Spring Potpourri III

April 1 – The Truth About Theatre

David will share some highlights of his 45-year theatre journey, including stories about his personal development in the field as well as experiences as an artistic administrator. He will also look at what challenges lie ahead for live theatre today. And he may even share what lies ahead for him

April 8 – How the Brain Learns New Topics

What is a dog? When you see one on a walk through your neighborhood, you probably automatically recognize this animal. But how does your brain make these classifications? This talk will cover the cognitive neuroscience of concept learning, including how we acquire new concepts and how that process may change as we age.

April 15 – Assuring the Safety of Foods We Love

Foods can naturally contain or develop hazards to humans. Hazards are microbiological, chemical or physical. Processing controls eliminate, reduce or control hazards. To assure uniform controls in food manufacturing and distribution facilities, food safety management systems are developed and certified according to commercial food safety standards. We will also look at various regulations and controls of foods you buy regularly and explore how they make the foods safe.


Dr. Caitlin Bowman

Dr. Bowman is a cognitive neuroscientist interested in how the brain forms memories and uses them to make decisions. Her research also focuses on how our ability to form and use memories changes with age. She uses fMRI to measure ... read more

Stephen Thome

Steve is currently the Principal of SMT Food Safety Solutions LLC, a consulting firm focused on improving food safety and quality management systems. Steve has over 32 years of experience in developing, implementing, and managing Quality and Food Safety systems across a broad spectrum of food and food ingredient ... read more

David Cecsarini

David Cecsarini is the Producing Artistic Director emeritus for Milwaukee’s Next Act Theatre (NAT). He recently retired from administrative duties after 30 years as the company’s Producing Artistic Director. He has directed nearly 50 NAT productions and acted in 47 shows.  ... read more

Date: 3 Mon, Apr 1-15, 2024

Delivery Method: In-person With Livestream

Time: 10-11:15am CT

Location: UWM Hefter Conference Center or view on Zoom

Dr. Caitlin Bowman
Stephen Thome
David Cecsarini

Fee: $15

Program Number: SPRI:128

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