Spring Potpourri III

April 3 – Vice in the American West

The history of the American West brings forth images that include prostitutes with golden hearts, slick, educated gamblers, Chinese opium den proprietors, and the all-knowing saloon keepers. The American West drew people from all parts of the world who never believed that they might find themselves participating in the many types of vice available in the West. The types of entertainment in, for example, Virginia City, Nevada, Tombstone, Arizona, and Butte, Montana, brought to the West men and women, who were the members of the demi-monde who lived on the fringes of society and lived off of those trying to make their fortunes in the new region. Why did people seek out these places of debauchery and were those who participated in vice activities as immoral, or as innocent, as is often believed?

April 10 – The 1917 Milwaukee Police Bombing

Imagine if you will an act of terrorism that kills more police officers than in any other act of terrorism committed by foreign born terrorists who go on to attempt to assassinate prominent Americans and commit the greatest act of terrorism in American history in New York city during a time of a global pandemic, race riots, a rise in white supremacist terrorism, the rise of socialism, the restriction of immigration from countries thought to produce terrorists, and a liberal Democratic college professor lawyer president replaced by a conservative Republican accused of corruption and sexual misconduct. Be ready to explore these events and topics in this talk.

April 17 – All About Funerals

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Funerals But Were Afraid to Ask. Funeral rites date back thousands of years. Like a lot of people, you may have questions about the process and may wonder if your questions are too strange or awkward to ask. Funeral professionals are regular, everyday people and so take this opportunity to have an honest conversation with one of the area’s well-known directors. He will talk about what they do and why, as well as the history of funerals and various customs.

Dates and locations to be announced.


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