Stefan Scheibner

Stefan Scheibner started in 1990 in Germany as an apprentice at an automotive supplier for injection-molded parts to become a certified process technician. After completing the three-year program, he worked as a process technician with various injection molding companies in the automotive and medical industries. In 2003 he went back to school at the Sueddeutsches Kunststoff-Zentrum (SKZ) in Wuerzburg, Germany to become a certified industry master for plastics and rubber. After finishing this program, he moved to Mexico and worked for three years at injection molding companies. Since 2007 he’s worked as an application engineer at ARBURG US based in Irvine, California and gives training classes in English and Spanish for machine-set-up, plastic technology, robot technology and liquid silicone technology. He also does work performing mold trials, process optimization and technical sales support. Since starting in the plastic industry, Stefan has taken various training classes to further his technical education.


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