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Velázquez’s Portrait of Madre Jerónima de la Fuente and the Convent of Santa Clara in Seville/El Retrato de la madre Jerónima de la Fuente de Velázquez y el monasterio de Santa Clara de Sevilla

Author: Tanya Tiffany, Associate Professor Published in: El joven Velázquez a propósito de La educación de la Virgen de Yale / The Young Velázquez : studies on The education of the Virgin at Yale : Actas del Simposio Internacional celebrado en el… Read More

Shedding Light on the Cypriot Rural Landscape: Investigations of the Athienou Archaeological Project in the Malloura Valley, Cyprus, 2011-2013

Author: Derek Counts, Professor Published in: Journal of Field Archaeology 40.2 (pp. 204-20) Year: 2015 More information “Mobile Computing in the Malloura Valley” (online supplemental article)

Choreographic Arrhythmias

Author: Jennifer Johung, Associate Professor Published in: Leonardo Vol.47, No. 2 Year: 2015 More information  

Secretary (2002): Purple pose, indie masochism, bruised romance

Author: Elena Gorfinkel, Assistant Professor Published in: US Independent Film after 1989: Possible Films, edited by Claire Perkins and Constantine Verevis Publisher:  Edinburgh University Press Year: 2015 More information

Counterwitnessing the Visual Culture of Brazilian Slavery

Author: Matthew Francis Rarey, Visiting Assistant Professor Published in: African Heritage and the Memories of Slavery in Brazil and the South Atlantic World Year: 2015 More information

Camera Lucida Mexicana: Travel, Visual Technologies, and Contested Objectivities

Author: Matthew Francis Rarey, Visiting Assistant Professor Published in: Romantic Circles  (A refereed scholarly Website devoted to the study of Romantic-period literature and culture) Year: 2015 More information

Myth into art: foreign impulses and local responses in archaic Cypriot sanctuaries

Author: Derek Counts, Professor Published in: The Cambridge Prehistory of the Bronze and Iron Age Mediterranean Year: 2015 More information

French Psalter and Hours

Author: Richard Leson, Associate Professor Published in: Riches of the Rylands: The Special Collections of the University of Manchester Library (pages 54-55) Year: 2015 More information

Peggy Ahwesh Dossier

Co-editor: Elena Gorfinkel, Assistant Professor and John David Rhodes (University of Cambridge) Published in: Screen (Winter 2014) 55 (4): 490-493 Year: 2014 More information

Corpse, corpus, contingency: Peggy Ahwesh’s ‘deadman’ trilogy

Author: Elena Gorfinkel, Assistant Professor Published in: Screen (Winter 2014) 55 (4): 514–521 Year: 2014 More information