He was shot by firing squad on May 12, 1916 for his part in the rebellion: having sustained injuries during the Easter Rising, he was executed while tied to a chair because his injuries prevented him from standing. While only 47 years old, he had led a very full life, and was dedicated to Ireland and to eliminating poverty everywhere.

This exhibition is put together by the Glucksman Ireland House, NYU with the assistance of Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with assistance of Mr. John Sweeney, President Emeritus of the AFL-CIO.

The event is sponsored by Celtic Studies and is on Thursday, February 5, 5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., in Irish Cultural and Heritage Center on 2133 W. Wisconsin Ave.