About DLS

The Union’s Distinguished Lecture series (DLS) began in 1990, originating from our campus community’s expressed interest in national topics and current events.  Our first speaker was Dr. Charles Willie, a professor from Harvard University who formulated the Willie Desegregation Plan for Milwaukee and came to UWM to speak on the topic racism in the 21st Century.  The DSL invites two speakers annually for an evening lecture, question and answer session, and a book signing.  Our guest list from the past includes Henry Cisneros, Gloria Steinem, Nikki Giovanni, Harry Wu, George Takei, the Guerilla Girls, Richard Leakey, Alice Walker, Art Spiegelman, Henry Louis Gates, Michael Pollan, Roxane Gay, Samin Nosrat, and many more.

The series strives to bring in a diverse range of speakers to achieve the following:

  1. To introduce the campus community to the excellence of world-class speakers who bring powerful new ideas to the campus community.
  2. To complement the educational process and enhance the educational experience of the UWM student.
  3. To feature speakers who benefit and are of interest to students.

For a list of our previous speakers please visit our past speakers page.