Dr. Lia Knox

Dr. Lia Knox

Dr. Lia Knox may be the co-founder of Black Space and the CEO and founder of Knox Behavioral Health Solutions (KBHS) but more importantly, she’s a storyteller. Dr. Knox, whose resume spans nearly 30 years, is an expert in cultural competency and organizational health, helping her clients discover their innermost selves while encouraging them to maintain mental wellness along the way. Assisting her clients in being confident in telling their stories on their own terms is just a portion of who the esteemed mental wellness expert is. Dr. Knox’s true passion lies in uplifting those who display resilience in the face of adversity.

Doubling down as a media maven, Dr. Knox is hailed as an expert within her field and is routinely called upon to commentate on happenings related to her areas of expertise.

Dr. Knox received her doctorate in counseling psychology, Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. She received her master’s degree in counseling education, Concordia University, Wisconsin, and her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Jackson State University, Mississippi.


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