Sandy Brusin

Sandy Brusin began teaching high school English for the Chicago Public Schools in 1968. Shortly after Brusin got married, she moved to Philadelphia, where she continued teaching in an affluent suburb. There Brusin led a team of teachers charged with developing an expository writing program. This led her to pursue a masters degree in English with an emphasis on Rhetoric and Composition. When she moved to Tampa, Florida, Brusin taught at a community college. After moving to Milwaukee, she began teaching at UWM where she became the assistant director of the First-Year Writing Program until she retired in 2014. While there, she developed a course on the memoir that aroused her interest in storytelling, not just through the written word, but orally, the traditional way. Ultimately, she took the stage at an Ex Fabula storytelling event and won the competition. That inspired her to continue to hone her craft of telling stories that come from her personal experiences and connect with people.


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