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John Timmerman

John Timmerman has had the pleasure of participating for over 25 years in one of the fastest-growing elastomer industries in the processing of silicone rubber in both high consistency and liquid forms. He started his career in tool design but became more interested in manufacturing focusing mainly on the injection molding field. His background includes various positions from engineering manager at Freudenberg-NOK’s silicone unit to one of the key employees to start up JOH Rubber, a tier-one automotive sealing supplier, later becoming president. That company now operates as ElringKlinger Sealing Systems. In recent years he has taken his experience and worked in expanding markets for silicone processing with the LSR injection molding machine manufacturer Engel and currently is the president and CEO of Poly-Nova LP North America. He has written several technical papers for the SAE, SPI and International Silicone Conferences as well as various industry symposiums and journals.


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