Congratulations to Our Graduates

Congratulations to English Department students who have graduated this Spring!

PhD Students and Dissertation Titles

  • Ghassan Abou-Zeineddine — Madame Bandar’s Theatre of Love
  • Lindsay Daigle — The Small Disasters LP
  • Avery Edenfield — Collective Management in a Cooperative: Problematizing Productivity and Power
  • Mark Heimermann — Neoliberal Darlings: The Commodification of Grotesque Children in Contemporary Comics and Literature
  • Shawna Lipton — Queer Literary Criticism and the Biographical Fallacy
  • Katherine Morrissey — Romance Networks: Aspiration & Desire in Today’s Digital Culture
  • Heejoung Shin — Granite and Rainbow: Queer Authority and Authorship in T.S. Eliot, W.B. Yeats, and Virginia Woolf

Reed Stratton — The Rhetorical Ambiance of Innovation: A New Material Analysis of Corporate and Community Innovation Sites

MA Students

  • Michael Brickner
  • Chris Carpenter
  • Kate Carsella
  • Olivia Duell
  • Keegan Mager
  • Frankie Mastrangelo
  • Alyssa Miller
  • Marissa Neal
  • Laura Roberts
  • Sidney Sheehan
  • Piera Siegmann
  • Stephanie Strang