**All Union Art Gallery exhibitions are FREE and open to the public**

Chantala Kommanivanh: Su Kwan
(Calling of the Souls)

 Aug 27-Sep 14

Closing Reception: Friday, September 14, 5-8pm / Talk and Performance at 7pm

This solo exhibition showcases paintings by Chantala Kommanivanh that explore topics such as hip-hop, gang life, stereotypes, and cultural identity depicted through mixed media, colorful graffiti and thoughtful abstraction. Kommanivanh’s traditional Lao upbringing, the effects of the 1964-1975 Secret War in Laos and a vibrant hip-hop  scene have culminated in a discussion of identity and cultural hybridity through his paintings that stem from photographs taken at pivotal times in his life.

Join us for this breathtaking exhibition of work by UWM Alumnus Chantala Kommanivanh!


Cut and Paste: The Art of Collage

 Sep 21- Oct 12

Opening Reception: Friday, September 21, 5-8pm / Artist Panel at 7pm

Life is often spontaneous, full of inspiration and endless possibilities.Collage is not simply attaching a sea of images together but instead is about changing a seemingly random collection of things into cohesive works of beauty. John Kowalczyk explores concepts of myth, math and magic in his mixed media pieces creating an almost shrine-like assemblage of color and shapes. Della Wells uses her collage art to tell stories frequently incorporating her own folklore which hints at themes of civil rights, specifically for women. Sara Willadsen designs pieces to feed her own curious nature for mapping structures, environments and spaces. Each unique in their own way, these three artists explore the unlimited potential of collage in this group exhibition.

Crossing Over

Oct 18 –Nov 9

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 18, 5-8pm / Remarks at 7pm

Crossing Over is an exhibition that showcases work created by undergraduate students of the UWM Peck School of Arts Department of Art and Design who received a scholarship and/or fellowship award in 2018. This exciting annual
event includes the exceptional artwork produced by these emerging artists in a wide range of mediums and covering a variety of topics. Please join us in celebrating these outstanding UWM artists.


Trans-lucent: A Transgender Empowerment Exhibition

Nov 16-Dec 13

Opening Reception: Friday, November 16, 5-8pm / Artist Panel at 7pm

This exhibition showcases artwork created by transgender, non-binary people, and collaborative projects. Students, community members and national artists are featured in this exhibition exploring themes of self identity, resilience, and their relationships with society. Each transgender individual has their own diverse and unique experiences. Note to Self features work from students and community members reflecting on personal experiences represented in all mediums. Our Trans Family created by a group called For Good Photography showcases their work documenting the lives of trans families in the Milwaukee area. Transilient is a national project that shares the journeys of trans and non-binary people from around the United States through powerful interviews and photographs. Transcend is a 2018 art series created by Rae Senarighi, a Portland-based transgender artist, which features larger than life, vividly colored portraits. All are welcomed.

This exhibition cosponsored in part by Union Art Gallery, LGBT Resource Center, LGBT Studies, Studio Arts and Craft Centre, and Helen Bader School of Social Welfare. Our Trans Family is brought in part by a grant from the Cream City Foundation.