Rebecca Murphy

Rebecca Murphy has been teaching French and Spanish for over 25 years in both public and private schools. Her passion started when she was a high school exchange student in Spain. She spent 10 months living with a Spanish family that she still keeps in touch with today. After learning Spanish, she decided that in college (UWM), she wanted to study abroad, so she started learning French. She spent a semester in Paris and after graduation, went back to do it again. Clearly not having spent enough time there, she returned to spend a year as an English assistant in a French high school. Her passion fueled her to teach; being able to speak the languages, talk about various cultures and instill a sense of curiosity in young adults is what keeps her enthused.

Becky studied at UW-Milwaukee and earned three Bachelor degrees: Spanish, French and International Studies. She is certified to teach both French and Spanish in Wisconsin. She earned her Master’s Degree in Reading in Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University. In addition, she has started the process to earn her National Board Certification.
Becky lives in Milwaukee with her husband and two children. She makes travel a priority and loves to find new adventures.


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