Roberta Oldenburg

Roberta Oldenburg

Roberta Oldenburg (Robbie) is a seasoned professional in the design and construction industry, bringing over 20 years of expertise to her role as Director of Business Development – Science & Tech at Findorff, a leading construction company in the Midwest. Her career journey within the traditionally male-dominated construction field has been diverse, encompassing roles from on-site engineer to virtual modeler, to business developer. Throughout her career Roberta has focused on empowering and supporting women in the industry through mentorship, innovative learning opportunities, and unwavering encouragement.

Roberta holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. She has played pivotal roles in some of Wisconsin’s most notable projects, including those for Aurora Health Care, Acuity Insurance, Froedtert Health, Northwestern Mutual, and Milwaukee School of Engineering. As a customer liaison and relationship builder, Roberta works closely with existing and potential customers to understand their needs, develop, and support positioning strategies, and ensure success throughout the project lifecycle. Her exceptional technical knowledge, adept management skills, and effective communication abilities have made her a driving force behind countless project successes. Roberta is a natural leader who cultivates trust and collaboration among all stakeholders, underpinned by her commitment to integrity and honesty.

Roberta is actively involved in the community and is a strong supporter of professional and non-profit organizations. She holds a leadership role in Women in Design – Milwaukee (WID), where she contributes to supporting, connecting, and empowering women in the design industry through various programs. Additionally, Roberta serves on the planning committee for the Women Developing Wisconsin Conference (WDW), a collaborative effort with MSOE aimed at providing learning and networking opportunities to empower women in construction, business, finance, and real estate. Furthermore, she is an advisor on the committee for the Construction and Design Academy in partnership with Journey House and Girls Let’s Build. Her involvement includes providing guidance to the program, organizing field trips to construction sites, and facilitating connections between participants and mentors and opportunities.

Roberta is passionate about promoting, recruiting, and retaining women in the A/E/C industry, as evidenced by her continuous mentoring, inspiring even more women to enter and remain in the field through the various organizations she belongs to. She believes that half the battle is simply being present to show young women that there are others in the field, along with presenting opportunities internally for team members to participate in local events and initiatives. She supports the notion of challenging team members to get uncomfortable and try new things – ultimately bringing new perspectives to how business is done.


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