Application for Recertification WI CPPS

Apply for recertification as a Wisconsin Certified Parent Peer Specialist (CPPS). Applications, along with documented continuing education hours, and payment must be submitted no later than January 30th in the year your recertification is due.

Completing the Application for Recertification as a WI Certified Parent Peer Specialist

Please fill out this Application for Recertification in full. Submission of this form by the relavant recertification deadline is a required step for recertification as a Certified Parent Peer Specialist in Wisconsin. Recertification applications and the $55 fee are due by January 30th every two years from the year you passed the exam or last recertified. All required fields in this application are marked with an asterisk (*).

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Lived Experience

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Select the lived experiences specific to the CPPS role with which you identify:

Continuing Education Hours Report

The Wisconsin Parent Peer Specialist certification is valid for two years. In this two year period, 20 total hours of continuing education hours (CEH) and/or continuing education units (CEU) must be obtained to qualify for recertification. A minimum of 3 hours is required in each of the following four categories. The remaining 8 hours may be in any category of your choosing as it relates to the parent peer specialist role. The conversion rate for CEU/CEH is: .1 CEU = 1 CEH. Independent reading does not qualify as continuing education. Organized study groups with specific learning objectives, and facilitated by trained individuals with direct knowledge of the content discussed may count for continuing education hours. In this case, it is recommended that the curriculum and trainer biography be submitted to the WIPSEI Peer Specialist Program Coordinator for approval.

WI CPPS Continuing Education Hours Report *
All CPPS must document at least 20 hours of continuing education for recertification purposes. Please use this space to document educational hours completed during the period between certification/last recertification date and your current recertification due date. You must have at least 3 hours in each required topic area. Please do not submit copies of certificates.

Name of Event Host Agency/ Conference Name Date of Event Speaker Name/ Credentials Number of Training Hours Required Topic Area

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Optional Demographic Questions

We ask these optional questions to gather demographics information related to those applying for recertification as CPS and CPPS. You do not have to answer these questions to submit the application. This information will not impact your ability to recertify.

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Highest Level of Education Completed

What describes your gender? Please check as many as apply.

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What pronouns do you ask others to use when referring to you?

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How would you describe yourself in terms of race or ethnicity? Please check as many options as apply.

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Are you (or do you identify as) any of the following?

If you selected "Other" to the last question and there is any other aspect(s) of your identity or lived experience that you would like to share, please specify.

Optional Employment Questions

The Wisconsin Peer Specialist Employment Initiative seeks to support the continued development of the Certified Peer Specialist and Certified Parent Peer Specialist workforce. Please answer the following questions if you are able. Your answers will help to better inform the expansion of the CPS/CPPS workforce, professional development opportunities, as well as employer supports and technical assistance. You do not have to answer these questions to submit the application.

Are you currently employed as a Certified Parent Peer Specialist, in a related peer support role, or in a leadership or supervisory role to CPPS staff ?

What issues do you feel are most important for CPPS today, and how would you feel better supported in your role, both in the workplace and in the community?