U.S. COVID Experience: Legacy and Questions

COVID presented us with the worst global pandemic in a century and the greatest financial crisis in almost a century. The U.S. COVID experience tally: at least 1.2 million American COVID deaths; more than seven million hospitalizations and almost 40 million cases of long COVID at some point; a presidential election was shaped by the COVID; an estimated economic toll of $14 trillion; and staggering life altering costs.

What happened by the numbers? What have we learned about COVID and handling future U.S. pandemics? Do we need to know the source of COVID? Will COVID disappear? How prepared are we for the next pandemic? This class will attempt to answer some questions that were collected from UWM Osher members.

Lastly, who offered the best prediction of the 2020-2023 COVID events: the Boy Scouts or Pogo? Bring your critical thinking hats.

Dates and locations to be announced.


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