English Department Statement of Solidarity with Racial Justice Protests

Dear English Majors, Minors, and Graduate Students,

The events across the country and here in our city have spurred us, your teachers, to take a stand with you. We, the undersigned members of the Department of English, unequivocally, fully, and completely stand with the protesters, our students, and the residents of the city of Milwaukee in affirming that Black Lives Matter and that police brutality, systemic racism, and economic injustice must end now.

As those privileged to be your educators, we state that we are committed to anti-racism. We strive for total equity in the department and the university on the whole. And we pledge to make the department a model of justice.

The English Department is a proud part not only of the university but the city of Milwaukee. It is, therefore, our civic duty and our role as public teachers to demand the full elimination of the social and economic injustices that plague our city, our state, and our country. We stand with you, and we stand with the marchers.

We are humbled by the power of so many voices coming together in the city. We are honored to be your instructors. And we are always, but especially now, deeply proud to be a part of the diverse city of Milwaukee.

Adam Andrews

Sukanya Banerjee

Gilberto Blasini

Rachel Bloom-Pojar

Vicki Bott

Kimberly Blaeser

Mary Brehm

Mary Louise Buley-Meissner

Liam Callanan

Brenda Cárdenas

Rebecca Dunham

Jennifer Dworschack-Kinter

Jane Gallop

Richard Grusin

Lane Hall

Kristie Hamilton

Derek Handley

Greg Jay

Barrett Kalter

William Keith

Mauricio Kilwein-Guevara

Andrew Kincaid

Valerie Laken

José Lanters

Elana Levine

Chris Lyons

Pat Mayes

Maureen McKnight

Stuart Moulthrop

Michael Newman

Margaret Noodin

Maria Novotny

Nancy Nygaard

Jason Puskar

Liana Odrcic

Peter Sands

Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece

Kris Terwelp

Shevaun Watson

Tami Williams

Mike Wilson