Sweep and Slide: Tosa Curling Club Tour

Have you ever curled? Join this Go Explore to learn about this activity that dates back to the early 1500s and was finally added as a full-medal sport at the 1998 Olympic Games. Curling consists of pushing granite stones down a sheet of ice by crouching and sliding, or from a standing or sitting (wheelchair) position. If you don’t think you are up for attempting the full Olympic style curling, you can try your hand at the Tosa’ Curling Club’s Adaptive Curling program, which consists of pushing granite stones down a sheet of ice from a standing or sitting position using a “pusher” stick. “Stick” curling allows all people, regardless of physical ability and age, to experience the excitement and fun of this fast growing international sport. After learning about the sport, you’ll get a chance to experience the sport yourself. There is a large viewing room to take a break from curling or for those who prefer to learn by watching. Volunteers will be on hand to teach the game and explain strategy. Think you are too old to curl? Nonsense! (snow date is 3/1/2024)

Dates and locations to be announced.


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