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Professor Tanya Tiffany Publishes Articles in E-Spania Journal and Sixteenth Century Journal

The latest articles published by UWM Art History Professor Tanya Tiffany: “El pincel y la pluma en la Vida de sor Estefanía de la Encarnación,” co-authored with Laura R. Bass, in “Arte y Literatura en el Siglo de Oro: el legado crítico de… Read More

David Pacifico Leads Archaeological Excavation

Assistant Professor of Art History and Emile H. Mathis Gallery Director David Pacifico recently lead an excavation in and around the barn at the Cappon/deSwarte farmstead, circa 1850-1890. Located about 100 yards from Lake Michigan on the present-day Schlitz Audubon… Read More

UWM’s Kay Wells Speaks at Art Institute of Chicago

UW-Milwaukee Art History Department Assistant Professor Kay Wells will be speaking at the Art Institute of Chicago on Friday, September 28th. Her talk is titled ‘The Uncanny Design of the Thorne Miniature Rooms.’ During the 1930s, Narcissa Niblack Thorne created… Read More

Kay Wells Article Published in “19th Century Studies” Journal

Assistant Professor Kay Wells recently published the article, “The ‘Merely Imitative Mood’: British Japonisme and Imperial Mimesis” in Volume 27 of 19th Century Studies. Here is a link to the journal’s most recently published article titles. Just follow the “Subscription” link on the left side of the page to find out more about subscribing to the ’19th Century Studies’ journal. http://english.selu.edu/ncs/current_volume.php


Author: K.L.H. Wells, Assistant Professor Published in: Textile Studies, no. 0, Textile Terms: A Glossary (2017): 77-79, edited by Anika Reineke, Anne Röhl, Mateusz Kapustka und Tristan Weddigen Published by: Part of the SNF Research Project “TEXTILE. An Iconology of the… Read More

Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future: The Potential of Digital Archaeology

Author: Derek Counts, Professor  (with E. W. Averett [Creighton University] and Jody Michael Gordon [Wentworth Institute of Technology]) Publisher: Digital Press at the University of North Dakota Year: 2016 More information

Rockefeller’s Guernica and the Collection of Modern Copies

Author: K.L.H. Wells, Assistant Professor Published in: Journal of the History of Collections (257-277) Published by: Oxford University Press Year: 2015 More information 

A fragmented past: (re)constructing antiquity through 3D artefact modelling and customised structured light scanning at Athienou-Malloura, Cyprus

Author: Derek B. Counts, Professor (with E. W. Averett [Creighton University] and Kevin Garstki [UWM]) Published in: Antiquity 90 (pp. 206-218) Year: 2016 More Information 

Exhausted Drift: Austerity, Dispossession, and the Politics of Slow in Kelly Reichardt’s Meek’s Cutoff

Author: Elena Gorfinkel, Associate Professor Published in: Slow Cinema (pages123-136), edited by Tiago de Luca and Nuno Barrados Jorge Publisher: Edinburgh University Press Year: 2015 More information

A constellation of Crusade: the Resafa heraldry cup and the aspirations of Raoul I, Lord of Coucy

Author: Richard Leson, Associate Professor Published in: The Crusades and Visual Culture (75-90) Year: 2015 More information