Student Excellence Awards Recipients

2023 Student Excellence Award Winners

Individual Awards

Student Org Advisor of the Year: 

Dr. Marissa Jablonski 

Student Org Leader of the Year: 

Meredith Williams and Chandler Baures 

Exemplary Leadership Award: 

Alex Nelson and Mia Heredia 

Agent of Change Award: 

Bailee Jones and Rebecca Plourd 

Outstanding Graduating Student Award: 

Kay Popian and Mike Levandowski 

Outstanding First Year Student Award: 

Noah Fritz and Eve Van De Hey 

Outstanding Transfer Student Award: 

Meghan Dincler and Alexandra Lynch 

Organizational Awards

Civic Responsibility Award: 

Pinky Swear Pack 

Community Impact of the Year Award: 

Multicultural Greek Council 

Program of the Year Award: 

Student Association at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 

New Student Organization Award: 

Panther Radio 

Outstanding Student Organization Award: 

Alpha Omicron Pi 

Student Employee Awards 

Students Serving Students: 

Nyia Mays and Eli Norlander 

Above and Beyond the Call: 

Jo Fox and Mya Johannes 

Rising Stars: 

Sydney Loechler and Liam Farin 

Most Valuable Player: 

Angela Rattin and Mitra Malekghasemi 

Inclusion & Advocacy: 

Alexander Rietmann and Emma Bunge 

2021 Student Excellence Award Winners

Individual Awards

Student Org. Advisor of the Year

Rachael Schaser

Student Org. Leader of the Year

 Caleb Hawkins, Cederick Antonio, & Joey Elizabeth O’Neill

Exemplary Leadership Award

Kirsten Sanford & Clarence Kinnard

Agent of Change Award

Silbi Isein, Shannon Ross, & Meghan Garvin

Panther Spirit Award

Angela Rattin

Outstanding First-Year Student

Amanda Holzer

Outstanding Transfer Student

Alex Renier

Outstanding Graduating Student

Emma Mae Weber & Paul Newcomb for graduating undergraduate students and Teresa Serna for a graduate student

Organizational Awards

Civic Responsibility of the Year

Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Incorporated

Community Impact of the Year

Delta Sigma Pi

Program of the Year

TEDxUWMilwaukee & Student Housing Administrative Council for Social Justice Week

Outstanding Student Organization of the Year

Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. and Panther Activities Committee

Student Employee Awards

Above and Beyond the Call

Jamie Sparks, Luke Koltun, & Payton Steckert

Most Valuable Player

Jenna Woodson

Inclusion & Advocacy

Hadiya Johnson

Rising Star

Lila Nezhad-Reshadi

Students Serving Students

Ida Lucchesi & Runa Storheil


2020 Student Excellence Awards Recipients


Individual Awards

Outstanding First Year Student:
Maggie Altman 

Outstanding Transfer Student: 
Bailey Kissack 

Panther Spirit Award
Juliana Rattin 

Exemplary Leadership Award: 
Alyssa Fischer & Markia Silverman-Rodriquez 

Agent of Change Award: 
Camron Blau & Jacquelynn Parmley 

Student Org Leader of the Year: 
Sydney Stauffer 

Student Organization Advisor of the Year: 
Rachael Amick 

Outstanding Graduating Students: 
Connor Mathias & Jennifer Woo 

Organizational Awards

New Student Organization of the Year: 
Student Association of India 

Community Impact of the Year: 
College Democrats 

Civic Responsibility Award: 
Love your Melon 

Program of the Year: 
Pow Wow American Indian Association 

Outstanding Student Organizations: 
Sigma Chi and Hmong Student Association 

Student Employee Awards

Rising Star Award: 
Jake Bartz 

Above and Beyond the Call: 
Chris Jones, Mallory Ostrander, Alivia Blank, and Mandy Rice 

Student Serving Students: 
Bescent Ebeid, Klara Schaibly, and Olivia Krause 

Most Valuable Players: 
Tasha Sook and Hunter Schuyler 

Inclusion and Advocacy: 
Mia Valenzuela and Danielle Paswaters