Shelly Sarasin

Co-founders of Street Angels, Shelly Sarasin & Eva Welch, met while volunteering at a warming room in the winter of 2015-2016. A friendship was created, not only between Shelly & Eva, but also between them and the guests that were utilizing the warming room. As winter came to an end, Shelly & Eva decided that their work with the homeless was not over. They began to cook extra meals and meet their friends to offer them food and supplies. Shelly & Eva’s family and friends caught wind of what they were doing, and many wanted to help. They created a Facebook page that those who were interested in helping could join, and the rest is history. The Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach Facebook group now has over 8,000 supporters connected to the mission and in 2019, more than 18,000 hot meals were distributed.


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